Wholesale Display Box Manufacturers

Custom Boxes

Display boxes have become a quintessential part of every industry as they allow you to showcase your products with ease visually. While negotiating with wholesale display box manufacturers can be equally hard, there are ways for you to get a better deal.  

Catching the upper hand in every deal not only saves you on overhead packaging expense, but also gives you time to focus on essential aspects of your operations. Money which would have been spent on a wholesale counter display can be used to improve product design and even fund different marketing efforts.   

Leverage Future Negotiations by Not Compromising on Communications  

Start with a firm stance with what you want and want to achieve. Most manufacturers are willing to meet halfway and serve you with your demands. Also, be reasonable with what your business needs to create a harmonious relationship with your prospective box manufacturing partner.  

Being attentive and proactive with issues will also help you understand the intrinsic nature of a manufacturer’s commitments. As most businessman lives for, a partnership is a two-way process where both benefits from the alliance. An excellent yet reasonable demand will help you build rapport with the wholesale display box manufacturer without coming out as overly demanding.  

Identify Areas that Help Increase Mutual Gain 

Because every partnership involves mutual trust, it is also fitting to understand the manufacturer’s goal so you can increase mutual gains during the agreement process. A good example is when the packaging producer has a staid position on their price, you can focus on other agreement areas including the warranty scope, bulk or wholesale counter display discounts, or the initial downpayment settlement amount. 

Be Ready with an Available Deposit 

If you want to make a good impression and truly leverage your partnership, be ready with at least half or three-quarters of the initial agreement costs. Most manufacturers consider giving big discounts to companies who pay lumps to cover their initial outlay.  

Not only will this give you a better upper hand on your future agreements, but also provide them with the impression of how easy you are to work with.  Covering almost the entire amount during your initial agreement will leverage your partnership so you can have a higher negotiating power at the table.  

 There are several other ways to help you get a better deal with wholesale box manufacturers. You just have to understand that you both are running a business which aims to make profits. Understanding this and meeting halfway is the best course to gain a lasting partnership.  

Spruce Up Your Cardboard Suggestion Box

Custom Boxes

A suggestion drop box is a receptacle that allows people to submit comments, requests, or questions about internal procedures and general topics about their satisfaction. Apart from being a good and useful opinion resource, a suggestion box also becomes an essential aspect of getting random insights from your employees to help boost your employee’s productivity and better company performance.  

A suggestion box is more than just a stereotypical container mounted on the exit wall or break room. You can create ways of bringing out the best of your workers by sprucing up your suggestion box to gain better participation. This standard insight gathering container can be a powerful driver to improve your organization and commit employees to share their ideas.   

A Simple yet Innovative Tool for Improvement 

A supporting mechanism that targets unity organization-wide, a cardboard suggestion box can mean a difference. It is a platform that inspires people to join in and make their voices heard while remaining anonymous about what they think.  

When used effectively, a suggestion box can be used as a receptacle for creativity. It can be used to motivate people about new ideas before they are implemented throughout the whole company. Though a seemingly innocent container, it can also be used to provide comments about dissatisfaction and give management a hint of what’s falling out of place in the workplace environment.  

A suggestion drop box is a simple yet powerful tool to inspire innovation and promoting organization-wide improvement.  

Ways to Spruce Up Your Company’s Suggestion Drop Box 

There are several ways to solicit participation amongst your employees. One is to highlight the box in your reception lobby or put in in a corner with a thought-provoking message and a good background. People who see the suggestion box are likely to drop their comments and opinions.  

Also, make it easy for your employees by providing a piece of paper or a form they can readily fill out. Simplifying and making things convenient for your office workers will add to their participative spirits. Most people are also much more responsive to visually appealing containers. Designing a cardboard suggestion box that pops out from the background.  

Include an eye-catching message with a call to action, so people are forced to join in. But on top of that, make sure that the suggestion box is made from sturdy material, so it lasts for a long time.

