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How to Use Packaging Boxes

Businesses know how to use packaging boxes. They put their products in the boxes and send them off to consumers and to stores so they can make money off the products they are selling. Boxes are usually made of cardboard. Cardboard is a material that can be reused in many ways, which is a good thing for many businesses. If they add graphics to their boxes, the graphics will be seen repeatedly. It is up to the consumers to figure out how they can reuse the boxes. Fortunately, there are many creative ways to use boxes over and over again.

  • Moving time – People will move several times in their lifetime. They may change jobs and have to pack the things they have in their office. The best way to do that is with boxes for packaging. They can fill up the boxes, seal them with some packaging tape and put them into a truck or car to move them.
  • Storage of stuff – Over the years, people collect stuff. No matter how hard they try the stuff will accumulate. If people do not want to have this stuff lying in every crevice of their home, they need to turn to boxes. The stuff can be neatly put away in the boxes. The boxes can be labeled so the stuff can be found at a later time when it is put away in a garage, shed or attic.
  • School projects – Kids will always have to do projects for schools. Packaging boxes are often one of the most essential tools for the projects. The cardboard can be cut to help with the project. The boxes can be used to display the project or to transport the project to the school.
  • Home projects – Things can get broken in the home. The cardboard from the boxes may be the material that is needed for a temporary fix until a more permanent repair can be done. It is a versatile material that can be cut and fit into almost any place that it is needed.
  • Furniture – When you move into a new home or office, you may not have all of the furniture you need. Boxes for packaging can fill that role in a pinch. If you need a table, turn the box over and put a towel over it. Need to make a bed for a pet. The box may be the perfect vessel to accomplish this.

Boxes can serve many purposes as long as a person is able to think outside of the box.


What are the Best Packaging Boxes

E-retailers have to find a way to get the products they sell to their customers. They need to find the best way to ship their goods. This means they need to make sure that the e-retailer needs to find the lowest cost method of shipping, they need to find a way to make sure that the items they shop arrive safely and they need to make sure that they are able to make sure the package gets to where it is supposed to and that people know where it has come from. The right boxes for packaging can help solve all of these problems.

Cost Effective Packaging

An e-retailer can save money if they find packaging boxes that come at a low cost while also are the right size and shape. It is possible that using custom boxes may be the best way to do that. Although a custom box may cost more initially, if it fits the needs of the business better, it may save money in the long run. Many of the suppliers will be able to set up the boxes that meet the needs of the shopper and allow them to lower the overall cost of packaging and thus lower the cost of shipping.

Item Protection

The most important role of boxes for packaging is to keep the products that re inside safe. If the boxes are the proper size this will help. Dividers in the boxes can offer extra protection. There are also packing materials that can be used in the boxes to keep the items from moving or breaking during shipping. While it may be tempting to skimp on this, the cost of replacing broken items will far outweigh the extra cost of shipping materials.

Marketing through Boxes

Many e-retailers miss the perfect marketing opportunity. During the shipping process the packaging boxes will be seen by many people. The boxes may also be reused by the people that receive them. Boxes can have custom printing that can help show the brand of the seller of the item, increasing brand and product awareness. It is possible to do this through print and through the use of images. Mailing labels and other printed material can also be used to identify where the boxes are going, where they have come from and other information. All of this is a great way to market a business for a relatively low cost.


The Best Boxes for Packaging

Not all boxes are the same and when it comes to packaging your product it is essential that you choose the correct boxes for packaging. Not only does the packaging protect your product, but it also sends a message to the consumer about your company. If you choose the wrong packaging, your product could arrive damaged and will give your customer a bad impression about you and could impact future sales. Your packaging can also serve to advertise your product on store shelves and well as through the shipping and delivery process.

The type of packaging you choose will depend on your product and the intended use of the package. If your product will be stacked on store shelves, a corrugated packaging box would likely be your packaging choice because the design of the box can protect your product from being crushed. Corrugated packaging boxes can be a double-wall or single-wall structure. Single-wall is excellent for shipping while double-wall protects your product if it will be stacked. The flute of the corrugated packaging box helps to protect your product and can also determine the space it will take up, the style of box that can be created and the printing surface of the box. The flute you choose will lend itself to stand-up displays, shipping uses and point of purchase packaging.

Other types of boxes for packaging include corrugated plastic, paperboard, wood and chipboard all of which can be customized for your product. Whether you want a standard box or a die cut box in a specific design, we can handle your order. Your product’s weight, size and shape will help determine the packaging that is right for you. It isn’t difficult to determine the type of box you want for packaging as some types of boxes lend themselves for certain types of products. For example, if you are shipping bottles of wine, you would likely want a wood box imprinted with your company’s logo. You wouldn’t package software in a box that traditionally would hold a doll.

Corrugated plastic is a good choice if you want your packaging to be moisture resistant. Corrugated plastic has a longer shelf life than cardboard and is waterproof. It is also silk screened instead of litho-laminated. Paperboard, on the other hand, is not as durable as corrugated plastic or cardboard and is better suited for gift boxes and brochure holders.

Chipboard is an eco-friendly type of box for packaging. It is made from several pieces of recycled paper that are glued together to form one large piece of material. The application of a strong adhesive ensures durability and a smooth texture. It can be customized to display text and graphics and is lightweight resulting in reduced shipping costs.