Importance of Corrugated Partitions

Corrugated Partitions

One integral part of successful business be it in online or in brick and mortar retailing is that the products are received by the consumers in perfect shape. To achieve this, sellers make sure that they use the right kind of packaging to protect the product from rough handling during shipment. To further safeguard the contents, businesses are using corrugated partitions and cardboard dividers. Check out below the importance of using corrugated partitions and why you should utilize it too.

Optimum Protection

One of the greatest advantages of using corrugated partitions in packing and shipping your products is maximum protection. The cardboard dividers or corrugated partitions provides a steadier cushion for the contents inside the box. This way, they are safe during the entire shipment. These partitions come in various sizes and thickness that you can use to provide the best protection for the contents.


When it comes to cardboard dividers or corrugated partitions, not everyone has the same need and preference. That is why it is available in different thickness size and can be adjusted to provide a perfect fit for any type of product that you are shipping. Cardboard and corrugated partitions easily attached to different types of adhesives, treatments, and coatings. They come in various sizes and can be easily bent and folded into various shapes.

Cost-efficient and Recyclable

When it comes to cost-efficiency, the best alternative is using the corrugated partitions. Other shippers use foam inserts on their packages. But, this type is more costly. Foam inserts are often bulky and available in larger sizes. Aside from being expensive, inserts are difficult to recycle. In terms of internal packaging choice, corrugated partitions are the ones that are easily recyclable and cost-efficient.

Dirt and Dust Resistant

Businesses engaged in selling and shipping pharmaceutical products are more particular on the cleanliness of the internal packaging options that they use. Since their products are used for the treatment of illnesses and should be kept clean at all times, they prefer dust and dirt resistant alternatives. Fortunately, corrugated partitions are ideal for this type of requirement. They are capable of keeping dust particles and debris away from accumulating in the surfaces. This type also offers a much clean and neat look to the total packaging.

Offers More Space

Aside from the advantages mentioned above, the corrugated partitions also offer more space. This means that you can ship more products in every box. The partitions provide slots that allow you to arrange the product in a neat way. It also protects the products from bumping to each other while being shipped.

Why You Should Use Cardboard Packaging Boxes

Cardboard Packaging Boxes

Online retailing is one of the most popular businesses in the world today. People, at the comfort of their homes or at their offices purchase their needs online. These orders are delivered in cardboard packaging boxes. The rise of online businesses worldwide paved way to the increase in the demand for retail packaging in Prince George B.C. through the use of cardboard packaging boxes.

There are many other types of packaging boxes that you can use to secure your things. However, many prefer the cardboard packaging box because of its many advantages. Here is a rundown of some of the benefits that you can take advantage of using cardboard packaging boxes.

Protects Contents

Cardboard packaging boxes are used in retail packaging because it primarily protects the contents. This type of packaging is designed with several pieces cardboard sandwiched and place on top of one another to shield items inside the box. This is very useful in shipping fragile and breakable items like gadgets, pieces of glass, and ceramics to name a few. The more cardboard is employed over the contents the greater protection and cushioning is created.

Eco-friendly Materials

Unlike other boxes used in retail packaging, cardboard packaging boxes are typically made from recycled materials. Because of this, they do not cost as much as those made from plastic, metal, or wood. After serving its purpose as a delivery box, the recipient can recycle it and utilize it for storing valuable items in the house.


Cardboard packaging boxes are very functional and easy to use. It can be easily sealed to further secure its contents. It is thick, so it does not easily tear apart when it is dropped or if it accidentally falls. Aside from that, its surface also sticks well with glue or tape. Often, shippers use tapes or glues to seal the box to securely keep the packaging intact and protected until it reaches its destination.


This type of retail packaging box is also stackable. This is very convenient if you are shipping many items. You can practically stack the cardboard boxes on top of each other or side by side, to save space and save shipping cost.


There are several kinds of cardboard boxes that are strong and heavy. Several other varieties are thin and are used to wrap around its content for extra protection. Cardboard packaging boxes can be shipped through land, sea, or air.

Impacts of Point of Purchase Displays

Point of Purchase Displays

The popularity and patronage of people all over the world to online shopping has largely affected the sales of most brick and mortar stores. As marketing people cram to think of ways to maximize sales and reach, they have discovered one effective way to do it, which is through, impulse purchase. The best way to trigger this buying attitude in retail business is through the use of a point of purchase or POP displays.

Properly positioned and well-designed point of purchase displays in retail marketing offers a great chance for businesses to showcase the items that they would like to upsell. It also inspires shoppers to purchase out of impulse. When effectively and consistently used, this marketing tool gives brick and mortar stores a boost in their competition. Here are the other ways in which point of purchase displays can impact your business.

