Custom Printed Shipping Boxes Do More

Custom Printed Shipping

Sometimes companies spend so much time focused on their product and retail display boxes that the forget the importance of printed shipping boxesPrinted cardboard boxes may seem like their only purpose is to protect and transport, but when it comes to the consumer, they can mean so much more. Curious what printed shipping boxes mean to your customer? Here are 4 examples.  

Provides Safe Storage 

So, yes, printed cardboard boxes are a great way for consumers to unpack your product and safely store away other items. Creating printed shipping boxes that your customer can use to either safely store you’re your product(s) or other items means that you value a shipping box that is small enough to store in tight spots, yet big enough to store items. A rectangular box often provides plenty of room to market your company but can fit in tight places and be stacked. Think of the boxes you save at home and your business: shoe boxes, clothing boxes, etc.  

Allows Customer to Reuse 

Storage is one thing, but reuse is another. Many innovative companies have created unique printed shipping boxes that are not only perfect for their product but also provide other alternatives for the consumer. For example, mailing tubes are a nice way to protect paper and thin plastic, but are also great for storing smaller bulk items in narrow and small places where other printed cardboard boxes will get in the way. For example, stacking pointers, rulers, umbrellas, and even packaged ear plugs or pens.  

Saves the Customer Money 

Anytime that you can save a customer money they’ll likely keep coming back. Quality printed shipping boxes can do just that. Whether your customer saves money by reusing your printed cardboard boxes for their own shipping or creating another use, when they are using your box that means they don’t need to go out and buy their own. This can be a cost savings in the thousands for some companies. The side benefit is that if you’ve designed your printed shipping boxes well enough, your customer is providing free advertising by keeping your visual brand moving on.  

When done well printed shipping boxes can do a lot more for you by doing more for your customer. By creating boxes that your customer can reuse you are also providing safe storage and saving your customer money.  

Create Impulse Buys with Printed Folding Cartons

printed folding cartons

Impulse shopping is a tried and true way for retail stores to boost average sales within their stores. In fact, it is likely that you have at one time (or many times) purchased impulse items while on your way to a store’s cash register. Impulse shopping is when retailers display small and seemingly convenient items near a cash register. For example, gum, soft drinks, toys, batteries, and small tools. For retail stores, impulse buys are the edge they have over e-commerce. 

So, how does a small business or benefit a retail store by creating impulse buys? It’s all in the packaging of printed folding cartons.  

folding carton manufacturer is experienced in creating packaging that can work well with your product. From a custom-fit package to clean graphics printed folding it is important that the printed folding cartons fit your product.  

Here are 3 ways to ensure printed folding cartons will work for you! 

Great brand design 

The most important thing to consider when creating your printed folding cartons is to ensure that your brand design looks great. Remember folding cartons should have an attractive design, not just on the front of the carton, but on every side if possible. The only exclusion may be on the bottom of the packaging. The design will visually show customers what a product is and why they need to buy it now.  

Create cartons that make sense 

Have you ever purchased a small item in relatively massive packaging? It’s kind of like buying a toothbrush that is packaged in a shoe box. Creating the right packaging for your product is not only ideal but is also a great way to showcase your product. Remember, as an impulse buy, you are attracting customers who may not have come into a retail shop to buy your product but realize they can’t go home without it. A folding carton manufacturer will have the options, experience, and customizing ability to help your product sell.  

Ask retailer where to sell your product 

While printed folding cartons can do a lot for you, they can only help if your product is displayed in the right location. After all, not all impulse items are located at the register lane. In fact, many impulse items are located as accessories near larger items. For example, gloves are located near coats, and unique shoelaces are located near shoes.  

Creating the perfect printed folding cartons is the first step in selling your impulse items. Focus on design, common sense, and location. And what you don’t know, your selling retailer and folding carton manufacturer will! 

Consider the Eco-Friendly Packaging Mindset

eco-friendly packaging

As your company grows into a new cleaner and greener world it’s likely that you will be looking for ways to reduce your carbon footprint and do a little more to improve the planet.  

