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How are Cardboard Shipping Boxes Made

Cardboard Shipping Boxes

They are all around us. Manufacturers use them to ship products to the stores. The stores use them to store and display the products they sell. Individuals use them to store the stuff they collected in the home or for some other use. Many of them end up in the trash or the recycling plant. People encounter them every day, but probably do not know much about how they are made. What is this thing that everyone is so familiar with? It is cardboard shipping boxes.

Despite the simple design of these boxes, the importance of them in today’s world cannot be discounted. It is worth taking the time to find out how they are made. The process is not very difficult, but it does require a few steps.

  • The cardboard has to be made – Most cardboard is made up of a combination of raw materials and recycled material. The wood that is used to make a shipping box out of cardboard is ground into a pulp, water is added and the wood is pressed into paper. The paper is then turned into cardboard. Corrugated cardboard consists of two layers of paper that is glued to a piece of paper that has been fluted. The end result is a stiff piece of paper known as cardboard.
  • The box is cut – Once the size and shape of the cardboard shipping boxes is determined, the sheets of cardboard are cut. A circular saw makes the cuts and scores that will allow a box to be folded into the desired shape. The cardboard remains flat until it is needed as a box.
  • Scraps are recycled – Whenever the cardboard is cut, there are scrap pieces that are recycled and used to make more cardboard boxes.
  • Boxes can be put together – Because it is easiest to store the boxes when they are flat, it is normal for the boxes to be put together right before they are needed to be filled. Once the boxes are filled, they can be sealed shut.

One additional process that can happen when making a shipping box is adding graphics. Because cardboard is made out of paper, it is perfect for adding additional printing. Adding graphics to boxes can be done at different points in the whole process.

Boxes are fairly easy to make, but that does not take away from the role they play in the world today. Without boxes it is hard to tell what people would do. They rely on them every day, so it is a good thing to know how they are made.

E-Commerce Business and Cardboard Shipping Boxes

Cardboard Shipping Boxes

Many people are deciding to try and set up an e-commerce website. They hope that they can make a lot of money offering products to people online. It sounds simple. You find something to sell that people want to buy, offer it online and watch the orders roll in.

It may seem simple, but often the e-commerce businesses begin to fail when it is time to deliver the products that have been ordered. Shipping the goods to the person is often the most difficult part of operating an e-commerce business. It involves a lot of different things, including having the right cardboard boxes to get the job done.

Things to consider about the boxes

There are many things that the e-commerce business has to think about when it comes to the boxes. These can include:

  • The size of the box – Cardboard shipping boxes can come in almost any size. If an e-commerce business is shipping only one product, it is relatively simple to choose a box that is the right size. When there are different products of different sizes, the process becomes a little more difficult. If the boxes are too big, they will require extra packaging material to keep everything safe. The boxes cannot be too small either. It is usually necessary to have several different size boxes on hand to get the job done right.
  • The shape of the box – Most boxes are a simple cube, but they can also come in custom shapes that can fit the products better.
  • Packaging material – The cardboard boxes offer some protection, but there will also be a need for more packing material to keep the contents of the box safe. The packaging material can include bubble wrap, Styrofoam, partitions and custom foam inserts.
  • Printing – The graphic designs on cardboard shipping boxes can serve as an excellent marketing tool along with other things. It can help make an e-commerce business look more professional and can enhance their reputation.
  • Storage – The biggest issue that a small e-commerce business may have with boxes is storing them until they are needed. This requires some space, but because most boxes can lie flat until they are needed, it may not be as big an issue as some may think. Of course, the boxes that are not being used do represent an investment by the business that will have to be recouped.

Marketing Tools to Include in Your Cardboard Shipping Boxes

Cardboard Shipping Boxes

The materials that you use to ship out your products can serve as a great way to advertise your business and your brand. When using your own customized cardboard shipping boxes to send out your products, there are a variety of great ways that you can market your business. Find out which marketing tools you should be including in your shipping and packaging materials.


When your customers open up their shipping box to check out their new product, they’ll be excited to find coupons and other deals to save them money on their next purchase at your business. Coupons are a great way to entice your buyers to come back in the future, but they can also be useful in encouraging customers to purchase accessories from you.


Sending a catalog is also a good idea when mailing out purchases in cardboard shipping boxes. While most purchases may be made online, many people enjoy looking through an actual catalog to check out exciting and new products. Depending on the size of your catalog, you may need to plan ahead to ensure that your box is large enough to support your catalog and all of the items that your customers have purchased.

