Common Shipping Supplies Companies Use

Some companies send their products out to packaging companies to have them packed properly and shipped to their intended destination. The companies that receive the products for packaging and shipping are logistic companies. These companies have a long list of shipping supplies that they use in order to protect the products and lower the risk of damage during shipping.

One of the most important things when it comes to shipping supplies is boxes. Without cardboard boxes there would be no shipments and no way to know if the product will arrive safely or not. Boxes can be several different sizes depending on the type of product that is being shipped. Tape and a tape dispenser are also very important. Both of these things are vital in securing the box and reassuring that the products enclosed in the box are not broken during shipping.

Some companies require special types of paper wrapping materials in order to properly secure the product. For many food products, butcher paper or freezer paper sheets are used. Crinkle paper can be found in special gift boxes that can be for show, display, or resale. This type of paper can be found in an array of colors including white, navy, forest green, red, chocolate, burgundy, green, royal blue, yellow, purple, light blue, lime, and orange. Tissue paper is another form of wrapping materials that are used with some product packaging. There are different types of tissue paper. Some tissue paper is graded as gift paper or wrapping tissue. This type of wrapping material can also be found in a wide array of colors.

Wax paper is another material that is used by companies to ship product around the globe. Wax paper can be purchased in rolls or sheets according to the measurements needed. It can also be found in different lengths starting at one foot and going beyond four feet. The length and width of the most commonly used wax paper is 12 by 12. Although it’s not common to find shipping companies that use wax paper as an alternative to packaging, it can be beneficial in using with food or perishable items.

Logistic companies and other packing and reworking companies use hundreds of materials each day while doing their daily workloads. These materials determine whether or not the product will be tightly packaged. Depending on how the product is packaged for shipping, the risk of damage may decrease with certain types of materials.


Folding Cartons Can Make Everything Easier

When you distribute your product you want it to be economical, but you also want it to be presentable to the consumer or the retailer, depending on the type of sale. This is where folding cartons come in. When you use folding boxes for your product, the boxes are shipped flat and though there is some assembly required, it is not difficult, and it is more economical for you. The folding boxes can be designed to your specifications with your artwork and logo on them. All you have to do is assemble the box, place your product inside and place the assembled product into the shipping box so they can go off to their destination.

Folding cartons have value for the store because it eases the placement on store shelves. But there is a value for the customer as well. Folding boxes can be broken down and stored flat so should the need arise the customer can reassemble the box and place the product back inside. They can also just repurpose the box if they have something else of the same size that needs storage.

These boxes are delightful for the customer and are a great marketing tool for you. When your product is in a folding carton it can be more easily displayed on a store shelf and can be arranged neatly, which draws more attention to your product and to your brand. It shows that you care enough about your product to place it in a protected environment until the consumer purchases it. This ensures that nothing is missing and your product hasn’t been damaged by browsing hands.

It can also display safety warnings, directions, age suitability and other requirements that are easy to read and will give the purchaser the confidence of knowing that this product is right for them. Nothing is more frustrating for a consumer than to get a product home and discover they don’t have the batteries, or their child is too young or too old for the toy or gadget. By using folding boxes, you can avoid that and be rewarded by repeat customers who trust your brand and know that they can safely purchase your products because you care enough to give them the information they need to make wise choices.

Folding boxes can come in a variety of shapes and sizes, can be customized to the colors of your choice and have the text and artwork you desire. They are durable and are not difficult to assemble. You will find that they are an excellent choice to enhance not only your name but to advertise your product as well.


Your Shipping Supplies Destination

Shipping your product isn’t just about stuffing it into a box with bubble wrap, it involves much more and if you need shipping supplies, we have them. Where we used to just offer packaging solutions, we acquired a shipping supplies company and now can offer you anything you need related to packaging your product.

Once you’ve chosen your box you need supplies to help you ship that box. Here’s where we can help you, where we couldn’t before. From bags or markers to wrapping materials and hand trucks, we can provide whatever shipping materials you need to get your product to its destination.

