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Creating a List of Needed Shipping Materials

Shipping Materials

There are many people that are taking advantage of the internet to start a business. Many are setting up websites to sell products and to ship them directly to the consumer. They may think this is easy to do. All they believe they need is something to sell and a website to sell it through. They will spend a lot of time, energy and money on this, but they will often be forgetting about what may be the most important part. They have to think about how they will get the product to the person that buys it off their website.

When people buy things off the internet they worry about a few different things. They may worry that the product is not what they expect, but that is something they can usually figure out with a little bit of investigation. The thing that people worry about the most is that the product will either not be delivered or that it will be damaged when they get it. It is up to the person that is selling the products to make sure they have the right shipping materials to make sure that this does not happen. That means the people setting up the internet site need to know what types of shipping supplies they will need to get.

  • Boxes – The most basic of the supping supplies is boxes. Boxes come in all shapes and sizes. They are made with different materials that include regular cardboard and corrugated cardboard. A box needs to be strong enough and durable enough to protect a product both during shipping and storage.
  • Packing materials – Another essential need is packing materials. These are the things that are placed inside the box to prevent whatever is inside from moving around too much or being damaged during shipping. There are plenty of different packing materials that can be found such as Styrofoam and cardboard dividers. The choice of the packing materials depends on what is being shipped and how much protection it needs.
  • Other materials – There are other shipping materials that will also be needed. These include something that can seal the boxes such as tape and labels that can be used to address the package to make sure it gets to the person that bought it.

It is important to make sure that all of the shipping supplies are ready to go if the person wants to make money. It does not take long to build a bad reputation and to lose any business that a person can build. It is also possible to build a reputation as a reliable seller that makes sure people get what they ordered.

The Need for Shipping Materials is Growing

Shipping Supplies

More businesses than ever before are looking for the right shipping materials. The reason for this need can be traced to the internet. Not only are the big retail stores pushing online sales, many small businesses are being created that sell products online. The one thing that selling online means for all businesses, big and small is that there has to be a way to deliver the products that are being sold. That has caused an increase in the demand for shipping materials.

One of the issues with materials for shipping is the expectations that come with them. While it is okay to have expectations, problems arise when the expectations of the customers and the businesses differ. While they are often similar, there are also things that set the expectations of these two parties apart. Understanding the needs of both of these groups can help the business make the best decisions when it comes to choosing the right shipping supplies.

The Customer’s Expectations

A customer expects to receive the items they buy online in a timely fashion. They also expect the items to be undamaged during the shipping process. The packaging of the products can impact both of these areas. Businesses that have the materials on hand to properly package the products can get them to the shipper faster. The faster they can do this, the faster the product will get to the customer.

Products also need to be packaged properly to prevent them from being damaged. Fragile items will need more protection. They may require foam packaging materials that conform around the product. Other items may not require more than a little paper wrapped around them to protect them. Choosing the right shipping supplies is paramount to delivering the products without any damage.

The Business’s Expectations

A business expects to be able to package their products easily, and they expect to do it affordably. The profits that an online business earns can quickly disappear if they spend too much on packaging. Finding the lowest cost supplier of the packaging materials is essential to any business that has to ship its products.

Shipping products easily also requires having the right materials on hand and being able to store them effectively. Companies that plan for shipping are able to make sure they are sending out their products quickly and easily.

When the demands of the customers and the businesses are met with the right packaging materials, it makes everyone happy. When everyone is happy, the growth of online sales will continue.


Choosing the Right Shipping Supplies for eCommerce

When you are in the eCommerce business and shipping products all over the world, there are many shipping supplies you need aside from just boxes. If you use custom shipping boxes, you are starting off on the right foot because you are gaining brand awareness and instilling a feeling of professionalism in your customers the moment that the box arrives on their doorstep. To take matters one step further, however, you need to take time deciding what to use to ship your products, from the tape to close the box to the items inside the box to protect your products – every detail matters.

Say it with Tape

You do have the choice to use plain packing tape that may do the job, but it does not speak volumes like custom packing tape does. Have tape made with your company name, logo, or phone number to continue to add to your efforts to market your brand and please your customer.

Shipping Fragile Items

If your products are fragile, the last thing you want to do is scribble the word “Fragile” across the top of a box. Yes, it might get the point across, but it does not look professional in any way. Instead, use shipping labels that are easy to read and look professional. Rather than appearing as if you haphazardly wrote on the box, printed labels with the word “Fragile” will help shippers and receivers take your words seriously and handle your package with care.

Protecting the Items Inside

When you are shipping products, oftentimes you have to protect them with the right fillers. There are a variety of shipping materials that you can use, some of which look professional and others that do not. If you choose whatever crumbled up paper or packing peanuts that you may have lying around, you are not going to provide that professional image that you desire. Instead, choosing roll paper, tissue paper, or polyethylene foam will help you to keep that professional image as well as protect the items inside your custom box.

