Reasons to Opt for Carton Packaging for Men’s Apparel

digitally printed mailer dress boxThe apparel business is quite lucrative. If you can develop unique, quality, and competitively priced designs, it is possible to grow a successful business. Choosing the right packaging will also have some impact. Carton is a popular choice of packaging material that offers several worthwhile benefits, whether you are a new entrant into the industry or are already well established.

Customizable Designs

Cartons can be made to a wide variety of dimensions. So whether you are shipping a bulk order to a retail store or want to make up smaller boxes for individual pieces being sold directly to consumers online, your box manufacturer should be able to customize to whatever sizing. Being easily foldable also makes the transport and storage of said boxes to buyers easier.

They can also be easily customized in terms of colors, graphics, and other design features. This ability helps in the branding and marketing of the apparel that is being packaged. The packaging can often play a role in attracting the attention of shoppers, making them want to buy an item. The better the quality of the design and construction of the packaging, the better an impression it will make. The versatility of cartons to be designed in whatever way makes them a good option for displaying and marketing men’s apparel.


A box can be customized to easily display the contents within. Whether it is by leaving a section open or covered with a clear plastic window, this customizable feature helps make the contents more visible and verifiable. Men tend to want a quicker shopping experience. Once they can verify that a clothing item meets their demands, they will quickly make a purchasing decision. Such designs also tend to make the item more lightweight, which is more convenient for the shopper. Reducing the material put into the packaging can also make it cheaper for the seller.


Though this kind of packaging can be lightweight, it is also quite durable. It can withstand the stresses of normal transit, ably protecting the contents within. Because men’s apparel is chiefly made up of fabric, there is less risk of damage from the contents within, even if conditions are rough during transit.


Carton packaging is recyclable. This is a big benefit to the environment and often satisfies modern consumers who prefer to pay for products that do not contribute to the degradation of the environment. It allows the packaging to be reused in making new packaging and provides a good sustainable source of material for manufacturers. Because it is already processed, the repeat manufacturing process is carried out much faster and at a lower cost.

Impact Of Investing In Quality Vodka Packaging

Custom folding cartonThe spirits business is a competitive one. Walk into any wines and spirits shop and you will find the shelves packed with a huge array of options. Vodka makes a significant portion of this market and for those looking to join in, the presentation should matter. Vodka packaging can be customized in a variety of ways and must be carefully chosen to achieve the desired impact. Here is why you will want to do the necessary research and testing before committing to this investment.


To entice consumers to buy your vodka product, you need to build a brand presence that resonates with their values. Your brand must impart a strong and positive image that will attract interest and make them want to try the product. If satisfied, the consumer will then have a positive association with the brand and will be more likely to become a repeat customer.

Packaging is vital as in branding. The vodka box they see is often the first connection they will have with the brand and become the key identifier of the product. The quality of the packaging will give an impression of the quality of the contents within, hence the need to invest wisely here.

Also, the more of a positive emotional connection the design makes with consumers, the more likely they will feel motivated to keep purchasing the product. Emotional themes like the spirit of adventure, luxury, and reward often override other considerations when buying a product, like its cost and functionality. Consider what your target market values most and incorporate that in developing a brand they will emotionally connect with and become brand loyal.


As said, a visit to any liquor store or section at the supermarket will demonstrate just how congested the wines and spirits business is. There are many brands to choose from, both local and foreign. Being visible to consumers means trying to ensure your brand stands apart from the crowd. Careful market research is needed to ensure that the vodka packaging of the product can effectively draw the eye of observers.

The visual impact of packaging can be more profound than even the taste of the spirit. In many cases, the taste between brands can be quite similar, hence the need to make the brand appear more distinct using packaging design features that will give the impression they are beholding a quality product. From coloring and graphics to the use of embossing and labels, ensure your design reflects the values you want your consumers to associate with your brand.

What To Look Out For When Receiving Food In Gift Boxes

custom mailer box blissFood gift items are a popular choice, especially around the festive season. They just seem more heartwarming and personal. However, they also entail more risks than other gift options. The risk of food poisoning or other contamination can be quite high so it pays to find out the details of how the item has been packaged and shipped before eating anything. Here are a few details you need to verify to improve the chances your delivery will arrive in a good and safe condition for you to consume.

Keep Refrigerated

Perishable food gift items should always be kept at a temperature of 40 degrees Fahrenheit or lower. The food itself should be wrapped in foam or other insulating material with a cold pack or dry ice before being placed in sturdy gift boxes. The gift box itself should ideally also be made of heavy-duty cardboard that can ably support the weight and will not easily disintegrate if exposed to moisture.

