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Marketing through Packaging Labels

A very important factor for success with any company is revenue. Revenue comes when the advertisements and other marketing strategies have proven to bring in new consumers and generate a new source of income. One way that companies can promote their current and upcoming products is to print the information on their product labels. Packaging labels, or product labels, can include websites, phone numbers, customer satisfaction surveys, nutritional facts, and so much more. What is added to a label depends on the company and their choice of label design.

Some labels, such as bottle, cosmetic, candle, and coffee labels, will have more printed on them than the average nutritional facts. They can also include dietary boosts for consumers. These boosts can inform potential consumers of how many calories, grams of fat, or sodium is in the product. Information pertaining to where the product was made will also be available on most product labels. This information can be very useful to consumers who wish to only purchase or use products made in certain locations.

Many companies have become accustomed to adding advertisements to their labels in order to promote other products. Normally the promoted products fall into the same category as the product doing the promoting. For example, with coffee labels, they may promote a new French Vanilla type of coffee or a new type of coffee bean that they are now manufacturing products with. This has been seen in the past with white and wheat bread, with wheat being the healthier choice.

Logos on packaging labels is another marketing strategy. Although business brands are always printed so consumers know who manufactured the product, logos are memorable. The Nike logo is known worldwide as the check mark and McDonalds is known worldwide by its golden arches. Whenever consumers see the logo, they do not have to have the brand written out, they know that it belongs to that brand. Marketing other objects might be difficult for McDonalds, but with Nike, putting a check mark on shoes, shirts, shorts, socks, glasses, and other retail merchandise has increased their profits substantially.

Packaging labels are not just used for shipping purposes. They are also used to identify products that are stocked on the shelves for consumer purchase. Using packaging labels to promote or market a business has been a successful maneuver for several businesses over the past few decades and will continue to help bring in revenue as long as the advertised product is preferred by consumers.


Nothing Beats Custom Packaging Labels

If you want the perfect label for your product packaging needs you’ve come to the right place. We can customize a label to make your product stand out before your customer even gets it out of the box. Labels are important because they help not only your branding, but they also say a lot about your company. There’s no need to package your product with boring, generic labels that only display your return address, put something snazzy on there to generate excitement when the package arrives.

Packaging labels can be made in a variety of shapes and sizes limited only by your imagination. The shape, size, lettering, color and border are all up to you. We will make your dream label become your reality, and make your package look first-rate in the process. There are many style options as well. Try a gold or silver finish to give your package a great look. Any printed information you wish can be put on your custom label so your product arrives looking its best.

But it isn’t always enough to have your brand name, logo and contact or product information on your package label, sometimes you need other information to stand out and that’s where pre-printed labels come in. We have pre-printed labels for a large variety of informational or technology-friendly applications.

Pre-printed labels can draw attention to conditions that are of importance to the shipper such as goods that require special handling. If you have goods that are fragile, flammable, explosive or corrosive, pre-printed labels can alert the shipper in a clear and concise manner that these goods are dangerous and for the safety of their employees and the public, must be handled accordingly.

They can also provide informational messages such as which side is up, do not stack, crush, break down, freeze, lay flat or puncture. These are examples of messages that will protect your product and ensure it will be in good condition when it reaches your customer. Neglecting simple messages like these can leave a bad taste in the mouth of the consumer who opens the box only to find a damaged product. They will blame you for shoddy packaging, not the shipping company for bad delivery practices.

Other pre-printed options are barcode labels to help shippers scan and sort your packages and help retailers scan them for purchase. In the electronic age your product will be left behind without these simple labels. We offer over 25 different types of barcodes you can place on your packaged product.

You can also get pre-printed point-of-sale labels that make your product stand out from the rest. We provide ship to labels that have plenty of room and are easy to fill in. If you ship out of the country we provide international label packages that require special handling. Simply attach the appropriate label using globally recognized pictorial images and your product gets the special handling it deserves.


Custom Labels – Use Them Creatively

Labels can be used in many ways, but they are most commonly used to display the most basic information about a company or product. However, custom labels can be made to be an effective advertising tool and can be displayed attractively. Labels can be made in all sizes and in a variety of shapes. They can have a full color display with attractive graphics and witting slogans. Some unusual shapes that you can use for a label are ovals, circles and squares rather than the usual rectangles. You can also have them cut into funny and unconventional shapes which are sure to catch the customer’s attention.

Use them everywhere

You can use them as packaging labels also and use them wherever you want to. You can paste them on boxes, packages, letters, and other products or even on your desk. You can paste them on mugs, calendars, envelopes and any other item. You can use them to advertise your products by sticking them on promotional materials and when you print all the important information on them, they turn into a compact brochure. They can be distributed to all customers and stuck in unconventional places. The idea is to make a small thing like a label, speak a thousand words.

Unusual finishes

You can get a clear backing for your labels which will add a unique touch, especially when you want to stick them on windows. You can also get them in other unusual finishes when you print them on a gold or silver foil. To really catch the customer’s attention, you can get fluorescent finishes. You can get your desired shape by having them die-cut and while this may be a little bit more expensive than conventional shapes, the end result is well worth it. People love to look at unusual things and when they receive packages with an unusual custom labels, they will remember it for a long time.

Make them count

Do not just make packaging labels with ordinary information but make them in such a way that they really catch customer’s attention. They should be aesthetically pleasing while putting across a powerful message to your customers. Make them functional and decorative at the same time and you will save a lot of money. Don’t just settle for a label that is good enough, make sure it has the look and impact you want.


Custom Labels Help Make Your Move Easier

When you are preparing for a move, packing can be a nerve-wracking process. What happens if you get to your new home and don’t know where to start unpacking, or if you aren’t sure which boxes go in which room? What will you do if you aren’t able to find what you need? Fortunately, by following a few simple tips to use custom labels, you can make the process easier on you and your family.

Label Your Items by Room

It is important to distinguish boxes that are meant for different rooms, as this can make it easier to unpack. To do this, invest in colored price tag stickers or packaging labels, and make sure you choose a size that will be easily noticeable. Then, designate a specific sticker to a certain room. For example, use green stickers for all the boxes containing kitchen items, and use orange stickers for all items designated for your bedroom. If you are using stickers with the actual name of the room, be sure to spell out the entire word rather than just using the label of “B”, as this could be difficult to distinguish from the bathroom or the bedroom.

Label Using Different Colors

Once your boxes have been packed, use colored labels or stickers to differentiate them from the rest of your packages. Place these stickers on the sides and on top. Then, when you get to your new home, place the matching labels on the door frame to the corresponding room. This way, when you unload the moving truck, your movers can easily take the box to the room where it belongs.

Make a List for Your Custom Labels

To ensure that you don’t lose anything, make a list to inventory your boxes. Number each one and then place the corresponding number next to the box description on your list. For example, your list might state: 1 – Bedroom; 2 – Bathroom. Taking this inventory will be especially helpful if you are using a moving company, as you will know if something has gone missing right away. You will also know exactly what you’ve lost, and this can be important for filing an insurance claim.

Designate Breakables Using Custom Labels

When using labels to pack for your move, it is important to designate which boxes are fragile. Write the word “FRAGILE” in large letters on the box so that your movers will know that delicate items are inside. It is important to ensure that labeling is clear when it comes to these boxes.