Supplier of Wholesale Boxes in Kamloops B.C.

Wholesale Boxes

Just as daunting as looking for the appropriate shipping box, looking for a business partner to provide you with wholesale boxes in Kamloops, B.C. is equally hard. It often is marred with partners that either gives you with low-quality products or cannot produce the right amounts for your business.

But more than providing you with the amount you demand or quality you need, one that provides you with the unseen benefits can be a blessing. Cost-effectiveness, durability, and market reputation are some critical considerations before getting a manufacturer on board to provide you with corrugated boxes.

Cost-effectiveness always plays a key

If you aim for rapid business growth, extra outlay like packaging should not constitute a large portion of your overall expense. It should only cover as much as 10% of the total expenditure and not many more. Pricey products though can have a big spread when it comes to product presentation and provides more than the necessary budget on their packaging material.

But if your business is anywhere from small to mid-sized, having the right partner to provide you with wholesale boxes in Kamloops, B.C. will guarantee you get the revenue to help your business grow. Corrugated boxes also come in different styles, shapes, and sizes and you would want to find one that provides you with the specifications you need.

Look for a partner with a market reputation

Reliable suppliers always guarantee to provide what your business needs. Market reputation is one crucial aspect of determining a supplier’s credibility and exactness in delivering quality service. Most often, businesses make the wrong choice in choosing cheaper quality boxes from suppliers who are not familiar with the industry standards.

If you want complete peace of mind and smooth operations, starting your business with the right footing will quick start everything. Packaging materials are just ripped apart by consumers, but they are the window of your business. A suitable packaging material using appropriate corrugated boxes do not only make your product presentable, but it can make it stand out from the line of similar items sitting on the same shelf.

There are many ways to increase your overall business growth and using customized corrugated boxes in Kamloops, B.C. is a sure-fire way of capturing the attention of your potential customers. It doesn’t matter if you are on the cosmetics, clothing, or an e-commerce industry, you would find use with a sturdy box to protect your items and increase product viability.

Reasons to Use Cardboard Pop Displays

Cardboard Pop Displays

Many owners of retail shops and boutiques use wooden displays to showcase their products, but the use of cardboard pop displays is also becoming popular. You will notice cardboard display stands and shelves being used during trade shows and even outside various shops as a point of purchase (POP) displays.

If you are opening a retail shop and pondering about what type of display material you should use, here are several reasons why you should consider using cardboard pop displays over wooden ones:

It is Versatile

One of the best things about using a cardboard pop displays is its versatility. You can order a cardboard display in all shapes and sizes and even incorporate whatever design you want without trouble. Considering that corrugated cardboard is a highly adaptable material, it can be made to suit your exact requirements at the shortest time possible.

While wood can be shaped in various sizes as well, the process is only accessible in theory as individual machines and cutting equipment would be needed to create the final product. The manufacturing process is not just more difficult but much more expensive as well.

It is Portable

If you want to change the layout and appearance of your shop by moving things around, you can do so alone since corrugated displays are light and movable. When you have wooden displays, you need to hire help every time you think of changing the set-up of your shop. Moreover, since the counter top display in Abbotsford B.C. is foldable, you can easily store them or bring them to other locations for promotions or road shows.

It is Cheap

As a newbie business owner, you cannot afford to spend so much at the onset. Imagine how much a single wooden display would cost and multiply that to the number of display shelves or stand that you would need. A counter top display in Abbotsford B.C. is cheap and given that it can practically provide everything that a wooden presentation can offer, using it would be the most cost-effective option.

It is Adaptable

You can readily transform the overall design of cardboard displays to suit the theme of your shop for a specific period even without professional help. For instance, during valentine’s day sale, you can cover all your display stands with red paper or add graphic heart designs to suit the occasion. If you use wood displays, changing them means hiring professional help and spending a hefty amount.

Given the many benefits described above, you can readily tell how cardboard pop displays can be advantageous for your business. Think about all these things as you make up your mind, so you would not feel regretful in the end.

