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Using Box Partitions for Safer Deliveries

Box Partitions

A lot of the things and principles we apply in our businesses nowadays are going through changes time and again. But if there is one aspect that will never change is that boxes are still going to be the main storage purpose of delivery services. Boxes have proven over time that they are an efficient storage for a lot of things and they could be made better through box partitions.

Box dividers or partitions are best used for delivering small and multiple products. These products range from medicine, small containers, bottles and so much more. Instead of just packing them all in a box, box dividers are able to safely organize items in a tight space. These types of boxes reduce the risk of the objects getting damaged, and that is a big no-no for companies who care for their customers a lot.

Box Partitions Can Protect Your Products

While placing multiple small items in a box without dividers or without partitions is a great saver for space, the risk it poses to the safety of the product is tremendous. As the items are placed without any protection, a minor bump in the road could send these items all over the place.

Box partitions and dividers serve as the skeleton of a box. Other than providing each individual item with a safe space of its own, the partitions also create a solid foundation for boxes. This reduces the risk of the boxes and its contents from being damaged when traveled through hard and bumpy roads.

Providers of box partitions are also able to create dividers for all occasions and sizes of items. These box partitions are highly-customizable and are suitable for various types of companies which include pharmacies, bottled drink providers, and a lot of other companies that produce fragile items.

Box Partitions are Customizable

Cardboard dividers in New Westminster, B.C. offer amazing partitions for retailers in the area. These companies offer an extensive selection of partitions which include dividers for 100, 144, 9, and 24 items. Of course, these dividers are very customizable and could be tailor-made depending on the needs and preferences of customers.

With these boxes, retailers are able to guarantee a lot of things for themselves. Aside from being able to deliver products without any cracks, tears, scratches or any other damages, it should go without saying that they will also be able to gain loyal customers through the process of delivering quality-packed products.

New Uses for Box Partitions

Box Divider

When a company is looking to put several similar sized or shaped products into a larger box, they often turn to box partitions. These partitions are a great way to keep the products separate and to help protect the products. When the boxes are received by the business or individual, the partitions inside are commonly discarded because people have no use for them. They can find ways to reuse the boxes, but they cannot come up with things to do with the leftover partitions. Instead of tossing the partitions in a trash, it is better to use some of these ideas.

  • Recycle – Instead of putting the partitions in a landfill to slowly deteriorate, it is better to have them recycled. Cardboard and chipboard partitions are often made out of recycled material. It is something that can be done over and over again. All it takes is sending them to the recycling plant.
  • Storage – partitions are a great help with any type of storage. The partitions can help keep storage more organized. Some of the places that partitions can be used for storage include:
  • Kids toy storage – having separate bins can help teach a child how to clean up their toys. Partitions can create separate bins inside of a box or drawer.
  • Paperwork – although there is less paperwork in the home today, the partitions can have the date or type of paperwork written on them to keep everything organized.
  • Traveling – Using chipboard partitions in a suitcase will not only make packing easier, it will help keep the clothes neater.
  • Arts and crafts – Not only can the partitions be used for a creative project, they can also be used to help store crayons, pens, markers, paint brushes and all of the other art supplies in the home.
  • School Projects – The cardboard partitions can be very useful for many different school projects.

Like cardboard boxes, the box partitions are easy to store when they are not being used. They can be folded flat and put away until they are needed. There is no reason for people to put these partitions in the trash. The only reasons that people are doing this is because they do not take the time to think about how to reuse them and what the impact of not finding ways to reuse them are. It is an important thing to do for any individual or business that wants to help the environment.

Different Ways to Use Box Partitions

There are many manufacturers that take advantage of box partitions. The partitions allow the maker of the product to put more than one item in a box. The partitions will keep the different items in the box separate and protected. They are an effective tool, but the partitions can have other uses. Many homeowners and businesses ignore the possibilities. They often take the dividers out of the boxes and toss them into the recycle pile. It may be time for them to learn some ways to use the partitions that can help them.

