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Packaging and Shipping Supplies are Important

Packaging and Shipping Supplies

Most people often wonder why their package arrives damaged or broken when they think they packed the material just right. The problem sometimes lies with the inappropriate use of packaging and shipping supplies which does more harm than good.

Although packing things can be easy to do when moving to a new location or sending a gift, the problem becomes annoying when you unpack the material only to realize that your precious possession has been shattered to pieces.

The Common Misconception About Packing

When people are on the move or sending a package, sometimes they assume that once everything is placed inside the box, everything will be all right. Little do they think of the vehicle moving on the road and things can get rough. Road bumps, turning on a tight curb, and uneven roadways can contribute to a rocky vehicle. This can lead to damages on your packed materials.

While you can buy a lot of shipping and packaging materials in Victoria, BC, never underestimate the suitability of the materials you use. Getting a sturdy and robust box for your fragile and heavy materials will ensure that your items will get to their destination safely.

Using the appropriate packaging material such as a poly bag for soft goods including clothing or bubble wrap for glassware and plates is sufficient enough to ensure that your item gets undamaged when shipped. Choosing the right-sized box, the proper amount of filling, and a decent taping are big factors that contribute to the safety of the materials you are shipping.

Common Packaging and Shipping Supplies That Protect Your Items

There is a wide variety of packaging material available to help protect your goods from damages. And all of them can be used depending on the size and type of object you want to ship or move.

  1. Corrugated Rolls. These are great alternatives to bubble wrap and can cushion and protect your items. They are lightweight padding materials designed to lessen packaging and shipping charges.

  1. Polyethylene Foams. Polyethylene Foams are reliable and lightweight packaging materials that offer high resistance to water and other chemicals. They can also act as a thermal insulating material for delicate items such as electronics.

  1. Polyethylene Cap. Polyethylene caps give your items added protection and ensure a leak-proof sealing for tubes and pipes.

  1. Packaging Peanuts. Also known as Styrofoam popcorn, packaging peanuts are good materials for compressing fragile items inside the box so they are not damaged. They are used for loose-fill packaging and cushion your breakables.

  1. Twine. Packaging twine can act as an ornament while protecting your items. They can secure parcels, boxes, and other items.

Different Kinds of Packaging and Shipping Supplies

Packaging and Shipping Supplies

Shipping boxes easily are the most typical of all shipping supplies. Generally built with corrugated cardboard, these boxes are durable enough to stand up to all rigors of travel and get to the destination in good condition. As many couriers and postal services will accept pretty much any box which meets the correct size and weight limits, they typically offer a line of boxes which are within their standards. Within some instances, these boxes are offered to consumers at no extra charge. The benefit to the customer is there isn’t any doubt the box is within the standards and will be accepted by the mailing or shipping service.

To correctly get a box ready for shipping, there are many other packaging and shipping supplies needed. Paper confetti, bubble wrap, or smaller polystyrene pieces known as popcorn are utilized to fill the spaces in around the products inside the box and offer padding and protection. It’ll assist in minimizing shifting within the process of shipment for a high volume of shipping accessories.

Sealing a box will require packaging tape. Such tape often is a bit wider than regular rolls of masking tape and is significantly stronger. Real packaging tape might be slightly colored or clear to fit the natural shade of the cardboard box.

One other instance of basic shipping supplies includes the shipping label. A shipping label provides a way to prepare a concise and clear label that contains the delivery address. Most businesses prepare unique shipping labels which additionally include a return address inside the top left-hand space of the label, or the top middle part along with the business logo. The label’s adhesive are formulated to tightly stick to the shipping boxes, and makes them a better choice than trying to make a label with glue and plain paper.

Along with a box, a mailing tube has become a popular method for shipping. These simplistic round tubes are perfect for sending large documents or similar products which may be rolled and put inside the tube. Perfect for shipping lighter products, this type of shipping supply may be utilized with many postal services and most couriers.

There also are a broad array of custom shipping supplies utilized for large freight, like flats or wooden boxes, resin strapping, and additional kinds of specialty packaging. Many freight lines offer consumers guidelines for packaging materials for shipping.

Simply Enhance Your Shipping with Shipping Tools

It makes sense to consolidate your vendors for basic supplies that you need to do business. It means fewer invoices, purchase orders and less labor to keep track of it all. Well Instabox would like to be your one-stop shop for all of your packaging and shipping supplies requirements, and now we can do just that. We recently acquired a packaging supply company and now we not only manufacture boxes, but we can supply you with the tools you need to put them together, pack them, seal them and take them around your warehouse.

Sounds good doesn’t it? Well, it is and here’s what we can offer you.

Need shipping tools? We have them and we’d like to pass them on to you at our affordable rates. No longer do you have to search the web for your newest vendor because we can reliably and affordably supply you with the tools of your trade. We have table or wall mount paper dispensers and stretch wrap dispensers. We have several models of bag sealers, including heat sealer accessories and sealer bands. We also supply Swiftacher fine and regular guns.

Get your stapling supplies here too. With a wide variety of staplers and pliers and a generous variety of refills as well, you are sure to find what you need at an economical price. You may as well grab your strapping tools and supplies while you’re at it and you can choose from different strapping materials and colors; black, white, or yellow, steel or stainless steel. Choose from a variety of protectors and seals and don’t forget the sealers, tensioners, cutters and dispensers. We also have tape dispensers and tape, including colored Duct tape, filament tape, spray adhesive and more.

But that isn’t all you need and we know that. We are pleased to be able to supply you with paper and plastic wrapping materials and shipping and packing materials, such as Styrofoam peanuts, corrugated roll, Polyethylene Cap and foam, and we also have the twine. We’d love to create custom printed tape so your product can be wrapped in your logo, marketing your product throughout the supply chain.

In addition, we can hook you up with hand trucks for moving boxes throughout your warehouse. We even get down to the little details like markers from fat to skinny in various colors and also packing knives. We supply Olfa and Boss cutting knives which we guarantee are the best you can buy for durability and strength and we also supply replacement blades.

And, last but not least, we have bags in many sizes and materials and the price will drop as the order gets larger. We also have custom bags with your logo right on it. Don’t let people walk away from the store and forget where they bought that item they love so much, put your name on the bag.