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Creative Shipping Box Designs for Your Company

Shipping Box

If you require assistance in creating a great package design, it might help to think about the below points and questions with your staff.

What is Your Budget?

This will go without saying, of course – yet make certain that you are assessing the budget for your custom printed shipping boxes accurately, and think about doing bulk orders for a high volume of boxes for shipping. Bear in mind, it might cost more at first to make a customized bulk order, yet it probably will save you money within the long term. Are there any discounts you’re able to take advantage of?

Branded Shipping Boxes

Individuals are more likely to display a cute box on their social media channels than they might a plain box. Keep in mind to always request an electronic sample of the design prior to committing to a big order, in order for you to save yourself and your team of designer any surprises or headaches.

Consider the Text

Companies oftentimes are so wrapped up in creating the ideal logo and perfectly choosing coordinating store colors, they oftentimes overlook text altogether. It’s a mistake: consider the packaging as a portion of your budget for advertising.

Are you able to include a short history of your brand? Your store hours, websites, and contact information? Are you able to make a hashtag for a long-range marketing campaign?

Allow customers to know how and where to discover details about your products and brand on social media. Make it simple for them to tag their very own photographs so you’re able to keep in contact with them. What about customizing a short message to a customer? Those little tweaks may make all the difference in the efficiency of your advertising, and assist in getting your name out there.

Think Outside of the Box

Our best suggestion? Do something others may believe is a bit crazy. We like the phrases “ahead of the game” and “innovative.” If a box appears like everyone else’s, consider how you may make it stand out.

For instance, might your packaging be reused in some manner? Are you a flower boutique? Why not make a box which is able to be folded into a flower pot? If you are shipping shoes, might the box additionally be made to hang as its very own shoe holder? And what about the inside of the box? Are you able to go crazy with colors, fonts, and include some confetti or glitter for an additional dose of magic?

How are Cardboard Shipping Boxes Made

Cardboard Shipping Boxes

They are all around us. Manufacturers use them to ship products to the stores. The stores use them to store and display the products they sell. Individuals use them to store the stuff they collected in the home or for some other use. Many of them end up in the trash or the recycling plant. People encounter them every day, but probably do not know much about how they are made. What is this thing that everyone is so familiar with? It is cardboard shipping boxes.

Despite the simple design of these boxes, the importance of them in today’s world cannot be discounted. It is worth taking the time to find out how they are made. The process is not very difficult, but it does require a few steps.

  • The cardboard has to be made – Most cardboard is made up of a combination of raw materials and recycled material. The wood that is used to make a shipping box out of cardboard is ground into a pulp, water is added and the wood is pressed into paper. The paper is then turned into cardboard. Corrugated cardboard consists of two layers of paper that is glued to a piece of paper that has been fluted. The end result is a stiff piece of paper known as cardboard.
  • The box is cut – Once the size and shape of the cardboard shipping boxes is determined, the sheets of cardboard are cut. A circular saw makes the cuts and scores that will allow a box to be folded into the desired shape. The cardboard remains flat until it is needed as a box.
  • Scraps are recycled – Whenever the cardboard is cut, there are scrap pieces that are recycled and used to make more cardboard boxes.
  • Boxes can be put together – Because it is easiest to store the boxes when they are flat, it is normal for the boxes to be put together right before they are needed to be filled. Once the boxes are filled, they can be sealed shut.

One additional process that can happen when making a shipping box is adding graphics. Because cardboard is made out of paper, it is perfect for adding additional printing. Adding graphics to boxes can be done at different points in the whole process.

Boxes are fairly easy to make, but that does not take away from the role they play in the world today. Without boxes it is hard to tell what people would do. They rely on them every day, so it is a good thing to know how they are made.

Marketing Tools to Include in Your Cardboard Shipping Boxes

Cardboard Shipping Boxes

The materials that you use to ship out your products can serve as a great way to advertise your business and your brand. When using your own customized cardboard shipping boxes to send out your products, there are a variety of great ways that you can market your business. Find out which marketing tools you should be including in your shipping and packaging materials.


When your customers open up their shipping box to check out their new product, they’ll be excited to find coupons and other deals to save them money on their next purchase at your business. Coupons are a great way to entice your buyers to come back in the future, but they can also be useful in encouraging customers to purchase accessories from you.


Sending a catalog is also a good idea when mailing out purchases in cardboard shipping boxes. While most purchases may be made online, many people enjoy looking through an actual catalog to check out exciting and new products. Depending on the size of your catalog, you may need to plan ahead to ensure that your box is large enough to support your catalog and all of the items that your customers have purchased.