One place to start is with eco-friendly packaging. After all, beyond your product, one of the most often used things in a work environment are packaging boxes. All of your products come in packaged, and any products sent out are likely packaged. Over time, that can lead to a lot of waste. So, let’s look at how a packaging company can help you focus on reducing your carbon footprint.  

Protects Natural Resources 

When you see a corrugated box sitting in your office you likely aren’t thinking about the natural resources that are impacted in making that box. However, the creation of a corrugated box can have a big impact on local and regional natural resources. For example, most packaging is made from trees. The equipment used to cut down trees creates both noise and environmental pollution. In addition, tree removal displaces animals, can result in waterway changes, and affects overall ecosystems.  

Most eco-friendly packaging can be recycled or reused after its first use enabling companies to preserve the forests rather than cutting them down.  

Reduces Energy 

An eco-friendly packaging mindset means that a packaging company can help you to create packaging that is conducive to your business needs as well as the environment. One way to do this is to have custom packaging that is deliberately designed to fit more product per shipment. That means instead of your customers receiving a single shoe box inside of a much larger box filled with packing supplies, your packaging can fit the product. Due to the logistics involved in packaging from the production line to customer arrival this is a great way to reduce energy consumption.  

Stimulates Innovation 

Innovation drives success. When it comes to eco-friendly packaging this means biodegradable packaging, less carbon-rich shipping transactions, and how you are shipping. While plastic peanuts and bubble wrap are still popular, options such as recycled packing paper, plant-based peanuts, and bioplastics are unique ways to show your customers you care about your product and the environment.  

As we move into a greener world your company’s growth will be affected by its carbon footprint. Much of this has to do with the packaging company you work with as well as developing an eco-friendly packaging mindset that incorporates innovative ways to package, ship, and recycle what has already been created.  

Reasons You Should Consider a Suggestion Box

Suggestion Box

Whether your business has fewer than a dozen employees or is growing with hundreds of employees creating a custom ballot box in Surrey BC may have more benefits than you think. A custom ballot box is a visual display often seen at events as well as retail stores. Ballot boxes can sit discreetly on a table or at a register or can stand prominently set-up in a tent display or aisleway.  While you have seen them, and likely been drawn to them, do you know how impactful they can be to your company? 

Here are 3 reasons to consider a ballot or suggestion box

Provides great visual advertising 

One of the biggest benefits to creating a custom ballot box in Surrey BC is that your design, logo, and business’s color schemes are prominently located throughout the box. After all, when you go to a store, restaurant, or event and see one of these boxes there is a good chance that you will know exactly which ballot box is for which company. Visuals are important to product branding and being able to catch an eye with a giveaway and your prominent brand can be indispensable to bringing in new clientele.  

Everyone wants a chance to win 

If you’re like everyone else who’s passed a ballot box in Surrey BC, you’ve had that nagging feeling to sign up for a new vehicle, a year’s supply of groceries, or a free vacation. Ballot boxes give everyone the chance to win something they may not otherwise be able to afford. Much like the power of visual advertising, your give away brings potential customers directly to your company.  

Suggestions really do matter 

From a small company to a large one a suggestion box helps to improve the way a company works and grows throughout its life. However, as companies grow the ability for employees to provide valuable suggestions or criticism seems to lessen. This can be for several reasons: it’s uncomfortable to provide critical feedback, employees and leaders may be too busy to talk, and an employee’s hours may not align with HR or leadership. Providing a clear area for a person to jot a note and drop it in a box helps employees feel invested in a company’s decisions.  

Sometimes it is the simple things that help to grow a company. From a suggestion box that enables employees to quickly jot down ideas to a ballot box which not only brings potential customers to you, but also provides a visual reminder of your brand the benefits of a ballot box in Surrey BC can provide big returns with little cost. 

Corrugated Cartons: Which is best for you?

Corrugated Cartons

Corrugated boxes are made of two sheets of liner paper that are segregated by a fluted layer which, based on the size of the flute, helps to determine the carton’s strength. As fluted layers differ due to size, so does the wall of your corrugated cartons.  

