Merits Of Hybrid Packaging

Performance PackagingVarious materials are utilized to create protective packaging solutions. These can include cardboard, wood, plastic, and metals. While you may be more accustomed to just one type of material being used to make packaging, there are also hybrid options.

Hybrid packaging refers to packaging solutions that are made up of more than just one material. It can also refer to different packaging designs that have been combined to amplify certain safety features in a box. The choice of materials that are combined will depend on what qualities you require for your product. This kind of packaging offers superior protection for products as the designs are customized to ensure maximum strength, safety, and stability. Hybrid boxes tend to be more expensive but still make for a good investment for several key reasons.


The stronger construction of hybrid boxes makes them highly durable and easy to make repeated use of. They are designed to offer extra safety, even with rough handling and long transit. being able to be reused means that they are of great benefit when it comes to environmental concerns. Those that receive them can easily retain them for a long time without needing to source for other packaging materials.


In certain industries where these boxes are used for B2B transactions, they can be emptied and taken back for reloading. This is helpful in terms of cost. So despite the initial high outlay for buying the boxes, their ability to be reused means reduced need to keep buying packaging materials, hence providing good savings in the medium to long term.

Fewer returns

The superior protection afforded by hybrid packaging is good for business. Currently, an increasing number of businesses are having to adapt to the online shopping demands of consumers. Many consumers are not even based locally, meaning arrangements have to be made to ship products further afield.

When products arrive damaged, customers will often seek to return them and have the business replace the item at their own cost. To preserve their reputations, businesses tend to comply with this demand. Despite how much extra it can cost to have to cover the additional item and ship it. Opting for this protective packaging is a good way to limit the risk of products being damaged in transit and the business being left responsible for making replacements. This may be especially useful to businesses that deal in high-end commodities and any items being shipped overseas where the cost of transport is much higher.

Is Whisky Packaging Recyclable?

whiskey packagingWhisky is one of the most popular hard liquors in the world. Millions of cases are consumed in the US every year. That makes for a lot of waste once the contents are finished. Like many other liquors, it is packaged in glass bottles and placed in a whisky box. Due to the nature of the product and the fact that many brands are often imported, whisky packaging is not reusable.

But can it be recycled? The answer to this is however not clear-cut. In a bid to appear unique, different brands utilize different materials in their packaging designs. Some of the materials are recyclable, while others are not. Those that exclusively use cardboard for their whisky box design are recyclable. Some brands even make a point of indicating that the cartons are fully recyclable on the packaging.

Others however will incorporate metals in their designs. you may be familiar with those whisky bottles that are packaged in cardboard tubes rather than box-style cartons. In some cases, the lid and base of the tube will include metal which may be bonded to cardboard. These types of whisky box designs are problematic when trying to separate trash for recycling.

How Distillers Can Help

Whisky distillers can do more to help when it comes to making their packaging recyclable. A good option would be to alter their whisky packaging designs so the bottles are encased in a cardboard carton. Without additions like metal or plastic materials. This will make it a simpler affair when separating the recycling on trash day.
Not only does it help the environment, but it is also a smart costing decision. Cardboard on its own is much cheaper to use for packaging than when it is bonded to other more harmful materials like metal. As much as many whisky brands are considered high-end, there are still ways to make even cardboard packaging appear and feel more luxurious. From die-cut mailers to wooden cases, many sustainable options lend themselves well to showcasing high-end liquors.

Consumers also tend to be more interested in the appearance of the bottle than the box they will simply dispose of after unboxing. Distillers should focus more attention on developing bottle designs that are more alluring than the boxes that are regarded as less important.

It is also noteworthy that cardboard material is quite lightweight. For brands that are shipped across the world, transport costs can be reduced by investing in lighter packaging materials. Consumers may also become more brand loyal to distillers that take a greater interest in minimizing the amount of waste generated from packaging materials. Many are environmentally conscious and more inclined to support brands that share these same values.

Tips for When Moving Wine Boxes to Your New Home

Wine Bottle Box CardboardIf you have a wine collection that needs to be moved, it is important to be very careful in handling it. Whether the bottles are in wine boxes or not, you should adhere to certain safety guidelines to ensure these easily breakable items can get to their destination in one piece. Broken wine bottles can create a huge mess, not to mention the heartbreaking loss of valuable drinks. Here are a few essential tips that can help along the way.

Clear Opened Stock

If you have a few bottles that are already open, try to simply consume them before moving day. It is not advisable to repack already open bottles, especially if the relocation will take more than a day. Most wines will start to go bad within a week of opening and are best kept refrigerated. Having them in a moving truck that is warm will just increase the rate of spoilage. Consider them the same way you would other perishable items in your refrigerator.