Fun Ideas for Your Custom Gift Box

Custom Gift Boxes

If you want to give your customers an excellent shopping experience, a custom printed gift box can make them feel highly appreciated. This packaging material can come with your retinue of services and provide every shopper with an unforgettable shopping experience. Gift boxes in Nanimo, B.C. turn your branding into a functional and tangible packaging solution.  

When given during special occasions, a custom printed gift box makes its recipient feel extraordinary. They usually are part of a complementary entourage given by high-end boutiques, shops, retailers, and resorts to make customers feel valued.  

Perk Up Your Brand with these Fun Gift Box Ideas 

Impressing your customers with a custom gift box is a good way of gaining their clientage for a long time. It increases your branding status and makes your company look extravagant and luxurious.  A lot of companies use gift boxes in Nanimo B.C. not only to promote themselves but increase sales and client loyalty.  

Here are some of the fun ways to decorate your gift boxes: 

  1. Personalized your gift box by including your customer’s name. If you have an anticipated number of customers and a list of recipients, it is best to add their names on the package. This will create a strong impression of how you value the relationship and make them feel awed with the detail.  
  1. Design your gift box with trinket details. Everyone loves an intricately designed gift box. One with beads, flowerets, tiny petals, and shiny craftwork sequence can be admirable in everyone’s eyes.  
  1. A unique box type is always fascinating. Boxes with a non-conventional dimension always catch the recipients attention. It is an excellent way to promote your brand while at the same time keeping your customer glued to what your company has in store.  

Personalizing your Gift Boxes  

Impressing your custom gift box receiver doesn’t have to be hard on your pocket. Most box manufacturers in Nanimo B.C. can design and create your customized packaging material at a discount price.  If you happen to be a business preparing for the holidays, getting a bulk contract early on will save you hundreds of dollars before the season peaks.  

Custom printed gift boxes always resurge every year with luxury brands leading and still taking the design a notch higher. Small businesses can follow the trend with simple ideas to make their customers feel happy. A custom gift box, personalized giveaways, and special packaging make your brand stand out making your customers think priced and appreciated.  

Eco-friendly Corrugated Packaging in Victoria BC

Custom Boxes

Victoria, B.C. is one of the most picturesque places with magnificent sites to visit and beautiful blooms. Because of the city’s growing economy, stiff market competition makes it hard for small and budding businesses to go up against big brands.

Packaging solutions like a customized corrugated box will help your product attract attention from potential customers. It is a cost-effective advertising tool that will help you get a customer base and a better prospect of achieving business growth.

A Lightweight and Cost-effective Packaging Material

If you’ve ever wondered why most industries use corrugated packaging in Victoria BC without flinching, its because the material costs less. Many alternatives can be costly but do not provide the needed protection for your items, giving you just an overhead expense and harming your brand reputation.

A corrugated box, on the other hand, is not only lightweight and cost-effective but is also sturdy enough to keep your shipping items safe. They are made from recycled paper with a fluted cardboard sheet sandwiched between two thick liners. Its strength gives it the durability you need from packaging material and its weight carrying ability makes it ideal for any industry.

Different Wall Constructions to Suit Your Business Needs

Unlike floppy cartons which easily wrinkles and collapses, a corrugated box has several wall designs to suit your business needs. Single-walled boxes have three lightweight layers of fiberboards while a double-walled box has two fluted sheets of cardboard sandwiched between three layers backing paperboard material.

There also exists a robust variant, the triple-walled corrugated box, made from three fluted boards and four linerboards. Thess packaging solutions are the strongest materials for your shipping needs.

Environmental-Friendly Packing Alternatives

With companies shifting to eco-friendly packaging solutions, corrugated boxes still stand out as one of the safest. They are not only recyclable, but they are also biodegradable materials. A paperboard takes only as little as three months to decompose, and a tightly packed sheet can take up to a year. Unlike plastic and other packing alternatives which lasts for decades, corrugated boxes are broken down by nature.

