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Benefits of Choosing Corrugated Dividers

Corrugated Dividers

If you are wondering how to best protect your products during shipping, corrugated dividers ensure that the item reaches the destination without any damage and in top condition. When you choose corrugated partitions in Kamloops B.C., you no longer have to worry about the safety of your product.


The corrugated packaging boxes are extremely durable with specially designed partitions that can accommodate a wide range of products including glassware, perishables and pharmaceuticals. The partitions or dividers provide a safe cushion for any product and keep them safe during shipping and handling. Depending on the type of protection needed for the items, you can make the choice of corrugated packaging boxes.

Easily Customized

The thickness of the corrugated cardboard can be easily adjusted, so that it can make a perfect fit for any product or item that needs to be shipped. Apart from this the cardboard can have different adhesives, coatings and treatments to make them fire resistant. They are available in different sizes and can be folded into different shapes to fit the requirement of any product or item from any industry. The printing options can also be customized.

Cost Effective and Sustainable

The corrugated packaging boxes are one of the least expensive cartons available. High labor costs and costly tools are not required to manufacture these boxes. They can be easily recycled and stored for later use. The partitions can be of different densities depending on the product that is shipped.

The high-quality partition corrugated packaging boxes are designed to keep the products safe and clean during the entire shipping process. As the materials used to make these boxes are lightweight they help in keeping the shipping costs low. This also makes it easy to handle any type of product.

Dirt Resistant

When shipping pharmaceutical products, it is important that the partitions and dividers are clean. Dirt and debris can easily damage such items. The partitions are perfect for shipping such items as they keep debris and dust particles away from sticking to the surface. The dividers provide a much cleaner look to the entire packaging.

The biggest benefit of using partitions and dividers is that they provide maximum protection to the products, without you having to worry about the items getting broken, damaged or dirty. The partitions enable you to ship more items per box, as they can be neatly arranged without risk of the items getting damaged during shipping.

If You Need Cardboard Dividers, We Can Help

Cardboard Dividers

Shipping product to a customer or client can be a tricky proposition: you want to protect your precious product—especially when it is a fragile item such as glassware, china, or delicate electronic equipment—and sometimes that means making sure that multiple pieces of product do not knock against one another during shipment.

Loose pieces of product can roll around in the shipping box, hitting each other and causing breaks, chips, scratches, or other damage. The solution is to keep the pieces separate from one another, and a great way to do that is to use cardboard dividers. Cardboard dividers fit neatly inside the box, keeping each piece of product separate and preventing the items from striking one another. At the same time, cardboard dividers give your product a professional presentation when the box is ultimately opened.

If you need stronger dividers, check out corrugated dividers. Corrugated cardboard dividers provide more strength and cushioning than other types of cardboard dividers. Although they do take up a little bit more space in the box—due to their increased thickness—you can be assured that any time you use corrugated dividers, your product will arrive at its final destination undamaged and preserved.

If you don’t need as much strength in your cardboard dividers, other options include fiber dividers and chipboard dividers. These cardboard dividers are more slender than corrugated dividers, but they are in turn more flexible.

Regardless of whether you are shipping delicate glassware, expensive china, sensitive electronic equipment, or something else, you can be assured that the best choice to protect your shipment is to use cardboard dividers. Available in a wide range of sizes, heights, and materials, cardboard dividers are the economic and sensible choice for your shipping needs.

The best way to see services offered and the variety of items in stock is to visit an online company to see what your options are. A properly set up site and legitimate company will know what you are looking for and how to properly present the information to you. Remember that you want to go with a company where the selection is rather large and reasonably priced. If you are having difficulty, do not be afraid to shop around. All reputable shipping companies will work tirelessly to uphold their reputation as one of the best places to find shipping materials, and exude nothing but superior customer care.

So, whether you need heavy-duty corrugated dividers or some other less rigid cardboard dividers, rest assured that the top leaders in the industry will have what you’re looking for. Take some time, peruse different websites, and if you are looking for something you do not see, continue looking until you do.

There are Several Types of Cardboard Box Dividers

Cardboard Box Dividers

Many people are familiar with the cardboard box dividers that are used to keep bottles of wine separated in the box. They understand that the purpose of the dividers is to keep the bottles that are inside of the box from hitting each other and breaking open. While many are familiar with seeing these boxes used for liquor that is not the only way that box divers can be used. The flimsy pieces of cardboard are also not the only type of divider that is being used. Businesses that ship products should make themselves aware of the different types of box dividers that can be used.