Box Them Up

If you do not buy your wine in boxes, get some. Corrugated cardboard boxes are great for protecting the bottles and giving them insulation. Ensure you use an insert so that the bottles do not end up banging into each other. Styrofoam can also be useful as an insert in wine boxes. Perform a shake test before you load up the box on the truck. If you hear the bottles clanging about, add more packing material so they remain stable. Also, consider reinforcing the edges of the box. You can use tape to do this along the bottom edges and corners.

Label Clearly

Be sure to label every wine box as fragile and to be handled carefully. Also, have an arrow and indicate which way is up. This will ensure your movers know how to correctly handle the box and ensure they do not add anything on top. You will want it properly secured without stacking.


For bottles with corks rather than metal caps, be sure to position the wine box in a way that will keep the cork moist. That means laying it on its side or even upside down while in transit. This will prevent the cork from drying out and compromising the seal.

For larger wine collections kept in a cellar and being transported further, consider refrigerated transport. A refrigerated truck will provide a controlled environment you can match to your cellar conditions. This is especially needed if the weather is hotter.

Why Corrugated Carton Is Better For Food Packaging

Custom Food PackagingWhen it comes to food packaging, safety is a key consideration. Because the products are ingested by humans, no business in the industry would want to risk packaging that would contaminate and lead to sickness. Corrugated cartons are a top choice in the packing and delivery of food products for several good reasons.


During the manufacturing process of a corrugated carton, the raw material is exposed to temperatures as high as 100° several times. This process ensures that all bacteria and microbes are destroyed, providing sterile packaging that can be relied upon to be safe for carrying food products. Bacteria and microbes are a risk of contaminating food and causing sickness. They can also impact the shelf life of certain products, causing them to spoil faster.


Corrugated cartons have fluting that provides added cushioning for food products. Many food items, like fruit and baked goods, can easily be damaged during handling and transit. besides disfiguring the food items, this can also lead to breaks in protective barriers that can more easily expose the food items to contamination. With the right packaging, there is less risk that food items will become injured and better chances they will arrive at their destination intact.


Some food products do require packaging that allows for ventilation. Dry food products like cereals and dried fruits may be well-sealed in packaging like plastic without a problem. Other foods like baked and grilled foods will however release moisture when cooling that can drip back into food in closed containers. Packaging that allows for this moisture to be released can help to better preserve the contents. This is why you often see freshly baked goods being placed in boxes for delivery.

Long Delivery

Fresh foods that need to be delivered over long distances should also be packaged in a corrugated carton. This option is ideal thanks to the materials strong build that can better endure long and rough journeys. Many fresh produce items that come from remotely located farms and countries are typically packaged this way to improve the likelihood of them arriving at their end market in good condition.

Moisture Protection

Corrugated boxes have extra layers that make it difficult for moisture to penetrate through to the contents. This is helpful in wet weather conditions and any other situation where there is a chance of exposure to moisture. If moisture is allowed to get to the food, it can cause it to become contaminated and spoil.

Why Shoppers Appreciate Cardboard Shipping Boxes

Custom cardboard boxCardboard shipping boxes have become the norm for delivering parcels around the world. All kinds of items are packed away inside them and sent out to be delivered to shoppers. This trend has grown exponentially over the pandemic period due to restrictions that have made it easier to simply shop online and have items delivered to your doorstep or office. And it is an option that is appreciated by shoppers. Here is why.

Better Protection

Cardboard shipping boxes are quite lightweight but still manage to provide excellent protection for whatever contents are inside. Even heavy and fragile items packed in large shipping boxes are still kept secure throughout transit. This ability to preserve the contents of a box, whether small, light, heavy, or bulky reassures shoppers that the seller has invested in quality packaging that will ensure their items arrive safely. And it comes at a much lower cost than other box options. This means great value for money when choosing this packaging and a lower cost of packaging that is passed on to the seller.


Many items are bought even amid the worst weather conditions. The heat could be sweltering or snowstorms could be raging. Either way, people will want their items delivered. And while the postman will do his best, it is a big help when packages are inside cardboard boxes. This material can easily survive harsh weather. Cardboard is a good insulator that helps maintain a more consistent temperature inside the box. This regulation helps to preserve more fragile items. While cardboard is by no means indestructible, it is a material that is better than most other options in ensuring safety for contents.

Rough Handling

Cardboard is also ideal for bearing under rough handling. Many items are shipped over long distances and will pass through multiple handlers. When shipping items, you need to ensure the packaging used can endure the bumpy roads and rough handling that may occur along the way. We have all seen the videos of frustrated delivery men throwing packages onto porches. Most tend to survive this handling thanks to the quality packaging used.

