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Why You Should Use Chipboard Dividers

Chipboard Dividers

Using a box is an effective way to package items and products for moving or shipping purposes. It helps secure items and keeps it safe from external forces. If there are different items that you need to store or ship, it is advisable to use a box partitions or chipboard dividers. If you are selling a product for your business, chipboards and partitions are so much better to use. This keeps things organized so they will not get messy, jumbled or tangled (in case of wires). Fragile items that might break are also safe with these boxes as they are specially designed to prevent items from banging with each other.

What Else Can You Do With It?

Before you throw away your chipboards and partition boxes, think again. There are still so many things that you can do with it.

  • Storing items. These boxes can also be used for organizing and storage purposes, at home or the office. To keep your stuff clean and your office table tidy, having box partitions will absolutely help. You can also use it to keep your pens, pencils, paperclips and other office supplies.

  • Keeping your items organized. For people who are always traveling and on the go, these dividers can also be used to keep suitcases orderly. This is a helpful lifehack to separate things from one another, so it’s a lot easier to find what you need.

  • Partition of food and medical-related materials. As compared to corrugated boxes, chipboard dividers are more appealing. Because of this, it is best to use for products such as food, fitness and health-related items. Boxes can also have colorful designs, unlike corrugated boxes.

  • Boxes for shipping items. If you are often shipping products, the partitions give space for more than just one product to fit in the box.

Partition boxes can also be recycled into pots, for flowers, spices, and ornamental plants. If you are concerned about our planet and generations to come, well, these chipboards are environment-friendly and are made from recycled materials.

If you are in Nanaimo BC, there are many companies that you can choose from that offer these boxes. Businesses that provide box partition in Nanaimo B.C. are easy to find. Make sure to do your research and choose wisely.

With a little bit of your imagination, there are so many things that you can do with these chipboard and partition boxes. Not only can you help by recycling but you can also keep your home organized and improve your business.

How Do Chipboard Partitions Protect Fragile Items

Chipboard Partitions

Stacking all your items, especially glassware and fragile materials in one container would be ineffective as they can bump into each other during transit. The most effective way of safely transporting your fragile materials in one container is with the use of chipboard dividers.

Using dividers to create a secure and cushioned package will not only protect your product but can also be a good way to keep them organized during shipment. Separating each delicate item using a divider in one package can be a good way to save space and keep items grouped in one package.

Most shipping companies use dividers to separate individual items but keep them in the same container. This makes it safe during transit so they arrive at their destination in one piece.

A Chipboard Partition is the Most Effective Strategy for Damage Protection

Using a partition for materials made of delicate materials such as glass, ceramics, and antiques will protect them from damages. Not only will they arrive intact, but it also ensures that their value is not affected. Carelessly putting the same materials in one box without any protection will significantly diminish their monetary value if they happen to incur scratches or damage during transit.

Never underestimate the value of chipboard partitions when shipping valuables of the same kind. Even big companies understand the value of their products which is why most use dividers to separate individual pieces in one box.

Pharmaceutical companies, beverage manufacturers, automotive fabricators, and cosmetic producers all use chipboard dividers to protect their products from incurring damages when shipped to their distributors. Using a box partition not only protects your product but is a good way to reduce overall packaging expense and unit cost saving your company from unnecessary shipping loss.

Box Dividers Can Also Be Used In Variety of Ways To Make Life Easy

Package partitions have many uses aside from providing protection and keeping your shipped items organized. They can be used in a variety of life hacks to improve your home and office space.

When used in the closet, they can be used as dividers for the often disorganized materials such as socks and underwear. Neckties and hankies can also be divided and coordinated in the individual compartments making them easily accessible.

They can also be used in a wide variety of settings including offices to organize pens, papers, and other materials. Using cardboard partitions in the storage can also be ideal as they can be used to arrange items such as fishing hooks and other small garage supplies.

Don’t Throw Out the Cardboard Dividers

It happens every day. A person gets a box that once held some type of product in it. Inside the box, they find a bunch of cardboard dividers. They may think that they have no use for these dividers. They simply pull them out of the box and toss them away. They figure that all they need is the box and anything extra should make its way to the recycling center.

Recycling the cardboard is a good idea. There is nothing wrong with doing something that is good for the environment and the recycled cardboard may have many uses. There is a time and a place for everything. At some point, the cardboard dividers will become torn, bent, or unusable. Until they get to that point, there are plenty of things that can be done with these dividers.

