Questions When Looking for a Die Cut Box Manufacturer

Die Cut Box Manufacturer

If you are in the manufacturing business and looking for a box company that can offer die cut boxes wholesale in Coquitlam B.C, you cannot just transact with the first company you find. Note that there are numerous fly-by-night suppliers who can cause you a lot of problems should you fall for their promises. Considering that you will be spending a sizeable amount on your product packaging, it is important that you find a reputable die cut box manufacturer.

You can look for names of several die cut box suppliers and assess their suitability by asking the following questions:

What is the Standing of the Box Manufacturer in the Industry?

The company’s reputation as a die cut box manufacturer is critical. You can answer this question by finding out the number of years the supplier has been in the business, its client profile, and its accreditation or other certification. Naturally, the longer the company has been in business the better. Not only will this ensure experience, but it also means that they have what it takes to operate in a competitive industry. The clients they serve and their certifications, on the other hand, will give you an indication of the standard of their service.

What is the Company’s Production Capabilities?

Keep in mind that you are outsourcing your packaging because you want your vision to be translated to reality, so you should ensure that the die cut supplier you are considering has the capability to produce your order at your exact specification, in good quality, and on time. Moreover, the company should be able to consistently produce the results that meet your packaging requirements.

How is the Company’s Customer Service?

A good die cut box manufacturer values your business, which means they will treat you with respect and with importance. If you find it difficult getting straight answers to common inquiries, if you are always asked to wait, or if their representatives fail to contact you when they said they would, it is time to find another supplier. How can you build an effective partnership with them if they do not appreciate your value?

Are They Open to Factory Visit?

A sure way to know if the box company has what it takes to deliver your requirements is to see for yourself. If the supplier insists that you just trust what they say and ignore your request for a factory visit, better walk away. A reputable company will always be transparent and would take every opportunity to showcase what they do.

Finding a reputable die cut box manufacturer needs a bit of work. Consider the questions mentioned above, so you can evaluate the strengths and weakness of the supplier you are intending to deal with.

Items You Can Make Out of Cardboard Shipping Boxes

Cardboard Shipping Boxes

Majority of people nowadays are into online shopping. This mode of purchase is very convenient since you just need to send your order via the internet and the item will be delivered right at your doorstep. For instance, if you are from Kelowna, the product you purchased online will automatically be sent to you in a shipping box in Kelowna B.C.

If you have been shopping online for years, you most likely have tons of cardboard shipping boxes lying at home. You are probably planning on discarding them but before you do so, consider the numerous useful things you can create out of these shipping boxes. Here are just some of them:

File Organizer

Collect a few old shipping boxes that are slightly larger than cereal boxes, cut the boxes in the shape of file organizer, cover them with decorative paper, and you now have a sturdy document or magazine organizer. You can also cover them using colored papers in various shades and assign a file to a particular color (e.g. red for bills, blue for unfinished paperwork, yellow for dormant files, etc.)


If you have large shipping boxes, you can stack them on top of each other to create a bookshelf. Just glue the boxes together to make them sturdier and finish off with a coat of fresh paint. Since you do not have to purchase them, you can create different bookcases in various colors regularly.

Cardboard Canvas

Art supplies, particularly canvass, can be expensive. If you are just learning how to paint, it would be more practical to transform your old shipping boxes into cardboard canvass. Simply cut the corrugated cardboard according to the size you want, seal the surface using a solvent based wood primer, let it dry, and they are ready for use.

Personalized Gift Tags

Gifts can be more special if you add personalized touches. To do this, you can create your own gift tags from small shipping boxes. Just cut the cardboard in business card-like sizes or whatever shape you want and decorate them according to the occasion. For instance, if you are sending Christmas gifts, you can cut the board in the shape of a Christmas tree. You can then color it green and add sparkles and other accessories.

The items above are just some of the wonderful things you can create using cardboard shipping boxes. Apart from helping the environment, doing these projects can also serve as an enjoyable hobby to help you de-stress and relax.

