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Paper or Plastic Wrapping Materials

Wrapping Materials

At the checkout line of the grocery store, customers are asked the simple question: paper or plastic? It is not a big or difficult decision for the customer to make. Most of the bags they get from the grocery store end up in the recycle bin anyway. Businesses that ship their products anywhere also have to ask themselves the same question. Should they use paper or plastic wrapping materials? For businesses, the decision is not always so easy. They need to take into consideration how the choice they make will impact their business.

Some businesses may choose to use only paper wrapping materials, while others will turn to plastic. For most business the solution comes in a combination of them. The flexibility that is offered by using both paper and plastic can make sense. To figure out what to use, it is best to look at the differences between the two.

Paper materials

Paper wrapping materials come in a few different forms, but the two most common are roll paper and tissue or newsprint paper. The roll paper is often used to wrap around a box. It provides a durable surface that is easy to print on. It can come in different strengths. Tissue paper and newsprint are much lighter types of material. It is not best used on the outside of boxes because it is easily torn or ripped. It is best used as protection inside of a box to keep the contents of the box from being damaged.

Plastic materials

The two common types of plastic materials used are pallet wrap and polyethylene tubing. These materials are used to hold together large groups of boxes or product. They offer more protection than paper does and can help prevent trouble with water. They are less likely to tear or rip easily and are much stronger than paper materials.

Making the choice will depend on the business that is using them. Paper materials are often heavier than plastic wrapping materials. They are also not as strong or as durable. They are considered to be more environmentally friendly and allow for printing on the paper. The plastic is much better at holding together products and adding more protection than the paper does.

Finding a balance of these two materials is not always easy to do. Businesses have to consider the cost of the products, how they would use them and how they could store them. When they figure out all of these things, they may have the answer to paper or plastic.

Common Shipping Supplies Companies Use

Some companies send their products out to packaging companies to have them packed properly and shipped to their intended destination. The companies that receive the products for packaging and shipping are logistic companies. These companies have a long list of shipping supplies that they use in order to protect the products and lower the risk of damage during shipping.

One of the most important things when it comes to shipping supplies is boxes. Without cardboard boxes there would be no shipments and no way to know if the product will arrive safely or not. Boxes can be several different sizes depending on the type of product that is being shipped. Tape and a tape dispenser are also very important. Both of these things are vital in securing the box and reassuring that the products enclosed in the box are not broken during shipping.

Some companies require special types of paper wrapping materials in order to properly secure the product. For many food products, butcher paper or freezer paper sheets are used. Crinkle paper can be found in special gift boxes that can be for show, display, or resale. This type of paper can be found in an array of colors including white, navy, forest green, red, chocolate, burgundy, green, royal blue, yellow, purple, light blue, lime, and orange. Tissue paper is another form of wrapping materials that are used with some product packaging. There are different types of tissue paper. Some tissue paper is graded as gift paper or wrapping tissue. This type of wrapping material can also be found in a wide array of colors.

Wax paper is another material that is used by companies to ship product around the globe. Wax paper can be purchased in rolls or sheets according to the measurements needed. It can also be found in different lengths starting at one foot and going beyond four feet. The length and width of the most commonly used wax paper is 12 by 12. Although it’s not common to find shipping companies that use wax paper as an alternative to packaging, it can be beneficial in using with food or perishable items.

Logistic companies and other packing and reworking companies use hundreds of materials each day while doing their daily workloads. These materials determine whether or not the product will be tightly packaged. Depending on how the product is packaged for shipping, the risk of damage may decrease with certain types of materials.


Shipping and Packing Materials – Does it Matter Which Ones You Use?

When it comes to shipping and packing materials, remember that there is a reason why boxes come in different shapes and sizes. It is crucial for effective shipping that you choose materials that are ideal for your project. The right shipping and packing materials can make the difference between your package arriving and your package arriving in one piece. Here are some of the different kinds of packing materials and supplies that you might need for effective shipping and packing.


There are a variety of boxes that you might need depending on what you are planning on shipping. For example, if you are mailing clothing to one of your clients, you may wish to purchase a wardrobe box with a bar. This box is perfectly suited to shipping delicate clothing that must be handled with care. The bar will allow you to neatly contain the clothing without wrinkling or folding.

If you are shipping many documents that must remain organized, you can have sturdy file boxes that ship well and stack easily. These paper wrapping materials allow you to label and consolidate your precious paperwork without the threat of smashed or shifted documents.

There are many other shapes and sizes of boxes that may assist you with a successful shipment catering specifically to your products.

Mailing Tubes:

If you are mailing promotional materials like posters, fliers or even parts of billboards, you may require a mailing tube. Our mailing tubes come in hundreds of shapes and sizes and can be used for mailing just one sheet, or hundreds depending on your shipping and packing needs. These tubes are ideal as paper wrapping materials because they protect your valuable assets without fear or water damage, bending or folding.

Other products:

  • Packing tape
  • Packing peanuts
  • Bubble wrap
  • Tape gun
  • Corrugated pads
  • Chipboard dividers

While you may not require every one of these products for every package you ship, you may find it worthwhile to keep some on hand.

There are many other shipping and packing materials that you may wish to use in order to quickly, safely and effectively ship your delicate, valuable merchandise and paperwork. You can contact a number of professional shipping and packing materials providers to see what options are available and viable for you. You’ll be surprised at the number of cost effective, simple solutions that are available.