Corrugated Cardboard Box in the Shipping Industry

Corrugated cardboard

One of the toughest industries in the world today is the shipping industry. It is regarded as highly competitive, thanks primarily to the growing and changing demands of consumers all around the world. Hence, shipping companies take precautionary steps to ensure that cargoes being delivered daily arrive safely to the intended recipient. This is where the use of corrugated cardboard box comes in. Since its introduction to the U.S. market way back in 1871, it has been a staple in the shipping industry, and it isn’t hard to see why. 

Ensures Cargo Safety 

Corrugated cardboard box is known for its strength and has been used by shippers all around the world in sending packages. It was also used widely in transporting perishable goods. Obviously, it is equally effective in transporting non-perishable goods. 

Can be Delivered in Multiple Packages 

Many shippers would send packages in not only one box, but several boxes. With the natural manner by which multiple corrugated cardboard boxes are stacked, recipients get to receive their goods unharmed. These boxes are made to withstand pressure. The structure of the box itself is a product of scientific processes, which is why the resulting cardboard box is one reliable container for transporting goods. 

Fights Off Weather Elements 

Considering that these corrugated cardboard boxes are water resistant, a shipper is assured that their packages will be received by the recipients in a perfectly good condition. These boxes are coated with a water-resistant coating to make sure that rain and even mist will not destroy the goods inside these boxes. It isn’t only rain that these boxes could withstand, as they have been tested time and again, against other known elements. 

Perfect for All Types of Cargo 

With the flexibility of a cardboard box, anybody who would send a package across a distance, regardless of the type of goods to be shipped, will experience worry-free shipping. There is no attached hassle as the box can handle any kind of products. 


Knowing how costly it is to send a package, the fact that a corrugated box is lightweight and affordable makes it more cost-effective for end users. Whether the container is small or big, these friendly boxes can be the solution. 

With the prevalence of the use of a corrugated shipping box, this type of container has become a staple when it comes to the shipment of goods. These boxes have already proven themselves to be the most reliable container for packages today. 

Reasons for Custom Tubes in Prince George BC

Custom Boxes

People today are always looking for ways to be more creative and to stand out from their competitors. Following this mindset of many consumers today, veering away from the conservative approach of doing things and embracing a new method, such as making use of custom tubes in Prince George BC, can certainly do wonders for any entity.  

Making the Right Connection 

There are two scenarios contemplated whenever you would send anything in the ordinary course of business. One, you make it as cold and detached as possible by encasing it in a sealed brown envelope with your name and that of your recipient’s written in bold plain letters. Another situation is opting for a mailing tube where the content is reasonably protected, and the tube is customized to reflect what your business represents. Between the two, the latter will undoubtedly appeal to the heart and mind of the recipient.   

Extended Purpose 

Considering that custom tubes in Prince George B.C. can be reused into something worthwhile, the once mailing tube can transform into something more beautiful. There are many creative ways on how to reuse these tubes. Some could use it as an organizer in the office, while for those who need an extra canister at home will find it invaluable. Those with children who love to create artsy things out of nothing will be happy with an additional cylindrical canister added to their collection of thingamajigs. From a simple tube, it can prove more useful for the recipient than a mere stern-looking brown envelope.  

Giving Value to Your Brand 

They say that clothes make the man. The same concept can be applied to any business entity who wishes to create an impact and a name in today’s highly competitive world. Using customized mailing tubes to send out any communiqué to any recipient, whether it would be for a prospective client, or for an associate or partner, these tubes will make a huge difference. It will never fail to create that positive vibe that every business entity wants to convey.  

Nothing is lost whenever a business entity would opt for custom mailing tubes in Prince George B.C. These nifty cylindrical canisters will make the right connection, give people something of value, and of course, create that positive impression in the hearts and minds of the recipient. These are the great reasons why a custom tube will always be the right choice when looking for a means to send important business or even personal communication.  

Benefits of Wholesale Boxes in New Westminster BC

Wholesale Boxes in New Westminster BC

Westminster BC is one of the most diverse cities in Canada, with Asian and Latin minorities dominating the local population. The cultural mixture creates an ideal place for businesses to thrive, requiring the fundamental and often unseen elements a company often demands. This includes the use of wholesale carton, which is commonly used to pack items and prolong their shelf-life.

Starting a business in the city begins with concepts surrounding the nature of the industry you have in mind and minute details such as packaging. Packaging your product is an essential component of a good marketing strategy allowing you to create a strong branding. Wholesale boxes in New Westminster BC provides you with the necessary packaging your business needs without causing too much overhead on this part of your business operations.

A Cost-effective way of Making a Strong Market Presence

Startups with a strong market presence do not only carve a name because of the quality of their products but also because they pay attention to small details. Wholesale carton not only saves you on the initial costs but also allows your business to devote the needed funding on some of the most critical aspects of your business operations.