Ship at The Beginning of the Week

Even though many shippers may claim they work 24/7, it is risky to attempt shipping at the end of the week. Check the date the package was sent out for delivery. You may find that those sent towards the end of the week have sat at the shipper’s warehouse through the weekend. More than next-day delivery on some perishable food items can be dangerous.

Same or Next Day Delivery

Expedited delivery is a must when sending out food gift items. Especially if they are of the easily perishable variety like meats, soft cheeses, and fruit. The package should have been delivered within a day of being sent out. Any cold packaging will have a limit as to how long it can hold. Any longer and the contents will warm up and become unsafe to eat.

Ensure Appropriate Labeling

The seller should invest in a custom gift box that clearly indicates that the contents are perishable and should be kept refrigerated. They should have clear labeling that provides this information to the shipper so they know how to facilitate delivery.

Check Ingredients

Most dry and hard baked goods can safely last a few days in transit. But do check the ingredients that have been used. Some are more delicate and perishable, like cream cheese and custard. These can easily form mold and spoil the entire contents. The seller should ideally provide a list of ingredients in the packaging also as a safety measure for those with allergies.

How To Preserve Packing Boxes And Cartons

Eco-Friendly Packaging, Eco Friendly Custom BoxesNow more than ever before, people are finding themselves easily accumulating a variety of boxes and cardboard. This is often a result of online shopping and home deliveries. The items they buy often arrive in boxes. If the box is in good shape even after unpacking, it is very tempting to want to preserve it for later use. These boxes can often be a big help when you later want to send out a package or when moving. It is also environmentally friendly to reuse these boxes and when deteriorated, recycling them. And although quite lightweight, these boxes can be very durable. But you need to store them correctly to best preserve them for reuse.

Clear Out Every Content

Before you can put away boxes and cartons for an indefinite amount of time, you have to ensure they are clear of any contents and debris. This can be especially important if they were used to ship food items. Leaving remnants of food in a box can encourage insect or pest activity that can damage the box. Take out any packing materials like packing peanuts or bubble wrap as well. You want to be able to flatten the box easily.


Once you have emptied the box you need to open it up at the top and bottom to help flatten it properly. Storing boxes and cartons in the state they arrived in will take up a lot of space, especially if they are of a similar and larger size. Flattening them is a space saver and will allow you to pile up many boxes in even a small space. If you have tape on the box that is scrunched up, try to gently pull it off so it does not damage the cardboard.

Size Them Up

To further save on space, try to pile similar-sized boxes together. Mixing the sizes will likely lead to a waste of space as smaller boxes will end up taking up as much space as the larger ones when flattened. Keeping them organized by size will also make it easier to retrieve the particular size box you want when you need it.


Keep going back from time to time to ensure the boxes are still in good condition. Especially if they are stored in an area where pests might get in or they may be exposed to moisture. It can help to stack them on a shelf or pallet that keeps them off the ground and reduces the risk of this possible damage.

Information to Always Include on Shipping Tags

shipping labelWhen shipping materials from the seller to buyer, there is information you will need to share to facilitate the process. A small mistake when labeling can cause a shipment to get lost and end up costing the seller extra money in having to replace it. The delay can also result in the reputation of the seller suffering. Timely deliveries are a big part of what pleases customers and makes them more likely to order again. Here are some key details you must always include on your shipping tags or labels.

Full Address

A full address will list the recipient’s name, street address, postal code, and country. Sometimes you may include the city or province alongside the postal code. The absence of any of these details, or wrong information can have the shipment end up in the wrong place or not delivered at all if invalid.

True Name

Always ensure that the recipient has given you their real name when labeling their shipment. This is because most carriers will require some form of legally recognized identification to allow for pick up. Even where delivery is being made to an address, there are times the shipment may not be dropped off, requiring the person to then visit a collection point where they may be asked for ID. The recipient should preferably provide all names that appear on whatever government-issued ID they use. And the names should be in the same order.


Avoid using abbreviations when indicating the country name on shipping tags. Some countries have similar codes and there may be confusion as to whether you are referring to a country, province, or city. Indicate the name of the country in full and using capital letters. This should ideally be on the last line of the address you are giving.

Post Code/City/Province

Some countries have provinces, like Canada and Japan. You need to indicate the province for their postal system to know where to deliver the package. In these cases, abbreviations can be fine as long as it lands in the right country. Be sure to look up the right abbreviation to avoid mistakes. Even one letter off can make the address invalid. In other countries, you may find there are no postcodes. You can usually use zeroes if the shipper requires a postcode anyway. Do a little online research to get a clear idea of how address details normally look for the country you are shipping to. This can help you notice any mistakes in the details the recipient provided and ask them to clarify.

