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Why Fiber Partitions Are Important In Packaging

Fiber partitions

Shipping fragile products such as china, delicate electronic items and glassware is difficult as these items are easily prone to damage. Fiber Partitions are popular box dividers that offer high level of product packaging protection. This type of packaging separates and protects fragile products by creating individual cells in which the products can be placed.

Specific features can be added to fiber partition packaging to meet customer needs.

  • Corner Cuts

This feature can help reduce insertion problems by decreasing the interference between the partition and the edge of the carton. It also provides clearance for bottom and top locking styles when the partition is opened. The different styles that are available with this feature include concave or convex, diagonal and rounded.

  • Locking

The feature restricts the movement of strips in the open position. This provides cell integrity both at the bottom and top of the partition. The locking feature is offered in many styles and depends on the height and number of strips.

  • Orientation Notches

The feature ensures that all partitions in an erector are folded in the same direction. The uniform opening facilitates automatic operations. The rectangular notches that are at one end of the length and width strip, line up when the partition is collapsed uniformly.

  • Cleve Grip

The adhesive coating is applied to the edges (vertical) of the partition. This creates friction between the carton and the partition minimizing the partition fallout during collapse.

A fiber partition is manufactured with higher precision that the standard corrugated partitions. This results in less paper dust. As the cell walls are thin it allows for reduction in box size. The partition uses 75% less space than the corrugated partitions during shipping and storage. It significantly reduces product damage that is usually caused due to lateral impact.

As the fiber is precision sized, it has tighter tolerance than the corrugated partitions. The number of partitions that can fit in a box can be increased easily and this can help cut down shipping cost.

The cardboard dividers in Surrey, B.C. are built to meet the specific requirement of the item to be shipped. This type of packaging ensures that each product is cradled separately ensuring each item is protected individually. This is ideal for keeping the products safe during movement and resist damage.

Fiber partition offers the highest level of protective packaging available in the market. As they are compatible with automatic packaging equipment they have become a popular choice across industries.

Going Beyond Standard Cardboard Box Partitions

box partitions

Cardboard box partitions are often thought of when you need to ship multiple items in one box or maybe you use them to store items, such as Christmas ornaments, in a plastic container. Whatever the case may be, the thin, cardboard partitions are the most commonly known, but they are not the only option when it comes to protecting your shipments. If you are in ecommerce and are starting to ship more and more, you need an efficient way to ship multiple items that will be eco-friendly, cost effective, and allow your items to arrive safely. Understanding your options will help you make the most of your shipping choices, while creating a profitable company.

Corrugated Cardboard Dividers

If you are shipping heavy, fragile items, corrugated dividers are the best choice. They can withstand the weight and pressure of the larger items, while keeping them safe. You can obtain these dividers in a variety of sizes and with different locking abilities, such as v-notches in order to ensure the safety of your products. This type of divider is also very easy to maneuver, allowing you to store it flat when not in use and pop it right back into place when you are ready to ship.

Custom Foam Inserts

If you ship odd shaped items that are also fragile, you may need custom foam inserts created to ensure the safety of your products. These fiber partitions make it easy to rest assured that your products are arriving in one piece no matter what type of shipping process they go through. The cost of the custom shape and size inserts are worth not only your peace of mind, but the satisfaction of your customer who will be more likely to recommend you or frequent your business again if your products show up in good condition.

Corrugated Pads

Sometimes your box needs a little padding or you need a divider between the layers of your materials. Rather than using paper or other fillers, corrugated pads can do the job just right. Pads can be made to fit any size box and are completely flexible, making it easy to fit them just how you need them in any box. Because of the versatility of corrugated pads, you can use them for just about any needs in your shipping, giving you the added protection that your products need.

Take the time to figure out which type of partitions would work best for your products. The type you choose should depend on the fragility of the product you are shipping as well as the presentation you desire for the end customer.


What Makes Fiber Dividers a Good Choice?

If you only ship a package once or twice a year, the type of packaging you use will not matter much. You can grab any box that will the stuff you want to ship will fit in, add something to protect the contents and take it to the local post office. It is easy and there are plenty of people that do it just this way.

The people that ship things more often do care about the packaging that is used. E-commerce sites are growing at a rapid rate. In order to make money off of these sites, it is necessary to ship the products that are sold, to a person’s home. If the products do not get there safely and undamaged, the customers will not be happy and the e-commerce site will lose money.

Getting packages to the customers safely is only half of the battle. It also needs to be shipped in a cost effective way. Many e-commerce sites attract business by offering free or discounted shipping. If they do not save money on the packaging, they will lose money making these offers.

One of the solutions that e-commerce companies are turning to is the use of fiber dividers. These fiber partitions allow the e-commerce companies to fit multiple items into the same package. The partitions can help protect the items.

Dividing up boxes to ship multiple items is not a new idea. The use of fiber partitions is. Fiber dividers offer a few advantages over the traditional paper or cardboard dividers that have been used in the past.

  • They can be contoured on the edges. This allows them to be placed into boxes easier and without damaging the dividers. This feature is referred to as corner cuts.
  • They have an adhesive coat on the vertical sides. This allows the dividers to remain in place better. Items in the package are less likely to move around when these fiber partitions are in place.
  • They require compression strength. This feature provides more protection for the items that are inside of the package.
  • They can be fitted easily to any size package, tall or short.

These dividers will be used more and more as the e-commerce companies continue to grow. Shipping companies expect this industry to grow and are trying to make sure they can get their piece of the action by offering lower costs. Anyone that is shipping the packages with these dividers will be able to take advantage of the changes and ship their packages safely while still cutting their costs for shipping.


Fiber Dividers Taking on a New Dimension

Fiber dividers are an essential part of packing, especially when you want to utilize space and protect the items during transit. With the advancements in technology, it is now easy to get the dividers in whatever dimensions that you need, in no time flat. You can vary the thickness of the partitions to suit its contents.

Why use Fiber Dividers

The main use of fiber dividers is that they make many cells within the box to hold the articles for shipment. Cardboard strips are cut into the correct length and height and then slotted so that they interlock each other. By doing so, they are able to do the following, which happens to be advantageous for the products such as –

  • They allow the products to lie next to each other without touching, minimizing scratches and damage.
  • They absorb excess moisture in the air and container.
  • They also cushion the products so that they do not break.

Custom made Partitions

You can get custom made fiber partitions to meet customer demands such as –

  • V-notches
  • Corner cuts
  • Orientation notches
  • Various other configurations

The notches will lock the partitions in place and will keep them from moving and as a result, disturbing the packed items. They also come with rounded corners, which will reduce friction between the wall of the box and the partition. V-notches can be either in the top or bottom depending upon packaging requirements. The edges also come with adhesive coating to prevent further movement of the partitions after they are placed inside the box.

Advantages of Using Fiber Partitions

One of the reasons that people prefer using fiber partitions are because they are almost completely dust free. They are also thinner than corrugated cardboard partitions and use less space. As they are thinner, they can be cut more precisely than corrugated ones. As the partitions are thinner, it further reduces the overall size of the box and thus makes the packaging more economical, saving around 75% of the traveling space.

When you want high quality packaging solutions that are also cost-effective, the fiber dividers are the obvious choice. Interior protective materials cannot be avoided, especially when you want fragile, breakable objects to arrive at the destination in one piece and in good condition. That is why it is so important that shippers invest in partitions and dividers, even if they increase the price of the packaging as they preserve the value of the packed goods.