Because of the low prices of acquiring bulk carton packaging, a company can spend more of its funding on other essential matters, and perhaps including designing a good brand outlook. Not only will a company increase its market presence, but people are more likely to recognize a goodly designed product instantly. It creates a clear-cut distinction between products that are thoughtlessly created versus one that is meticulously constructed.

Bigger Chances of Going Up Against Your Competitors

One of the unseen benefits of purchasing wholesale boxes in New Westminster, B.C. is being able to compete with some of your biggest competitors. Good packaging does not only impact your prospective customers but also attracts the attention of people within the possible audience scope of your marketing initiatives.

Good packaging does not also differentiate your company from the bigger ones provided you have a presentable one. So, regardless if your business is a startup or booming, good packaging always makes your product stand out and provides the return on investment on your marketing initiatives. Purchasing wholesale boxes makes it easier for your business to compete with more prominent companies because you get lower prices and sell your products at a lower price range.

Why Repurposing Old Folding Boxes is Important

Custom Boxes

Aside from being one of the most efficient packaging materials, folding boxes can also be reused in several ways. They are perfect for organizing household items and can even be repurposed as a craft material and imaginary play toy for kids. Some of the most creative people use printed folding cartons to create visually appealing organizers instead of keeping them in the garage or throwing them away.

Repurposing old cardboard boxes is not only beneficial for the environment but saves you on extra expenses of buying organizer boxes. It just takes a little imagination and creativity to make excellent storage compartments made from recycled cardboard. Although the paper pulp in cartons is compostable, they can be reused to prevent waste and help save the environment.

Preparing your Folding Boxes for Recycling

Most cardboard boxes are used for shipping items which often includes bubble wraps, packing peanuts, or plastic bags. These extra packing materials can be stored for future use, or you can recycle them to prevent polluting the environment. Bubble wraps can be reused as a plant insulator or a toilet protector and packing peanuts can be donated to shipping stores or exchange it for a store discount.

Old boxes, on the other hand, can be recycled to virtually anything, including playhouses for your kids or organizers for your garage equipment. Recycling old folding boxes requires a natural step of removing the fasteners, including the tapes and staples and collapsing the box. For printed folding cartons, simply turning them inside out and fastening the original attaching points hides the print creating a clean canvas useful for various other projects.

Why Should You Recycle Cardboard Boxes

Many sectors, including the packaging industry, are moving to eco-friendly means of running their business. This means the greater need to contribute to a lesser carbon footprint and lessen damage incurred by procuring fresh paper pulp. In reality, since most manufacturers are moving to environmental sound means, over half of the collected folding boxes are being used to create new packaging supplies.

Cardboards are also being downcycled by creating other packaging materials including paperboards and chipboards, which can be used for packing cereals and shoes. The process of recycling old boxes, including printed folding cartons, addresses environmental issues and eliminates the need for cutting trees to create virgin cardboards. Recycling used boxes eliminates the need for landfill spaces, an ideal way to save the environment and lessen the global impact.

Benefits of Using Cardboard Pop Displays

cardboard pop displays

Cardboard pop displays are used in various shopping malls and retail outlets to make the customers fall in love with the brands. It increases the retail sales to as much as 20% as seen in various reports. They have a myriad of advantages over wooden displays. In this article, some of the benefits of using cardboard displays are shared, have a look below to know them in details.


Cardboard pop displays are versatile to the fact that they are available in all sizes and shapes and can even be customized with any design of your choice. It has the advantage over wooden displays as cardboard displays can be cut very easily to obtain various shapes of your own choice, but wood needs cutting equipment to adapt to new designs.

Light Weight

If sometimes you want to change the looks and designs of the point of purchase displays for your shop you can easily do it yourself if it is made up of cardboard, as it is light and thus portable. But if the displays were made up of wood, you need to call for help each time when you want to change the set up of your retail shop.

Cost Effective

As a newbie shop owner, it is not possible to spend a large amount of money on the setup. You also need to keep a budget aside to meet emergency situations but at the same time, you also want to keep that aura of your shop intact so as to attract the customers’ notice. Here comes the role of cardboard pop displays, which are a cost-effective approach to attract customers.

Need Less Space

The point of purchase displays, made from cardboard is easily foldable and thus occupies much lesser space as compared to the wooden ones. Thus, it makes it easier to ship the displays to other destinations if required and can be easily set up to a different location without many hassles.

Visually Appealing

Cardboard displays are more visually appealing as compared to their wooden counterparts. Various graphic designs can be incorporated into cardboard displays to make them look more attractive. Digital printing techniques and graphic design techniques are incorporated to bring out lively and bright designs to grab the attention of the customers. Such graphic designs on a wooden display would be very expensive.

Thus, point of purchase displays is mainly intended towards attracting the customers inside the shops.