Determining whether single layer or double layer corrugated cartons is best for you depends mostly upon what you are shipping. Though, other factors such as packaging, storage, and movement are also considered. Yet, when it comes down to it, you need corrugated cartons that have the strength and durability appropriate for your shipping needs.  

Let’s look at the two options: 

Single layer corrugated cartons 

Single-layer boxes use only one layer of fluting which can vary in size, often using A, B, C, and E. Single-layer is the most widely used corrugated boxes in Vancouver BC for shipping and e-commerce. This is because single-layer boxes are inexpensive providing small businesses and large industries an affordable way to stock up on shipping cartons. They also help manage fluctuation in temperatures to not affect your product, provide a degree of crush protection as well as rigidity. 

When using a single-layer corrugated cartons the most important thing to consider is the flute size and how that affects your shipping needs. For example, smaller flutes provide more crush resistance while larger flutes provide better shock absorption and protection. Since many single-layer corrugated cartons carry lighter items than double-layer, the shipping of these cartons may actually experience more abuse, bumps, and bruises during transportation. 

Double-layer corrugated cartons 

Double-layer corrugated boxes in Vancouver BC use two layers of fluting. The obvious benefit is that two layers provide more strength, durability, and protection for your heavy loads. Though, an additional benefit to double-layer corrugated cartons is in the utilization of two different flute sizes to provide the benefits of each. So, while one layer may provide better crush resistance, the other layer can provide additional shock absorption and protection.  

Double-layer corrugated cartons can be made of two different flute layers as previously mentioned, or simply use two layers of B or C fluting. Double-layer boxes provide greater protection, but due to their rigidity they are also a favorable choice for long-term storage as they protect better against environmental factors.  

So, which option is better for your shipping needs? 

Single layer corrugated cartons are a great option when shipping smaller and lighter weight products and are budget friendly. Double-layer corrugated cartons may cost more but can also handle heavy items meant for long-term storage and transportation.  

What is the Best Display Packaging Solution?

Packaging solution

There is no one size fits all when it comes to product packaging in Port Coquitlam BC. Each display item, its marketing needs, and even selling goals will affect the design of the display box and the packaging solution that works best for you. When considering a packaging solution there are hundreds of customizable options. Which one will work best for you? Check out some of these solutions.  


A popular packaging solution when you want to prominently display your product without exposing it to the elements or greasy fingers is a display box which features a large acetate window. This is a nice way to show off your specific product without the consumer having to rely on images and graphics. Common packaging boxes with windows include action figures, games, and even alcohol.  


Multi-material boxes are common for those who wish to add a bit of refinement to their product. This type of packaging provides the protection of your product on the bottom box – often corrugated – as well as a firm and attractive top often made of chip board. The benefit of a multi-material packaging solution is to provide an attractive solution as well as a a box which can protect your product.  

Individual sectioning 

Individual sectioning is common with packaging solutions such as display boxes. These boxes are often filled with dozens of small for-sale items that a consumer can quickly identify and grab. Some individually sectioned displays may include lipstick, lip balm, high-end candies, and even travel items.  

Gift box 

A gift box is a packaging solution designed to provide the consumer an attractive way to not only display an item, but also present that item as a gift. If you’ve shopped retail packaging in Port Coquitlam BC you’ve likely seen examples of this type of packaging for jewelry, men’s ties, expensive socks, and even gift cards.  

5-panel wrap 

A 5-panel wrap is a unique packaging solution for thin and similar sized items such as books. This solution provides good protection from bumps and dings and prevents your package from breaking open. Due to the durability of the commonly used corrugation, these are packaging solutions for large production and smaller items. 5-panel wrap can also be used with paperboard instead of corrugation for thinner and lighter weight items such as compact discs.  

There are hundreds of packaging solutions for every product. From viewing windows to sectioning and use as a gift box. Customized packaging solutions are as varied as the products themselves.

What Can I Use a Display Box For?

