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What Makes Chipboard Boxes Different

Chipboard Boxes

To some, a box is a box. It has six sides and is usually made out of cardboard. Most people do not spend a lot of time thinking about boxes, but the reality is that there are a lot of different types of boxes and there are plenty of different materials used to make the boxes. One of the types of boxes that some may not have heard are chipboard boxes. It may be worth taking some time to learn about these and how they are used.

What Are These Boxes

Cardboard boxes are made in many different ways and have many different purposes. One type of cardboard used to make boxes that people are familiar with is corrugated cardboard. That is a type of cardboard that is well known for its strength. It is made by placing pieces of folded paper in between two sheets of paper. This is all glued together and results in a very strong piece of cardboard. When making a chipboard box does not have the paper between two pieces of paper, but is rather a solid piece of cardboard. It can come in varying thicknesses, depending on how it is used.

How is Chipboard Used

Because it can come in so many different sizes, shapes and thicknesses, chipboard can be used in many different ways. It is commonly used to hold the products that are seen on store shelves. A classic example of a chipboard box is the cereal boxes. Because it is easier to cut than other types of cardboard it is often used for art projects. Like other cardboard boxes, it is easy to add custom graphics to the chipboard that makes it a great marketing tool.

One of the types of chipboard that is used for boxes is called white chipboard. A clay coating is applied to one side of the chipboard. This is a very effective type of cardboard when graphics are being applied.

Chipboard boxes provide manufacturers with another option when it comes to packaging. Many will find that it is the right choice not only for packaging their product, but also for shipping it. While it may not always provide the strength of other types of cardboard it does have other benefits such as the ability to provide better graphics. It is up to businesses to learn about this type of box and how they can best use it.

E-Commerce Business and Cardboard Shipping Boxes

Cardboard Shipping Boxes

Many people are deciding to try and set up an e-commerce website. They hope that they can make a lot of money offering products to people online. It sounds simple. You find something to sell that people want to buy, offer it online and watch the orders roll in.

It may seem simple, but often the e-commerce businesses begin to fail when it is time to deliver the products that have been ordered. Shipping the goods to the person is often the most difficult part of operating an e-commerce business. It involves a lot of different things, including having the right cardboard boxes to get the job done.

Things to consider about the boxes

There are many things that the e-commerce business has to think about when it comes to the boxes. These can include:

  • The size of the box – Cardboard shipping boxes can come in almost any size. If an e-commerce business is shipping only one product, it is relatively simple to choose a box that is the right size. When there are different products of different sizes, the process becomes a little more difficult. If the boxes are too big, they will require extra packaging material to keep everything safe. The boxes cannot be too small either. It is usually necessary to have several different size boxes on hand to get the job done right.
  • The shape of the box – Most boxes are a simple cube, but they can also come in custom shapes that can fit the products better.
  • Packaging material – The cardboard boxes offer some protection, but there will also be a need for more packing material to keep the contents of the box safe. The packaging material can include bubble wrap, Styrofoam, partitions and custom foam inserts.
  • Printing – The graphic designs on cardboard shipping boxes can serve as an excellent marketing tool along with other things. It can help make an e-commerce business look more professional and can enhance their reputation.
  • Storage – The biggest issue that a small e-commerce business may have with boxes is storing them until they are needed. This requires some space, but because most boxes can lie flat until they are needed, it may not be as big an issue as some may think. Of course, the boxes that are not being used do represent an investment by the business that will have to be recouped.