Taking the time to carefully choose your shipping supplies can make the difference between looking professional and looking like a company that does not have their head in the game. If you want to get the leg up on your competition, you need to think of every detail including the shipping process, as that is the only way to get your product in front of your customer when you are an eCommerce business.


Shipping and Packing Material Play an Important Role for Businesses

E-retailers have plenty to worry about. They need to make sure they are selling something that people want to buy. They need to make sure that they have a way to offer products or services to consumers in a way that is considered convenient and easy to use. They need to make sure they have a way to get the products into the hands of the consumer quickly and safely. The last part is one of the areas where many retailers fail.

Consumers have two major concerns when they buy things from an e-retailer. They worry that the item will take a long time to get to them. They also worry that the items they purchased will be damaged when they are shipped. A good e-retailer will take steps to make sure that they can overcome these fears. They need to make sure they are using the right shipping and packaging material for their products.

Material for Protection

The first thing the e-retailer needs to do is to protect the items that they are shipping. There are many different types of shipping supplies that they can use for this. Box dividers are one way to protect the items being shipped. There are also other materials that can be used that will not only keep the products that are packaged in the boxes in place, but will also cushion the items packed inside. The exact type of shipping and packaging material that is used will depend on what types of items that are being shipped and how many items are being shipped in the same package. What can be used for glass and other fragile items might not work for something that is heavier and not as fragile. It is often best to use a combination of packaging supplies to get the best results.

Other Shipping Materials

While it is important to protect any items that are being shipped, that is not the only type of shipping supplies that are important. Other items such as the shipping labels and the packaging tape that is used also plays a role. Getting the right combination of these supplies can help get the package where it needs to go and can help a business promote itself.

The labels that are placed on the boxes and the tape that is used can include branding. The branding will help people know where the package is coming from and who is sending it. It will help build customer awareness and is often a missed opportunity for businesses. Taking advantage of this is a way to market a business for a relatively small cost.


Common Shipping Supplies Companies Use

Some companies send their products out to packaging companies to have them packed properly and shipped to their intended destination. The companies that receive the products for packaging and shipping are logistic companies. These companies have a long list of shipping supplies that they use in order to protect the products and lower the risk of damage during shipping.

One of the most important things when it comes to shipping supplies is boxes. Without cardboard boxes there would be no shipments and no way to know if the product will arrive safely or not. Boxes can be several different sizes depending on the type of product that is being shipped. Tape and a tape dispenser are also very important. Both of these things are vital in securing the box and reassuring that the products enclosed in the box are not broken during shipping.

Some companies require special types of paper wrapping materials in order to properly secure the product. For many food products, butcher paper or freezer paper sheets are used. Crinkle paper can be found in special gift boxes that can be for show, display, or resale. This type of paper can be found in an array of colors including white, navy, forest green, red, chocolate, burgundy, green, royal blue, yellow, purple, light blue, lime, and orange. Tissue paper is another form of wrapping materials that are used with some product packaging. There are different types of tissue paper. Some tissue paper is graded as gift paper or wrapping tissue. This type of wrapping material can also be found in a wide array of colors.

Wax paper is another material that is used by companies to ship product around the globe. Wax paper can be purchased in rolls or sheets according to the measurements needed. It can also be found in different lengths starting at one foot and going beyond four feet. The length and width of the most commonly used wax paper is 12 by 12. Although it’s not common to find shipping companies that use wax paper as an alternative to packaging, it can be beneficial in using with food or perishable items.

Logistic companies and other packing and reworking companies use hundreds of materials each day while doing their daily workloads. These materials determine whether or not the product will be tightly packaged. Depending on how the product is packaged for shipping, the risk of damage may decrease with certain types of materials.


Your Shipping Supplies Destination

Shipping your product isn’t just about stuffing it into a box with bubble wrap, it involves much more and if you need shipping supplies, we have them. Where we used to just offer packaging solutions, we acquired a shipping supplies company and now can offer you anything you need related to packaging your product.

Once you’ve chosen your box you need supplies to help you ship that box. Here’s where we can help you, where we couldn’t before. From bags or markers to wrapping materials and hand trucks, we can provide whatever shipping materials you need to get your product to its destination.

Imagine your logo on the bag that holds the products you sell at your retail outlet. Well you don’t have to imagine it anymore because we can create custom printed bags for you with your slogan or logo right on it. Better for your customer and good for your marketing, your logo on a bag can easily have a positive impact on your business.

