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Cardboard Dividers as a Shipping Solution

Cardboard Dividers

Big things come in small packages. In the world of logistics, small packages are expensive and unhandy. They get lost easily, harder to track, and easier to steal. This is why keeping track of smaller items during transport is much harder than larger boxes. It just makes sense that the smaller the box the more expensive it is to ship.

One of the solutions is to manufacture small boxes for each item and then pack them in a larger box. This would increase the weight of the package and reduce the amount of space in the larger container for each item. It is also difficult to calculate the exact dimensions of the box to match the optimal size for shipping containers. This solution, unless done exactly right, does not entirely solve the cost-related problems with regards to shipping small items.

The Benefits of Using Corrugated Cardboard Dividers When Shipping Small Items

Corrugated cardboard dividers are a solution that is both cost-effective and eco-friendly.

  • Low cost. Integrating intersection sheets of cardboard dividers to create separate compartments will help smaller products remain in place and be transported easily. The box and the divider can be custom-fitted to create a specific number of cells and box size.

  • Protects fragile items. This is especially useful for transporting fragile objects. Dividers will act as a cushion and push each other to prevent them from cradling and breaking. Lightweight biodegradable and recyclable materials keep shipping cost low and have almost zero carbon footprint.

  • Environment-friendly. Corrugated cardboard dividers are also reusable and recyclable. It can be repurposed and recycled into other materials. It also has a collapsible feature that allows easy storage for future use.

  • Can be personalized. Corrugated boxes and partitions can also be printed with high-quality graphics and texts. You can use your boxes and dividers as great marketing materials to improve brand recognition of your logo and company by printing them into these boxes.

  • Availability. Cardboard partitions are the perfect packing solution for small items, especially for long-distance shipping. There are plenty of providers worldwide that you can find that can manufacture these cheaply. It is also collapsible so it can be shipped to your factory at minimal cost. There are also local companies that provide corrugated partitions in Toronto, Ontario using recycled Canadian materials for their boxes and dividers.

The variety of benefits in using partitions and dividers as a shipping solution for small items is enough why it is the favorite cost-effective solution for most companies. Choosing an eco-friendly option will show your customers that you care about the environment.

Protect Delicate Items by Using Chipboard Partitions

Chipboard Partitions

A lot of different things can happen to your shipment en route. Damaged items happen because they bump into each other during transit. Protecting your delicate items during shipment will ultimately relieve you from the distress of losing a dear possession.

Using cardboard dividers especially for fragile items has always been useful to secure your investments. It is the perfect solution to protect breakable items from shattering into pieces. Not only that, it is also a great way to organize your items so that the move will be well coordinated and systematic.

How Do Cardboard Dividers Provide Maximum Protection for Your Items

Chipboard partitions used for packing materials are extremely adaptable and flexible. They provide the needed strength to ensure that every item has their own space inside the box.

These inserts separate every item from each other so that they have ample space for movement or if not, a space divided between each item so they do not come into contact. They also act as an added stiffener which is suitable for damage protection.

Chipboard partitions used to organize your package can be used for various creative ways such as arranging small items such as arts and crafts and various random accessories. It can be recycled to serve other purposes aside from being a packaging supply.

Although using partitions is not a new invention, those made from chipboard offers better advantage than partitions made from other materials. This paper-based material made from the paper pulp is generally thicker and is hard enough to serve its purpose.

Chipboard Dividers are Cost-effective and Recyclable

Shipping items using individual cartons are definitely more expensive than having a partition that encapsulates individual items. This is the better solution when it comes to packaging similar items because they are grouped together in one container and makes it easy when unboxing.

Chipboard box dividers come in many different sizes depending on your needs. They can also be customized to your specific demands to fit whatever needs to be protected. Designed to hold several items of a kind, this packaging supply is ideally used when bubble wrap and foam inserts do not suffice.

Aside from that, chipboard dividers are eco-friendly. They can be reused in a number of ways that preserve the environment. It is a good alternative to organize your closet drawers or any toolkit materials that are sometimes disorderly.

Chipboard dividers are not only strong materials to protect your belongings, but are also versatile enough to be recycled.

Boxes with Cardboard Dividers for Fine Wines

Cardboard Dividers

A Swedish chemist offered the world a friendly gift. Doctor Carl Dahl invented the chemical procedure by which we receive kraft paper from wooden pulp, in the mid 1880’s, and by the twentieth century, paperboard was being widely produced all throughout the world.

