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Keep it Simple with Cardboard Packaging

Cardboard Packaging

The use of cardboard packaging seems too simple to many people. They may think that there has to be a better way to ship products around the world. They will talk about the negatives of cardboard. It can get wet; it is not always strong enough, and it does not offer the most protection for what is inside. There may be some truth in these arguments, although it can be debated. While some people may think that there is a better idea when it comes to shipping materials, smart businesses are keeping it simple and are continuing to use cardboard boxes to ship their products. To understand why this it is better to look at all of the benefits that come from using cardboard packaging boxes.

  • The cost – when it comes to shipping materials, cardboard boxes are fairly cheap. The cost of a box can be a few pennies when bought in bulk and are the most affordable type of packaging material for many products.
  • The flexibility – Cardboard boxes can come in a variety of sizes and shapes. They can be made to fit the products that are inside of them, or they can include dividers that allow multiple products to be shipped in the same box.
  • The strength – Cardboard can be a thin sheet of paper, or it can include many layers of paper to make it stronger. Corrugated folding packaging boxes offer even more strength than traditional cardboard boxes. They can be used for heavier products or products that need more protection. They also provide protection against moisture.
  • Storage – One of the biggest benefits of cardboard boxes is the ease of storage. Corrugated folding packaging boxes can be made flat until they are needed. They require very little space for storage until they are ready to be used.
  • Protection – The protection the cardboard offers depends on the strength of the cardboard. It is also possible to increase the protection of the materials inside of the cardboard boxes by adding the right shipping materials.
  • Advertising – Adding print or other graphics onto the box makes them useful for advertising a business or the product. Smart businesses are using custom boxes as a way to help spread their business name.

Cardboard may seem like a simple material for packaging because it is. There are many times when a business is able to succeed by keeping it simple, and that is what they should do when it comes to choosing packaging materials.

The Endless Options of Cardboard Packaging

Cardboard Packaging

Cardboard offers the most economical solution to shipping your products in a safe and attractive way. When it comes to being a successful business, the small things are what set you apart from your competitors. You want a reputation that upholds principles of integrity and gratitude because those qualities are just as important as the product you provide. When customers feel you care about your product, they feel you care about them also.

Social Media Marketing Tool

Word of mouth is often the most reliable and affordable way to market your company. With so many social media outlets that allow consumers to post pictures of your product, your packaging boxes have the potential to reach far beyond the doorstep of your customer. No one will be taking a picture of a plain cardboard box, but people do take pictures of uniquely designed and colorful cardboard packaging along with hashtags to your brand. Custom printed packaging doubles as a social media marketing tool.

Customization Options for any Budget

Whether you want a suitcase style or stock box to ship your product, there are packaging boxes to fit your merchandise and budget. Some options even double as the display. You can ship your items in the very box it will sell from.

Printing Methods

If you are looking to just change the color of your packaging, add your logo, or go all out with a unique and stunning design, there is a printing method that can accomplish your packaging vision.

  • Flexographic method is used to apply a simple logo much in the same way a stamp is applied to paper.
  • Floodcoat method applies a single color. This method is commonly paired with Flexographic printing for a more visually appealing and intriguing impression.
  • Lithographic laminates print stunning graphic results, including photographs, which are glued to the box. It produces a high-end appeal that leaves no part of the box untouched.

The First Impression

It is always the most important. First impressions are often known as the last impressions because they have such a big impact. When shipping your product, the package it comes in is often the first impression. Your website may be the way to initially communicate with clients, but when they receive the tangible product they order, it is like the first handshake. You want it to be the best it can be and when you utilize the flexibility of custom designed cardboard packaging, that handshake is confident.


Types of Custom Packaging

When it comes to distributing top quality products, having the best packaging available is a key ingredient to it being successfully shipped. Many products have set measurements that allow them to be placed inside of a box, with a divider, and shipped across the world without any damage. However, there are many products that do not meet set measurements and therefore require custom packaging.

Custom packaging can range from poster board to hexagonal shaped boxes, each designed specifically for the product in which is to be packaged, shipped, and delivered. One of the most commonly used custom packaging is Die-cut boxes. These can come in several finishing options which may include matte, glossy, or aqueous coating. Die-cut boxes can also be ordered specifically for the custom size that is needed.

Another type of custom cardboard packaging is stationary packing boxes. These boxes are designed to hold stationary type objects such as pens, pencils, paper, notepads, and other objects you would frequently find on a desk. Custom packing boxes that are designed for stationary require specific measurements. These specific types of boxes are used by colleges, schools, government offices, training institutes, and retail shops. They can also be customizable for other business needs.

When you walk into any store that avidly displays products, you encounter a special type of custom packaging, the display box. These boxes can range from small to extra-large and everything in between. They are normally seen near cash registers in retail and convenient stores displaying new products or products that are on sale. Some jewelry stores may use display boxes to show off their current name brand selection.

Special packaging boxes are used for fragile things too. The cosmetics companies use custom packaging boxes to help keep their fragrances, nail polish, eye shimmers, mascaras, creams, and other products from sliding around during shipping. These boxes also offer complete protection to every inch of the product whether it is fragile or not.

There are several other types of custom packages that are specifically used for certain products. One of the reasons why most companies choose custom packaging or boxes is because they can have their name branded across the container, in the design of their choice. The boxes can even display their company logo. It allows for companies to also advertise their products during shipment and delivery. Custom packaging compliments the products in which they are made for. They can help enhance the showcasing of new and upcoming products.