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Custom Packaging does More than Ship Your Product

custom packaging

When you use custom packaging, you are probably aware of the fact that you are advertising not only to the customer that is receiving the product, but to anyone that comes into contact with it along the way. It is important to remember that this packaging does so much more than show up on your customer’s doorstep. You should never think of it as strictly a box; it is a package with plenty of information that could make each customer a loyal customer and even bring you new customers!

Important Information is Displayed

Custom packaging means that you have the say in what gets displayed on your boxes. You are not restricted to strictly using your logo or company name; the sky is the limit! Why not include useful information for your customer? With information such as your customer service phone number, special number for re-ordering, or your website, you can make it easy for customers to contact you, which usually results in a happy customer. If even a few of your customers keep the boxes and packaging around, they will happily stumble upon it at some point, helping them to not only remember your company, but they will then have a way to contact you right at their fingertips, making it that much more likely that they will call.

Get More Customers

Boxes have a way of getting reused by multiple people. If your custom boxes are getting passed around from person to person, you can consider it like free advertising. Why waste that time with a plain box or a box with simply your company name? Give people a chance to get to know your company by providing phone numbers or your website. You never know who will stumble upon your box and become a customer just because of this advertising method.

Advertising that is Virtually Free

Consider your custom packaging advertising as free advertising. You have to ship your products, so why not do it with boxes that let the world know who you are and what you do? We’ve all heard of brand awareness and how effective it is at keeping customer’s loyal as well as getting new customers. Why not use it to your advantage with your boxes? By adding just a few words, you are letting people all over the world, potentially know about your business. You have no idea whose hands each box will end up in. One day it could be in the hands of someone that needs your products.


When to use Custom Retail Packaging

For some businesses, a box is a box is a box. They may think that there is no need to spend extra time or money packaging their product. As long as the box they choose for their products is able to keep it from being damaged, that is all that is needed. There may be times when this is the right approach, but there are other times when custom retail packaging makes sense for a business.

What does it offer?

Custom retail packaging allows a business to present its products in a much better way. It makes it possible for consumers to see the product in the best possible way. Plastic packaging that displays the product can make it easier for a consumer to decide what the product is like and how they can use it. Adding graphics to the packaging will provide the consumer with the information they need to make a decision. The packaging can make it easier to place the product on the shelves and it can make it stand out from its competitors.

When is it the right choice?

Custom packaging is not always the right choice. There are times when it is not necessary and that the return on the investment will not be recouped. A business needs to decide when to use the basic type of packaging and when they should do a more custom design of their packaging. There are several things that can be taken into account.

  • Who will see the product – The way that people see the packaging will play a large role in what type of packaging to use. When the product is put in areas where it is very visible, getting custom made packaging can be the smartest move. If the product is not going to be seen by many people, it may not be worth the expense.
  • How is the packaging used – A custom type of packaging can offer more protection than other types of packaging. Many times a plastic packaging that conforms to the product will not be able to be reused. The packaging will end up in the trash soon after it is opened. If a business wants their packaging to be reused, they may want to take this into account.
  • The cost – In the end, the final decision about whether to use custom packaging may come down to the cost. There can be additional costs associated with this type of packaging. A business has to decide if this cost is worth it and whether it will help the business generate more revenue in the future.


Types of Custom Packaging

When it comes to distributing top quality products, having the best packaging available is a key ingredient to it being successfully shipped. Many products have set measurements that allow them to be placed inside of a box, with a divider, and shipped across the world without any damage. However, there are many products that do not meet set measurements and therefore require custom packaging.

Custom packaging can range from poster board to hexagonal shaped boxes, each designed specifically for the product in which is to be packaged, shipped, and delivered. One of the most commonly used custom packaging is Die-cut boxes. These can come in several finishing options which may include matte, glossy, or aqueous coating. Die-cut boxes can also be ordered specifically for the custom size that is needed.

Another type of custom cardboard packaging is stationary packing boxes. These boxes are designed to hold stationary type objects such as pens, pencils, paper, notepads, and other objects you would frequently find on a desk. Custom packing boxes that are designed for stationary require specific measurements. These specific types of boxes are used by colleges, schools, government offices, training institutes, and retail shops. They can also be customizable for other business needs.

When you walk into any store that avidly displays products, you encounter a special type of custom packaging, the display box. These boxes can range from small to extra-large and everything in between. They are normally seen near cash registers in retail and convenient stores displaying new products or products that are on sale. Some jewelry stores may use display boxes to show off their current name brand selection.

Special packaging boxes are used for fragile things too. The cosmetics companies use custom packaging boxes to help keep their fragrances, nail polish, eye shimmers, mascaras, creams, and other products from sliding around during shipping. These boxes also offer complete protection to every inch of the product whether it is fragile or not.

There are several other types of custom packages that are specifically used for certain products. One of the reasons why most companies choose custom packaging or boxes is because they can have their name branded across the container, in the design of their choice. The boxes can even display their company logo. It allows for companies to also advertise their products during shipment and delivery. Custom packaging compliments the products in which they are made for. They can help enhance the showcasing of new and upcoming products.