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What is High Volume Product Packaging

High Volume Product Packaging

When people talk about high volume, their definition of what it is can vary. It depends on the type of high volume that is being talked about, and it depends on the people’s idea of what high volume is. It is like the definition of what a lot of money is. To someone that has a little, a hundred dollars may be high volume. To someone that is wealthy, it may take a million dollars to define high volume. That is why businesses need to learn what high volume product packaging means to them.

When it comes to product packaging, the most common form of packaging is corrugated folding packaging boxes. These are used by businesses big and small every day. Without these types of boxes, it would be difficult for businesses to operate.

What does high volume packaging mean for a business?

Most people assume that if they are able to utilize high volume packaging, they will be able to save money on the cost of their boxes. Buying in volume usually involves some type of discount. The problem that many businesses run into is the ability to use a large volume of boxes in a timely fashion. If they cannot use a lot of boxes, they will end up having money tied up in inventory and they will have to pay for the storage of the boxes until they are used. It is these problems that make some businesses think they are not going to be able to use high volume product packaging effectively.

Options for Businesses

While a business may not believe they can utilize high volume packaging, the opposite may be true. There are different things that a business can do that allows them to get a high volume of corrugated folding packaging boxes without running into the problems they may believe.

It is important to find out what the company that offers the cardboard boxes considers high volume to be. Many allow customers to get smaller amounts of boxes while still getting the discounts of high volume. It may also be possible for businesses to combine their buying power. If several businesses combine their orders, they can attain what is considered to be high volume.

Businesses need to realize that the term high volume is flexible. A business needs to ask the businesses they are buying their boxes from what they have to buy to get the high volume discount. It may not be as much as they think and a smart business will find a way to take advantage of it.

Keep it Simple with Cardboard Packaging

Cardboard Packaging

The use of cardboard packaging seems too simple to many people. They may think that there has to be a better way to ship products around the world. They will talk about the negatives of cardboard. It can get wet; it is not always strong enough, and it does not offer the most protection for what is inside. There may be some truth in these arguments, although it can be debated. While some people may think that there is a better idea when it comes to shipping materials, smart businesses are keeping it simple and are continuing to use cardboard boxes to ship their products. To understand why this it is better to look at all of the benefits that come from using cardboard packaging boxes.

  • The cost – when it comes to shipping materials, cardboard boxes are fairly cheap. The cost of a box can be a few pennies when bought in bulk and are the most affordable type of packaging material for many products.
  • The flexibility – Cardboard boxes can come in a variety of sizes and shapes. They can be made to fit the products that are inside of them, or they can include dividers that allow multiple products to be shipped in the same box.
  • The strength – Cardboard can be a thin sheet of paper, or it can include many layers of paper to make it stronger. Corrugated folding packaging boxes offer even more strength than traditional cardboard boxes. They can be used for heavier products or products that need more protection. They also provide protection against moisture.
  • Storage – One of the biggest benefits of cardboard boxes is the ease of storage. Corrugated folding packaging boxes can be made flat until they are needed. They require very little space for storage until they are ready to be used.
  • Protection – The protection the cardboard offers depends on the strength of the cardboard. It is also possible to increase the protection of the materials inside of the cardboard boxes by adding the right shipping materials.
  • Advertising – Adding print or other graphics onto the box makes them useful for advertising a business or the product. Smart businesses are using custom boxes as a way to help spread their business name.

Cardboard may seem like a simple material for packaging because it is. There are many times when a business is able to succeed by keeping it simple, and that is what they should do when it comes to choosing packaging materials.

Solve the Storage Problem with Corrugated Folding Packaging Boxes

When it comes to a business or a home, there is often one factor that limits what can be done. The amount of space that is available will limit what can be done. It is often very important to make sure that all space in a home or a business is used wisely. This can be especially true for the growing number of people that are operating e-commerce businesses out of their home.

The e-commerce businesses may depend on shipping their products to their customers to generate revenue. In order to ship the products that they sell, the business needs to have box packaging that they can use. There are many different types of boxes that can be chosen. They come in a variety of shapes and sizes. There are some standard sized boxes that can be used or there are custom sized boxes that can be found. No matter what kind of box is chosen, the e-commerce business will have to be able to store the boxes so they have them when they are needed.

Corrugated folding packaging boxes offer a solution for e-commerce businesses that do not have a lot of space. The reason for this is fairly simple. The boxes can be collapsed and folded flat when they are not being used. They will take up considerably less space because of this feature.

The amount of space that the corrugated folding package boxes take is only part of the advantages that they offer. Corrugated cardboard consists of three layers or more of kraft paper. The construction process of this type of cardboard creates a product that is strong. It is less likely to be torn, split or to burst than other types of cardboard. While it is stronger, it is still lightweight and can be cut into any shape or size that is needed.

The corrugated cardboard offers more protection than other boxes without making them much heavier. If the cardboard has been coated with a water resistant coating, the contents inside of the box will have an additional layer of protection.

E-commerce businesses need to make sure they are doing as much right as they can. There is a tremendous amount of competition in this field. Choosing the boxes that offer a great way to ship products while also saving space in the business or home is the smart choice and the sign of a business that will be successful.