Corrugated Box Dividers – Corrugated cardboard is a type of cardboard that involves the use of a piece of folded paper that is glued to two other pieces of paper. The result is a cardboard product that is stronger and that can also be made to resist water. Corrugated dividers are made of this type of cardboard. These divers are stronger and offer more protection for the products that they separate in the box. They are better for stacking and are better for use in boxes that are taller.

Fiber Dividers – These dividers are becoming a popular choice because of some of the benefits that they offer. They require less paper to make than corrugated dividers do. They can also be made to fit better and more custom than other dividers. They offer good lateral protection for products that are stored inside of the box. They also take up less space both during shipping and for storage.

Chipboard Dividers – These also require less space than the traditional corrugated products while still offering the protection that is needed. Because they require less material to make, they are less expensive. They are also capable of holding each product in the box separately, to offer maximum protection.

There are many businesses that are selling their products online. That means that they need to ship their items to the customers that buy them. When cardboard box dividers are used, the business is able to ship more items in every box, yet they are still able to provide the customer with one of the main things that the customer wants. The product arrives undamaged. The more a business understands about the different types of dividers and what they offer, the easier it is for them to decide which ones will be best for them.

Save Money with Corrugated Box Dividers

For many e-retailers, the biggest obstacle they often face is the cost of shipping. Customers are always looking for free shipping or for a low cost shipping option. They will make their choices of where they shop, in part, based on the cost of shipping and handling of the things they want to buy. E-retailers need to do whatever they can to lower the cost of shipping.

One way to bring down the cost is to put more things into each package that is being shipped. It is possible that this will allow items to be shipped for a cheaper cost, but there are problems that must be overcome. In order to put more items into a box, the shipper has to find a way to keep the items protected and safe. They can accomplish this with the use of corrugated box dividers. This will allow them to fit more items into every box, while also making sure they are not going to be damaged.

There are several reasons to turn to corrugated dividers. They are relatively lightweight. That means they will not add much to the overall cost of shipping the packages. The dividers are also very strong. The way they are made allows them to provide more protection than flimsier dividers will be able to provide. The construction method involves the use of three pieces of cardboard that are fit together in a special way. The result corrugated box dividers that can help protect heavy, fragile items such as glass bottles.

The e-retailer needs to make sure they are able to deliver their merchandise to people in a way that is cost effective, while still making sure that everything gets to the customers unbroken. They will not worry about contacting the shipper if something arrives damaged. They will contact the e-retailer that they bought the items from and they will expect that e-retailer to fix the problem on their behalf. If the e-retailer uses corrugated dividers, they will have to deal with these types of complaints less frequently and will be able to enjoy the money they can make and save, because people trust them to do things the right way the first time.

The dividers can be custom made to fit specific products and to fit different size and shape boxes. They can be a very versatile product that will benefit the e-retailer that chooses to use them.


Why use Corrugated Dividers?

When you have to pack a lot of products into one box, it is vital to have dividers to guarantee safe packaging and delivery. Dividers are small inserts which help you to separate the various products that have to be packed in one box and it will keep the contents from getting damaged while in transit. Corrugated dividers are the most commonly used, as they offer an extra layer of protection to the contents. They do not cost much and make the cardboard box more durable. In fact, they are the most voted for type of dividers when it comes to packing tall or long products.

There are also cardboard dividers which will be more compact while packing, which is why they are often used for packing small boxes. They can be used to separate small things like nails, game pieces and accessories. They can be easily bent and modified to fit any kind of space and you can also make the dividers intersect each other. However, if you want to pack breakables or food items, it is best to go for corrugated ones even though they take up more space, they offer better protection than plain cardboard inserts.

Based on your requirements, you can get any type of divider you need and they can also be custom made in any color, size or shape. In fact, they add a professional touch to your products and customers will appreciate the efforts that you took to maintain safe delivery. Making them in unique shapes will also add to their charm and can be part of your brand identity.

You can also use cardboard dividers for personal since they quickly help you save space. You can use them to separate and store your belongings. You can even insert a divider into your office drawer, kitchen cabinet or dresser. With a little imagination, you can take the use of dividers to a whole new level. They not only help you keep things protected, but they also help you keep your office or home tidy.

For more types of corrugated dividers you can check out Instabox.com where you can get what you want at a very reasonable price. You can even select to have your dividers made out of all eco-friendly materials and so you can use as few or as many as you want as you want without worrying about damaging the environment.