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Where are Paperboard Displays Used?

Paperboard displays have plenty of uses. The displays can come in any size or shape. They can fit on a table or counter or they can be freestanding. They are designed to catch people’s attention. They can also be sued to send a message to anyone that sees them or that reads what is on the display. The displays can be used in conjunction with the tools such as ballot boxes. These displays can be used in a variety of ways. While it may be up to a person’s imagination to come up with different ways to use these displays, there are some uses for them that are more common.

  • Trade shows – One of the most common places to see corrugated displays is at trade shows. The displays can have graphics printed on that attract people to see what they are displaying. They can help attract traffic to a booth at a trade show. They can also be used to hold a ballot box for a contest. When people at the trade show fill out a slip of paper with their name and information and put it in the box, the person running the booth can use this information for their mailing list for future promotions. The displays can be something that helps a booth at a trade show stand out when it is used.
  • In-store displays – Another common use of a paperboard display is to display in-store promotions. They can be used to promote a product or an event in the store. They can be placed somewhere in the store where they are easily seen. The display will make whatever is near it more noticeable to the customers by attracting people to the display.
  • Information – Corrugated displays can also be used to convey information to people that are passing by. It may be a schedule for an event or it may be information that people need to know about the location they are at. The displays can be placed where they are needed for people to see them.
  • Outdoor displays – Businesses can use the displays to help them bring more people inside of their business. With bright colors and good graphics, the displays are an effective tool. The only issue with using these displays outdoors is the weather. It is possible that the weather may affect how long the displays last.

The displays that are made out of cardboard are not usually meant for permanent use. The material that is used can last a long time if it is properly cared for, but because the cost of these displays is relatively low, they are usually only used temporarily.


The Varied Uses of Cardboard Displays

When you have a lot of things to be displayed and making shelves are too expensive, then the obvious solution is to invest in cardboard displays. They are easy to make, can be ordered in bulk and yet, turn out to be inexpensive. You can use them to stack and display products like magazines, DVDs, books, toys and everything under the sun. It is the ideal way to display small items like key chains, novelty items and trinkets. Rather than piling them up, stack them neatly in a display stand where people can easily pick them up while shopping will increase sales of those products. They also do not have to be in boring colors but can be made in any color and with a design. They can be kept outside as an advertisement with images or models of products displayed.

Use them at home too

Use paperboard displays at home to clear up clutter, especially in the children’s room. You can get them done in attractive colors and sizes to make the children want to use them. They can be used in the living room to stack magazines and newspapers. As they are inexpensive, you can decorate your house with different kinds of displays and throw them out when you get bored with them. Cardboard displays can be ordered with any design, picture or logo. Children will love to get one made with their favorite cartoon character and you can dispose of them when the children grow up.

Easy to store and easy to use

When you no longer need to use them, just fold them and store them away. Paperboard displays are equally easy to set up as well and they can be kept anywhere. They are not heavy and can be maintained easily. They can be used as a center piece of display anything you like or they can help kept things safe and out of the way. Since they are so easy to manufacture, they can be shipped over to your destination in a relatively short period of time.

Going Green

Instabox.com makes cardboard displays 100% eco-friendly so that it will never be a hazard to the environment. They can be re-used and when you no longer want or need them, they can be recycled. However, if you do not want to recycle them, they will naturally decompose and become a part of the soil with no harm to the environment. The decomposition time is also relatively less when compared to other materials. However, plastics and metal will never decompose and when you make display boards out of them, then they become an environmental hazard.