Industries That Use Corrugated Partitions

Corrugated partitions

The packaging Industry is nowadays looking for bio-degradable ways of packages that do not do any harm to the environment. Plastic is losing its popularity owing to the serious threats it has been posing to nature and its fellow living beings. It is being replaced by cardboard which is one of the best materials available for effective packaging.

Corrugated partitions in packages are gaining wide popularity owing to the myriads of benefits that they have been providing to various Industries. Cardboards are strong and sturdy and provide great protection to the contents. The custom printed boxes also provide for great branding opportunities to various Industries. In this article, some of the Industries that benefit from using corrugated boxes are discussed hereunder, have a look below to know more.


Corrugated partitions in boxes are greatly used by e-commerce brands. A supplier who sells clothes online, or a cosmetics brand that only sells products in an online platform greatly benefit from these kinds of cardboard boxes. However, these boxes are mainly used for shipping glass and pottery. Corrugated cartons can withstand shock, vibrations, compression, and moisture and thus are fit for shipment of delicate products.

Marketing Agencies

Corrugated cartons can be customized and designed as per the needs. Thus, they are used by agencies as fantastic marketing tools. A creative marketing agency can also incorporate corrugated partitions in the boxes as a fun element to incite the customers.

On-Boarding Solution

On-boarding is the new trend of welcoming new staffs in the company. Using corrugated boxes containing some branded items is a great way to welcome new employees. You can place several items in one box and can use your own creativity to design the box in your own way to welcome the new members of the company. This is a great initiative to create an inseparable bond with your fellow colleagues. The very first day thus will remain a memorable one with lots of happy memories to cherish.


The dividers in the corrugated cartons allow for carrying delicate products in separate compartments so that they do not rub against each other resulting in the breakage and damage of the products specially made of glass and porcelain. The crockeries seller who sells his products online finds these boxes very useful.

Thus, depending on the company’s profile, the dividers in corrugated cartons can provide a fitting solution to the various needs and conveniences of the company.

Benefits of Eco-Friendly Packaging

eco-friendly packaging

Most companies nowadays are preferring to go green as far as the packaging of their products is concerned. Eco-friendly packaging is safe for both the environment as it is for the individuals using it. It makes use of the renewable sources of energy and recycles them as far as possible thereby reducing the use of harmful substances. Here in this article some of the benefits of green packaging are discussed, you’ll find more in detail below to help you choose the right packaging for your project or business. 

Reduces Carbon-Footprint 

Protection of the environment is the most important benefit that eco-friendly packaging can provide us with. It makes use of the recyclable and bio-degradable materials thereby reducing the waste of natural resources for their production. This is a huge benefit not only for the environment but also for your business. Clients want to work with those businesses that are environmentally conscious.  

Easily Disposable 

Custom packaging in Chilliwack B.C. means using bio-degradable packaging that has the advantage of throwing them into the recycle bin for further recycling and re-use.  


In addition to protecting the environment from start to end, green packaging is also versatile and can be replaced for any regular packaging, giving both the company and its customers a satisfying result. Whether they are electronic goods, pharmaceuticals products or cosmetics, there is green packaging available to suit all your needs. 

Improve the Brand Image of The Company 

When a company uses eco-friendly packaging for its products, it automatically sends a message to its customers that if a company can think so much for protecting the environment, it is truly a reliable one. Therefore, it improves the reputation and brand image of the company that works in favor of the increased profits and sales force of the company. 

No Harmful Plastics 

Green packaging sans the use of harmful substances like plastic. Plastic not only contributes to environmental issues like global warming but also causes serious health hazards to humans and animals. 

It truly is the responsibility of a company to ensure they are being eco-friendly with all of their business practices. By doing so, they are ensuring less waste and garbage from their company, which in turn, draws in more clients to their products. As a company, being eco-friendly in all aspects makes a huge impression on the community around you. From packaging to processes, going green is easier than one may think.  

Various Types of Cardboard Shipping Boxes

cardboard shipping Boxes

Shipping boxes are the most important feature when it comes to the safety of the products being shipped in those boxes. The boxes to be chosen should be in accordance with the content and size of the products that need to be shipped. 

For clothing and non-breakable products, a single-walled box is a good option. But for heavier and delicate products like porcelain and glass, a box with multiple walls is preferred.  In this article, some of the types of cardboard shipping boxes are discussed, have a look below to know more about them in detail. Choosing the right cardboard shipping boxes is critical to get your products where they are going, safely and in one piece. The wrong shipping container can leave your customer with a bad impression if their products arrive broken or damaged before they receive them. 

Packing Wallets 

If you want to transport shallow items, then these are the best-suited cardboard shipping boxes for various purposes. These boxes let you place your products conveniently at the center of these boxes so even if there is tilting, the products will sit firmly inside the boxes. 