Basically, corrugated is layers of the kraft paperboard – one layer of crimped kraft that is glued to flat kraft surfaces. The corrugated cardboard then can be folded then bound into packing boxes with cardboard dividers, and is able to sustain custom, multicolor print jobs.

Lots of self-described purists of wine will say to anyone that wine inside a box automatically is inferior; but, for rationally-thinking individuals who still enjoy good wine, the truth remains that occasionally boxed wine with box accessories are fine. The ones producing the wine especially ought to appreciate boxed wine, because amongst the best benefits is the box itself.

Wine Box

One upside to utilizing boxes over bottles includes shipping costs. Glass bottles usually are heavy, and will require extra materials (like bottle boxes) to transport. These additional materials take up more room and add even more weight. On the other hand, cardboard boxes are able to lie flat to ship, and individually, are a lot lighter than glass; therefore, one truck is able to haul more boxes – meaning boxes aren’t just more eco-friendly to use, they’re more cost-effective.

One additional benefit to boxes includes their sturdiness. Glass can be fragile – if one bottle tips over while shelving or shipping, if it does not break in the fall, there’s a good chance that the round bottle could roll then break against the wall or worse, one other bottle. Boxes will stack tall and straight, and are not likely to break even if the bottle falls over.

Better yet, boxes provide more branding real estate because of their shape. Glass bottles receive one or two labels, and they do not cover the whole container; therefore, if you are not looking right at the label on its front, you may not have the ability to tell who created that wine. However, boxes have 6 flat sides: simple to print, simple to see any angle, simple to stack taller than additional items, simple to make your brand known.

Indeed, boxes are beneficial not just for winemakers, yet also those who like to consume wine instead of just collect wine. If we are able to drop the pretentions, we might stop dropping bottles and begin to live eco-friendly, well-branded, cost-efficient lives consuming wine from boxes.

If You Need Cardboard Dividers, We Can Help

Cardboard Dividers

Shipping product to a customer or client can be a tricky proposition: you want to protect your precious product—especially when it is a fragile item such as glassware, china, or delicate electronic equipment—and sometimes that means making sure that multiple pieces of product do not knock against one another during shipment.

Loose pieces of product can roll around in the shipping box, hitting each other and causing breaks, chips, scratches, or other damage. The solution is to keep the pieces separate from one another, and a great way to do that is to use cardboard dividers. Cardboard dividers fit neatly inside the box, keeping each piece of product separate and preventing the items from striking one another. At the same time, cardboard dividers give your product a professional presentation when the box is ultimately opened.

If you need stronger dividers, check out corrugated dividers. Corrugated cardboard dividers provide more strength and cushioning than other types of cardboard dividers. Although they do take up a little bit more space in the box—due to their increased thickness—you can be assured that any time you use corrugated dividers, your product will arrive at its final destination undamaged and preserved.

If you don’t need as much strength in your cardboard dividers, other options include fiber dividers and chipboard dividers. These cardboard dividers are more slender than corrugated dividers, but they are in turn more flexible.

Regardless of whether you are shipping delicate glassware, expensive china, sensitive electronic equipment, or something else, you can be assured that the best choice to protect your shipment is to use cardboard dividers. Available in a wide range of sizes, heights, and materials, cardboard dividers are the economic and sensible choice for your shipping needs.

The best way to see services offered and the variety of items in stock is to visit an online company to see what your options are. A properly set up site and legitimate company will know what you are looking for and how to properly present the information to you. Remember that you want to go with a company where the selection is rather large and reasonably priced. If you are having difficulty, do not be afraid to shop around. All reputable shipping companies will work tirelessly to uphold their reputation as one of the best places to find shipping materials, and exude nothing but superior customer care.

So, whether you need heavy-duty corrugated dividers or some other less rigid cardboard dividers, rest assured that the top leaders in the industry will have what you’re looking for. Take some time, peruse different websites, and if you are looking for something you do not see, continue looking until you do.

Don’t Throw Out the Cardboard Dividers

It happens every day. A person gets a box that once held some type of product in it. Inside the box, they find a bunch of cardboard dividers. They may think that they have no use for these dividers. They simply pull them out of the box and toss them away. They figure that all they need is the box and anything extra should make its way to the recycling center.

