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What Makes Chipboard Boxes Different

Chipboard Boxes

To some, a box is a box. It has six sides and is usually made out of cardboard. Most people do not spend a lot of time thinking about boxes, but the reality is that there are a lot of different types of boxes and there are plenty of different materials used to make the boxes. One of the types of boxes that some may not have heard are chipboard boxes. It may be worth taking some time to learn about these and how they are used.

What Are These Boxes

Cardboard boxes are made in many different ways and have many different purposes. One type of cardboard used to make boxes that people are familiar with is corrugated cardboard. That is a type of cardboard that is well known for its strength. It is made by placing pieces of folded paper in between two sheets of paper. This is all glued together and results in a very strong piece of cardboard. When making a chipboard box does not have the paper between two pieces of paper, but is rather a solid piece of cardboard. It can come in varying thicknesses, depending on how it is used.

How is Chipboard Used

Because it can come in so many different sizes, shapes and thicknesses, chipboard can be used in many different ways. It is commonly used to hold the products that are seen on store shelves. A classic example of a chipboard box is the cereal boxes. Because it is easier to cut than other types of cardboard it is often used for art projects. Like other cardboard boxes, it is easy to add custom graphics to the chipboard that makes it a great marketing tool.

One of the types of chipboard that is used for boxes is called white chipboard. A clay coating is applied to one side of the chipboard. This is a very effective type of cardboard when graphics are being applied.

Chipboard boxes provide manufacturers with another option when it comes to packaging. Many will find that it is the right choice not only for packaging their product, but also for shipping it. While it may not always provide the strength of other types of cardboard it does have other benefits such as the ability to provide better graphics. It is up to businesses to learn about this type of box and how they can best use it.

Why You Should Use Chipboard Boxes

Businesses that use boxes to store and ship their products may not think much about the type of product they use to accomplish this. They may think that all boxes are the same. They will accept that they can use any box to ship their products, but they will be making a mistake that could be costing them money and could cause their business to be less successful than it should be. The bottom line is that not all boxes are the same.

Boxes can come in different sizes and they can come in different levels of strength. There is no such thing as a simple cardboard box. Many businesses are learning about the advantages of using chipboard boxes for their products.

What Are They?

Chipboard boxes are made with recycled materials. The recycled paper is compressed together. It uses a pressure heating process in combination with a resin glue. The end result is a piece of chipboard that can be made in varying thickness and varying sizes. It is a strong material that is also environmentally friendly. Once the chipboard has been made, it can be cut into the boxes that are needed by business.

The boxes can be coated with a clay based mixture that is on one side of the chipboard and cause the chipboard to have a white appearance instead of a brown color. The coating can be used to offer more protection for the materials that end up in the chipboard containers.

Just like any cardboard boxes, the boxes made from chipboard can be custom made. They can be formed into different shapes to fit a wide range of objects. They can have flaps that make it easy to close or they can be turned into other less conventional types of boxes. All of this is done using a product that is less expensive than cardboard and is also better for the environment because of the use of recycled paper.

Where Are They Used?

Chipboard containers are used in many different places. Business can use them to hold many differ products including frozen dinners, toothpaste containers and the boxes that these products and others are shipped in. They can be used by an individual to store household items in the garage or attic. The versatility of this material allows people to use it in many ways. The ability to add graphics and to change the color of the boxes make them even more useful for businesses and individuals.


Recyclable Chipboard Boxes

Going green is important these days, not only to the environment, but also to your customers. When you package your product in a fiber box made of recycled materials you are telling your customer that you care enough about the environment to do what you can to help it. By caring about your environment, your customer will know you also care about your product.

We are a box manufacturer and when we manufacture our boxes we look not only to the quality of the box, but also the environmental footprint we leave when manufacturing it. Our fiber boxes help us lighten our footprint and pass that lightened footprint on to you. These boxes are made of 100% recycled fiber. This makes them 100% recyclable and also more lightweight which saves you on shipping costs and makes you a partner in protecting the environment.

If you ever wondered how much difference it really makes, chipboard boxes saves tens of thousands of trees, hundreds of thousands of liters of water, keep over a million kilograms of waste from landfills, and save millions of noxious transmissions from cars and trucks per year, simply due to the manufacturing of the product and its lightweight yet remarkably durable properties.

Chipboard boxes are suitable for a variety of uses and as expected are an excellent medium for printing. Use a chipboard box for your product and dictate the color of the box as well as the artwork used to display your company information and advertise your brand. Use them when you need setup boxes, folding boxes, suitcase boxes and mailing tubes.

Folding cartons made of chipboard are great for boxes that are intricate but can be refolded for storage. There is some assembly required (you have to fold them) but we assure you it does not require a rocket scientist to do it.

Another use of fiber boxes is for suitcase boxes. These boxes can be made to look just like a suitcase and can have custom in-place foam to protect the materials inside. They are great for carrying promotional materials and even giveaway gadgets. They are fully customizable and can be printed with artwork as you wish.

Corrugated fiber boxes are the ideal choice when you want a stand up display for your products. These boxes are easily decorated to your liking and have the durability you need. Use them as bin boxes to save shelf space or as shipping boxes to withstand rough handling. They are also excellent for software packaging because they will protect the product and are lightweight enough to lower shipping costs.

Chipboard boxes are ideal as setup boxes for luxury and personal items such as jewelry, chocolates, perfume and gifts. They look classy and best of all, there is no assembly required. We also supply fiber tubes for mailing those important documents safely and economically.