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The Advantages of Custom Printed Die Cut Boxes

Many businesses are missing out on a great opportunity. They are shipping products to their customers in plain boxes. They are using a one size fits all solution for their products and they do not realize that there is a better choice. If they would take the time to learn how using custom printed die cut boxes can be used, they would think differently. These boxes offer many advantages that could not only cut the cost of shipping for a business, but also could help market the business.

The custom die cut box can be designed to fit the products that are inside of them, better. If a business is using a box that is not made for their product, they may be paying more for the cost of shipping the product. They may also have to pay more for the filler that they have to put in the box to protect the product. The custom boxes require less space, material and filler. They can offer better protection for anything that is put inside of them. All of this will save a business money over the course of time. The money that is saved can easily offset the extra cost that can come with using custom printed die cut boxes.

While saving money is important, it is not the biggest benefit that comes from using these boxes to ship products. The ability to add graphics to the box is one of the major advantages that these products offer. The graphics that can be added to these boxes can be used in a variety of ways. They can be used to show the logo for the business or they can show the name of the business in a bold way. This can help create brand awareness. The idea of branding as a goal of marketing is not new. It is known as one of the most powerful tools that businesses can use. It can start through the use of a custom die cut box.

When the boxes have the graphics on them and are more colorful they will stand out more. They will be seen not only by the person they are shipped to, but also by others during the shipping process. It is much more powerful than many people realize.

Because of what these boxes can offer, it makes sense for businesses to take advantage of them. The initial cost of setting up these boxes will be recouped in a very short time when they are used properly.


Invest in a Customized Box for Your Product

Sometimes a regular box will not do for the job at hand. Therefore, there are specific customizations that can be made to fit certain products to where they are displayed nicely for the consumer. A customized box may be needed around the office to hold ingoing and outgoing mail or to store paperwork and other important documents so that they are within arm’s reach.

One of the most commonly seen products shipped in customized boxes is computer software. Instead of opening like a regular box, this might have slides on both sides and a flap that folds down in the front. Even though software normally includes discs to be shipped without a scratch, some software can include manuals and may have an added customized space to include these materials. Boxes that are used with software can also include hidden pockets for this information.

Custom die cut boxes and inserts are manufactured to help promote the product, lower the risk of damages during shipping, and to fit the product precisely. With proper custom box printing, they can even advertise the company, help with displays, or prepare the product to be resold after arrival. A very important shipment can be destroyed when the proper type of packaging is not used prior to shipping. This can include the type of box used, partitions, and proper labeling.

Product presentation is everything when it comes to advertising and bringing in more consumers and revenue. In certain businesses, such as the wine and liquor industries, the types of boxes they are shipped in are also used to display the products. For these companies, inserts are also a must have. Customized inserts are used for bottles that are shaped differently than the normal bottles that are big bottomed and slender tops.

Special items such as lab equipment, computer electronics, and firearms may have their shipping boxes custom made due to the high risk of damage. These items are very expensive to replace and that is shared within the shipping community. Therefore, there are custom boxes and inserts that are made to hold this type of fragile equipment in place while it is being transported from one location to another. The inserts made for certain firearms are customized to that specific type of firearm. For larger, longer, firearms there may be a long box that is also slim. This can also apply for other items that are longer and require more protection during shipping.