  • Turn them into drawer dividers – Because they are made out of cardboard, they can be cut down to smaller sizes. Take the divider and cut it to a height that is a little lower than one of the drawers in your home. Place the divider in your drawer. You now can separate your dress socks from your athletic socks, your shirts from your pants and all of the junk in the junk drawer. Thanks to the dividers, it will help you organize your drawers and make everything easier to find. For some cases, chipboard dividers will provide something that is stronger and more durable.
  • Keep your chargers organized – The number of electronic devices in the home is becoming difficult to manage. The hardest part of dealing with them is remembering what charge goes to what device. They are not always interchangeable. By adding a bottom to the dividers, you can create a holder for all of the chargers. They can be easily labeled so you know what charger is what.
  • Use them to hold a child’s crayons – Kids need to learn how to be organized. Stuffing crayons into a box can be difficult and does not always happen. Use the dividers to create a holder for all of the different colors of crayons. Make the dividers with the colors so kids will know where to put them back.

The use of chipboard dividers and other box dividers is only limited by a person’s imagination. It may take a little time to figure out what to do, but once you get the idea it will get easier. Because the dividers gold flat when not in use, they are easy to store. Make sure you always have some on hand when you need them.


Utilizing Various Cardboard Dividers

When you ship your products you want to ensure that they arrive safely at their destination. When orders arrive undamaged and ready for use, not only will you be happy, so will your customers. Many companies use bubble wrap or packing peanuts to wrap their products and prevent them from being damaged during shipping, but these options are not only environmentally unsound they are also not the only options around.

You may be surprised to learn that using cardboard dividers or chipboard dividers can often provide your product with the same protection you can get from using non-eco-friendly packaging materials. They are also more versatile and are particularly useful when your package contains multiple items or items that must be kept separated for their protection. A few examples will give you an idea of why you should try dividers the next time you have a product to ship.

Cardboard dividers can be used to protect fragile items to prevent shifting and breakage or can be used to create partitions so multiple items can be shipped in a neat and organized fashion. Thicker cardboard dividers are excellent to keep items such as bottles from touching each other and breaking. Thinner dividers can be used to separate items from one another, giving each item its own enclosed space. They can be cut in any number of sizes so that each shipment can have as many compartments as you need. You are no longer limited to one large box which may cause you to have to break your order up into multiple shipments if you have items that otherwise could not be shipped together.

If you prefer an eco-friendly solution you may want to try chipboard dividers. These are heavier than cardboard, are made of mixed waste papers, and are completely recyclable. They create less dust and are lightweight so they reduce shipping costs. Though they are lightweight, they are extremely durable and do not bend which makes them an excellent choice for fragile items.

Another option is fiberboard dividers. These are made from corrugated fiberboard and are heavy duty which makes them ideal for shipping heavier objects such as nails, screws and machine parts. They are also completely recyclable and are more fire-resistant than chipboard. Testing has shown that they can last 30 – 50 years so they can be reused if needed. They are simple to install and remove and require no tape or staples.


Fiberboard Dividers Help Protect Your Goodies

Anyone who has to ship and package inventory or merchandise knows that it is important to package your boxes correctly. Using the right kinds of packing materials will prevent damage to your goods, saving you money and reputation points with your clients. While it is obvious that packing peanuts, bubble wrap and other stuffers can help to protect your merchandise, other packing solutions like fiberboard dividers and chipboard dividers can prevent additional damage that stuffing cannot.

Here are a few interesting tidbits about fiberboard dividers and chipboard dividers that you might not know.

Fiberboard dividers are sturdy storage solutions that are made from corrugated fiberboard. They are heavy duty and versatile; perfect for storing loose parts of machines, nails and screws, and other small but heavy pieces. According to government testing, these dividers are slated to last between 30 and 50 years. They are more fire resistant than chipboard dividers, but are still completely recyclable. They can be assembled without tape or staples, allowing for a quick and simple installation or removal.

Chipboard dividers are a fantastic, inexpensive option for shipping fragile items. The nice thing about chipboard dividers is that they are much cleaner than some other divider options. They create less dust and are lightweight so they are less expensive to ship. They are made of non-bending paperboard that is composed of mixed waste papers. Chipboard dividers can come in a variety of ecologically friendly arrangements to meet most of your fragile shipping needs. Many businesses are starting to understand the need to be ecologically responsible- using greener shipping alternatives can be an affordable way to make that happen.

While there is an option of using plastic dividers for certain projects, it is almost always more economical to stick with paper based dividers. Plastic dividers can provide additional damage prevention- especially for returnable items- but the costs of implementation can be unreasonably high for their use. They are also not as green as the paper options.

For the biggest bang for your buck, chipboard dividers and fiberboard dividers give you the protection you need for your valuable materials. The reassurance of using a 100% recyclable and low cost material will help you sleep a little better, knowing that your product will get where it needs to be in one piece. Choosing the best alternative for your business can be simple, as long as you know exactly what it is you need it to do and protect.