  • Kid’s storage – most parents will tell you that keeping kids toys in one place is a difficult task. When the kids play with a game or a toy, the pieces end up everywhere. They may end up lost, packed away with the wrong toy or broken. Cardboard box partitions can help keep the toys organized. Kids can learn how to put their toys into the individual sections that the partitions make.
  • Paperwork storage – Although we are moving to a paperless society, families still have plenty of paperwork that they need to keep track of. The partitions can provide a place where the paperwork is kept separate and visible. If the partitions are labeled with days or date, it can be used to let people know when a bill or form has to be dealt with.
  • Travel storage – The easiest way to pack for a trip is to throw everything into a suitcase and hope that you remember it is there. Box partitions can be used to separate your toiletries and jewelry and other small items.
  • Moving – The boxes with partitions can make the moving process much easier. Items that are grouped together can be broken or lost, but with the partitions, they can be protected and kept organized.
  • Kids projects – When trying to help a child do a project, staying organized may be the key to the parent’s sanity. The box partitions can keep the magic markers, paintbrushes, tape and all of the other supplies separate and at hand so the project is much easier to complete.

These are only a few ways to use the cardboard box partitions. The only limit on how they can be used is an individual’s imagination. Many of the uses will center around staying organized and that is often the best uses for the partitions, but with some thought and effort there are plenty of other things that can be done that make the partitions an indispensable tool.


How are Box Inserts Used?

When a person order products from an e-commerce store, they are doing so for many reasons. One of the reasons that people choose this way to shop is because they enjoy having the things they by delivered to their front door. The convenience is great until the box is delivered and when opened, everything inside is a mess.

Many e-commerce stores take a lot of time making sure their product is what people want, but forget to take that same care in making sure the packaging they choose. That ends up ruining the experience for a customer and can cost the e-commerce store money.

In order to ship some things properly, it is necessary to turn to box inserts. The inserts can be used to keep the items in the package separate and protected from each other. Good inserts will hold the items in the package in place during the shipping process. That will keep them from getting damaged.

The inserts can also be called box partitions. They get this name because they take a larger box and divide it into what is essentially smaller boxes. Box partitions can divide the box in many different ways, including vertically and horizontally.

When people think about using inserts for boxes they often think about shipping of bottles. This may be one of the most popular ways that inserts have been used. It is easy to get these types of inserts. The bottles will normally be a uniform size and the box can be made to fit the size of the bottles. The partitions will be the same and will create openings that are all the same size.

Unfortunately, not all shipments of products have the uniform size that cases of bottles will have. In this case, the box inserts still have a place. The inserts can be made in different sizes and can be made to fit items that are of different sizes.

When using inserts, the size is only part of what needs to be considered. The material used needs to make sure that the product inside is protected the right way. With the right partitions, the need for other packaging materials will be diminished or eliminated.

The use of partitions is no longer just for bottles. It can be used for a business that relies on being able to ship their goods to their customers. It allows businesses to use fewer boxes and to put more products into each box. This makes everything more efficient and helps an e-commerce store make more money.


Box Partitions and Other Ideas for Making a Smooth Move

Moving to a new home or office is exciting. However, the process of making that move can be extremely stressful. Not only does everything have to be packed for moving, but necessary items have to be found at the new location. Practically everyone that has ever moved knows what it’s like to have to desperately search through a mountain of boxes to find a needed item.

However, if you apply a little preparation effort before the move, you can save yourself a lot of aggravation. By creating an organized system, you can make the transition effortlessly and with all items readily at your disposal. Here are some packing tips from Instabox.

Color Code Your Boxes

Most people already pack items according to individual rooms, keeping kitchen, bathroom, bedroom, dining room, etc items together. However, once the day of the move arrives, all those boxes get mixed up. Once they arrive at the new location, it can be like a massive shell game of finding the needed item in the correct box.

This problem is readily solved by color coding your boxes according to room. You can use colored markers or construction paper to apply assigned colored squares to room boxes. For example, assign red to the living room, blue to the kitchen, yellow to the bedroom, etc. By using a color coding system, you can ensure that all boxes are distributed to their appropriate rooms in the new location, significantly reducing extra box moving and item searching.

Create a List

To simplify the process of finding needed objects, create a list of items that are in each box. Write a large number on the box with a black marker that corresponds to the listed items. For example, under box number one on your list, write juicer, blender, coffee maker and bread machine. Then write a large number 1 on the box. To simplify things further, write the number in the large color coded square you created so that box number and room number are instantly identifiable.