Product Packaging Unboxing Experience

Product Packaging

If you are in the online retailing business, you need to employ various strategies to be able to stand out and beat the competition. While there is no one sure way to get the attention of online customers, creating a satisfying unboxing experience for your clients can undoubtedly impress them.

The unboxing trend started booming in 2016 and most likely here to stay. YouTube is packed with millions of unboxing videos which means it has a loyal following. More than the product you are selling, your packaging now counts more than ever.

Creating a pleasurable unboxing experience for your clients means you need to ditch your regular shipping box and rely on project packaging. Keep in mind that a positive unboxing experience is all about the packaging. Customized printed foldable boxes would do wonders for the following reasons:

Aesthetic Potential

While product boxes are primarily used to protect the goods during shipping, it is now a valuable marketing tool. No matter how impressive your product is, online customers wouldn’t even try your product unless the packaging impresses them.

Try watching the most popular unboxing videos online, and you will see how much time the reviewer spends commenting on the packaging. Do you think a lousy cardboard box would be featured and shared on social media?

When you use printed foldable boxes with a carefully thought out design, you are not only giving your clients a positive unboxing experience but promoting your brand as well. The moment your customized mailing boxes caught the fancy of consumers, you will experience free referral and advertisements as your clients share them online.

Perfect Dimension

Apart from the design, using customized cardboard mailing boxes provide the best unboxing experience because they perfectly match the size of your product. When your customers receive the items they ordered, they would be impressed to see that everything is neatly and orderly packed. This instance would be highly unlikely if you insist on using ready-made boxes since they were manufactured without considering the size of your product.


One of the means to create a satisfying unboxing experience is by giving your customers the type of packaging they want. Numerous surveys showed how the majority of consumers demand environment-friendly packaging. So what can be more eco-friendly than printed foldable boxes, right?

The reasons above are more than enough evidence to show you the value of using project packaging to create a satisfying unboxing experience for your clients. Naturally, when you meet their unboxing “needs,” your business will also experience positive gains.

Packaging Boxes in Coquitlam B.C.

Packaging Boxes in Coquitlam B.C.

Packaging is an essential part of every product that requires shipping, whether it is for a gift, greetings, or confectionary. The demand for this type of material essentially creates the need for having proper custom packaging that will serve the need of the user. Packaging boxes in Coquitlam B.C. are the perfect solution to have such a customized solution for packaging your products.

Unlike other folding cartons, these boxes are assembled at the place of manufacture and transported. These boxes are used either for creating a high perceived value or for protecting any high-value product. Since they are carried pre-setup, there is no additional labor required to finish up the box or tray.

Greeting Card and Stationary

Since setup boxes are made of heavyweight and sturdy paperboard while maintaining an elegant and appealing look many greeting companies look up to these packaging solutions for packing their products. The type of boxes required for this purpose includes –

  • Greeting Card Boxes
  • Box Sets
  • Greeting Card fulfillment
  • Greeting Card packaging

Pharmaceutical Industry

With most pharmaceutical products being temperature sensitive and fragile, setup boxes are the perfect solution for their protection. These boxes can be paired with die-cut inserts or foam to provide the necessary packaging. The packaging options include –

  • Healthcare packaging
  • Skin care packaging
  • Clean packaging
  • Medical device packaging

Toys and Games

Cardboard packaging plays an essential role in the toy and game industry. With innovative packaging options coming up, setup boxes have turned out to be a great choice because of its rigid nature. The type of boxes required includes –

  • Gaming boxes
  • Puzzle boxes
  • Toy packaging

Industrial Packaging

With setup boxes coming preset and requiring no machining, tooling or labor makes it a suitable option for manufacturing box parts, and printed material on production lines. The different types of boxes needed for the industrial purpose include:

  • Rigid packaging
  • Paper board
  • Setup tray
  • Chip Board
  • Plain stay

The option to get customized boxes for your product packaging is what makes it is a preferred solution among potential users. Such packaging will come pre-finished providing you with the exact design and print that you want. So, you can have a custom-made product packaging for your business. Furthermore, this is one of the most cost-effective solutions in the market in comparison to other cardboard packing options. All these features combined make it a reliable and trusted packaging solution for your business products.