With people becoming conscientious about harmful wastes, more and more are starting to reuse corrugated packaging in Victoria, BC. The paperboard material can be folded flat for storing and can be refolded into a sturdy box whenever needed. With companies using this type of packaging solution, not only are they making their products presentable, but they are providing their customers with high-quality shipping containers which can be reused anytime.

Common Types of Shipping Tubes in Kelowna B.C.

Shipping Tubes in Kelowna B.C.

A shipping tube is a cylindrical-shaped packaging material used to ship rolled items like paintings, essential documents, brochures, and long objects like a fishing rod. It is more commonly used by shipping companies when handling things that are often susceptible to water and human grasps during shipment.

Shipping tubes are not only a good packaging solution for tubular and sensitive materials, but they can also be recycled to help organize some of your typical household stuff. It recyclability makes it an ideal packaging material providing both protection and versatility of use. Not known by many, but shipping tubes in Kelowna BC also come in many different shapes and sizes depending on the application.

Shipping tubes you’d commonly find in Kelowna, B.C.

Round Mailing Tubes – Round mailing tubes are the standard tubular-shaped material you’ve probably been given when sending a blueprint or poster. They are commonly constructed using the spiral-wound method to make them survive the typical challenges of shipping. White and kraft mailing tubes are more widely used, but custom tubes with various colors are readily available for a personalized shipment.

Square Mailing Tubes – Square mailing tubes come out of the ordinary because they are tubular shipping boxes with the length of the shipped object. Documents, brochures, or invitations are still rolled to fit, but they do not conform to the packaging material. A square mailing tube has openings at both ends making insertion and content removal easier.

Telescopic Mailing Tubes – The telescopic mailing tube is one of the most versatile shipping tubes in Kelowna, BC because it expands itself in length. They are constructed using the spiral-wound technique and provides the same level of protection as the conventional rounded mailing tube. Your items can be sealed by sliding the end caps over the tube end.

When do you need a shipping tube?

Shipping items come in many different shapes and sizes, and this is what a mailing tube tries to address. Documents can be shipped on a square box, but they would take too much space on a vehicle. The tubular shaped packaging material is easy to identify and is made from sturdy cardboard material to provide the needed protection.

Most items also do not conform to the traditional boxes we have because they either take too much space or do not provide the necessary protection you would expect. Custom tubes are far better packaging materials for items that are long, cylindrical-shaped, or can be rolled into a neat file without being crumpled.

Using Large Boxes for Shipping

Custom Boxes

Not all boxes are created equal, and not everyone understands that a moving box and a shipping box has several differences. Most people are looking for a packing material just directly go for any type of container without realizing how it can protect their belongings. While both boxes are made from corrugated cardboard, their thickness and solidity vary.

Standard large moving boxes are generally used by moving companies and storage facilities. They are ideal for packing or shipping products to stores and groceries but are not as strong as large shipping boxes. They usually have a pre-cut handle for ease of movement and has to be transported upright because small items can escape.

Knowing a box’s strength just by looking at it

Most boxes have a look and feel that easily allow you to distinguish their strength capacity. Because corrugated cardboard boxes almost always look the same, there are ways to test whether they can provide the protection you need when moving your items.

The packaging industry has a test and analysis process for corrugated boxes called the three-point bending and evaluation. This test allows you to analyze how stiff the material is and whether it can be used for the purpose you have. Large shipping boxes with a bending stiffness that cannot be easily crimped or curled are definitely stronger than one which can be easily folded.

Analyzing the traverse shear stiffness of a box also allows you to gauge its rigidity and hold. The stiffness of each section and the bending ability of the box are crucial points to consider when looking for the appropriate box you need.

Large shipping boxes have better strength capacity

Though the words moving and shipping are often intertwined together, there also is a difference between the two. “Moving” involves getting a product or item to a particular destination while “shipping” involves long distances and are often met with unpredictable circumstances. Boxes for shipping are ideally used for protecting your valuables because they are sturdy enough to withstand long hauls, moves, and transfers.

