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The Different Types of Shipping Accessories

Shipping Accessories

It sounds like a great idea for anyone that wants to earn extra money. Create a website and start an online retail business. All that is needed is something to sell and someone to buy it. The easy part is often getting someone to buy something from an online retailer. The hard part is getting the product that is bought to the person that buys it. Anyone that is trying to start an online retail business needs to know how they are going to accomplish this. They need to know what type of shipping & packing materials they need to invest in.

The goal of the online retailer is to find the most cost effective ways to package things and send them to their customers. Poor decisions in this area could mean spending more money on shipping accessories than needed, having products arrived damaged or not having them arrive at all. By getting the right shipping products, many problems can be avoided. These are the basics that an online retailer may need.

  • A box – Boxes come in all different shapes and sizes. There are standard boxes, custom setup boxes, ailing tubes and many other types. The online retailer has to have the right boxes on hand to package up the product. It is the most important of the shipping accessories that are needed and the choice of a box or boxes should be made carefully.
  • Packing materials – In order for a product to be protected during shipment, packaging material is needed. Box partitions, foam inserts, bubble wrap and Styrofoam are some of the packaging materials that can be used. It is a good idea to consider the cost of the material and the type of protection the package needs to make the right choice.
  • Sealers – Once the product has been put into a box, the box needs to be sealed. Glue and tape are the most common ways to do this. It is important that a box looks like it has arrived unopened to put the customer at ease.
  • Labels – Custom printed labels can be used to not only provide important shipping information, but can also be used for marketing. Adding a logo or brand can help an online retailer develop a reputation that could help grow sales. The labels can be printed on the box or they can be a label that is attached to the box.

Some online retailers may not need all of these shipping & packing materials and some may need additional ones. Spending the time to get this part of the online retail business right is a very smart decision.

Shipping Materials for an Online Retail Store

Shipping Materials

Starting an online store is a great idea. It is a popular way for people looking to earn a little extra money. There are a few things that are needed to create a successful online retail store. Getting all of these things right requires a little time, effort and knowledge to do right.

It starts with having something to sell. There has to be a product or products that people want to buy The second thing that is needed is a website to sell the things from. The website will have to be marketed to attract customers. The last thing is having some way to get the products that are sold to the people that are buying them. That means having the right shipping materials available. The list of what is needed will vary, but there are some basic supplies that an online retail store should have.

  • Boxes – Boxes come in all shapes, sizes and materials. They can be plain boxes or they can include graphics on them. They can be standard size or they can be custom made. They are an essential item for any online retailer to have on hand.
  • Packing Tape – Packing tape is one of the shipping accessories that is often overlooked for its importance. Most people realize that they need tape to secure the boxes, but they do not always get the right type of tape or the right accessories to use the tape. Tape needs to be able to withstand the environment while in the shipping process. It should be big enough to close the box properly and it should be able to stay adhered to the box until it is removed by the consumer. Tape dispensers should make it easy to secure the boxes without wasting time or material.
  • Protective packaging – Items can be easily broken during shipping. The right packing materials can prevent the products inside the box from shifting around and becoming damaged. Shipping materials that protect packages come in many forms from paper to plastic peanuts to bubbly wrap. Choosing the right type depends on the type of product being shipped.
  • Shipping Labels – The shipping labels are more than just shipping accessories that tell the shipping company where to send the box to. They are also a chance for the online retailer to market their business’s name, logo, brand or company message.

These are some of the basics that are needed to ship a product from an online retailer to a consumer. Some people may choose to invest in more supplies, but they need to have all of these if they want to get their products to the consumer.

Create the Right List of Shipping Accessories

Shipping Accessories

The appeal of starting an internet business has caused many people to try. The number of people that attempt to do this is far more than the number that succeed. It may sound easy. Find something to sell, create a website, market it and let people spend their money. If it was really that simple, more people would succeed.

The reasons that online retail businesses fail will vary. There will be some that do not have the right product, there will be some that do not market their website and there will be others that cannot handle the transactions. One of the biggest reasons that people fail at online retail is because they do not handle the shipping of the products well. When someone makes an order online, they expect it to be delivered in a timely fashion. They also expect it to arrive undamaged. To accomplish this the online retailer needs to make sure they have the right shipping accessories. These are some of the things that are needed to make this happen

  • Boxes – Boxes come in many varieties and it is a good idea to choose the right box for shipping. Things to take into consideration include the size of the product, how many pieces it is, how heavy it is and what it is. The box needs to be big enough and sturdy enough to handle the shipping.
  • Packing materials – The product needs to be protected within the box. Plastic wrapping materials can be used to help keep the product safe. Partitions and other packing materials can keep the product from moving around during shipping.
  • Packing Tape – Once the box has been filled and the product is protected, the box has to be sealed. The most common thing that is used is packing tape. This tape is strong and durable and can withstand different types of weather. Glue is another option, but it does not always work as well as it should.
  • Shipping Labels – Shipping labels are one of the shipping accessories that is often overlooked. Having good shipping labels can avoid mistakes. Custom printed labels can also allow the shipper to include their business name or logo and can help build brand awareness.