Understanding How To Store An Unopened Whisky Box

Wine Bottle Box WoodWhether you are a connoisseur or not, chances are you want to know how best to store any unopened whisky. For many people, this liquor can be a pricey purchase or gift they want to save for a special occasion. But to preserve its flavor you need to be careful about how you stash it away.

It is important to first note that whisky does degrade with time once the bottle is opened. Exposure to light, temperature change, and oxygen will affect the liquor. This is why it is advisable to finish off a bottle within 2 months of having opened it. if you want to keep your whisky for longer, then you should not open it up but learn how to store it while unopened.

Keep It In The Box

The two main enemies of whisky in an unopened bottle are light and temperature change. Keeping this liquor in the whisky box it came in is a good way to block out both these factors. Cardboard and wood are very good insulators as they do not easily conduct thermal energy. They are also opaque, thereby blocking out the light that may cause chemicals in the whiskey to react and possibly change its taste and become bitter. This problem is more pronounced when the liquor is exposed to natural light. Artificial lights are less of a problem but should still be avoided for the best results.

Keep It Upright

There is a good reason your whisky bottle is never filled to the brim. The alcohol is quite harsh and can easily degrade the cork used to seal the bottle. Keeping the whisky box upright is a good way to preserve the space between the two and avoid the cork degrading. If it starts breaking down in the bottle it can alter the taste of the liquor and eventually let in oxygen. Oxidation can also change the taste of your whisky.

Keep It Cool

While whisky packaging is often made of good insulating materials like cardboard and wood, they still need a little extra help in preserving your liquor. Fluctuations in temperature can cause the glass of the bottle to expand and contract, compromising the sealing ability of the cork. Humidity on the outside may also damage the bottle labels which can disfigure the appearance of your bottle and cause it to lose value. Place your stock of unopened whisky bottles in a cool and stable environment. Basements and wine cellars are often good options.

Reasons To Invest In Sustainable Retail Packaging

Mailer boxRetail packaging has a strong influence on branding. The designs can be used to broadcast information on products and where they can be found. Packaging can be a silent but effective mode of promotion that does much more than provide a convenient means of carrying around shopping.

With the current crop of consumers also being highly environmentally conscious, packaging can also be used to share the knowledge that a business is just as interested in safeguarding the planet. Through the use of custom retail packaging, such messages can be easily conveyed and provide several benefits to businesses.

Reduces carbon footprint

Many people now want to limit their carbon footprint because they understand that even with what may seem minor effort from many, the environment can rebound. This makes them more inclined to shop from businesses and brands that can help them reach this goal by offering green-based packaging. Offering such retail packaging can help highlight your organization’s corporate responsibility efforts. It will showcase your brand in a more positive light that can encourage repeat business and attract new patronage.

Reduced costs and pollution

Many manufacturers of green-based packaging will offer discounts on bulk purchases. This is a win for businesses as it allows them to make bigger savings on this expense. Bulk orders also mean having to order packaging fewer times. This means lower transport costs and reduced associated pollution.

Toxic-free disposal

Sustainable packaging is made to ensure no or minimal harm to the environment. Even if they find their way to landfills or forests, they will safely degrade, ensuring that no dangerous toxins or allergens end up harming the environment. This can be a relief for businesses to know their product packaging does not cause injury to the environment and can be used as a selling point for consumers that are just as concerned about how their purchases can impact nature.


Recyclable product packaging is more than just good for the environment. It means they can be safely reused to make new packaging. Because the material is already processed, less energy is used in remaking it into new packaging. Besides cutting down on the need for raw materials, recycling also aids in reducing energy needs for production processes. Less waste is also generated that will end up having to be disposed of in the environment. These reductions can then translate into lower production costs and therefore even greater savings for businesses that buy packaging materials made from such recyclable sources.

Making A Folding Carton Stronger

Custom folding cartonThe folding carton is one of the most common types of product packaging you will find in the retail market. Though quite lightweight, rigid, and customizable, they can often be seen as less secure for heavier and more fragile items. Even with printed folding cartons that can warn of a need to handle the item carefully, damage still often occurs, calling for a need to reinforce the box. Here are ways you can better safeguard the contents of such packaging and avoid unnecessary replacement expenses for the business.

Use Inserts

Inserts that are designed to conform to the shape of the contents in the box can be a big help in keeping them stabilized and less vulnerable to harm. They can also help strengthen the corners of the box, making them less likely to collapse inwards. By strengthening the box from the inside, it reduces the risk of contents becoming smashed if stacked.

Pad The Bottom

Adding an extra layer of cardboard at the bottom of the box can help offer more support for the weight above. It can also help to even out the weight on the bottom, reducing the risk that the flap coming open. If exposed to moisture, it can provide an extra barrier to penetration deeper into the box, helping to protect any contents that may be damaged from such exposure.