Recycling the cardboard is a good idea. There is nothing wrong with doing something that is good for the environment and the recycled cardboard may have many uses. There is a time and a place for everything. At some point, the cardboard dividers will become torn, bent, or unusable. Until they get to that point, there are plenty of things that can be done with these dividers.

  • Turn them into drawer dividers – Because they are made out of cardboard, they can be cut down to smaller sizes. Take the divider and cut it to a height that is a little lower than one of the drawers in your home. Place the divider in your drawer. You now can separate your dress socks from your athletic socks, your shirts from your pants and all of the junk in the junk drawer. Thanks to the dividers, it will help you organize your drawers and make everything easier to find. For some cases, chipboard dividers will provide something that is stronger and more durable.
  • Keep your chargers organized – The number of electronic devices in the home is becoming difficult to manage. The hardest part of dealing with them is remembering what charge goes to what device. They are not always interchangeable. By adding a bottom to the dividers, you can create a holder for all of the chargers. They can be easily labeled so you know what charger is what.
  • Use them to hold a child’s crayons – Kids need to learn how to be organized. Stuffing crayons into a box can be difficult and does not always happen. Use the dividers to create a holder for all of the different colors of crayons. Make the dividers with the colors so kids will know where to put them back.

The use of chipboard dividers and other box dividers is only limited by a person’s imagination. It may take a little time to figure out what to do, but once you get the idea it will get easier. Because the dividers gold flat when not in use, they are easy to store. Make sure you always have some on hand when you need them.


Utilizing Various Cardboard Dividers

When you ship your products you want to ensure that they arrive safely at their destination. When orders arrive undamaged and ready for use, not only will you be happy, so will your customers. Many companies use bubble wrap or packing peanuts to wrap their products and prevent them from being damaged during shipping, but these options are not only environmentally unsound they are also not the only options around.

You may be surprised to learn that using cardboard dividers or chipboard dividers can often provide your product with the same protection you can get from using non-eco-friendly packaging materials. They are also more versatile and are particularly useful when your package contains multiple items or items that must be kept separated for their protection. A few examples will give you an idea of why you should try dividers the next time you have a product to ship.

Cardboard dividers can be used to protect fragile items to prevent shifting and breakage or can be used to create partitions so multiple items can be shipped in a neat and organized fashion. Thicker cardboard dividers are excellent to keep items such as bottles from touching each other and breaking. Thinner dividers can be used to separate items from one another, giving each item its own enclosed space. They can be cut in any number of sizes so that each shipment can have as many compartments as you need. You are no longer limited to one large box which may cause you to have to break your order up into multiple shipments if you have items that otherwise could not be shipped together.

If you prefer an eco-friendly solution you may want to try chipboard dividers. These are heavier than cardboard, are made of mixed waste papers, and are completely recyclable. They create less dust and are lightweight so they reduce shipping costs. Though they are lightweight, they are extremely durable and do not bend which makes them an excellent choice for fragile items.

Another option is fiberboard dividers. These are made from corrugated fiberboard and are heavy duty which makes them ideal for shipping heavier objects such as nails, screws and machine parts. They are also completely recyclable and are more fire-resistant than chipboard. Testing has shown that they can last 30 – 50 years so they can be reused if needed. They are simple to install and remove and require no tape or staples.


Why use Corrugated Dividers?

When you have to pack a lot of products into one box, it is vital to have dividers to guarantee safe packaging and delivery. Dividers are small inserts which help you to separate the various products that have to be packed in one box and it will keep the contents from getting damaged while in transit. Corrugated dividers are the most commonly used, as they offer an extra layer of protection to the contents. They do not cost much and make the cardboard box more durable. In fact, they are the most voted for type of dividers when it comes to packing tall or long products.

There are also cardboard dividers which will be more compact while packing, which is why they are often used for packing small boxes. They can be used to separate small things like nails, game pieces and accessories. They can be easily bent and modified to fit any kind of space and you can also make the dividers intersect each other. However, if you want to pack breakables or food items, it is best to go for corrugated ones even though they take up more space, they offer better protection than plain cardboard inserts.

Based on your requirements, you can get any type of divider you need and they can also be custom made in any color, size or shape. In fact, they add a professional touch to your products and customers will appreciate the efforts that you took to maintain safe delivery. Making them in unique shapes will also add to their charm and can be part of your brand identity.

