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What to know about Slotted and Folding Packaging

Folding Packaging

Customized boxes are the thing to get if you’re searching for a particular container that has your print and design on it. They may be expensive, yet they’re worth it, particularly as you see the beauty and quality of the boxes

There are many kinds of boxes to select from, yet your choice will depend on your need. These boxes are designed of various materials, from corrugated fiberboard to corrugated metal, wood, and plastic. For customized boxes, you’ll get to pick the equipment you want and kind of packaging you need, and a manufacturer would make them according to your requests.

Slotted Boxes

Mainly, these cartons are utilized for storing and transporting large items or large quantities of items, such as books. Slotted boxes include the most typical kind of big, brown box you’ll see around, and they additionally have types, like:

Regular Slotted Boxes: The cartons are the most typical kind of box around, utilized in storage areas, homes, offices, etc. Regular slotted cartons contain four flaps at the bottom and at the top, the bottom flaps that may be taped up or glued after you’ve packed the carton.

Half Slotted Boxes: A close twin of regular slotted boxes, the only difference is the half slotted box contains no flaps at the top: it’s open-ended. The box is used mainly as a cover, or temporary storage.

Double Cover Box: As its name suggests, it contains two covers: one lid at the top and one lid on the bottom. Ideal for packing things such as ovens and fridges, the item is put on the lower cover, then the middle part is slid over it, to be shut by the top lid.

Folding Boxes

Folding packaging usually is designed of printed, paperboard prior to folding, and sent flat to a packager who folds them within their end shape as a container for an item.

Folding boxes mostly are used within the packaging sector, and you’ll see them everywhere in offices or on store shelves. Instances of high volume of folding boxes include:

  • Office Supply Boxes – for brochures and annual reports.
  • Greeting Card Boxes
  • Gift Boxes
  • Cosmetic Boxes
  • Juice Cartons
  • Dairy Cartons
  • Candy Boxes – chocolate cartons.

And there you have it, folding and slotted cartons. They’re different from their usage and size; therefore, make certain of you want as you order a customized box.

The Focus is back on Folding Packaging Boxes

Folding packaging boxes are mainly used to pack lightweight products and they come in a variety of styles, folding techniques and shapes. They are perfect for beating the competition by creating unique designs which will boost sales and improve brand identity. They can be used for packing products or can be used as display props with dividers and a flat bottom surface. As looks are everything when it comes to packaging boxes, the final product can be an attractive shiny surface or a sophisticated matte finish.

Easy to Use

The various folds make the handling easy while packing and when they come along with self-sealers there is nothing to match them in terms of effectiveness. These folding corrugated boxes can be used in offices and factories where a lot of products have to be shipped in a short period of time. You can create a custom designed box which will compliment your product, especially when it is engineered to suit the customer’s specifications.


The custom made folds make it very easy for the boxes to be assembled and you can get various uniquely shaped boxes with no effort at all. You can get boxes with hinged lids for secure closing, which is good for packing clothes or fabric by using folding packaging boxes. You can also get clear, crisp images right on your boxes, with custom digital printing. Nowadays you can get up to 7 color printing done on the boxes, give you a wide variety of combinations.



  • They are cost effective since the main material used is cardboard, even if it has to be die cut.
  • Reusable and recyclable, so you can do your bit for the environment.
  • There is literally no limit to the folding techniques and designs that can be created.
  • Window patching is also available to show off your products.
  • It also offers protection from handling and keeps the inside of the boxes dust free when closed and sealed completely.

Folding corrugated boxes are ideal for packing items like confectionery goods, dairy products, meats, fruits, vegetables and just about anything else you can think of. Even though these boxes are made from cardboard and mainly used for holding light weight products, they offer a lot of durability. They are also environmentally friendly, making them the best solution, hands down. Making your product stand out is the goal and when you choose folding boxes, you are setting yourself and your product up for success.