Developing the Best Folding Cartons for Products

Folding Cartons

To market your product more effectively and gain a loyal customer base, it is important that you take the time to carefully contemplate on your product packaging design. If you think that folding packaging in Victoria B.C. simply means having something to house your product, then you are mistaken.

While product packaging primarily serves a protective and practical purpose, it is also a tool that helps you communicate with your target audience. Your folding cartons may seem irrelevant, but it speaks a lot about your brand, whether you are aware of it or not. A plain and boring carton may convey that the product your selling is cheap and ordinary. A customized and elegantly-designed folding carton, on the other hand, gives the message that your brand is sophisticated and unique.

Transform your average folding cartons into an effective marketing tool by answering the what, who, and how questions.

What is Your Product About?

While this may seem irrelevant since it is obvious that you know what your product is, you should look at it again from a packaging perspective. You need to know what you are selling so that you can determine the size, thickness, and other dimensions of the folding carton. Note that the nature of your product also affects your packaging decisions. For instance, food and cosmetic products have different packing requirements. If you start ordering folding cartons without taking this fact into account, you would most likely waste money.

Who are Your Consumers?

As to the “Who”, knowing your target audience will give you a lot of ideas on the color, graphic, text and overall design of your packaging carton. Popular cartoon characters, bold colors, and fun layout will work well If your customers are children. If you cater to the elderly, the texts on the packaging should be large enough to read even by those with vision problems.

How are Your Selling Your Product?

Apart from considering your product and your customers, you should also think about how you are selling your product. If you have a retail shop where you showcase your items, your packaging should catch the attention of your customers, even those who do not even plan on buying. If you are selling products online, you should create a satisfying unboxing experience for your clients as popularized by many social media influencers.

Let your custom folding cartons speak in your favor by considering the packaging design tips mentioned above. Take advantage of the customer’s inclination to choose with their eyes by creating the best packaging for your product.

A Short History of Cardboard Boxes

History of Cardboard

Cardboard boxes, the quintessential packaging material has not much had a significant part of history until the early 19th century and it is not as documented as well. But prior to its commercial use, people used to grow their own food in their backyards and went shopping with their groceries packed in paper bags. Carbon footprints back then were unheard of and neither did plastic exist.

The use of cardboard for packaging is believed to have originated in China about three or four thousand years ago. During the Han Dynasty (206-220 AD), people used treated Mulberry bark as sheets to wrap items and preserve foods. This can be considered as a credible fact since the Chinese were the first to invent paper during the said era.

The Evolution of Custom Printed Cardboard Boxes

By the early 1600 AD, the Chinese people have developed stronger and thicker paper which were used for packaging materials. The practice of manufacturing thinker paper used for packaging goods spread through the West by route of the Middle East and crept through Italy by 1255.

By the turn of the century and during the reign of Elizabeth I, the English people has mastered papermaking. The history of cardboard, specifically paperboard, first started to appear in England during the early 1800s. It is often credited to a local firm named M. Treverton & Son. It was also during these times when cardboard boxes were used in Germany for packaging a board game.

The Appearance of Custom Printed Cardboard Boxes

Custom printed cardboard boxes first appeared in the mid-1800s. American company Kelloggs used a lightweight cardboard box similar to the ones used now to package their flaked cereals. They were the first company to use cereal cartons made from cardboard boxes.

Many countries lay claim to being the first to use cardboard boxes including France who even has a “box” museum in the South Eastern part. The corrugation between cardboard flies are thought to have been inspired by 16th-century dresses and the first printing was developed when the rubber printing plates were created in 1909.

Custom printed cardboard boxes are thought to have been incorporated within the history of cardboard as a way to recognize where and to whom the package belonged. The first fully customized cardboard boxes were produced after the development of commercial printing machines and cardboard boxes were wholly accepted as an ideal means to ship and transport products and goods.

Using Custom Retail Packaging for Brand Recognition

Custom Retail Packaging

Using customized cardboard packaging boxes in Nanaimo BC to pack items create more than just a clean presentation for your customers, but also serves to give them a better impression of your business. An eco-friendly alternative is popping out in the market to generate better environmental awareness and supply companies with the needed packaging tools.