When you tape up that box to ship your product, don’t use boring packing tape. Say something with your packaging and get custom printed tape with your logo all over it. The tape comes in two types – poly-pro which is a white tape or PVC tape which is stronger and stretches better. These tapes come in a number of sizes and colors.

Don’t forget to wrap your product and when you do, we have several options that will enhance your product presentation. We can now offer tissue, newsprint and roll paper depending on your requirements and presentation needs. We also have pallet wrap and polyethylene tubing for those larger jobs or to keep those pallets dry before loading. In addition, we have packaging materials such as packing peanuts and polyethylene foam and twine to tie it all together.

When you ship your package you may need to add a shipping tag and here’s where we come in. We can supply not only shipping tags in a variety of colors, but we have the shipping ties and fasteners as well. The fasteners are great for added protection against sticky fingers.

But it doesn’t stop there, we have the supplies you need to ship your products right down to permanent markers, strapping supplies and the tools you need to secure them; tape, tape dispensers, packing knives, bag sealers, paper dispensers, and Swiftacher Fastener Guns. We even have stapling tools and refills, and what’s best is for many of our shipping materials the more you order the less it costs.


Shipping Materials That Every Business Needs

Your business is your life. You want the best of the best for your clients. You want to protect your investments and make sure that they get where they need to be. If this sounds like you, you need to know all about shipping your products. The shipping materials that you choose for shipping your products to your clients should be chosen with care because your reputation is at stake. When you take the time to choose the ideal shipping supplies, you are taking the time to protect yourself, your merchandise and your clients all at once.

Here is a compiled list of 5 shipping supplies that you might not have thought of when planning for shipping your merchandise.

  1. Custom Printed Bags- providing your clients with customer printed bags when they make purchases can give your business an extra edge against your competitor who doesn’t. Imagine the impact that seeing your logo on a daily basis, all over town, will have on your business.
  2. Custom Printed Tape- Now that online sales are skyrocketing, you may find yourself mailing more and more merchandise. Instead of using plain, clear packing tape, why not have custom made printed tape? When you seal your box with tape that has your logo on it, you are giving your customer another shot to recognize your logo.
  3. Hand Trucks- These handy tools allow you to easily move up to 1000 lbs of merchandise without straining or hurting yourself. They are perfect for moving boxes around in your shipping area and onto the trucks.
  4. Paper Wrapping Material- When you have smaller items in your boxes, you may need to have some wrapping material. A low cost option to replace costly packing peanuts is to use colored paper. You can choose a color that goes best with your brand. You can also use newsprint or tissue paper.
  5. Shipping Tags and Accessories- adding shipping tags to your boxes can allow you one more chance at infusing your brand to your shipping materials. You can also use them to keep track of where your boxes need to go to.

Remember that the small touches are the ones that your clients will remember. Going above and beyond to show off your brand on your shipping materials, and to package your merchandise can make all the difference between you and your competitor.


Avoid Shipping Horror Stories by Choosing the Right Shipping Supplies

If you ship packages frequently for your business, you have likely had a bad experience at some point in your career. Packages can be mishandled, fragile items may be broken, and in some cases, your items may be stolen. Fortunately, you can minimize the chance that you will encounter one of these shipping horror stories if you choose the right shipping supplies, and other helpful tips are outlined below.

Include Extra Padding

Even if your item isn’t considered fragile, it is safe to be cautious and wrap it one extra time with bubble wrap, foam, or tissue paper. The one time that you choose not to include the extra padding could be the time you encounter a careless mailman or delivery person.

Find Affordable Shipping Supplies

It is important to find affordable shipping tools and materials in order to keep your costs low. Do your research in order to find the best deal on these supplies so that your items can be thoroughly protected without having to spend extra money.

Create a Shipping Checklist

In order to ensure that your items are being shipped properly, create a checklist of every activity that needs to be completed when an item in your business is shipped. This will be especially helpful if you need to have someone else help you to ship your items in the future.

Insure Everything

Your customers might not want to pay the extra money for insurance, but it may be in your best interest to do so on your own. You can also include it within the shipping price. Therefore, if anything is ever lost in transit, your expenses will be covered.

Use Plastic Wrap

Some logistics professionals recommend always wrapping items in plastic before shipping, regardless of how fragile they may or may not be. This could be as simple as dropping an item into a Ziploc bag. In the event that your package encounters water during the shipment process, you can rest assured that it won’t be damaged.

Invest in a Shipping Scale

You no longer have to go to the post office and weigh each of your items. Instead, invest in a shipping scale so that you can determine exactly how much your item weighs to save yourself time.

Complete Package Information Thoroughly

It is important to make sure that your shipping information is as complete and as thorough as possible when mailing out a shipment. Use your address labels to write out full names and addresses, or invest in a shipping stamp in order to make putting down your return address even easier.