Display Box

Everyone has seen pop displays in North Vancouver BC. These are one of the most effective ways to display items free or purchase items as well and informational documents. There are multiple benefits to display boxes. For example, the eye-appeal of an individualized item as well as that item’s location within a store, business, or in public remove it from the mainstream and create an independent location. So, whether the product is located in a checkout lane, or conspicuously displayed on its own at the end of an aisle, display boxes are an excellent choice for bringing products or information into better view.  

As a great option for display purposes, it’s no wonder you see them everywhere. Here are four popular types of items that sell well in display boxes.  


Food items such as candy, granola bars, breath mints, and beef jerky are all popular food items found in display boxes. While they are frequently available in food aisles, they are most prominently displayed at the beginning of a check-out lane where customers will likely be standing and waiting to get through the line. As such, these items are also known as “impulse goods,” meaning that they are not intended purchases, but look good to a waiting customer.  

Small Items 

Small items with a lasting shelf-life are common impulse goods, but they don’t necessarily need to be food products. Consider things such as toys, lighters, baseball cards, pocketknives, or essentially anything that is useful or fun and can easily fit into your pocket. These display box items are useful, but seemingly lost when it comes to shopping lists or hidden among thousands of larger items.  

Brochures and other Documents 

Advertising and informational brochures are frequent display box items that you can find nearly anywhere. Most commonly you will find these types of display boxes at health centers, fitness clubs, and small businesses. The often advertise services or provide information for clients such as health brochures that provide information on diseases and medical disorders. You may also find these display boxes in a location promoting tourism.  

Charitable Items 

 A display box is a common way to identify charitable organizations or donation locations. For example, charitable change-related donations such as a donation box, or even customized boxes which offer candy for a quarter. Charitable display boxes are commonly found in fast-food restaurants, and near cash registers in retail stores. 

Pop displays in North Vancouver BC are a great way to sell, promote, or provide information. Using the right display box for your needs is profitable and important marketing tool to get your product or information to consumers. 

The Benefits of Dividers in a Shipping Box


Dividers are an important component to any type of shipping box. In fact, they probably play a bigger role than most people would think. Whether you are shipping out larger or smaller items, most shipping boxes can be customized to fit nearly any reasonable number of dividers depending on the size of your box and the quantity of items being shipped.  

But, how do you know when a shipping box should have dividers? Here are a few popular reasons. 

Prevent Fragile Materials from Moving 

When you think of the importance of a divider, it is likely that your first thought was that a divider is in place to keep bottles or other fragile materials from hitting each other and cracking or breaking. And it’s true, this is one of the most popular reasons why a divider is used in a shipping box. Dividers are used to gently hold the items in place and not just prevent them from tapping against each other, but also from moving at all.  

Keep items from turning upside down 

Dividers are also important for shipping boxes that carry liquids which have the potential to spill or leak if the box is turned on its side or manipulated during transportation. While most containers with liquids are made from plastic and not likely to crack, shatter, or break they may still be prone to leakage.  

Manage Packaging Inventory 

Sometimes, dividers are not meant to protect the items inside a shipping box from damage or leaking. While this is a nice bonus, many small businesses prefer shipping box dividers because they are an inexpensive way to ensure that each box contains the exact quantity labeled on the outside of the box. Dividers not only provide a location for each item in the box, but they allow the packager to easily eyeball the dividers to ensure every slot is filled.  

Improve Overall Integrity of the Box 

Dividers can be made of paperboard in a variety of thicknesses to assist in protecting individual and fragile items. Dividers can also be made from corrugated partitions which not only provide stronger protection of the interior items, but corrugated partitions also aid in providing more stability to the box itself during transportation. They help to prevent damage to the box if dropped and support in the box’s weaker areas such as corners and ends. 

The reason why a shipping box has dividers may not always be evident, especially if you are handling a shipping box with non-fragile items. However, they can both provide strength as well as cost-savings by keeping items protected as well as accounted for during inventory management.