Unboxing Experience

Shoppers enjoy opening a box, even if it is of something they ordered, and therefore know the contents. There is a certain pleasure derived from the unboxing experience that has inspired many content makers to record videos and post them online to great fanfare. Even for those that do not make such videos, there is a certain joy in receiving an undamaged product.

Securing the Best Deal from Your Wholesale Boxes Manufacturer

wholesale boxes

One of the best ways to maximize profits is to minimize costs. Lowering expenses will boost profit margins. This is why it is important to review expenditures every so often to ensure you are getting the best deal possible. There are often fluctuations in the market that can mean lower costs if you switch to another provider. For businesses that sell packaged products, one provider that should be regularly reviewed is your wholesale boxes manufacturer.  Here are some ways you can look into ensuring your packaging needs are being met at a competitive rate.  

Source for Quotes 

The market of box manufacturers is constantly in flux. There are new entrants that come in every so often, while others shut down. Even if you have not been affected by a manufacturer that has shut down, you can easily seek quotes from other businesses. The market is competitive and you may find someone offering a great introductory deal for the same quality of packaging as you already get. Seek out new deals to also see if there are any new technologies in the market you are not yet taking advantage of that would be beneficial to your business. Try to go wide with this. you can seek out suppliers of wholesale boxes in Albertaand beyond. Many other cities may still offer deals that include free shipping if the order is big enough.  

Track Paper Prices

Paper pricing can often fluctuate. Keeping an eye on this development can help in better timing your sourcing of quotes. You can even set up an alert on industry news for this purpose. Or, you can liaise with your box manufacturer to have them notify you when there is a fall in pricing so you know what effective date to target.  

Bargain with Your Preferred Manufacturer 

When you have several quotes in hand that indicate you can get a better deal elsewhere, you can use them to negotiate for a better deal with your existing supplier. Do not be too quick to make a switch if your existing manufacturer has been dependable. There can be value in preserving this business relationship, so take the opportunity to simply negotiate for lower pricing on your next order.  

Buy in Bulk 

The larger an order you place with your wholesale boxes manufacturer, the more they should lower the unit cost. If you have adequate storage space for packing materials, consider placing an order that will qualify you for bulk discounts.  

Repurposing Old Cardboard Boxes

Custom cardboard boxWith time it is easy to find yourself accumulating plenty of cardboard boxes. Whether it is from parcel deliveries or the last big move to your new home, you can find yourself with a pile of cardboard boxes that are perfectly sound and would seem a waste to simply throw out. Recycling is a good option, but if you have the time and enjoy crafting, there are other ways you can make practical and creative use of the material.


Especially where you have younger children that love to play, cardboard boxes can be very helpful in creating a safe space they can run wild in. You can use them to build forts and allow them to color and draw on the walls. This can be a better option than having them color and draw on your walls. You can help them to cut our windows, drape fabric, or add a string of lights. Cardboard is also an easy material to manipulate and coax into different angled structures. You can use them to create dollhouses and cars. Be sure to help your kids with handling scissors. They can learn new skills like how to work with dimensions and geometry while exploring this creative outlet.


A cardboard box can also be very a good way to restrict the movement of really small pets. You can take a sizable box and line it with different materials to make for a cozy environment for pets like rabbits and guinea pigs. They can have enough room to sleep, roam about, and have access to food and water. If the box gets dirty, you can easily get rid of it and replace it. You can also use cardboard to line existing pet homes like kennels, especially when the weather gets chilly. It is a good insulating material that will make a space feel warmer. You can also use it to build a simple scratching post for your cats and add a layer of fabric on top. Replace the layer of shredded cardboard once it is too damaged.


Clean recyclable cardboard can make for good composting material. It can add carbon to your compost that combines with nitrogen-rich waste to create good fertilizer for your soil. Simply break down the cardboard into tiny pieces and mix it in well. You can also use it to make seedling trays. This is a good way to get started on new plants or crops you want to grow in your garden before planting season.

Benefits of Buying Wholesale Boxes

heavy duty shipping boxA growing number of small and medium businesses are finding themselves in need of packaging to deliver products to their clients. Fewer consumers are visiting brick-and-mortar establishments. Rather, they are making use of e-commerce platforms to make their purchases. This is where having a stock of wholesale boxes makes sense. Making a bulk purchase of packaging materials like boxes can be a big help to the business in several ways.

Saves Costs

Wholesale boxes typically come at a discount. They are much more expensive when bought from a retail store or through some other middleman. When you source from a box manufacturer or wholesaler in bulk quantities, the cost per unit is far cheaper. This reduces expenses and can mean a better profit margin for the business. In fact, many suppliers will ship the boxes to you for free if the order is large enough and even if the supplier is based far away. This means you have more room to seek quotes from suppliers from further afield.

