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What to Look for in Boxes for Shipping

E-commerce businesses are becoming very popular. The consumers like the convenience and lower prices that these websites can provide for them. The businesses like the ability to market to anywhere in the world. There are plenty of reasons that more businesses are entering e-commerce.

One of the most important things to consider for an e-commerce business is the need to get the products to the consumers. The e-commerce sites have to have a way to ship the products to their customers. The customers expect the products to get to them in a reasonable amount of time. They also expect the products to arrive undamaged. For the e-commerce business, that means they need to find the right boxes for shipping.

An individual shipping something to their family member may not be concerned about the box they put it in. They will find a box lying around that is big enough to send what they want. They will not worry about much more than that.

An e-commerce site needs to consider many other things when it comes to shipping boxes. They need to find a box that fits the items that are being shipped. A box that is too small could cause the product to become damaged during shipping. There may not be enough space for the padding and protection that is needed in the boxes for shipping.

A box cannot be too small, but it cannot be too large either. A box that is too large will require more packing material inside of it. That could end up costing more than it should to ship the product and it may not offer the level of protection that is needed to keep items from shifting around.

Shipping boxes also often need to be divided. This allows the shipper to fit multiple items safely and securely inside the box. The e-commerce site will also want boxes that clearly identify where the item is being shopped too. They should have the space needed for the packing label so that there is no delay in receiving the product.

A box for shipping is also a marketing opportunity for the business. The name, brand and logo of the business can be displayed on the box. That will be seen by many people, especially if the consumer reuses the box.

There is a lot to consider when choosing shipping boxes. The size, shape and material used for the box are all important. In the growing world of e-commerce, it is something that should be carefully planned to insure success.


Common Types of Cardboard Shipping Boxes

Choosing which type of boxes to use for specific product shipping can be difficult for some companies. However, if you have a set product list, then you will be able to choose the correct type of cardboard shipping boxes to fit your product needs.

Bulk cargo shipping boxes are able to withstand over two hundred pounds and can be used for shipments that may freely move throughout deliver. These boxes are made to ship a lot of small items or a few large items and normally require a pallet underneath them upon delivery. They are one of the most commonly chosen boxes for shipping.

Depending on the product that is being shipped, easy-fold mailers and side loaders are perfect for pictures, frames, and other flat items that are no thicker than a stack of paper. The easy-fold mailers and side loaders allow for easy insertion. Although side loaders have only one open side, easy-fold mailers can be folded over the product to better hold it in place. Both of these styles are used by art galleries, artists, and movers. For more than a few stacked papers or files, storage file boxes are used.

Some products may be lighter in weight than others. Products like these, such as empty sports containers, use light weight cardboard shipping boxes. These boxes cannot withstand much weight, but they can ship multiple products upon demand. If a box that can hold a lot of weight is needed to ship product, the bulk cargo boxes are more ideal. Moving boxes can be used in place of bulky cargo boxes, but they are not commonly used by companies unless they are in retail. Moving boxes are normally used during residential moving.

Many products that are found in a chemical lab or company will require a Haz Mat cardboard box upon shipping. Most of the Haz Mat boxes and other items will clearly state that it is hazardous material container and may cause damage if opened improperly or shaken. Labs and companies that deal with vaccines and other important vials, the insulated shipper might be ideal. This type of box has insulation on all four inside sides and on the very bottom. However, insulated shippers are not insulated on the top of the product when the box is fully closed. Some products must have a customized box when shipping. This can vary with the product’s weight, size, height, and overall contents.


Getting the Right Shipping Box

There is not much of a difference between boxes used for moving and boxes used for shipping, however, when you need boxes for shipping, it is better to know about those tiny differences. Boxes used for moving generally are used cardboard boxes which have been reused several times. Shipping boxes on the other hand, are built for durability as they have to endure long and sometimes, hard journeys without damaging their contents.

Types of Shipping Boxes

Shipping boxes come in all shapes and sizes and they are all strong enough to hold many heavy objects.

  • Boxes with dividers – they are used when shipping fragile and breakable objects which should not bump into each other. They can also be used to separate the smaller objects from the bigger ones put into one single shipping box.
  • Mailing boxes – they also fall into the shipping category and you can get them with self-sealing tapes. For better durability, they come with long double folds which will not open accidentally.
  • Printed boxes – these are good for businesses since the boxes can be custom printed with the company logo and contact details.

Tips for Easy Shipping

  • Try not to use, used shipping boxes as they have already lost a lot in their durability and might not provide the support that you require for your items. They might have previous labels on them, which have to be removed before they are used, otherwise it could cause various delivery issues once the package has left your care.
  • Use the appropriate packaging materials to make sure the contents are not damaged. For example, if the items are fragile, it might be a good idea to use bubble wrap.
  • Check the bottom flap of the box for a stamp certifying the strength of the box. Generally, a shipping box might have undergone an “Edge Crush Test” or a “Bursting Test”. In case there is no such stamp, ask the customer service personnel to help you select the correct type of shipping box. They are sure to know the difference and can guide you.
  • The boxes might have handles pre-cut into it, but it will be wise to strengthen them by using tape.

The general rule is that you can get shipping boxes in any shape and size. The box can be small enough to hold a pen or large enough to hold a refrigerator. Most of the time, boxes for shipping do not cost much since they are mass produced, come in regular shapes and sizes, and economical materials are used in their production, making them more cost effective.