Imagine your logo on the bag that holds the products you sell at your retail outlet. Well you don’t have to imagine it anymore because we can create custom printed bags for you with your slogan or logo right on it. Better for your customer and good for your marketing, your logo on a bag can easily have a positive impact on your business.

When you tape up that box to ship your product, don’t use boring packing tape. Say something with your packaging and get custom printed tape with your logo all over it. The tape comes in two types – poly-pro which is a white tape or PVC tape which is stronger and stretches better. These tapes come in a number of sizes and colors.

Don’t forget to wrap your product and when you do, we have several options that will enhance your product presentation. We can now offer tissue, newsprint and roll paper depending on your requirements and presentation needs. We also have pallet wrap and polyethylene tubing for those larger jobs or to keep those pallets dry before loading. In addition, we have packaging materials such as packing peanuts and polyethylene foam and twine to tie it all together.

When you ship your package you may need to add a shipping tag and here’s where we come in. We can supply not only shipping tags in a variety of colors, but we have the shipping ties and fasteners as well. The fasteners are great for added protection against sticky fingers.

But it doesn’t stop there, we have the supplies you need to ship your products right down to permanent markers, strapping supplies and the tools you need to secure them; tape, tape dispensers, packing knives, bag sealers, paper dispensers, and Swiftacher Fastener Guns. We even have stapling tools and refills, and what’s best is for many of our shipping materials the more you order the less it costs.


Utilizing Various Cardboard Dividers

When you ship your products you want to ensure that they arrive safely at their destination. When orders arrive undamaged and ready for use, not only will you be happy, so will your customers. Many companies use bubble wrap or packing peanuts to wrap their products and prevent them from being damaged during shipping, but these options are not only environmentally unsound they are also not the only options around.

You may be surprised to learn that using cardboard dividers or chipboard dividers can often provide your product with the same protection you can get from using non-eco-friendly packaging materials. They are also more versatile and are particularly useful when your package contains multiple items or items that must be kept separated for their protection. A few examples will give you an idea of why you should try dividers the next time you have a product to ship.

Cardboard dividers can be used to protect fragile items to prevent shifting and breakage or can be used to create partitions so multiple items can be shipped in a neat and organized fashion. Thicker cardboard dividers are excellent to keep items such as bottles from touching each other and breaking. Thinner dividers can be used to separate items from one another, giving each item its own enclosed space. They can be cut in any number of sizes so that each shipment can have as many compartments as you need. You are no longer limited to one large box which may cause you to have to break your order up into multiple shipments if you have items that otherwise could not be shipped together.

If you prefer an eco-friendly solution you may want to try chipboard dividers. These are heavier than cardboard, are made of mixed waste papers, and are completely recyclable. They create less dust and are lightweight so they reduce shipping costs. Though they are lightweight, they are extremely durable and do not bend which makes them an excellent choice for fragile items.

Another option is fiberboard dividers. These are made from corrugated fiberboard and are heavy duty which makes them ideal for shipping heavier objects such as nails, screws and machine parts. They are also completely recyclable and are more fire-resistant than chipboard. Testing has shown that they can last 30 – 50 years so they can be reused if needed. They are simple to install and remove and require no tape or staples.


The Power of Product Display Boxes

Whether you are displaying your product in a store, an office building or a residential property, you want to be sure that the display is eye-catching, attractive, durable, easy to access and, most importantly, conveys your best image to potential customers. Display boxes come in a variety of shapes, sizes and designs and can be paperboard displays or cardboard displays, depending on your preference.

Display boxes can be designed for countertop displays, stand-up displays or as countertop shipper displays which are countertop displays that double as shipping boxes and can be delivered pre-constructed and ready for loading. All of our display boxes can be designed with the colors you request and printed to your specifications. These boxes are perfect for point of purchase products.