While the common connotation of using custom cardboard boxes lay with the moving industry, using a custom retail packaging is becoming more and more common for industries and businesses. Businesses selling products both in physical stores and online greatly benefit from recycled materials because they come at a bargain price compared to new ones. They are also better alternatives to keep items free from damage during transport while being a zero-waste alternative.

Make a Lasting Impression by Using Recycled Cardboard Packaging Boxes in Nanaimo, BC

Being dominated by plastic packaging materials, custom retail packaging made from recycled cardboard materials can be extremely useful to prevent further environmental damage. Many countries have made a stance by banning the use of plastic and even encourage consumers from finding alternatives. One of the most viable ways of preserving the environment is through the use of recycled cardboard packaging boxes in Nanaimo BC.

Using reconstituted materials from old biodegradable cartons can be beneficial in a lot of ways because it saves trees and saves energy used during production. Custom retail packaging made from recycled materials is also a good way of making your customers know your involvement with environmental preservation. It can boost your marketing campaign outcomes and generate awareness amongst your loyal patrons.

Recycled Custom Retail Packaging, the New Solution for a Sustainable Business

A lot of industries around the country including rising e-commerce businesses are becoming more and more environmentally conscious in every aspect of their operations. Preventing further aggravation of nature’s degradation is quickly being adopted by sensible and smart business owners. Reusing materials to wrap and ship items to customers offers the flexibility and safety they need for protecting goods and products.

The availability of recycled cardboard packaging boxes in Nanaimo BC is also one of the most guaranteed ways of not running out of supplies because it is readily available. Compared to plastic and various other packaging methods, using recycled materials cost less. It is an efficient way to save the environment, save on added expense, and provide a good and stable solution for your packaging needs.

Finding Shipping Materials in Richmond B.C.

Shipping Materials in Richmond B.C.

If you are running a business that constantly ships products or you have a moving company which needs shipping materials in Richmond B.C., choosing the appropriate one means you need quality yet affordable prices. While it can be equally hard to scout for manufacturers providing both, it is well worth the efforts to gain associations with them to supply your business with the materials you need.

Finding the right packaging and shipping supplies do not have to be over the top. Usually, reliable suppliers provide bulk based prices as compared to retailers and second-hand business tiers. These suppliers are also able to customize boxes based on your specifications and business branding.

Understand the Business Nature of Your Supplier and Vendor

Finding the right company to supply you with the appropriate packaging material can be equally difficult considering that materials and machines used to create boxes differ. Also, within the packaging industry, more and more tools and techniques are developed which adds to the complexity of the scouting process. But in the end, with lots of vendors to choose from, it is not impossible to find the right one.

When looking for shipping materials in Richmond BC, always understand and evaluate the business nature of your supplier or vendor. They can be classified into several categories and a good supplier will help you grow your own company while creating a mutual agreement. Packaging suppliers either are manufacturers, distributors, independent craftsmen, or import sources.

Direct Manufacturers and Distributors Provide a Reliable Steady Supply

Shipping materials in Richmond BC are not hard to look for considering there are many manufacturers and distributors around the area. But one thing every discerning businessman should consider is the quality of the products they provide and whether they can be crafted to meet with your business standards and branding.

Packaging and shipping supplies that are readily customizable will help your business in the most significant ways because customers are able to recognize your product easily. Customized packaging materials that reflect your business brand and showcase the message you want to impart empower your brand performance.

Direct manufacturers usually have lower prices for custom packaging boxes because they handle the wares themselves. Distributors on the other hand supply custom boxes at wholesale prices because they acquire the material in quantities. They are the most reliable sources for your packaging and shipping supplies. Independent craftspeople and import sources though can be sources of supplies provided they can handle quantities your company needs.

