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Create Impulse Buys with Printed Folding Cartons

printed folding cartons

Impulse shopping is a tried and true way for retail stores to boost average sales within their stores. In fact, it is likely that you have at one time (or many times) purchased impulse items while on your way to a store’s cash register. Impulse shopping is when retailers display small and seemingly convenient items near a cash register. For example, gum, soft drinks, toys, batteries, and small tools. For retail stores, impulse buys are the edge they have over e-commerce. 

So, how does a small business or benefit a retail store by creating impulse buys? It’s all in the packaging of printed folding cartons.  

folding carton manufacturer is experienced in creating packaging that can work well with your product. From a custom-fit package to clean graphics printed folding it is important that the printed folding cartons fit your product.  

Here are 3 ways to ensure printed folding cartons will work for you! 

Great brand design 

The most important thing to consider when creating your printed folding cartons is to ensure that your brand design looks great. Remember folding cartons should have an attractive design, not just on the front of the carton, but on every side if possible. The only exclusion may be on the bottom of the packaging. The design will visually show customers what a product is and why they need to buy it now.  

Create cartons that make sense 

Have you ever purchased a small item in relatively massive packaging? It’s kind of like buying a toothbrush that is packaged in a shoe box. Creating the right packaging for your product is not only ideal but is also a great way to showcase your product. Remember, as an impulse buy, you are attracting customers who may not have come into a retail shop to buy your product but realize they can’t go home without it. A folding carton manufacturer will have the options, experience, and customizing ability to help your product sell.  

Ask retailer where to sell your product 

While printed folding cartons can do a lot for you, they can only help if your product is displayed in the right location. After all, not all impulse items are located at the register lane. In fact, many impulse items are located as accessories near larger items. For example, gloves are located near coats, and unique shoelaces are located near shoes.  

Creating the perfect printed folding cartons is the first step in selling your impulse items. Focus on design, common sense, and location. And what you don’t know, your selling retailer and folding carton manufacturer will! 

Why Repurposing Old Folding Boxes is Important

Custom Boxes

Aside from being one of the most efficient packaging materials, folding boxes can also be reused in several ways. They are perfect for organizing household items and can even be repurposed as a craft material and imaginary play toy for kids. Some of the most creative people use printed folding cartons to create visually appealing organizers instead of keeping them in the garage or throwing them away.

Repurposing old cardboard boxes is not only beneficial for the environment but saves you on extra expenses of buying organizer boxes. It just takes a little imagination and creativity to make excellent storage compartments made from recycled cardboard. Although the paper pulp in cartons is compostable, they can be reused to prevent waste and help save the environment.

Preparing your Folding Boxes for Recycling

Most cardboard boxes are used for shipping items which often includes bubble wraps, packing peanuts, or plastic bags. These extra packing materials can be stored for future use, or you can recycle them to prevent polluting the environment. Bubble wraps can be reused as a plant insulator or a toilet protector and packing peanuts can be donated to shipping stores or exchange it for a store discount.

Old boxes, on the other hand, can be recycled to virtually anything, including playhouses for your kids or organizers for your garage equipment. Recycling old folding boxes requires a natural step of removing the fasteners, including the tapes and staples and collapsing the box. For printed folding cartons, simply turning them inside out and fastening the original attaching points hides the print creating a clean canvas useful for various other projects.

Why Should You Recycle Cardboard Boxes

Many sectors, including the packaging industry, are moving to eco-friendly means of running their business. This means the greater need to contribute to a lesser carbon footprint and lessen damage incurred by procuring fresh paper pulp. In reality, since most manufacturers are moving to environmental sound means, over half of the collected folding boxes are being used to create new packaging supplies.

Cardboards are also being downcycled by creating other packaging materials including paperboards and chipboards, which can be used for packing cereals and shoes. The process of recycling old boxes, including printed folding cartons, addresses environmental issues and eliminates the need for cutting trees to create virgin cardboards. Recycling used boxes eliminates the need for landfill spaces, an ideal way to save the environment and lessen the global impact.

Promoting Your Brand with Printed Folding Cartons

Printed Folding Cartons

Printed folding cartons are the most cost-efficient way to package any consumer retail product in the market. There is no other alternative to mid-range product packaging than having printed cartons. The large printable area in a carton allows any manufacturer, retailer, or distributor to write instructions, build up logo recognition, and advertise other promotions.

It can easily be mass produced and shipped. And if done properly, it can make the product look more expensive than its actual retail value. The additional appeal is not just for show. A properly constructed and designed foldable carton protects the products during shipping and storage.

A creatively designed box will make your product stand out from your competitors on the shelf. Designers should anticipate that the boxes will be stocked in different ways so be sure to have something that would entice customers regardless of its position. A printed carton is fully customizable not only in shape and size but also in color and graphics to help your brand managers create the most attractive packaging to attract buyers.