It draws attention to your highlighted products

Display boxes are available in different shapes, forms, and sizes. Several POP displays are interactive and some are really visually attractive. Regardless of your preference, the POP display offers a great way to focus the attention of the consumers to the product that you would like them to impulse buy. POP displays positioned in an endcap attract 44 percent of eyes that see them. The more eyes attracted to them, the better off your sales will be in the end.

Makes customers decide inside the store

In retail, salespeople are trained to overcome objections. When you place a point of purchase display inside your store, you add another salesperson to help you sell your products. This marketing tool helps buyers make decisions while they are inside the store. this is very crucial since 82 percent of purchasing decisions are made inside the store. POP displays make sure that customers do this decision at the right time and place.

Provides a more personalized experience

Shoppers want a personalized and distinct experience that point of purchase displays provides. Some businesses integrate features that are interactive to engage the customers and persuade them to purchase your products or services. Right now, you can find stores with touchscreen displays, special offers, lighting, and QR codes to attract consumers and give them all the more reason to stop and include extra products in their shopping carts.

Point of purchase displays should help you boost the sales of your business. It is crucial that you do not overload the consumers with colors, lights, or displays when using this. The key is strategic placement of these displays.

Best Types of Cardboard Shipping Boxes

Cardboard Shipping Boxes

One of the most important parts in an online retailing business is ensuring that your products reach your customers without any damage. Shipping packages to customers in a safe manner minimizes returns that impact the profitability of your business. To create a lasting impression to your customers and to maximize the success of your business, shipping packages involves choosing the right kind and size of cardboard shipping boxes.

To help you narrow down your choices, here are the best types of boxes for shipping in Vancouver B.C. available in the market today.

Corrugated Shipping Boxes

The most common type of cardboard shipping box is the corrugated box. Some retailers also refer to this type as the ordinary brown box or the cardboard box. The corrugated box is widely used and most recommended type of cardboard shopping box because of its many advantages. It is lightweight, sturdy, and comes in different shapes and sizes. If you are selling products that are varying in sizes and shapes, this is the most convenient to utilize since it can be shrunk into the perfect size that you need.

It is made of corrugated paper made up of ridged rows of air columns. The paper is more reinforced because of the air columns. This type of shipping box is made from recycled materials and is environment-friendly.

Five Panel Wrap Shipping Boxes

This type of cardboard shipping box has five panels that are bent. This is also called the smartie box. This is ideal if you need a long packaging. Many users pick this type of shipping box if they are packing hockey sticks or poster boxes. Five-panel Wraps contains an extensive printable space. If you are trying new designs for your product, this type could be a great choice.

Full Overlap Type Shipping Boxes

This type contains a single piece blank where the external flaps overlay the entire width of the box. It is durable and can withstand rough handling. The Full Overlap Type is perfect if you need cardboard shipping boxes with moderately slim widths.

Regular Slotted Shipping Boxes

This type is used as storage or shipping boxes. It entails the use of a tape, glue, or staples to secure its contents. They are more cost-effective compared to die cuts. It blends protection and functionality to ensure that the contents reach its destination in perfect shape. this type is usually bare and some business owners add their company logo as well as their company name to give it a more personalized touch.

Half-Slotted Box With Cover Shipping Boxes

Also known as the HSC, this type is often used for shelf and shipping. The top part of this box is like a tray.

RSC With Variable Flaps Shipping Boxes

Most commonly referred to as RSCVF, this type is similar to the regular Slotted type except that the external flaps overlap by more than an inch. It is typically used when the length of the box is greater than its width.

Buy Wholesale Boxes in Chilliwack, B.C.

Custom Boxes

Your product is not just judged by its quality, but the quality and design of the packaging are one of the reasons why your brand gains loyalty. Wholesale corrugated boxes that are customized based on what your brand represents and what your company needs are good reasons to consider when choosing a business partner who can supply you with the packaging materials that you need.

Understanding that boxes come in many different shapes and sizes, a manufacturer or supplier who can deliver what you need is of utmost importance. There are many providers of wholesale boxes in Chilliwack B.C. that it often falls under trial and error to determine the appropriate business partner to transact with.

Consider Suppliers Who Want to Understand Your Brand

A packaging box is not just a box but is an outward appearance of what your brand is about. But with so many suppliers who are just out for profit, it can be hard to find one who wants to have an inside understanding of what you need. Choosing one who is not just interested to make a profit is one good way to start a relationship that is based on trust and understanding.