Some people will have to get more materials and may not need all of them. For some the plastic wrapping materials might be more than they need and that is fine. In the end, it’s always better to over package the products than it is to under package them. Making sure you have all of the accessories that are needed could help an online retail website succeed.

The Right Shipping and Packing Materials Matter

shipping and packing materials

shipping and packing materials

shipping and packing materials

Whether your client is a retail chain, restaurant, or family home, the shipping materials you choose represent your brand. It is hard to find a perfect sized box and proper shipping accessories all in one place and if you do, the cost is likely to outweigh any savings your customers may be after. But the right shipping and packing materials do make a big difference, so Instabox has affordable solutions.

Finding the Right Fit

To ensure a safe ride for your product, you need to choose the right sized shipping vessel. Choosing a box that is just the right size will not only save money on shipping costs, it will also allow enough room for the right packing material to ensure adequate protection. Too small of a box and you may save a little on shipping costs, but lose needed protection.

Corrugated boxes come in different thickness options. The heavier your item, the thicker the corrugation you need. Heavier cardboard boxes cost more than the thinner boxes, but they save money in the long run with less damage during delivery. Plus, it leaves a good impression with your clients. When you invest the extra cost to ensure the product arrives in top shape, that value translates to valued business.

Package Materials

There are many options to choose from that will provide the right level of protection and professionalism.

  • Packaging peanuts
  • Polyethylene cap
  • Polyethylene foam
  • Corrugated roll

Shipping Accessories

Thousands of boxes pass through postal services every day. When you take the extra time to choose the proper accessories, you are ensuring your merchandise arrives still packaged the way you sent it and in a unique way. The correct labels not only ensure your package arrives at its destination, customizing their color provides that extra touch to set you apart.

Swiftacher fasteners and needles are needed for heavy and bulky items as tape will not do the job on its own. They come in a variety of sizes and degrees of strength so you aren’t stuck paying for what you don’t need. Twine can be used to further secure your merchandise within the package and shipping ties for added stability.

The right tape is fundamental. There are over thirty different types available, including custom designed tape with your logo on it. Customers can quickly identify their package and feel good when they see the professionalism of having your own ‘brand’ of tape.

Choosing the right shipping and packing materials doesn’t have to be a difficult process. It is just a couple thought out decisions to ensure your reputation is upheld and your clients are satisfied.


What Type of Shipping Materials and Accessories are Needed?

There are many people that are now operating e-commerce businesses. One of the keys to the success of this business is getting the products that the consumers buy online delivered to the customers. This is not always as easy as it sounds. There is the cost of the shipping to consider. In addition to that cost, the cost of the shipping materials needs to be factored in. It is a good idea for an e-commerce business to learn why they will need to get their products into the hands of the consumer.

There are some basic things that are required to ship the products. A box, some type of packing material to protect the contents in the box, tape to securely close the box and shipping labels to address the box. It is possible that some businesses may need additional shipping materials, but these are the basics.

It is not enough to know what is needed, it is also important to make the right choices about the materials that are used. Boxes come in different shapes and sizes. They can have different methods to close. Boxes can include graphics that will help a business build its brand or can work in other ways for marketing purposes. The material used for the box will make a difference. A box has to be strong enough to handle the contents and to protect the contents. It also has to be light enough so that it does not add to the cost of shipping. The way that the box closes will also make a difference. Some boxes can be closed more securely than others which may be important.

The packing material can come in a variety of forms. Dividers can be used to keep products in the box separate and safe. It is possible to use a combination of different materials and shipping accessories to keep the contents of a box safe.

Shipping labels are also important shipping accessories. They can be self-sticking to make it easier to apply them to the packaging. They also represent another opportunity for a business to build its brand through the use of graphics.

There are other accessories that can make it easier to pack the boxes, to store the boxes and to make shipping an easier process. Some of the new e-commerce businesses will overlook the need to make sure they have everything they need to ship their products to the consumers. If they do this, they may not be in business for very long.


Improve your Brand with the Right Shipping Accessories

There are some products that have become so ingrained in the public’s mind, that their name has become the name of the product. Tissues are often referred to as Kleenex. When people see two big yellow arches, they know exactly what restaurant they are looking at. This is the miracle of creating a brand. When a company is able to market what they offer so well that people recognize it without hearing the name, they are usually very successful.

It takes time to create a brand that is recognized by many consumers. It also takes a marketing plan and effort. There are some businesses that do not know how to make their brand something that is wanted by others. The key is to make sure that you have your company’s name, its products and its message in front of people as often as possible. Because many businesses are involved in e-commerce and are shipping their products to the customers. They have a unique opportunity to help create their brand without pushing it on people. The use of shipping accessories provides that opportunity.