Self-Locking Boxes 

These self-locking boxes are the ones perfect for shipping smaller packages. These boxes also have the advantage of being able to customize and adjust as per the needs of the customers. 

Full Overlapping Boxes 

These boxes have flaps that cover the package entirely from the top to bottom creating flaps. The multiple flaps make the boxes stronger and thus can be used to transport heavier materials. Some boxes even come stitched to provide for more strength to the boxes. 

Archive Boxes 

This is yet another kind of cardboard shipping boxes that come with a lid thereby giving you the option to stack it for a longer period of time. These boxes are also cheaper as compared to their other counterparts that are used for shipping products. 

If you are in search of any particular shipping box in Maple Ridge B.C., look for the cardboard boxes to suit your convenience and products you are shipping. There are also innumerable designs available for cardboard boxes depending on the type of cardboard you are using for the shipment of your products. Using the right shipping items is important to not only give your client a great product, but also advertise your company along the entire route. 

Wholesale Display Box Manufacturers

Custom Boxes

Display boxes have become a quintessential part of every industry as they allow you to showcase your products with ease visually. While negotiating with wholesale display box manufacturers can be equally hard, there are ways for you to get a better deal.  

Catching the upper hand in every deal not only saves you on overhead packaging expense, but also gives you time to focus on essential aspects of your operations. Money which would have been spent on a wholesale counter display can be used to improve product design and even fund different marketing efforts.   

Leverage Future Negotiations by Not Compromising on Communications  

Start with a firm stance with what you want and want to achieve. Most manufacturers are willing to meet halfway and serve you with your demands. Also, be reasonable with what your business needs to create a harmonious relationship with your prospective box manufacturing partner.  

Being attentive and proactive with issues will also help you understand the intrinsic nature of a manufacturer’s commitments. As most businessman lives for, a partnership is a two-way process where both benefits from the alliance. An excellent yet reasonable demand will help you build rapport with the wholesale display box manufacturer without coming out as overly demanding.  

Identify Areas that Help Increase Mutual Gain 

Because every partnership involves mutual trust, it is also fitting to understand the manufacturer’s goal so you can increase mutual gains during the agreement process. A good example is when the packaging producer has a staid position on their price, you can focus on other agreement areas including the warranty scope, bulk or wholesale counter display discounts, or the initial downpayment settlement amount. 

Be Ready with an Available Deposit 

If you want to make a good impression and truly leverage your partnership, be ready with at least half or three-quarters of the initial agreement costs. Most manufacturers consider giving big discounts to companies who pay lumps to cover their initial outlay.  

Not only will this give you a better upper hand on your future agreements, but also provide them with the impression of how easy you are to work with.  Covering almost the entire amount during your initial agreement will leverage your partnership so you can have a higher negotiating power at the table.  

 There are several other ways to help you get a better deal with wholesale box manufacturers. You just have to understand that you both are running a business which aims to make profits. Understanding this and meeting halfway is the best course to gain a lasting partnership.  

Spruce Up Your Cardboard Suggestion Box

Custom Boxes

A suggestion drop box is a receptacle that allows people to submit comments, requests, or questions about internal procedures and general topics about their satisfaction. Apart from being a good and useful opinion resource, a suggestion box also becomes an essential aspect of getting random insights from your employees to help boost your employee’s productivity and better company performance.  

A suggestion box is more than just a stereotypical container mounted on the exit wall or break room. You can create ways of bringing out the best of your workers by sprucing up your suggestion box to gain better participation. This standard insight gathering container can be a powerful driver to improve your organization and commit employees to share their ideas.   

A Simple yet Innovative Tool for Improvement 

A supporting mechanism that targets unity organization-wide, a cardboard suggestion box can mean a difference. It is a platform that inspires people to join in and make their voices heard while remaining anonymous about what they think.  

When used effectively, a suggestion box can be used as a receptacle for creativity. It can be used to motivate people about new ideas before they are implemented throughout the whole company. Though a seemingly innocent container, it can also be used to provide comments about dissatisfaction and give management a hint of what’s falling out of place in the workplace environment.  

A suggestion drop box is a simple yet powerful tool to inspire innovation and promoting organization-wide improvement.  

Ways to Spruce Up Your Company’s Suggestion Drop Box 

There are several ways to solicit participation amongst your employees. One is to highlight the box in your reception lobby or put in in a corner with a thought-provoking message and a good background. People who see the suggestion box are likely to drop their comments and opinions.  

Also, make it easy for your employees by providing a piece of paper or a form they can readily fill out. Simplifying and making things convenient for your office workers will add to their participative spirits. Most people are also much more responsive to visually appealing containers. Designing a cardboard suggestion box that pops out from the background.  

Include an eye-catching message with a call to action, so people are forced to join in. But on top of that, make sure that the suggestion box is made from sturdy material, so it lasts for a long time.