Easy Availability

When you have a good stock of boxes, you do not need to worry about being able to fulfill your orders even during peak shopping periods. Running low on boxes can mean a slowdown in getting the packages ready for shipment. Such delays can affect the flow of business, the impression made on customers, and even the reviews your business may get.

Flexible Design Options

A wholesale corrugated box can come in a variety of dimensions. You can have it customized by the box manufacturer to better fit the sizing of your products. This can help lower the cost of shipping and provide better protection for the contents. Again, when buying a variety of sizes of boxes in bulk, you will find that the cost per unit will be lower when bought from a box manufacturer or wholesaler. Many box makers can even further customize the boxes with branding which will help better identify your business with the product being sent out. This will often cost more but is still a profitable investment.


You might think that cardboard boxes will deteriorate with time. This is not true. When properly stored, the boxes will continue to serve you well as demanded. This makes ordering bulk orders of these boxes a reasonable purchase. As your stock is reduced, you can then order more of the type that has been used up the most, again, in bulk quantity without fear.

Advantages of Choosing Sustainable Retail Packaging

custom retail packagingMore and more companies are making the effort to turn their operations more environmentally friendly. Sustainable retail packaging has become one such strategy that is simple yet quite effective in demonstrating their concern for the world we all live in. Here is why all businesses should make this switch.

Low Cost

Much less energy is used in the manufacture of green retail packaging as compared to more traditional materials like plastics. Because less energy and materials are used, it makes the packaging cheaper to make by manufacturers and cheaper to buy by businesses. Where the material is recyclable, even less energy is used to reuse them to make new packaging. This can help to further lower the cost of production.

Reduced Carbon Footprint

Green packaging often requires less use of natural resources to manufacture. This is because recyclable materials can also be reused, providing already processed materials for the making of new packaging. This ensures a reduced carbon footprint that is good for the environment.


Green packaging can be made to just about any specifications and to cater to various products. So whether you are packing cleaning products or food, there is sure to be some form of custom retail packaging that meets your needs. Not only can many green materials be flexibly designed, but they are often also easy to re-purpose and re-use, meaning that end consumers can utilize them beyond just taking delivery of their contents.


Once the packaging has reached the end of its usefulness, it can easily be disposed of in the environment and it will safely break down without causing harm. This is another positive environmental impact that further reduces carbon footprint.

Brand Image

Consumers have a strong preference for businesses that are as concerned about the environment as they are. Those that use sustainable retail packaging help their brand image as it imparts a good impression. This is of economic benefit for businesses as they can attract more loyal customers whose buying decisions are partially influenced by environmental concerns.

No toxicity

Plastics are particularly problematic for the environment as their manufacture and disposal are bad for the environment. Made from petrochemical resources, they create waste that can last several lifetimes. Sustainable packaging has no toxins, ensuring it does not harm the environment, as it is biodegradable. It does not leave behind harmful chemicals. Much of it can even be recycled to create new packaging, reducing the burden on virgin natural resources.

Designing Unique Custom Labels

Custom Printed Labels, food labelsWhether it is a product appearing on your e-commerce site or the shopping aisle, being unique is important. Standing apart from the crowd helps boost visibility, and the drawn attention can aid in boosting sales. Custom labels are a part of this visibility and need to be strategically designed so they appeal to the eye of shoppers. Here are some tips on how to customize them so they will beat out the competition.


Even just a single color is enough to capture the attention and interest of a shopper. Conducting some research into unique shades is a good idea. Choose a color for your label that best suits your product and ensure it is not already in use by competitors. Print out samples of different shades and visit stores that will stock your items. See what shade seems most distinct and will be easily spotted from a distance.

If you choose to give free samples of your product, you can also include a question about the label to see how respondents feel about it. Also, consider incorporating some metallic colors like gold or silver. This shiny appearance tends to give an impression of luxury and is well suited to high-end products.


While choosing distinct colors can draw the eye, adding texture to custom printed labels is another way to encourage even greater curiosity. A person can often tell by sight that a label is texturized but will want to verify by touch. They will then take the item off the shelf for a closer look, which will add to its appeal. Modern printing technologies can incorporate such designs as embossing for this effect.


Most custom labels are made in a square or rectangular shape. A good way to distinguish your brand would be to alter the design so the label shape deviates from the norm. This will make your product stand out on shelves. You can even create a window on the label that allows shoppers to get a view of the contents of the packaging.

Go Holographic

Adding holographic images on your custom printed labels can also stir more curiosity. It is an unexpected visual that shimmers and easily gives off a rainbow-like effect. It is an effective design option for beverages and children’s products. Be sure to leave some empty space around the holographic image so that is more easily visible. Placing it amidst a busy design can make people easily miss out on its appeal.