Sure, you can store your products in a box next to the counter, but it could get lost in all of the other clutter there, or diminished by some other product’s striking box. Imagine your product, sitting on the counter in a brilliantly colored box with your company’s logo stretched across it, holding your products in neatly stacked rows. That image sticks in a customer’s mind and leaves them with the impression of a company that cares about its product and its image. They will remember your brand.

Brochures, maps and other paper products can easily get mixed up or overlooked without the perfect display box to separate them so each can be easily viewed, picked up and taken for use. With the right countertop display box you can have a stadium level arrangement with multiple pockets that will allow customers to see all of your paper offerings at a glance without having to sift through them to see what you offer.

Stand-up displays are perfect for those busy locations that need a show stopping display to attract attention to your latest offering. But it also must be durable to withstand customers brushing by it or shopping carts nicking it. With corrugated cardboard stand-up displays, you will have both. These stand-up displays come in all shapes, sizes and designs.

You can have displays with a desk-like feature to display your product on a flat surface. They can be made with stacked cubbyholes for small toys, or can look like newspaper boxes, or you can get stand-up displays that will hold several different books. With a large variety of styles, there is no end to the creative ways you can display your product so that customers can spot it from a distance when roaming the store. Of course, all of these display boxes, whether shipping, stand-up or countertop, can be custom made in the colors you choose and with the design you decide will put your best foot forward to the retail community.


The Best Boxes for Packaging

Not all boxes are the same and when it comes to packaging your product it is essential that you choose the correct boxes for packaging. Not only does the packaging protect your product, but it also sends a message to the consumer about your company. If you choose the wrong packaging, your product could arrive damaged and will give your customer a bad impression about you and could impact future sales. Your packaging can also serve to advertise your product on store shelves and well as through the shipping and delivery process.

The type of packaging you choose will depend on your product and the intended use of the package. If your product will be stacked on store shelves, a corrugated packaging box would likely be your packaging choice because the design of the box can protect your product from being crushed. Corrugated packaging boxes can be a double-wall or single-wall structure. Single-wall is excellent for shipping while double-wall protects your product if it will be stacked. The flute of the corrugated packaging box helps to protect your product and can also determine the space it will take up, the style of box that can be created and the printing surface of the box. The flute you choose will lend itself to stand-up displays, shipping uses and point of purchase packaging.

Other types of boxes for packaging include corrugated plastic, paperboard, wood and chipboard all of which can be customized for your product. Whether you want a standard box or a die cut box in a specific design, we can handle your order. Your product’s weight, size and shape will help determine the packaging that is right for you. It isn’t difficult to determine the type of box you want for packaging as some types of boxes lend themselves for certain types of products. For example, if you are shipping bottles of wine, you would likely want a wood box imprinted with your company’s logo. You wouldn’t package software in a box that traditionally would hold a doll.

Corrugated plastic is a good choice if you want your packaging to be moisture resistant. Corrugated plastic has a longer shelf life than cardboard and is waterproof. It is also silk screened instead of litho-laminated. Paperboard, on the other hand, is not as durable as corrugated plastic or cardboard and is better suited for gift boxes and brochure holders.

Chipboard is an eco-friendly type of box for packaging. It is made from several pieces of recycled paper that are glued together to form one large piece of material. The application of a strong adhesive ensures durability and a smooth texture. It can be customized to display text and graphics and is lightweight resulting in reduced shipping costs.


Simply Enhance Your Shipping with Shipping Tools

It makes sense to consolidate your vendors for basic supplies that you need to do business. It means fewer invoices, purchase orders and less labor to keep track of it all. Well Instabox would like to be your one-stop shop for all of your packaging and shipping supplies requirements, and now we can do just that. We recently acquired a packaging supply company and now we not only manufacture boxes, but we can supply you with the tools you need to put them together, pack them, seal them and take them around your warehouse.

Sounds good doesn’t it? Well, it is and here’s what we can offer you.