Free Samples

Do you have an interesting new product that has just come out that you want your customers to try? Adding free samples to your shipping box is a great way to get your new merchandise noticed. Your customers will be thrilled with the freebie, and if they enjoy your product, you can expect to have additional orders placed from them in the future.

Review Requests

Research has shown that many customers rely heavily on customer reviews before they make a purchase, so it is important to encourage your customers to leave reviews. Requesting a customer review has multiple benefits for your company. First, it will draw your customer back to your website, and secondly, it will create helpful content that will assist future shoppers in making a purchasing decision.

If you are thinking about providing an incentive for a review, take time to fully consider this move. Some people will look at the practice of offering something in return for a review as “buying” good reviews. This can actually have a negative impact.

Your cardboard shipping boxes are a vital way to get your products to your customers safely while promoting your business, but what is on the inside also counts. Use your custom shipping box to include helpful marketing tools that will keep your customers coming back for years.


How to Choose the Right Shipping Box

There are many people that have created an online business based on selling products and shipping them directly to their customers. Succeeding in this type of business is not easy. It requires finding the right products to sell and marketing these products to potential customers. One of the most important aspects of these businesses is getting the products to the customers.

Customers have expectations when they buy products from these businesses. They expect the products to be shipped to them in a timely fashion, they expect to receive it quickly and they expect it to arrive at their home undamaged. The key to doing all this starts with finding the right shipping box.

There are plenty of different types of cardboard boxes that can be used for shipping. A business can choose different sized boxes and boxes that are of different strength. It is important to make sure that the shipping box that is chosen matches the product that is being shipped. The question these businesses need to ask is what the right box to use for shipping is.

  • standard boxes – There are many boxes that are considered to be a standard type of box. They can be used for a wide variety of products. These boxes will come in similar sizes and strengths. They are generally very plain and are easy to use. This is often the cheapest type of box to get.
  • Heavy duty shipping boxes – These boxes are much sturdier. A business that wants to provide extra protection for the contents will turn to this type of box for shipping. These boxes will cost more than the standard boxes.
  • Custom printed boxes – Any business should take advantage of the marketing opportunities they have. Adding custom graphics to the boxes is one of the best and most cost effective ways to do this.

A business needs to take into account the cost of the boxes, but they also need to remember what the boxes will do for them. It is possible to have custom boxes that also include graphic on them. Taking the time to find the right box will help any business succeed.


Getting the Right Shipping Box

There is not much of a difference between boxes used for moving and boxes used for shipping, however, when you need boxes for shipping, it is better to know about those tiny differences. Boxes used for moving generally are used cardboard boxes which have been reused several times. Shipping boxes on the other hand, are built for durability as they have to endure long and sometimes, hard journeys without damaging their contents.

Types of Shipping Boxes

Shipping boxes come in all shapes and sizes and they are all strong enough to hold many heavy objects.

  • Boxes with dividers – they are used when shipping fragile and breakable objects which should not bump into each other. They can also be used to separate the smaller objects from the bigger ones put into one single shipping box.
  • Mailing boxes – they also fall into the shipping category and you can get them with self-sealing tapes. For better durability, they come with long double folds which will not open accidentally.
  • Printed boxes – these are good for businesses since the boxes can be custom printed with the company logo and contact details.

Tips for Easy Shipping

  • Try not to use, used shipping boxes as they have already lost a lot in their durability and might not provide the support that you require for your items. They might have previous labels on them, which have to be removed before they are used, otherwise it could cause various delivery issues once the package has left your care.
  • Use the appropriate packaging materials to make sure the contents are not damaged. For example, if the items are fragile, it might be a good idea to use bubble wrap.
  • Check the bottom flap of the box for a stamp certifying the strength of the box. Generally, a shipping box might have undergone an “Edge Crush Test” or a “Bursting Test”. In case there is no such stamp, ask the customer service personnel to help you select the correct type of shipping box. They are sure to know the difference and can guide you.
  • The boxes might have handles pre-cut into it, but it will be wise to strengthen them by using tape.

The general rule is that you can get shipping boxes in any shape and size. The box can be small enough to hold a pen or large enough to hold a refrigerator. Most of the time, boxes for shipping do not cost much since they are mass produced, come in regular shapes and sizes, and economical materials are used in their production, making them more cost effective.