Brand Reputation and Custom Corrugated Partitions

Corrugated Partitions

A custom printed shipping box is highly useful to send products long distances, to pick up items for storing, to move products from one place to another, and also to transmit details at an arm’s length. The custom printed boxes make use of random repeat printing for exhibiting repeated images of your logo as well as your brand name.

When you are required to purchase shipping boxes in bulk, you will find numerous stores which market them. Finding the right packaging solution for your products is the key to achieving success in your business.

Types of Custom Printed Boxes and Their Benefits

There are numerous corrugated partitions or chipboard partitions for various uses some of which are as follows:

  • Regular slotted cartons – These cartons are the most common storage and shipping box. The regular slotted carton boxes are cost-effective, and you can create them for lightweight items.

  • Full overlap cartons – The full overlap boxes are highly resistant to rough handling, and they are perfect for items with remarkably narrow widths. You can carry heavy metal products too in these boxes.

  • Five-panel wrap – Created from only one piece of cardboard, these boxes are excellent packaging materials to wrap a product which needs careful packing.

  • Corrugated box trays – These boxes are topless and excellent to store parts or bottles containers.

  • Telescoping box – These boxes are made from a couple of pieces; a body blank and a lid blank, and both the corrugated pieces get assembled with the help of staples, stitches, or glues for adhering the corners.

  • RSC with variable flaps – The RSCVF (Regular slotted container with variable flaps) kinds of boxes look similar to the regular slotted container boxes, but their folds do overlap by one inch or more. Additionally, the RSC shipper boxes turn as effectual storage boxes for different products that comprise a home and commercial use.

  • Half-slotted box with cover – The HSC (half-slotted box with lid) packaging containers are used for both shelf storage and shipping and in applications where you are required to remove and replace the cover frequently.

  • Double cover boxes – The DC boxes are used for heavy and tall items which would be tough to lower into boxes. You can place the pieces on the bottom cover of the box, and the center gets positioned over the items.

The type of packaging box you choose for shipping your products will say a lot about your quality and standard of service. Make sure it is worth the time and money.

Ways to Utilize Your Shipping Box in Burnaby BC

Shipping Box in Burnaby BC

The most common problem people encounter when packing their things during a move is how to effectively utilize cardboard shipping boxes so it accommodates as much of their materials without incurring damage. In most cases, people just cram their belongings into one box without giving it a thought. During the eventual move, rough roads and humps and bumps can damage your property resulting to a terrible house transfer.

But all this can be averted by being able to pack your things solidly. A shipping box in Burnaby, BC might not be hard to acquire, but a successful move all has to do with how effectively you have gathered your belongings and eliminated much frustration afterward. Some of the most useful tips you might want to consider during your next move are:

Do Not Include Unnecessary or Unused Items

Because you are moving to a new destination, it might be helpful not to pack all of the things that you are not using or possibly might not be used in the future. This is to help remove redundancy of useless work which can often be time-consuming and tiring. It is advisable to clear your clutter before making a decision to move. You can add extra cash by selling them or you can donate your unused items to charity.

Sorting is the Key

Sorting all your belongings by category is always helpful before, during, and after a move because it lessens time spent on rummaging through every box. It is especially helpful when initially packing all your belongings because you have a sense of organization. It helps you utilize every available space and saves you essential time through the whole process.

Choose the Right-Sized Cardboard Shipping Boxes

There are literally hundreds of manufacturers of shipping box in Burnaby, BC that it might be impossible not to get one which fits your needs. Customized cardboard shipping boxes made from durable and sturdy materials always play a crucial role when choosing one. It has to be strong enough to handle the weight and bulky enough to provide protection.

Organizing everything is as easy as it gets. Just remember to put everything of the same kind together and neatly arrange them inside the box. Clothes should be nicely folded, breakable items wrapped individually and placed together in the same box, and heavy equipment and household items covered with a layer of plastic or cardboard protection.