Need shipping tools? We have them and we’d like to pass them on to you at our affordable rates. No longer do you have to search the web for your newest vendor because we can reliably and affordably supply you with the tools of your trade. We have table or wall mount paper dispensers and stretch wrap dispensers. We have several models of bag sealers, including heat sealer accessories and sealer bands. We also supply Swiftacher fine and regular guns.

Get your stapling supplies here too. With a wide variety of staplers and pliers and a generous variety of refills as well, you are sure to find what you need at an economical price. You may as well grab your strapping tools and supplies while you’re at it and you can choose from different strapping materials and colors; black, white, or yellow, steel or stainless steel. Choose from a variety of protectors and seals and don’t forget the sealers, tensioners, cutters and dispensers. We also have tape dispensers and tape, including colored Duct tape, filament tape, spray adhesive and more.

But that isn’t all you need and we know that. We are pleased to be able to supply you with paper and plastic wrapping materials and shipping and packing materials, such as Styrofoam peanuts, corrugated roll, Polyethylene Cap and foam, and we also have the twine. We’d love to create custom printed tape so your product can be wrapped in your logo, marketing your product throughout the supply chain.

In addition, we can hook you up with hand trucks for moving boxes throughout your warehouse. We even get down to the little details like markers from fat to skinny in various colors and also packing knives. We supply Olfa and Boss cutting knives which we guarantee are the best you can buy for durability and strength and we also supply replacement blades.

And, last but not least, we have bags in many sizes and materials and the price will drop as the order gets larger. We also have custom bags with your logo right on it. Don’t let people walk away from the store and forget where they bought that item they love so much, put your name on the bag.


Recyclable Chipboard Boxes

Going green is important these days, not only to the environment, but also to your customers. When you package your product in a fiber box made of recycled materials you are telling your customer that you care enough about the environment to do what you can to help it. By caring about your environment, your customer will know you also care about your product.

We are a box manufacturer and when we manufacture our boxes we look not only to the quality of the box, but also the environmental footprint we leave when manufacturing it. Our fiber boxes help us lighten our footprint and pass that lightened footprint on to you. These boxes are made of 100% recycled fiber. This makes them 100% recyclable and also more lightweight which saves you on shipping costs and makes you a partner in protecting the environment.

If you ever wondered how much difference it really makes, chipboard boxes saves tens of thousands of trees, hundreds of thousands of liters of water, keep over a million kilograms of waste from landfills, and save millions of noxious transmissions from cars and trucks per year, simply due to the manufacturing of the product and its lightweight yet remarkably durable properties.

Chipboard boxes are suitable for a variety of uses and as expected are an excellent medium for printing. Use a chipboard box for your product and dictate the color of the box as well as the artwork used to display your company information and advertise your brand. Use them when you need setup boxes, folding boxes, suitcase boxes and mailing tubes.

Folding cartons made of chipboard are great for boxes that are intricate but can be refolded for storage. There is some assembly required (you have to fold them) but we assure you it does not require a rocket scientist to do it.

Another use of fiber boxes is for suitcase boxes. These boxes can be made to look just like a suitcase and can have custom in-place foam to protect the materials inside. They are great for carrying promotional materials and even giveaway gadgets. They are fully customizable and can be printed with artwork as you wish.

Corrugated fiber boxes are the ideal choice when you want a stand up display for your products. These boxes are easily decorated to your liking and have the durability you need. Use them as bin boxes to save shelf space or as shipping boxes to withstand rough handling. They are also excellent for software packaging because they will protect the product and are lightweight enough to lower shipping costs.

Chipboard boxes are ideal as setup boxes for luxury and personal items such as jewelry, chocolates, perfume and gifts. They look classy and best of all, there is no assembly required. We also supply fiber tubes for mailing those important documents safely and economically.


Nothing Beats Custom Packaging Labels

If you want the perfect label for your product packaging needs you’ve come to the right place. We can customize a label to make your product stand out before your customer even gets it out of the box. Labels are important because they help not only your branding, but they also say a lot about your company. There’s no need to package your product with boring, generic labels that only display your return address, put something snazzy on there to generate excitement when the package arrives.