You can also use cardboard dividers for personal since they quickly help you save space. You can use them to separate and store your belongings. You can even insert a divider into your office drawer, kitchen cabinet or dresser. With a little imagination, you can take the use of dividers to a whole new level. They not only help you keep things protected, but they also help you keep your office or home tidy.

For more types of corrugated dividers you can check out Instabox.com where you can get what you want at a very reasonable price. You can even select to have your dividers made out of all eco-friendly materials and so you can use as few or as many as you want as you want without worrying about damaging the environment.


Cardboard Dividers and Their Use in Packaging

You might not think that using corrugated partitions or cardboard dividers in your packaging would make a difference, but you might be surprised. There are many uses for cardboard dividers.

Corrugated partitions can create separate compartments within a larger box that are ideal for maintaining the position of a product and for cradling fragile items that may break if dropped. You can have your cardboard dividers cut to fit any large box and you can have as many or as few compartments as you need!

Some common uses for cardboard dividers include packaging wine bottles, small parts of machines, jewelry, and other merchandise that should not touch the other objects in the box. You can have your corrugated partitions designed in such a way that they will not only protect your products, but sometimes they can also be colored to match the specifications of your branding.

Partitions are a better choice than bubble wrap or packing peanuts in some cases. When you are packing items that must never touch or bump each other (like wine glasses or medical supplies) the partitions provided a barrier between the objects. With packing peanuts, your objects might hit together during transit causing costly damages that may require reshipping.

Many industries use cardboard dividers in creative ways to protect goods. Here are some surprising ways that industry uses cardboard dividers.

  • Automotive- to protect fragile parts from getting lodged into larger parts
  • Cosmetic- to separate bottles and jars
  • Agriculture- to protect fruit and vegetables from unnecessary bruising
  • Food and beverage- to prevent bottles from breaking
  • Electrical- to separate mechanical pieces that could break from friction

Choosing the right partitions to suit your product can mean the difference between a good product and a great product. Be sure that your items fit snugly without slipping or crushing. In addition, some bubble wrap or some paper wrapping could further protect your items that are especially delicate. Do not be afraid to experiment with a few different types of cardboard dividers to choose the one that works the best for you.

Before choosing corrugated partitions to protect your merchandise make sure you identify what type of partition you are going to need. Does it need to be thicker to protect fragile materials and keep them from shifting and breaking or can it be lighter and thinner, simply to keep the contents from sliding around and becoming a jumbled mess? Once you know exactly what you need your partitions to do, you can quickly narrow down your search to find the ideal corrugated partitions you need to help make your shipping processes easier, safer and more cost effective.


Cardboard Dividers – Protection for Your Products

When it comes to shipping your products to your customers, it is important to take precautions to ensure that they arrive without damage. One way to do this is to use cardboard dividers. By investing in these packaging solutions, you can ship multiple items safely in the same package instead of mailing out several small and individually packaged products. By using cardboard box dividers wisely, you can protect your investment and can work to minimize your shipping costs.

Corrugated Box Partitions

Corrugated box partitions are the perfect solution for shipping breakable items, such as glass bottles, china, coffee mugs, trinkets, and other valuables. Without dividers, if you were to package these items loosely within a large box, they would likely come in contact with one another. This could result in damage to your entire shipment, but securing the items with partitions can keep the items separated and will reduce the likelihood of damage. It is also important to note that corrugated partitions can reduce the cost of the overall unit since they are easy to reuse.

Chipboard Partitions

Chipboard partitions are another great way to protect your items during transport, as these panels consist of small particles that are arranged by size and layer. They can be customized to fit your particular products, so the use of chipboard partitions can be a cost-savings alternative to choosing a corrugated option. They increase stability and allow for higher stocking per unit, and they still work to protect your products from being damaged while shipping.

Fiber Partitions

In some cases, a lighter version to a cardboard divider may be a better option. These packaging solutions will fill the same role as a cardboard divider and can help to protect your items, but the lighter weight will help to decrease your shipping costs. Fiber partitions are usually more compatible with automatic packaging equipment, so this can also result in cost and time savings. Also, since fiber partitions are thinner, you may be able to purchase a smaller box to send off your shipment.

Cardboard dividers make it possible to ship an entire case of products rather than sending out small boxes separately. By investing in cardboard dividers, you will save on your shipping materials, transportation costs, and overall cost of the unit. If you are in need of assistance in choosing the cardboard dividers that will best protect your product, contact us at Instabox today for assistance.