Scrutinize Their Turnaround Times

Time equates to money in the business world and wholesale corrugated boxes manufacturers or suppliers who can quickly provide you with the volume you need is essential. Before closing a deal, probing about their services and how they will be able to give you the number of boxes you need will help you determine if you are dealing with the right service provider.

Consider the Costs

Probably the most important thing you should determine when getting the help of manufacturers or suppliers of wholesale boxes in Chilliwack, BC is the overhead costs for acquiring your needed materials from them. Usual prices for bulk orders and wholesale customization not only depends on the make and design of your packaging but also the technology used during the production. It would be helpful to have a dialogue with the manufacturer, so you can agree on the price.

Customer Service

As a business owner yourself, you know how important customer services is. So when trying to close a deal with a packaging material supplier, make sure that they have a reliable customer service who will assist you from the first call to the after sales communication.

Packing with Foam Inserts in Maple Ridge B.C.

Foam Inserts in Maple Ridge B.C.

There are a number of ways to pack your materials properly and one of the most reliable and secure ways is with the use of a box insert. Typically, foam inserts are made from a polyurethane material which makes it rigid and a secure protection for your packing materials.

It is not only useful for ensuring the safety of your products or materials, but it also has hidden advantages that help your business with its profitability. Foam inserts in Maple Ridge B.C. has been used by many businesses to not only cushion their products but also protect them against customer returns because of damaged goods being shipped carelessly. It increases brand reputation because goods are delivered without any damages.

Customized Foam Inserts to Minimize Damages

Box inserts made from quality anti-static foams are specifically designed for electronic parts like circuit boards and computer microchips. It has ridges that cushion the impact of vehicle jolts and rocking which may cause damage.

Foam inserts can be highly customizable to fit exactly what is intended to be shipped. This means that a box insert made from high-grade foam material can be shaped exactly like the item so it limits movement and prevents being tossed inside the box. Extra layers of box insert can be added at the bottom and at the top of the container so it is safely pinned in the middle.

Increasing Your Brand Reputation with Foam Inserts in Maple Ridge, BC

When it comes to product packaging, people in Maple Ridge, BC are more likely to trust one who has meticulously detailed every part of their product. This involves how they spent time developing their goods and how creative they are with their packaging.

Aside from the box that holds the item inside, using a box insert for delicate items help people visualize how your company spent time creating a good product. Not only will a box insert exude quality workmanship, but it also allows your customers to see how a significant amount of time was devoted to keeping your goods intact during transit.

Influence Your Storage Space by Using a Box Insert

Using a foam insert for your product is one good way of organizing your production line and maximizing your storage space. It limits movement from the item which may eventually cause damage and helps your business by moderating the packing time required from your workers.

Cardboard Displays in Kamloops B.C.

Cardboard Displays in Kamloops B.C.

If you are having a hard time marketing a product or you have a newly released item that sells sluggishly, highlighting them using a counter top display will create interest on your buyers. Not only is a POP display attractive, but it also presents your product in a way that captures their attention. Using cardboard displays in Kamloops B.C. is not a relatively new invention, but taking advantage of this marketing strategy will boost your sales in the long run.

Cardboard displays are ideal marketing strategies because they are inexpensive, lightweight, and versatile enough to convey the message you want to get across to your intended audience. It creates enthusiasm amongst grocers and shoppers because they are highlighted and away from the humdrum of a grocery shelf.

Bespoke Cardboard Counter Top Displays

Customized cardboard displays in Kamloops, BC come in many different shapes and sizes. So, it’s easy to have the fitting design for your products. Corrugated cardboard display offers the flexibility you need because they can be fully customized to your requirements and can be easily designed. Case stackers, floor displays, and pallet shelves created with a unique design always draw attention, but using a counter top display will really highlight your product just as shoppers are waiting in line to pay their bills.

A striking display with a simple and easy to understand message will allow your customers to easily perceive what you are trying to offer. With a range of designs and customizations, choosing the right counter top display for your item is not often a hard thing to do. Creating a clear message and highlighting your logo sometimes does the trick to guarantee a POP display that will not be missed.

Shout Your Brand with a Cardboard Display in Kamloops, BC

The first thing you’d notice in every counter top display is how they are designed to attract potential customers. It is a unique strategy of hitting your customers just when they are in the midst of waiting for their turn to pay. Usually, a point-of-sale generates more sales because it is able to entice you with the right message and proper display area.

More than generating the sales you need, using a cardboard display in Kamloops, BC is a good way of letting people know what your brand is about. It captures their attention and interest in a way that allows you to create loyalty and trust so you can quickly grow your business.

Custom Ballot Boxes in Nanaimo B.C.

Ballot Boxes in Nanaimo B.C.