Corrugated boxes are commonly customized, so you need to figure out what type of box suits your purpose. Thicker board grades provide ample amounts of protection and are an excellent option when shipping materials. The good thing about cardboard boxes is the availability of different styles to suit your needs. You just have to determine how the box will be used so you can choose the best one for your needs.

Stand Out with Custom Retail Packaging

Custom Retail Packaging

Our consumerist world has given life to some of the most little known industries including the box manufacturing business. Because almost all products seek attention, companies employ several means are ensured their brand stand out. One of the most reliable ways of getting the attention of your intended audience is through a custom retail packaging which allows your products to be easily identified.

Prominent brands are not just famous for the quality of products they have, but also because they offer something that captures the attention of their consumers. More than anything, using customized cardboard packaging makes your customers feel valued compared to using generic cardboard boxes.

Custom retail packaging increases sales and brand participation

Growing sales, brand recognition, and engagement are some of the most obvious factors why packaging matters. It affects the buying decisions of people who see your product evoking emotions and influencing their decisions. Although product value can be subjective, people who mention a product to provide them with such are unaware of how the packaging aroused their choice.

Although we might not be consciously aware, seeing something appealing changes our rational decision-making influencing our purchasing choices. Custom retail packaging lets you broadcast your brand while at the same time allowing people to hear about your brand’s fantastic stories. This type of packaging is an ingenious way of saving on marketing expense and getting a good impact that helps build your business.

Increase your social media presence with a custom retail packaging

As the world of digital media continues to grow, more and more people are looking into the reliability of social media to help with their marketing campaigns. A product with an exciting-looking package is more likely to get more attention than a product packaged with unlabelled brown cardboard.

Not only are you able to personalize your messages with a custom retail box, but it is a cost-effective and sustainable solution. Unlike traditional advertising where you have to spend thousands of dollars on limited airtime, this form of marketing gives you the freedom to create your message directed towards highly converting audiences.

If you want to leverage your brand’s social media presence, cardboard packaging does more good to give you the return-on-investment. It is an excellent material to help influence people’s choices and increase sales. An eye-catching design and a clear message invokes people’s interests and gives you better business profitability.

Supplier of Wholesale Boxes in Kamloops B.C.

Wholesale Boxes

Just as daunting as looking for the appropriate shipping box, looking for a business partner to provide you with wholesale boxes in Kamloops, B.C. is equally hard. It often is marred with partners that either gives you with low-quality products or cannot produce the right amounts for your business.

But more than providing you with the amount you demand or quality you need, one that provides you with the unseen benefits can be a blessing. Cost-effectiveness, durability, and market reputation are some critical considerations before getting a manufacturer on board to provide you with corrugated boxes.

Cost-effectiveness always plays a key

If you aim for rapid business growth, extra outlay like packaging should not constitute a large portion of your overall expense. It should only cover as much as 10% of the total expenditure and not many more. Pricey products though can have a big spread when it comes to product presentation and provides more than the necessary budget on their packaging material.

But if your business is anywhere from small to mid-sized, having the right partner to provide you with wholesale boxes in Kamloops, B.C. will guarantee you get the revenue to help your business grow. Corrugated boxes also come in different styles, shapes, and sizes and you would want to find one that provides you with the specifications you need.

Look for a partner with a market reputation

Reliable suppliers always guarantee to provide what your business needs. Market reputation is one crucial aspect of determining a supplier’s credibility and exactness in delivering quality service. Most often, businesses make the wrong choice in choosing cheaper quality boxes from suppliers who are not familiar with the industry standards.

If you want complete peace of mind and smooth operations, starting your business with the right footing will quick start everything. Packaging materials are just ripped apart by consumers, but they are the window of your business. A suitable packaging material using appropriate corrugated boxes do not only make your product presentable, but it can make it stand out from the line of similar items sitting on the same shelf.

There are many ways to increase your overall business growth and using customized corrugated boxes in Kamloops, B.C. is a sure-fire way of capturing the attention of your potential customers. It doesn’t matter if you are on the cosmetics, clothing, or an e-commerce industry, you would find use with a sturdy box to protect your items and increase product viability.