Using Point of Purchase Displays in Kamloops BC

Point of Purchase Displays in Kamloops BC

Stiff competition enables manufacturers to create highly appealing displays to generate more sales. Using the point of purchase displays in Kamloops BC gives your product edge over competitors because it presents them more efficiently. A point-of-purchase marketing strategy using pop displays with highly visual and attention-grabbing messages add value to your product. It showcases them the exact moment purchasers are ordering and paying their goods.

Using cardboard pop displays presented in countertops or highlighted within an area of a store generates more attention. It can be used as an effective marketing strategy to ignite curiosity for small products or new items being introduced to the market. They also come in different forms and designs which make them ideal for retailers to use.

Basic Types of Point-of-Purchase Displays Used in Kamloops BC

There are different types of point of purchase displays in Kamloops BC which can be utilized for various products. Use and creativity are not only limited to the conventional countertop square box with an eye-catching message, but it can be created to have several features that make your products stand out. Temporary display boxes created from inexpensive corrugated cartons are ideal for promotional market testing. It does not incur too much expense yet allows you to send your message across and highlight your product.

Semi-permanent displays can also be created from inexpensive cardboard pop displays to present your products in an appealing and captivating way. They can be constructed from different materials and are commonly used as off-shelf displays. You can utilize materials such as wood, metal, durable cardboard, or acrylic among others, to create a visually presentable in-store display.

Permanent Box Displays for Longer Market Exposure

Permanent displays are typically utilized for products intended for longer lasting promotional campaigns. They can be created from quality materials that serve its purpose longer. Cardboard pop displays intentionally created to last longer for more than a year are made from very durable materials like plastic, wood, glass, or metal. They are given highly significant spaces inside the store to constantly attract customers and generate sales.

Point of purchase displays in Kamloops BC highlight your product amongst the myriad of items found inside a convenient or shopping store. Permanent box displays are rarely used for product promotion, but they serve a better purpose for longer marketing campaigns. Not only does it present your marketing product in an alluring way, but also makes them attractive enough to compete with existing brands.

Why Chipboard Partitions are the Way to Go

Chipboard Partitions

There has been a long-standing debate on the issue of whether or not chipboard is better than cardboard. On one hand, promoters of cardboards argue that it is the environment-friendly option. On another side, those who have witnessed the benefits of chipboards refute the argument by saying that the benefits outweigh the cost when you choose cardboards.

Today, we settle the argument by stating that chipboard partitions are the way to go.

Though in some cases using cardboard is an eco-friendly and better option in terms of strength, we cannot discount the fact that you can benefit more if you use chipboard. Chipboard uses less material in production but has the endurance and load capacity of cardboards.

Below are the factors we can use to highlight the winning features of chipboards.

Lesser space for storage

Compared to corrugated cardboards, chipboards are made of wood fibers and these fibers come in only one layer. Though chipboard thickness can vary, the most common pad (40” X48”) is only 22 pts.

Corrugated cardboard, on the other hand, is made by stacking two sheets of linerboards in between a flute. The most used type of corrugated cardboard is around 4 mm thick, thus, taking so much space in your storage.

Better Cut

Compared to corrugated cardboard, chipboards show a better cut quality. Also, cardboards will never remain to be used and stored for a long time. Consider the softness of the board, once used to store heavy objects, cardboards have the tendency to bend, fold, and even get ripped.

If you want your chipboard partitions to be well-cut, you can use cutting machines that are right for all chipboards, regardless of size, thickness, and grade.


Considering the space you can free up for another use and the cut quality of chipboards, it’s easy to think that it is a more expensive choice compared to cardboard. Well, think again.

Between a 32 ect corrugated cardboard and a .22 chipboard, the latter option is cheaper by $0.81/pad. Between a 1,000 lb triple wall corrugated cardboard and a .50 chipboard, the latter option is still cheaper by $7.80/pad.

With better storage, better cut, and being a less expensive option, we say that chipboard is a way better option compared to cardboard dividers in Burnaby, B.C.

For businesses looking for cheaper yet quality alternatives for their present packaging materials, knowing the benefits of one material over the other makes the whole decision and choosing process easier.