A ballot box is a sealed container used not just for casting votes during elections, but also for various business needs. It can be used as an aperture for customer suggestions or a ticket container for raffle entries among other things. Custom ballot boxes in Nanaimo B.C. is not hard to find with manufacturers who create all sorts of packaging materials. This includes ballot boxes which can be created using corrugated ballot boxes and cardboard materials.

A ballot box is not just a one-dimensional thing, because it can convey a clear message of what you want from its users. In a way that it helps you understand your customer’s satisfaction towards your products and services, a ballot box in Nanaimo, BC can also be used for company precepts including company activities, entertainment show or raffle entries, fundraising activities, and can be used for school organization draws and officer elections.

Highlight Your Company Event by Creating Suspense

Corrugated ballot boxes are easy to customize depending on what it will be used for. Organizations, companies, and various sectors can use event-tailored ballot boxes in Nanaimo BC to highlight the main objective of their activity and to award people randomly. Company and organizational events such as Christmas parties, team buildings, and company-wide gatherings can be climaxed with a raffle draw using corrugated ballot boxes where attendees can drop their individual entries. It creates an extra suspense for everyone’s enjoyment.

Use Corrugated Ballot Boxes to Gain Useful Business Insights

One of the best uses of ballot boxes is how it is able to provide you with useful insights that can leverage your business decisions. Installing a suggestion box at the exit point of your business or at specific areas can help you gather important details about your operations, customer service, or your customer’s impression about specific brands. You can use this powerful insight to gain better business acumen and help you create a more informed decision.

Provide Anonymity During Charitable or Fundraising Events

Using ballot boxes in Nanaimo, BC is an accepted way of providing anonymity for people attending various charitable causes. People who would like to remain anonymous would not find it hard to drop their donations unlike handing it down personally. Community fundraising events also use ballot boxes to gather money for a certain civic activity or charitable cause. Organizers can even customize ballots by embellishing them with designs or using props to highlight the area where people can drop their donations.

SCARS annual Canines and Cocktails 2018

SCARS presented the 2018 edition of the Canines (Critters) & Cocktails themed banquet, with silent and live auction. This year’s theme was “The Year of the Dog” celebrating 2018 in accordance with the Chinese tradition under the lunar calendar. We’re in mid-year, but it’s never the wrong time for a traditional Lion Dance, and a good party.

This is SCARS’ biggest fundraising event of the year. All friends and supporters have been invited to join SCARS volunteers in helping them to save more than 1,200 animals in 2018.

Instabox is a proud sponsor of SCARS.

SCARS Canines and Cocktails 2018 SCARS Canines and Cocktails 2018 SCARS Canines and Cocktails 2018 SCARS Canines and Cocktails 2018 SCARS Canines and Cocktails 2018

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Transform Old Chipboard Dividers into Useful Items

Chipboard Dividers

You are probably aware of box dividers – the cardboard that creates compartments inside the box to protect fragile objects or keep the products in place. If you have tons of old corrugated partitions in Abbotsford B.C., you do not have to throw them out. There are many practical ways you can utilize box dividers if you will just let your creative juices flowing.

Here are some useful items that you can create using old chipboard dividers:

Sewing Box Organizer

If you are into sewing or embroidery, you understand how distressing it is when all your sewing tools and supplies get mixed up. When this happens, you can lose patience trying to untangle threads of different colors or find needles and pins. To save you the trouble, you can use old boxes with chipboard dividers as your sewing kit, so you can organize your threads, needles, buttons, and other sewing items.

Cosmetics Organizer

Remember the time you cannot find that perfect shade of lipstick you bought a few weeks back or where you placed your eyeliner pencils? Organize your vanity table by arranging all your cosmetic products in one box with cardboard partitions. You can place all your lipsticks in several rows and organize them according to shade. You can even include your makeup brushes so you have all your beauty supplies neatly stored in one place. Cover the cardboard box with wallpaper or fabric that complements your vanity table, and no one would know that you are just reusing a plain cardboard box.

Accessories and Jewelry Organizer

You can transform an old shallow cardboard box with numerous partitions and compartments into accessories and jewelry organizer. You do not have to waste time trying to find matching earrings because you can keep a pair in each compartment and since everything is neatly in place, you can readily choose which accessory or jewelry you will use for the day.

Desk Drawer Organizer

Keeping your pens, paperclips, and other office supplies in one huge tin can or mug may seem like a good idea until you start looking for smaller items and you can’t see them at a glance. You can avoid the hassle by creating a desk drawer organizer out of a box with chipboard dividers.

The items above are just some of the cool ways you can utilize old boxes with partitions. When you try reusing old materials, you are not only flexing your creative muscles but helping the environment as well.