Reasons to Use Cardboard Pop Displays

Cardboard Pop Displays

Many owners of retail shops and boutiques use wooden displays to showcase their products, but the use of cardboard pop displays is also becoming popular. You will notice cardboard display stands and shelves being used during trade shows and even outside various shops as a point of purchase (POP) displays.

If you are opening a retail shop and pondering about what type of display material you should use, here are several reasons why you should consider using cardboard pop displays over wooden ones:

It is Versatile

One of the best things about using a cardboard pop displays is its versatility. You can order a cardboard display in all shapes and sizes and even incorporate whatever design you want without trouble. Considering that corrugated cardboard is a highly adaptable material, it can be made to suit your exact requirements at the shortest time possible.

While wood can be shaped in various sizes as well, the process is only accessible in theory as individual machines and cutting equipment would be needed to create the final product. The manufacturing process is not just more difficult but much more expensive as well.

It is Portable

If you want to change the layout and appearance of your shop by moving things around, you can do so alone since corrugated displays are light and movable. When you have wooden displays, you need to hire help every time you think of changing the set-up of your shop. Moreover, since the counter top display in Abbotsford B.C. is foldable, you can easily store them or bring them to other locations for promotions or road shows.

It is Cheap

As a newbie business owner, you cannot afford to spend so much at the onset. Imagine how much a single wooden display would cost and multiply that to the number of display shelves or stand that you would need. A counter top display in Abbotsford B.C. is cheap and given that it can practically provide everything that a wooden presentation can offer, using it would be the most cost-effective option.

It is Adaptable

You can readily transform the overall design of cardboard displays to suit the theme of your shop for a specific period even without professional help. For instance, during valentine’s day sale, you can cover all your display stands with red paper or add graphic heart designs to suit the occasion. If you use wood displays, changing them means hiring professional help and spending a hefty amount.

Given the many benefits described above, you can readily tell how cardboard pop displays can be advantageous for your business. Think about all these things as you make up your mind, so you would not feel regretful in the end.

Product Packaging Unboxing Experience

Product Packaging

If you are in the online retailing business, you need to employ various strategies to be able to stand out and beat the competition. While there is no one sure way to get the attention of online customers, creating a satisfying unboxing experience for your clients can undoubtedly impress them.

The unboxing trend started booming in 2016 and most likely here to stay. YouTube is packed with millions of unboxing videos which means it has a loyal following. More than the product you are selling, your packaging now counts more than ever.

Creating a pleasurable unboxing experience for your clients means you need to ditch your regular shipping box and rely on project packaging. Keep in mind that a positive unboxing experience is all about the packaging. Customized printed foldable boxes would do wonders for the following reasons:

Aesthetic Potential

While product boxes are primarily used to protect the goods during shipping, it is now a valuable marketing tool. No matter how impressive your product is, online customers wouldn’t even try your product unless the packaging impresses them.

Try watching the most popular unboxing videos online, and you will see how much time the reviewer spends commenting on the packaging. Do you think a lousy cardboard box would be featured and shared on social media?

When you use printed foldable boxes with a carefully thought out design, you are not only giving your clients a positive unboxing experience but promoting your brand as well. The moment your customized mailing boxes caught the fancy of consumers, you will experience free referral and advertisements as your clients share them online.

Perfect Dimension

Apart from the design, using customized cardboard mailing boxes provide the best unboxing experience because they perfectly match the size of your product. When your customers receive the items they ordered, they would be impressed to see that everything is neatly and orderly packed. This instance would be highly unlikely if you insist on using ready-made boxes since they were manufactured without considering the size of your product.


One of the means to create a satisfying unboxing experience is by giving your customers the type of packaging they want. Numerous surveys showed how the majority of consumers demand environment-friendly packaging. So what can be more eco-friendly than printed foldable boxes, right?

The reasons above are more than enough evidence to show you the value of using project packaging to create a satisfying unboxing experience for your clients. Naturally, when you meet their unboxing “needs,” your business will also experience positive gains.