How to Safely Handle a Cardboard Shipping Box

Custom Boxes

Most small businesses handle their fair share of corrugated and cardboard shipping boxes. But, did you know that a box weighing as little as ten pounds, if lifted or carried improperly, can cause long-term injury?  

Learning how to lift and carry both light and heavy shipping boxes is important for you and your business. Unfortunately, not all boxes are created equally. Understanding the type of shipping box you have and the weight or strength of that box is just as important as knowing how to lift properly.  

Cardboard versus Corrugated 

Cardboard and corrugated are terms that are often used interchangeably. However, these are two very different types of boxes, one of which provides significantly more support.  

Cardboard shipping boxes are often a single layer of pulp paper material which is designed to hold light weight items. While there are varying widths, cardboard is generally not as sturdy as corrugated shipping boxes. A corrugated shipping box is three tiered, with flat panels on the top and bottom and a rippled cardboard in the center.  

A corrugated shipping box is stronger, more durable, and frequently used to package and transport heavier items, including multiple cardboard boxes.  

Lifting Techniques 

Everyone is different, so forty pounds may be heavy for one person and light for another. However, when it comes to lifting if you feel a weight is too much for you then you should ask for help or use an assist such as a dolly to move your shipping boxes.  

While shipping boxes may be the same size, it is what is in the inside that counts. So, whether your box is equipped with slotted ends or not, you should understand that lifting one shipping box may not have the same impact on your body as another.  

Whether you are lifting a light or heavier box, the biomechanics remain the same: 

  1. Keep your feet shoulder width apart with one foot more forward than the other to maintain balance.  
  2. Squat using your knees and hips to lower your body and stand upright.  
  3. Keep your back straight, your chest forward, and your shoulders back. Try not to bend your upper back forward. 
  4. Move slowly and without twisting.  
  5. Keep the shipping box close to and preferably touching your chest.  
  6. Take small and focused short steps. 
  7. Squat when placing the load below your waistline. 

We all get excited when sending out or receiving a new shipping box. But you don’t need to risk injury to get the job done. Remember safety first when handling shipping boxes.

Corrugated Cardboard Box in the Shipping Industry

Corrugated cardboard

One of the toughest industries in the world today is the shipping industry. It is regarded as highly competitive, thanks primarily to the growing and changing demands of consumers all around the world. Hence, shipping companies take precautionary steps to ensure that cargoes being delivered daily arrive safely to the intended recipient. This is where the use of corrugated cardboard box comes in. Since its introduction to the U.S. market way back in 1871, it has been a staple in the shipping industry, and it isn’t hard to see why. 

Ensures Cargo Safety 

Corrugated cardboard box is known for its strength and has been used by shippers all around the world in sending packages. It was also used widely in transporting perishable goods. Obviously, it is equally effective in transporting non-perishable goods. 

Can be Delivered in Multiple Packages 

Many shippers would send packages in not only one box, but several boxes. With the natural manner by which multiple corrugated cardboard boxes are stacked, recipients get to receive their goods unharmed. These boxes are made to withstand pressure. The structure of the box itself is a product of scientific processes, which is why the resulting cardboard box is one reliable container for transporting goods. 

Fights Off Weather Elements 

Considering that these corrugated cardboard boxes are water resistant, a shipper is assured that their packages will be received by the recipients in a perfectly good condition. These boxes are coated with a water-resistant coating to make sure that rain and even mist will not destroy the goods inside these boxes. It isn’t only rain that these boxes could withstand, as they have been tested time and again, against other known elements. 

Perfect for All Types of Cargo 

With the flexibility of a cardboard box, anybody who would send a package across a distance, regardless of the type of goods to be shipped, will experience worry-free shipping. There is no attached hassle as the box can handle any kind of products. 


Knowing how costly it is to send a package, the fact that a corrugated box is lightweight and affordable makes it more cost-effective for end users. Whether the container is small or big, these friendly boxes can be the solution. 

With the prevalence of the use of a corrugated shipping box, this type of container has become a staple when it comes to the shipment of goods. These boxes have already proven themselves to be the most reliable container for packages today.