Things to Look for in a Folding Cartons Manufacturer

Folding Cartons Manufacturer

When you have to transport your belongings to another destination or if you need to send a huge package overseas, ensuring the safety and security of the package can be quite a challenge. Apart from that, you, as the shipper, have to make sure that the package will reach the receiver unscathed and presentable.

It is therefore important to look for a carton manufacturer who can give you functionality, durability, and aesthetics. If you can find a folding cartons manufacturer who can give you all these three, then, consider yourself very lucky.

A provider who manufacturers customizable cartons

Customizable folding packaging cartons in North Vancouver are hard to find. There are numerous folding carton manufacturers but there are only few who can work on your specifications.

Why customize boxes and cartons?

In an article published by Forbes entitled “Having It Their Way: The Big Opportunity In Personalized Products,” it was emphasized customer engagement and loyalty can be elevated by product and packaging customization.

A survey was conducted among 1,000 online customers of Amazon and it was found out that a huge 30% of this respondent pool engaged more with the company when the product they bought was customized, along with its packaging.

So, if you’re looking for a folding cartons manufacturer, make sure that you choose one who can customize the same. You can incorporate your ideas on the designs your carton manufacturer can come up with since you know your target market best.

Look for a manufacturer who uses high-quality material

The two main functions of packaging a product or anything, for that matter, are to keep it safe and secure while in storage or in transit and to make it look presentable when it reaches its destination or receiver. If you choose manufacturers who use cheap and low-quality raw materials in producing their folding cartons, you defeat the purpose of packing your product. Why pack it when your products will get damaged while in transit?

A balance between functionality and aesthetics

According to a study conducted by UK Open University, it was pointed out that how a certain product or object is packaged plays a vital role both in point-of-purchase and after-purchase. The design, logo, and other aspects of the packaging will all determine whether or not the market will make the first purchase or will purchase again.

With such facts, it is therefore important that a business invests in both the functionality and aesthetics of their product packaging to ensure a surge in sales.

Reasons to Use a Cardboard Suggestion Box

Cardboard Suggestion Box

Functionality, durability, and visual appeal are the top three things that most consumers look when choosing the right boxes for their needs. They place too much value on these factors that they forget about other important factors such as stability, high-tech production process, and customizability.

Over its counterparts, these are the three main reasons why cardboard is the better option.

High-tech Construction

There are countless industries and brands that use corrugated cardboard for packing their products. The reason behind this reliance on cardboard is the fact that the same is a product of a high-tech production process that makes sure that the material can withstand any kinds of pressure and conditions like weight, moisture, and longevity. Also, cardboards are now being utilized for DIY projects because of its highly-customizable and flexible nature. Examples of these projects are eco-friendly notepad covers, cardboard suggestion box, corrugated ballot box in Surrey B.C., vanity kits, and many more.

This board is also very cost-efficient. It is made of arched papers popularly known as fluting and the same uses high-end computer designs and manufacturing processes. Indeed, cardboards are a better choice for packaging and other boxing needs.

Stability and Cushion

Another good reason for choosing corrugated cardboards is that its ability to provide a stable cushion for different kinds of items and products while in transit. Whether these products are transported to near or far destinations, and whether or not it is shipped, manually handled, or sent through air freight, you can be assured that the items you have are safe and secure.

Aside from keeping these items and products safe, corrugated cardboards also keeps moisture away so even if the package is subjected to cold, wet, or hot weather conditions, it will remain presentable and in good condition when it reaches the hands of the receiver.

Customizable and Flexible

The reason why cardboards can be made into notepad covers, cardboard suggestion box, corrugated ballot box in Surrey B.C., and vanity kits is that the material is highly customizable. You can fold it however you want. You can also paint it with different colors and even treat the same with compounds to make it resistant to flame. Also, you can print on it. There are way too many things you can do with cardboard.

The even better news is you don’t need to shell out money and pay for labor to customize the same. It’s very easy to fold it or bend it, then color it. Finally, when you’re done using the box or the raw cardboard, you can just fold it, store it, or recycle it.