Divide and Protect

Another unpleasant fact about moving is that items get broken during the process. However, if you utilize cardboard box partitions as you pack, you not only better protect items from crashing into one another, but you also can better organize the contents. Using the example of kitchen items above, if you place box partitions in box number one, then you help prevent damage to those valuables. Cardboard box partitions are also extremely convenient for separating large numbers of small items such as contents from your sewing room or garage.

As you can see, a little preparation time can save you a great deal of stress as well as protect your valuable items from damage.


Box Dividers for Packing Solutions

Box dividers offer a lot of packing solutions and are commonly used when there are two or more items to be packed in a single box. They are not space fillers, but rather, they are space savers. There are many types of dividers available on the market and if none of them are suitable for your needs, you can custom order some to meet your specific needs. The main idea is to keep the packed items from moving and therefore, prevent them from breaking.

Uses of Box Dividers

  • Box dividers are used to maximize and creatively use space. You can pack tiny objects next to one another increase the number of items you can safely pack into one box. Just dumping objects into a box is far from aesthetically pleasing.
  • They offer extra protection when packing delicate and breakable objects such as glasses and bottles. They will keep the packed objects from bumping into each other cause them to crack or break. Packing peanuts can fill spaces, but it is the divider that will prevent the contents from moving or shifting.
  • The compartments also enable neat packaging and better sorting of the products within. You can get whatever size you need and there are many slot designs to choose from.
  • You do not have to individually pack the items, which can save on packaging materials cost. They also save time and effort needed to pack numerous.

Types of Dividers

  • Fiber partitions –when protection is the priority, then go in for fiber partitions which can be made to precise measurements that will allow your products can fit neatly into the box, much like a jigsaw puzzle. They are thin and take up less space, which makes them ideal for packing large quantities.
  • Corrugated dividers – although they take up more space, they are often used because they are strong and can hold heavier objects. Corrugated box partitions can be cut into any shape easily and they cost less to manufacture.
  • Chipboard partitions – they also take up less space and they are even cheaper to produce than corrugated dividers and have similar functionality.

Box partitions can be easily manufactured and you can get die cut partitions to match your exact requirements. Corrugated partitions come virtually dust free and will not come with uneven edges. Some companies also make embossed numbers on the partitions to enable better sorting. Dividers and partitions are used in almost every industry and they are produced economically to suit all kinds of budgets.


The Many Perks of Edge and Corner Protectors

Corner protectors are often used in packaging, but they have a variety of other characteristics and uses that make them beneficial for each stage of the shipping process. Not only do edge protectors allow you to safeguard the item that you are packing, but they also have other benefits. Edge and corner protectors offer a variety of advantages, making them a top packaging option.

Damage Prevention

Cardboard edge and corner protectors are extremely helpful in preventing damage when your materials are handled. The unique design of these items makes this possible, as they consist of corrugated layers that are folded multiple times to form right angles. This triple protection provides a vital role in minimizing the possibility of damage when items are being handled.

Stacking Strength

Edge protectors have immense stacking strength, and this allows them to be useful in both transport and storage. They allow for vertical strength so that multi-level stacking is an option in warehouses. This can help you to take better advantage of your space, and it can ultimately help you to save money.

Environmentally Friendly

The use of cardboard box partitions and edge and corner protectors create raw material reduction, as they will only protect the edges that are most easily damaged. This requires less material than more excessive solutions that are needed to protect or wrap an entire product. Additionally, many edge protectors are made out of recyclable materials, and this can further reduce the negative impact that these packaging solutions have on the environment.

Vertical Protection

Edge protectors can help to stabilize pallets in a warehouse facility, and this vertical protection is essential during warehousing and transport. The strength of each package can also be improved when boxes are reinforced internally with the use of edge and corner protectors.

Varied Uses

Edge protectors can be used to protect a variety of items during packaging and transport. They are great for fragile items like artwork and mirrors, but they can also be used to protect the corners of furniture items to minimize chips and scratches. They can also be customized in order to meet the needs of items of varied sizes.

If you are in need of customizable edge and corner protectors to keep your products safe during transport, contact us at Instabox. We can help you to find the items you need to ensure your goods reach their final destination, intact.