  • Boxes – There is no reason to have products shipped in boxes that have plain brown wrappers unless you are sending something you do not want people to know about. The use of custom designed boxes could help a company get their brand and message out to the consumers every time they ship their packages.
  • Custom Printed Tape – The tape that is put on the boxes to secure the package is another opportunity to market the business. Having messages, contact numbers and website addresses on the tape along with a logo is another way to improve the brand recognition of a business.
  • Custom labels – Like the custom printed tape, the custom labels can be used to build the image of the brand for the company. It is not something that should be left blank.
  • Wrapping paper– The paper that the product is wrapped in and the material used to fill up the box and protect the items being shipped can also be filled with the name of the business or some other message that will make the brand easier to see.

A business should use any blank space they have when they using shipping accessories on their packages to make sure that it is identifiable. It will be seen by plenty of people. The better the message is and the more ways that it is delivered the more branding that will occur. Given time it will help make a business more successful.


The Various Types of Shipping and Packing Supplies

Packing is not a simple task and it requires a whole lot of materials for a successful move or shipping project. The items to be packed might need an extra protective cover and there are various materials which can be used for different items. Shipping accessories and packing materials act like a safety net for your items.

Packing Supplies

Some of the widely used packing supplies are as follows –

  • Laminated rolls – these rolls are leak-proof and are extremely durable
  • Stretch films – one of the most widely used materials used for packaging, which also protects the items while in storage
  • Bubble wrap – this provides protective padding and water resistance at the same time. This is the perfect solution for fragile items and will ensure that the object is protected from rough handling. You can get them as sheets or bags depending upon your needs.
  • PP straps – they are lightweight, but tough. They are used for heavy and medium weight packages to keep the contents from spilling out.
  • Instant foam – gives the perfect custom fit for objects with a difficult shape.
  • Protective paper packing – they come as kraft sheets, newsprint sheets or even as colored shredded paper.

Shipping Accessories

You can also opt for the following shipping accessories, which will give added protection during shipment

  • Edge protectors – they reduce the damage caused during shipment by giving extra protection and support.
  • Strap guards – protects the package from damages caused by tight straps.
  • Shipping tags – they come in a variety of colors and sizes and they are great for identifying your packages easily.

Selecting the Right Kind of Materials

It all depends on what you want to ship. The kind of material can vary in strength and durability, based on your needs and the items being shipped. If you are environmentally conscious then you can buy biodegradable bubble wrap which will degrade in one or two years. Buy antistatic bubble rolls to pack electronic goods, which also provides excellent protection against impacts.

Packing supplies can be used in numerous ways, but there are a few general guidelines, which when followed, can lead to superior protection of your products. After packing, ensure that the box closes properly and there are no extra spaces. There should only be the necessary information on the box as too much information can confuse the movers or package handlers. Use only tapes and boxes that are designed exclusively for packing and moving. Do not overload the box with objects that are too heavy for the box to hold, it might give way midway through the journey, which is one headache everyone wants to avoid.


Packaging Supplies For Shipping

It is important that you take time to use the proper packaging supplies and shipping accessories to ensure that your item arrives on time without damages. With three simple steps your package will be ready to ship.

Step 1: Use a Brand New Corrugated Box

While it is possible to reuse a corrugated box, when it comes to shipping it is better to go with a brand new box. Every time that a box is used for shipping it loses some of its structural integrity. If you use a new box, you can be sure that the strength of your box has not been weakened by past use. As with all packaging supplies, make sure that your box is the most lightweight and smallest dimension possible for the item you are sending. This will protect you from additional costs of shipping for a larger container.

Step 2: Protect Your Item

Ideally, when you package your item using packaging supplies like paper wrap, corrugated dividers and foam packing peanuts you will be able to protect your items from moving around. Any movement of your items during shipping can cause damage by products bumping together. You should wrap each item separately and keep at least two inches of padding between breakable items.

Step 3: Close Box and Label Correctly

Using shipping accessories like a tape gun and 2 inch wide pressure sensitive tape or nylon reinforced filament tape will assist you in securing your items. Be sure to use 3 strips of tape at the bottom and top of the box along the three edge seams. This will ensure that the openings do not open unexpected during transit.

Other shipping accessories that will help with effective shipping are shipping labels. Be sure that when you fill in the shipping address that you include the entire address, including the name of the recipient, the whole street address with postal code and the suite or apartment number if there is one. The more complete your shipping label is, the more likely your package will get where it needs to go.

When you have all the shipping accessories and packaging supplies that you need on hand, shipping and packaging becomes a walk in the park. You know that your items will get where they need to be, and that your reputation for high quality goods will remain intact.