Ways to Reuse your Folding Boxes in Richmond BC

Folding Boxes in Richmond BC

The Canadian government has strictly implemented recycling throughout the country because it greatly affects not just our generation but the coming ones. As much of the products we have are packaged with recyclable material, it can be helpful if we do our part and help save the environment.

There are many folding boxes in Richmond, BC which most often are left in dumpsites and landfills. These discarded boxes should have had good use, aside from being a product container or something that temporarily housed an item from damage. They can be reused in a number of ways and folding packaging is one of the most versatile materials you can recycle. Here are some of the most common and creative uses of folding boxes.

All-Purpose Container

Unused folding packaging doesn’t have to sit around in your house until it becomes an annoyance that you throw it all away. Folding cartons can be used as an all-purpose storage box for your little items or household material that often lay around your house. It is a good container for washer fluids, small sponges, and other cleaning items or can be used as a container for essential tools like jumper cables, pliers, hammers, and various gadget or devise laying around.

Floor Guard and Protector

If you happen to have a business or lives in Richmond, BC and has a wooden floor with too many scratches because chairs and stools are constantly being dragged everywhere, then folding boxes in Richmond, BC can be a useful floor guard. You can simply trace the bottom part of each leg on the cardboard box and glue them securely to create a barrier between the floor and the chair’s legs. This is a simple solution to prevent your floors from incurring too many scratches.

Knee Pads

If you have an outside garden and you constantly find yourself kneeling on the ground to reach for small plants and flowers, you can use a piece of the folding packaging as a knee pad. Simply cut a panel and use it to as a knee cushion when you are doing your gardening activities. It can even be used as a weed control after you are done doing your gardening. Just scrape a few inches of topsoil from your plot, soak the cardboard in water, place the cardboard on top, and cover it with dirt.

Different Types of Corrugated Cardboard Boxes

Corrugated Cardboard Boxes

Cardboard boxes may be made of the same materials to serve the same purpose, but they come in many different shapes and sizes. The shape and dimensions of a corrugated cardboard box basically depend on what is going to be placed inside, but more or less, is dependent on your specifications.

There are several types of cardboard boxes which have primarily been used in the industry for a long time. Each one has a unique attribute and can be used for a certain type of item. But since there are literally thousands of items that can be packed using a cardboard box, customizing it based on what you need should be a consideration.

Here are some of the most basic cardboard corrugated boxes the industry usually manufactures:

The Conventional Slotted Cardboard Container

One of the most common cardboard box styles, the regular slotted box has dust flaps of the same length measuring from the score to the outer box edge. These cardboard boxes are usually ideal for packing small items individually. With additional padding for each item, the regular slotted container can be used for mugs, cups, and small-sized items.

The Die-cut Custom Box

These cardboard boxes can be customized based on the client’s specifications. They can be manufactured with various shapes and sizes to accommodate items of different sizes. Die-cut custom boxes can also be manufactured with custom colors and unique printings specific to a client’s desire. This is usually ideal for toys, cosmetics, and mid-to-large sized items.

The Roll-end Tuck Top Box

These types of cardboard corrugated boxes are usually assembled without using glue. It is only folded at the top and bottom to neatly affix the box. Ideal for shipping lightweight items like coffee and tea, the roll-end tuck top box neatly cramps everything inside to avoid movement. It has a narrow inside space making it ideal for shipping consumables.

Corrugated Trays

Corrugated trays have long since been used in marketing products because they offer visibility. Not only do these cardboard corrugated boxes good for marketing small items, but they can also be in a lot of different ways. They are used for bulk packaging of foods including snacks and beverages.

Half-slotted Boxes

Half-slotted boxes are more like the regular slotted box, only that they do not an opening flap to fully close the container. These types of cardboard boxes are normally used to protect heavy equipment like washing machines and refrigerators. Enclosed items are fully protected using Styrofoam to secure the bottom of the item.