Tape Up the Edges

The edges of a folding carton can easily lose shape and rigidity if exposed to moisture. Taping up along these lines can help provide a barrier to such moisture penetration. It can also strengthen and help hold the shape of the box if under pressure from stacking. Always choose duct tape over masking tape as this offers better strength and protection. You can apply the tape severally along the same edges to reinforce further.

Seal The Gaps

Folding cartons tend to have at least one side that is closed using a flap. The majority of the basic designs have this as the case on the bottom and top sides. Sealing these flaps can reduce the risk of the box coming open while in transit. You can easily accomplish this by applying glue along this edge when closing. It will keep the shape of the box more rigid, and where the bottom is openable, ensure the base is better supported.


Laminating printed folding cartons strengthens the structure of the box. It reduces the problem of cracks forming along folds. It also makes applying graphic designs easier and more appealing thanks to the glossy aesthetic achieved. It is also handy for protection against dirt, moisture, and other contaminants.

Guide To Saving Big On Shipping Supplies

Eco-Friendly Packaging, Eco Friendly Custom BoxesMore and more businesses are selling their products online. This means also having to arrange for shipping of the products to buyers. While how much shipping companies will charge for this service is important, so too is the cost that goes into packaging products for transport. Shipping boxes, envelopes, and bags are stock in trade. But other materials are needed to ensure items are well-secured and able to survive transit. Shipping supplies like tape, bubble wrap, labels, and twine are very useful in this. Here is how you can access such supplies at an affordable or even free cost.

Shop Around

In much the same way as you would shop around for an affordable yet quality box manufacturer, so too should you seek out supplies for shipping. A good place to start is with the box manufacturer you already use. Many such businesses have expanded to include shipping & packing materials in their product lines. You will be in a better position to negotiate for discounts that will make such orders even more affordable. Try to time your purchases for the same time as when ordering boxes.

Order Free Supplies from Shippers

Many major shippers like UPS, USPS, and FedEx offer free or deeply discounted shipping & packing materials for clients that use certain services like priority shipping. You will likely need to log into their websites to look up such deals or visit a service center to enquire. If you qualify, USPS can even have your mail carrier deliver them to your premises for free.

Print Yourself

Rather than order pre-printed labels or be forced to take time handwriting them, consider investing in your own printer. Brand new thermal label printers can be a bit pricey but in the long run, you get to save as they do not rely on ink cartridges and toner.

Look for Recyclables

Filler materials like newspapers and other packing materials can be easily got in cities and towns where there are recycling initiatives. People will often post the availability of such supplies that can be picked up for free via social media, online classifieds, and bulletin boards.

Reach Out to Other Businesses

Shipping supplies like filler material, inserts, and even boxes can be freely or cheaply sourced from businesses that receive their stocks in bulk. From department stores to supermarkets, many such businesses are often happy to have anyone take these items off their hands. Target looking around late at night or very early in the morning when they are unloading shipments and stocking shelves.

How To Create Liquor Packaging That Makes Your Product More Competitive

Wine Bottle Box WoodDespite the ups and down the global economy has faced in recent times, it continues to thrive. The entrepreneurial spirit carries on as evidenced by the many new ventures that keep popping up. The number of new entrants can however make for a highly competitive market that calls for both newcomers and existing businesses to get creative in how they can secure their market share.

For those in the liquor business, packaging can play a key role in defining products. Here is how such businesses can use liquor packaging to preserve and keep growing their client numbers.

Revamp Your Box Design

When people shop for liquor in stores or online, they are drawn to eye-catching designs. You need to make use of a design that allows your product to stand out from the competition and will catch the attention of whoever is browsing. When ordering a prototype of the liquor box you want to use, go out to stores that will stock your brand and see if they can be confused with a competitor’s offering. Make whatever changes that will make your product easily distinguishable and therefore recognizable to your target clients.

Find A Cause

Today’s consumers are quite morally conscious. From the environment to homelessness, they prefer to support businesses that in turn support social causes. Find a way to align your brand with a positive cause and incorporate this message into your liquor box design. You will find that consumers that share the same views will be more likely to choose your product as a show of support.

Add Value

When people are faced with many options of the one thing they want, it can be difficult to make a decision. You can help gain their attention by offering extra value to their purchase. It could be anything from a complimentary shot glass to a recipe for a delicious cocktail on the liquor packaging. However, you display these offerings, ensure that it is professionally done to impress potential buyers, and encourage them to give your product a try.

Test And Review

When launching a new product, or relaunching an old one with new packaging, it can help to get impressions from your clients before committing to a full order. You can get liquor stores and bars to offer free samples and collect information from buyers on what they think of the new designs. Use this feedback to settle on the final design you think will get the best response from shoppers.