Packaging labels can be made in a variety of shapes and sizes limited only by your imagination. The shape, size, lettering, color and border are all up to you. We will make your dream label become your reality, and make your package look first-rate in the process. There are many style options as well. Try a gold or silver finish to give your package a great look. Any printed information you wish can be put on your custom label so your product arrives looking its best.

But it isn’t always enough to have your brand name, logo and contact or product information on your package label, sometimes you need other information to stand out and that’s where pre-printed labels come in. We have pre-printed labels for a large variety of informational or technology-friendly applications.

Pre-printed labels can draw attention to conditions that are of importance to the shipper such as goods that require special handling. If you have goods that are fragile, flammable, explosive or corrosive, pre-printed labels can alert the shipper in a clear and concise manner that these goods are dangerous and for the safety of their employees and the public, must be handled accordingly.

They can also provide informational messages such as which side is up, do not stack, crush, break down, freeze, lay flat or puncture. These are examples of messages that will protect your product and ensure it will be in good condition when it reaches your customer. Neglecting simple messages like these can leave a bad taste in the mouth of the consumer who opens the box only to find a damaged product. They will blame you for shoddy packaging, not the shipping company for bad delivery practices.

Other pre-printed options are barcode labels to help shippers scan and sort your packages and help retailers scan them for purchase. In the electronic age your product will be left behind without these simple labels. We offer over 25 different types of barcodes you can place on your packaged product.

You can also get pre-printed point-of-sale labels that make your product stand out from the rest. We provide ship to labels that have plenty of room and are easy to fill in. If you ship out of the country we provide international label packages that require special handling. Simply attach the appropriate label using globally recognized pictorial images and your product gets the special handling it deserves.


The Various Types of Shipping and Packing Supplies

Packing is not a simple task and it requires a whole lot of materials for a successful move or shipping project. The items to be packed might need an extra protective cover and there are various materials which can be used for different items. Shipping accessories and packing materials act like a safety net for your items.

Packing Supplies

Some of the widely used packing supplies are as follows –

  • Laminated rolls – these rolls are leak-proof and are extremely durable
  • Stretch films – one of the most widely used materials used for packaging, which also protects the items while in storage
  • Bubble wrap – this provides protective padding and water resistance at the same time. This is the perfect solution for fragile items and will ensure that the object is protected from rough handling. You can get them as sheets or bags depending upon your needs.
  • PP straps – they are lightweight, but tough. They are used for heavy and medium weight packages to keep the contents from spilling out.
  • Instant foam – gives the perfect custom fit for objects with a difficult shape.
  • Protective paper packing – they come as kraft sheets, newsprint sheets or even as colored shredded paper.

Shipping Accessories

You can also opt for the following shipping accessories, which will give added protection during shipment

  • Edge protectors – they reduce the damage caused during shipment by giving extra protection and support.
  • Strap guards – protects the package from damages caused by tight straps.
  • Shipping tags – they come in a variety of colors and sizes and they are great for identifying your packages easily.

Selecting the Right Kind of Materials

It all depends on what you want to ship. The kind of material can vary in strength and durability, based on your needs and the items being shipped. If you are environmentally conscious then you can buy biodegradable bubble wrap which will degrade in one or two years. Buy antistatic bubble rolls to pack electronic goods, which also provides excellent protection against impacts.

Packing supplies can be used in numerous ways, but there are a few general guidelines, which when followed, can lead to superior protection of your products. After packing, ensure that the box closes properly and there are no extra spaces. There should only be the necessary information on the box as too much information can confuse the movers or package handlers. Use only tapes and boxes that are designed exclusively for packing and moving. Do not overload the box with objects that are too heavy for the box to hold, it might give way midway through the journey, which is one headache everyone wants to avoid.