There are other advantages in using printed folding cartons:

Rigidity and Durability

A folding carton box can be set to a specific size and thickness depending on the needs of the customer. Shock sensitive items can be stored in a thicker walled box and with Styrofoam or other materials. The item can be securely protected.

Heavier items can also be secured using an additional corrugated board to help support the weight. Cartons can also be fractionally tailored fit in such a way that it maximizes the space available in shipping containers.

Flat Surface for Clear Graphics

Unlike soft plastics and expensive glossy aluminum packaging, carton boxes have a flat matte surface that is ideal to add something to entice your market demographic. The matte surface also provides a great background for any colored text and graphics.

Storefront Flexibility

Folding cartons can also be customized to have windows, hanging tabs, foldable handles, book coverings, or a combination of all of them. This would allow storefront retailers to present your product in the best way possible using minimum shelf space.

Environment Friendly

Carton boxes are made from recycled boxes and paper. Scraps from manufacturing are also recycled to create new carton boxes producing minimum wastage and harm to the environment. Used cartons are biodegradable in case they do not find their way back to recycling centers and manufacturing plants like folding packaging in Alberta.

Printed Folding Cartons Provide Product Protection

Printed Folding Cartons

Most products out in the market use printed folding cartons to protect what’s inside. They use it for better brand recognition and label themselves amongst competitors. This is an ideal way to make people easily identify the product. It offers a better way of promoting the product by creating a visual impact during sales.

Folding boxes are extremely customizable, making them the ideal solution for product packaging and effective product protection. They can be designed with innovative layouts that represent both your company and the product inside.

Cartons are also attractive modes of packaging known to most people because they are simple and has been the traditional way of encasing items. They can be customized with an encouraging image that additionally adds to its appeal.

Folding Boxes Can Be Tailor-made to Fit Your Product Specifications

Creating a unique printed carton design will make your product stand out from the crowded marketplace. A good and enticing design that attracts your customer’s attention is the best way to make your product visible and distinguished.

Folding cartons come in many different shapes and sizes, it can be specially made to fit whatever the size and shape of your product is. In addition to being a customized product solution, they can also be offered with a wide range of specifications including styles and packaging schemes.

Almost all commercial industries use printed cartons including food, health, and beauty businesses. They are also an inexpensive solution that connects with everyone regardless of age and background.

A Better Designed Printed Carton Creates Attraction for Your Product

Mostly created to entice your intended customers, a printed carton that differs from the humdrum of what the existing market offers will create a significant impact on how every customer perceives your product. It also acts as a good indication of your company’s dedication to effort with every detail of your presentation.

In addition to the traditional design, folding printed cartons are commonly used by most companies because they serve two significant purposes. Aside from giving prospective buyers the right information and proper branding identity, it is also designed to save space when stored and transported.

Ideal in many different ways, folding cartons are great packaging innovations that serve to make every aspect of product packaging easy. Their shape allows them to be handled with ease during the packaging process and serves a multitude of purpose aside from protecting the product inside.

Why You Should Use a Folding Carton in Montreal, Quebec

Custom Boxes

Most of the products we purchase from grocery and pharmaceutical stores are contained in a receptacle that prevents them from getting damaged. These printed folding cartons do not just protect what’s inside but are also clever ways to advertise the product inside and provide some vital information about it.

Using a folding carton in Montreal, Quebec will not just highlight your product from the line of other commodities inside the store. It can also be used as a good marketing strategy with the appropriate style and design that more than meets the eye.

Features of Folding Cartons That Make Them Ideal for Your Product

With a myriad of other products of the same kind, attracting your potential customers can be hard especially if your product does not have a space to advertise what the product is good for and what it can do for your customers.

Carton boards can be ideally used in such a way that it highlights what’s good about the product aside from providing the needed information that government agencies want and some customers demand.

Packaging your product using a folding carton can be customized to represent what your product is about and can sometimes be a marketing and supply chain prerequisite most especially with meticulous department stores in Montreal, Quebec.

They are also 100% eco-friendly and can be recycled a number of times but still provide the same flexibility and efficiency. Most paperboards are manufactured from pulp obtained from recycled materials and leftover pieces can be reused to create a new material.

Using a wide variety of folding techniques and printing designs that relate to what the product is, a folding carton is the most viable solution for high product visibility as compared to other packaging means.

Graphic Design Can Help Your Paper Board Stand Out

With all products contending for a bigger market share, having them stand out from the rest can be beneficial in many ways. Folding cartons not just create an avenue where people get to know about your product, but is also a good way strategy to market them.

Using clean and understandable graphics can ensure that your message gets across to your intended audience without incurring many expenses. This allows your brand to expand with the use of text and graphics that can be placed on the carton panels.

Creating a brand for your products can be easy with the use of folding cartons in Montreal, Quebec. Your product will be easily recognizable making it stand out from your competitors.