Die Cut Boxes Wholesale Suppliers

Die Cut Boxes Wholesale

Die cut boxes is a sturdy packaging material that comes in many different shapes and sizes. It can be customized based on your specifications and product needs to create unique packaging for your items. Commonly utilized by many industries to pack their items, die cut boxes wholesale is the most ideal way to get them at a lower price.

Because these boxes can be manufactured based on your business needs, wholesale boxes acquired from reliable manufacturers will help save your business from incurring too much overhead for packaging your product. It is often the choice of companies to help them achieve their business goals while at the same time saving on the upfront costs of packaging.

Wholesale Suppliers Can Give You a Quality Business Partnership

Because manufacturers are sometimes hard to close a deal with, the only viable way of acquiring die cut boxes wholesale terms would be through suppliers. This can be the ideal course if you have bulk orders which sometimes takes little time packet in-between orders. Acquiring wholesale boxes through suppliers is one good solution to your production line so it does not have to go through discontinuance because of lack of packaging materials.

Normally boxes from suppliers are sourced from various manufacturers and delivered within a certain allocation scope. Supplies are ensured and you only have to judge whether the demanded die cut boxes wholesale supply can be attained by your interim partner.

Save Money on Wholesale Boxes

Because you are dealing with a company who has direct contact with manufacturers, your box specifications are highly accommodated. This includes the dimensions you want along with what materials it can possibly be made. Unlike wholesale boxes bought from third-hand dealers, you are gaining partnership with a close-in partner of the manufacturer.

This means that you still get these wholesale boxes at a much cheaper price compared to purchasing them from retailers or dealers. In most cases where it is essential to save on your product’s packaging, gaining partnership with a supplier is typically the best way to save money.

It allows you to have a reliable partnership based on supply and demand where prices are maintained based on your agreement. Dealers and retailers, on the other hand, tend to have unstable pricing because they depend on manufacturer and supplier prices. It goes hand in hand with almost all industries where you get to the root of where the product originated and you save tons of money which can otherwise be used to grow your business.

Importance of Corrugated Partitions

Corrugated Partitions

One integral part of successful business be it in online or in brick and mortar retailing is that the products are received by the consumers in perfect shape. To achieve this, sellers make sure that they use the right kind of packaging to protect the product from rough handling during shipment. To further safeguard the contents, businesses are using corrugated partitions and cardboard dividers. Check out below the importance of using corrugated partitions and why you should utilize it too.

Optimum Protection

One of the greatest advantages of using corrugated partitions in packing and shipping your products is maximum protection. The cardboard dividers or corrugated partitions provides a steadier cushion for the contents inside the box. This way, they are safe during the entire shipment. These partitions come in various sizes and thickness that you can use to provide the best protection for the contents.


When it comes to cardboard dividers or corrugated partitions, not everyone has the same need and preference. That is why it is available in different thickness size and can be adjusted to provide a perfect fit for any type of product that you are shipping. Cardboard and corrugated partitions easily attached to different types of adhesives, treatments, and coatings. They come in various sizes and can be easily bent and folded into various shapes.

Cost-efficient and Recyclable

When it comes to cost-efficiency, the best alternative is using the corrugated partitions. Other shippers use foam inserts on their packages. But, this type is more costly. Foam inserts are often bulky and available in larger sizes. Aside from being expensive, inserts are difficult to recycle. In terms of internal packaging choice, corrugated partitions are the ones that are easily recyclable and cost-efficient.

Dirt and Dust Resistant

Businesses engaged in selling and shipping pharmaceutical products are more particular on the cleanliness of the internal packaging options that they use. Since their products are used for the treatment of illnesses and should be kept clean at all times, they prefer dust and dirt resistant alternatives. Fortunately, corrugated partitions are ideal for this type of requirement. They are capable of keeping dust particles and debris away from accumulating in the surfaces. This type also offers a much clean and neat look to the total packaging.

Offers More Space

Aside from the advantages mentioned above, the corrugated partitions also offer more space. This means that you can ship more products in every box. The partitions provide slots that allow you to arrange the product in a neat way. It also protects the products from bumping to each other while being shipped.