Free Samples

Do you have an interesting new product that has just come out that you want your customers to try? Adding free samples to your shipping box is a great way to get your new merchandise noticed. Your customers will be thrilled with the freebie, and if they enjoy your product, you can expect to have additional orders placed from them in the future.

Review Requests

Research has shown that many customers rely heavily on customer reviews before they make a purchase, so it is important to encourage your customers to leave reviews. Requesting a customer review has multiple benefits for your company. First, it will draw your customer back to your website, and secondly, it will create helpful content that will assist future shoppers in making a purchasing decision.

If you are thinking about providing an incentive for a review, take time to fully consider this move. Some people will look at the practice of offering something in return for a review as “buying” good reviews. This can actually have a negative impact.

Your cardboard shipping boxes are a vital way to get your products to your customers safely while promoting your business, but what is on the inside also counts. Use your custom shipping box to include helpful marketing tools that will keep your customers coming back for years.


Why Use Cardboard Shipping Boxes

Whether a business is shipping large amounts of their products to other businesses or if they are shipping their products directly to the consumer, there is one thing that they will need, a vessel. They will have to have some type of container to send the products in. It is important that a business chooses the best way to ship their products. It needs to make sense economically, it needs to be able to hold the products that are being shipped and it needs to protect the products. It may also be necessary for the container to display the products. All of this can be accomplished with the help of cardboard shipping boxes.

Economic Reasons

The use of cardboard as the material to make shipping boxes is one of the most cost effective ways to do it. The boxes can be broken down so they require less space until they are used. The price of cardboard compared to other materials used for containers is much lower. Cardboard boxes are easy to make and can use recycled material. It is also relatively inexpensive to get cardboard boxes that are made to a custom sized. All of this makes this type of box the best choice for shipping products.

Holding and Protecting

Because cardboard shipping boxes can be made in any size, they can hold any type of product whether it is big or small. The boxes can be filled with one product or they can be made to hold several products. Dividers can make it easy to keep products separate in a box and they can allow products to be stacked on top of each other. Cardboard boxes can also be custom made to fit any shape that is required.

When it comes to protection, cardboard boxes are also a good choice. Corrugated cardboard and other types of cardboard can be treated to make them water resistant. They can be made strong enough to resist tearing. The use of dividers and other shipping materials can keep the contents in the box safe and secure while shipping.

Cardboard Boxes for Marketing

The cardboard display boxes are a great way to market a product. They can be used for point of sale marketing and can be very effective. The shipping boxes are able to do this because of the ability of cardboard to include graphic. This allows any message to be printed on the box. It is not only good for display boxes, it is also good for helping a company market its brand on the outside of the boxes that are being shipped.


Common Types of Cardboard Shipping Boxes

Choosing which type of boxes to use for specific product shipping can be difficult for some companies. However, if you have a set product list, then you will be able to choose the correct type of cardboard shipping boxes to fit your product needs.

Bulk cargo shipping boxes are able to withstand over two hundred pounds and can be used for shipments that may freely move throughout deliver. These boxes are made to ship a lot of small items or a few large items and normally require a pallet underneath them upon delivery. They are one of the most commonly chosen boxes for shipping.

Depending on the product that is being shipped, easy-fold mailers and side loaders are perfect for pictures, frames, and other flat items that are no thicker than a stack of paper. The easy-fold mailers and side loaders allow for easy insertion. Although side loaders have only one open side, easy-fold mailers can be folded over the product to better hold it in place. Both of these styles are used by art galleries, artists, and movers. For more than a few stacked papers or files, storage file boxes are used.

Some products may be lighter in weight than others. Products like these, such as empty sports containers, use light weight cardboard shipping boxes. These boxes cannot withstand much weight, but they can ship multiple products upon demand. If a box that can hold a lot of weight is needed to ship product, the bulk cargo boxes are more ideal. Moving boxes can be used in place of bulky cargo boxes, but they are not commonly used by companies unless they are in retail. Moving boxes are normally used during residential moving.

Many products that are found in a chemical lab or company will require a Haz Mat cardboard box upon shipping. Most of the Haz Mat boxes and other items will clearly state that it is hazardous material container and may cause damage if opened improperly or shaken. Labs and companies that deal with vaccines and other important vials, the insulated shipper might be ideal. This type of box has insulation on all four inside sides and on the very bottom. However, insulated shippers are not insulated on the top of the product when the box is fully closed. Some products must have a customized box when shipping. This can vary with the product’s weight, size, height, and overall contents.