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What is the Purpose of Box Dividers?

Shipping a single product in a box is relatively easy. All that is needed is a box that the product fits into. There should also be room for packing material to keep the product inside of the box safe and undamaged. Once that has been done, the box can be closed and is ready to ship. When shipping multiple products, that process will not work. Loosely packing more than one product in a box could cause them to bump into each other and the contents of the box are easily damaged.

The way to prevent this from happening is through the use of box dividers. These are not something new. They have been used for a long time. Anyone that has seen a box filled with wine bottles are familiar with what the dividers look like. What people may not know is there are many different ways that the dividers can be used.

While the most common purpose of dividers is to keep objects that are similar in size and shape securely packed into a box, it is not necessary for all of the products to be the same size. Fiber dividers can be made that allow the person packing the box to fit in objects that re not the same size and shape. The key is to be able to position the dividers in a way that allows this.

The objects in the box can also be stacked using the dividers. A divider placed on top of one set of products can provide the bottom for the next layer. All of this allows the contents of the boxes to be packed in a way that protects them from damage and that can keep them from moving around while in shipping and during the storage of the boxes. The use of fiber dividers gives the user a product that is stronger and gives even more protection than a lightweight piece of cardboard.

The cost of shipping products is not always cheap. When box dividers are used, the shipper is able to put more products into a single box. This will reduce the costs of shipping products and will also save money on the cost of packing material for the products. The dividers means there will be less damage to the contents of the box which also saves the shipper money. It should make sense to use these box dividers for the companies that depend on shipping their products so the consumer can get them.


What Makes Fiber Dividers a Good Choice?

If you only ship a package once or twice a year, the type of packaging you use will not matter much. You can grab any box that will the stuff you want to ship will fit in, add something to protect the contents and take it to the local post office. It is easy and there are plenty of people that do it just this way.

The people that ship things more often do care about the packaging that is used. E-commerce sites are growing at a rapid rate. In order to make money off of these sites, it is necessary to ship the products that are sold, to a person’s home. If the products do not get there safely and undamaged, the customers will not be happy and the e-commerce site will lose money.

Getting packages to the customers safely is only half of the battle. It also needs to be shipped in a cost effective way. Many e-commerce sites attract business by offering free or discounted shipping. If they do not save money on the packaging, they will lose money making these offers.

One of the solutions that e-commerce companies are turning to is the use of fiber dividers. These fiber partitions allow the e-commerce companies to fit multiple items into the same package. The partitions can help protect the items.

Dividing up boxes to ship multiple items is not a new idea. The use of fiber partitions is. Fiber dividers offer a few advantages over the traditional paper or cardboard dividers that have been used in the past.

  • They can be contoured on the edges. This allows them to be placed into boxes easier and without damaging the dividers. This feature is referred to as corner cuts.
  • They have an adhesive coat on the vertical sides. This allows the dividers to remain in place better. Items in the package are less likely to move around when these fiber partitions are in place.
  • They require compression strength. This feature provides more protection for the items that are inside of the package.
  • They can be fitted easily to any size package, tall or short.

These dividers will be used more and more as the e-commerce companies continue to grow. Shipping companies expect this industry to grow and are trying to make sure they can get their piece of the action by offering lower costs. Anyone that is shipping the packages with these dividers will be able to take advantage of the changes and ship their packages safely while still cutting their costs for shipping.


Special Features of Custom Fiber Dividers

When packaging a product to be shipped around the world, there are several important steps that must be made. There are several decisions that should be carefully made before the packaging and shipping process begins. Some of these decisions may include what type of boxes to use for shipping or the type of partitions or dividers used to ensure the safety of the products.

There are several types of boxes that are used to ship specific products. However, there are certain dividers that are used specifically for certain products. Some are even custom made to fit neatly around small or larger products when multiples are placed in a box to be shipped. Fiber dividers are used for short or tall packages that require compression strength to help contain the product and prevent damage.

With fiber dividers there are special features that go into the storage of products. Each partition or divider is set up specifically for product protection. Fiber dividers have a few other mentionable features as well. Corner cuts help to reduce problems that may come from inserting. Instead of having square edges, they are cut to prevent snagging. There is enough room at the top or bottom of the divider to provide a locking space while it is open. The locking feature restrict any movement of the strips within the divider.

Another great feature of a cardboard box divider is an adhesive coat that is applied to the vertical sides of the divider. This feature helps hold the divider in place. It also helps by allowing the package to be moved in any manner without losing, shifting, or damaging the divider. The orientation notch is found at the top right hand corners of fiber dividers. They are made specifically to ensure that the divider can be opened or closed properly. When closing, the two rectangular shaped cut outs should fold on top of one another flawlessly.

These are just some of the features that can be found when using a fiber or regular cardboard box divider. With each type of custom made divider there are certain specializations put in to help with specific products such as wine, perfume, or other glass bottles. Without the use of a divider during shipment the product may be at risk of severe damage. This damage can result in losing most or all of the shipment. Dividers are especially warranted when the packages include fragile products.


Fiber Dividers Taking on a New Dimension

Fiber dividers are an essential part of packing, especially when you want to utilize space and protect the items during transit. With the advancements in technology, it is now easy to get the dividers in whatever dimensions that you need, in no time flat. You can vary the thickness of the partitions to suit its contents.

Why use Fiber Dividers

The main use of fiber dividers is that they make many cells within the box to hold the articles for shipment. Cardboard strips are cut into the correct length and height and then slotted so that they interlock each other. By doing so, they are able to do the following, which happens to be advantageous for the products such as –

  • They allow the products to lie next to each other without touching, minimizing scratches and damage.
  • They absorb excess moisture in the air and container.
  • They also cushion the products so that they do not break.

Custom made Partitions

You can get custom made fiber partitions to meet customer demands such as –

  • V-notches
  • Corner cuts
  • Orientation notches
  • Various other configurations

The notches will lock the partitions in place and will keep them from moving and as a result, disturbing the packed items. They also come with rounded corners, which will reduce friction between the wall of the box and the partition. V-notches can be either in the top or bottom depending upon packaging requirements. The edges also come with adhesive coating to prevent further movement of the partitions after they are placed inside the box.

Advantages of Using Fiber Partitions

One of the reasons that people prefer using fiber partitions are because they are almost completely dust free. They are also thinner than corrugated cardboard partitions and use less space. As they are thinner, they can be cut more precisely than corrugated ones. As the partitions are thinner, it further reduces the overall size of the box and thus makes the packaging more economical, saving around 75% of the traveling space.

When you want high quality packaging solutions that are also cost-effective, the fiber dividers are the obvious choice. Interior protective materials cannot be avoided, especially when you want fragile, breakable objects to arrive at the destination in one piece and in good condition. That is why it is so important that shippers invest in partitions and dividers, even if they increase the price of the packaging as they preserve the value of the packed goods.