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What is the Purpose of Box Dividers?

Shipping a single product in a box is relatively easy. All that is needed is a box that the product fits into. There should also be room for packing material to keep the product inside of the box safe and undamaged. Once that has been done, the box can be closed and is ready to ship. When shipping multiple products, that process will not work. Loosely packing more than one product in a box could cause them to bump into each other and the contents of the box are easily damaged.

The way to prevent this from happening is through the use of box dividers. These are not something new. They have been used for a long time. Anyone that has seen a box filled with wine bottles are familiar with what the dividers look like. What people may not know is there are many different ways that the dividers can be used.

While the most common purpose of dividers is to keep objects that are similar in size and shape securely packed into a box, it is not necessary for all of the products to be the same size. Fiber dividers can be made that allow the person packing the box to fit in objects that re not the same size and shape. The key is to be able to position the dividers in a way that allows this.

The objects in the box can also be stacked using the dividers. A divider placed on top of one set of products can provide the bottom for the next layer. All of this allows the contents of the boxes to be packed in a way that protects them from damage and that can keep them from moving around while in shipping and during the storage of the boxes. The use of fiber dividers gives the user a product that is stronger and gives even more protection than a lightweight piece of cardboard.

The cost of shipping products is not always cheap. When box dividers are used, the shipper is able to put more products into a single box. This will reduce the costs of shipping products and will also save money on the cost of packing material for the products. The dividers means there will be less damage to the contents of the box which also saves the shipper money. It should make sense to use these box dividers for the companies that depend on shipping their products so the consumer can get them.


Box Dividers for Packing Solutions

Box dividers offer a lot of packing solutions and are commonly used when there are two or more items to be packed in a single box. They are not space fillers, but rather, they are space savers. There are many types of dividers available on the market and if none of them are suitable for your needs, you can custom order some to meet your specific needs. The main idea is to keep the packed items from moving and therefore, prevent them from breaking.

Uses of Box Dividers

  • Box dividers are used to maximize and creatively use space. You can pack tiny objects next to one another increase the number of items you can safely pack into one box. Just dumping objects into a box is far from aesthetically pleasing.
  • They offer extra protection when packing delicate and breakable objects such as glasses and bottles. They will keep the packed objects from bumping into each other cause them to crack or break. Packing peanuts can fill spaces, but it is the divider that will prevent the contents from moving or shifting.
  • The compartments also enable neat packaging and better sorting of the products within. You can get whatever size you need and there are many slot designs to choose from.
  • You do not have to individually pack the items, which can save on packaging materials cost. They also save time and effort needed to pack numerous.

Types of Dividers

  • Fiber partitions –when protection is the priority, then go in for fiber partitions which can be made to precise measurements that will allow your products can fit neatly into the box, much like a jigsaw puzzle. They are thin and take up less space, which makes them ideal for packing large quantities.
  • Corrugated dividers – although they take up more space, they are often used because they are strong and can hold heavier objects. Corrugated box partitions can be cut into any shape easily and they cost less to manufacture.
  • Chipboard partitions – they also take up less space and they are even cheaper to produce than corrugated dividers and have similar functionality.

Box partitions can be easily manufactured and you can get die cut partitions to match your exact requirements. Corrugated partitions come virtually dust free and will not come with uneven edges. Some companies also make embossed numbers on the partitions to enable better sorting. Dividers and partitions are used in almost every industry and they are produced economically to suit all kinds of budgets.


Cardboard Box Partitions, Trays, and other Packaging Accessories

If you are packaging and shipping items in cardboard boxes, you’re aware that there is more to the process than simply putting things in a container and sending them on their way. Boxes can come with a variety of accessories to meet the need of your business that are designed to protect your product and ensure that it arrives at its final destination safely and in one piece. An overview of some of the most common packaging accessories, such as cardboard box partitions, corrugated pads, and trays, is outlined below.

Box Partitions

Box dividers serve an important role in the shipping and transportation industry, as they can prevent items from making contact with one another when they are being moved from one location to another. Most of these dividers are constructed as cardboard panels that intersect, and they can create small, separate compartments within a large box. Dividers are well suited to keeping items in the same position and to cradle objects that are fragile, and many companies will sell these dividers pre-assembled in order to save you both money and time.

Box Pads

Corrugated box pads consist of plain, corrugated cardboard sheets that are cut to your requirements. They can be used to keep layers of your product separate within a larger shipping box, and they are especially helpful as promotional materials. When ordering your pads, you can have them created to meet the needs of any product dimensions. This makes corrugated box pads a great option for keeping products from shifting during transport.

Box Trays

Trays also serve as helpful dividers in packaging boxes, as these topless containers can be a great way to store parts or bottles. These accessories can help to keep items safe during transport, and they can also be important in keeping small parts from getting lost. When designing corrugated trays for your packaging options, you should know that they can be found in die cut or slotted styles, and if used as external packaging, you can customize them to be as fancy as you would like.

If you are in need of cardboard partitions, trays, pads, or other accessories to customize your product or shipping boxes, contact us, at Instabox, today! We’ll be happy to help you come up with the packaging solutions that are right for you and that will keep your products safe and secure during shipping.


Three Kinds of Box Dividers

Box dividers are important in the safe shipping and delivery of your product. Dividers or inserts provide a vital role in preventing your products from touching, as contact could result in damage to the items that you are shipping. Perfect for both small and large packages, box dividers can help to ensure that the item you are shipping will arrive at its destination safely, intact, and without damage.

Fiber Partitions

Fiber partitions are a popular option when it comes to box dividers, as they offer a superior level of packaging protection when compared to fillers and other shipping supplies. Fiber partitions are easily incorporated with the use of automatic packaging equipment, and they produce less dust from paper than a typical corrugated divider.

Fiber partitions are typically thinner than corrugated cardboard dividers, and they can be created with greater accuracy. These characteristics make it easier to use a smaller box when shipping with these partitions, and on average they will need 75% less room than corrugated dividers. Additionally, the use of fiber partitions will result in the reduction of lateral impact product damage.

Corrugated Partitions

Corrugated dividers or partitions have a stacking strength that is greater than fiber partitions, and they are commonly used when packaging heavy and easily breakable items. These dividers feature high levels of durability, and they are great for packaging boxes of taller heights. Arguably the most popular and widely-used of the box dividers, corrugated partitions are commonly found within heavy-duty, corrugated boxes in order to provide items with the greatest possible protection.

Other Partitions

There are also other types of partitions that you can choose from for your shipping needs, the most common of which are chipboard dividers. Chipboard can utilize up to 35% less space than the average corrugated partition, and this can cause major reductions in your overall shipping costs. Production costs are also less with a chipboard partition than they are with corrugated dividers.

Regardless of the type of divider you choose, it is important you select an option that is designed to support each of the items you intend to package and ship separately. This will help to protect each of the pieces individually and will reduce the likelihood that they make contact with each other during transport. By keeping the contents of each compartment separate, you can help to ensure that your products avoid movement and potential damage.