Improve Shipping with Proper Shipping Boxes and Other Tips

Economic instability, booming worldwide competition and various other factors make business survival a constant battle not to mention growing the company. It has become increasingly important to find ways to establish customer satisfaction while at the same time saving time and expense.

Shipping is a critical part of any company offering products to customers located outside their local areas. And with the arrival and immense growth of the internet and mobile smart devices, the need for streamlining shipping practices has mushroomed as well. Here are some valuable tips for maximizing the efficiency of shipping for your company.

Expedite Turnaround Time

Shipping products out to customers as soon as possible is valuable in a couple of ways. First of all, it gets a customer’s order to them rapidly, which wins you big satisfaction points. Fast shipping also allows you to utilize low-cost shipping methods like ground instead of next-day.

Make Warehouse Adjustments

Expedite shipping time even further by making key warehouse adjustments. Items that sell more frequently should be placed closer to order filling stations so less time and resources are required and they move out faster. As your business grows, invest in advanced automated shipping systems which boost efficiency even more.

Use Proper Packaging

Shipping costs can be reduced by ensuring that the right sized shipping boxes are used. Sending items in boxes that are too large has a couple of detrimental consequences. Boxes that are too large have extra internal space that must either be filled or items can be damaged in transit. Also, small shipping boxes cost less to ship than larger ones and are more easily managed. Specialist companies like Instabox provide the perfect shipping boxes to meet any product requirement.

Ship in Bulk

Shipping individual orders to international destinations can be extremely costly. To significantly reduce shipping costs for your global customers, consolidate numerous orders to the same regions into single shipments.

Provide a Return Service

UPS commissioned a study recently through Forrester Consulting which revealed that companies that provide a clear and easy return policy on their products tend to experience better sales than those businesses that do not. A return policy produces stronger customer loyalty and more favorable praise to customer friends and family, both of which boost revenue.

By utilizing these and other streamlining tips, you can create a shipping process that is fast and efficient, saving your company both time and expense as well as ensuring that your customers keep coming back.


How Custom Designed Cartons Affect Consumers

Packaging is one area that is often overlooked by many companies yet plays a major role in the success of the products or items contained within. A great deal of effort is usually placed in the actual package that contains the product for sale, but what about cartons used to ship or store those items? Quite often, a plain corrugated carton is selected to meet those requirements.

However, those plain Jane cartons can be transformed into vehicles that significantly increase business. Consider the following packaging points before prepping your next product shipment.

A Box Is More Than a Box

A box is much more than a container for shipping, storing, or displaying items. Cartons also have the ability to display important information and encourage brand reinforcement. These points are key targets of any successful business plan.

Custom designed cartons not only meet the needs of packaging and shipping items, but they also provide an extremely visible platform to display a wealth of advertising and information. The product, brand logo and both product and company information can be attractively placed on each carton which has the potential to be handled and viewed by hundreds of people along its path from manufacturer to the shipper and then to consumers.

Innovation Creates Business

How a carton displays and opens is another powerful selling tool. Cartons that open with an easy and creative format and then allow the contents to be removed in a structured order are attractive to customers that then look forward to the next product. It is a plus if the package design allows customers to actually view the product before purchasing it as it removes a great deal of mystery as well as suspicion. Apple is extremely well known for its innovative packaging that is almost as attractive as the products contained therein.

Another innovative way to attract customer attention using custom designed cartons is to create unique shapes. Not much attention is given to a standard square box, but customize a carton to uniquely fit your product and eyes are drawn to it.

Combine a uniquely shaped corrugated carton and an attractive means of opening it and revealing the product inside with an appealing and informational outer surface and you have the makings of a product desired by the masses. Instabox is a specialist in designing and producing customized cartons.


Box Partitions and Other Ideas for Making a Smooth Move

Moving to a new home or office is exciting. However, the process of making that move can be extremely stressful. Not only does everything have to be packed for moving, but necessary items have to be found at the new location. Practically everyone that has ever moved knows what it’s like to have to desperately search through a mountain of boxes to find a needed item.

However, if you apply a little preparation effort before the move, you can save yourself a lot of aggravation. By creating an organized system, you can make the transition effortlessly and with all items readily at your disposal. Here are some packing tips from Instabox.

Color Code Your Boxes

Most people already pack items according to individual rooms, keeping kitchen, bathroom, bedroom, dining room, etc items together. However, once the day of the move arrives, all those boxes get mixed up. Once they arrive at the new location, it can be like a massive shell game of finding the needed item in the correct box.

This problem is readily solved by color coding your boxes according to room. You can use colored markers or construction paper to apply assigned colored squares to room boxes. For example, assign red to the living room, blue to the kitchen, yellow to the bedroom, etc. By using a color coding system, you can ensure that all boxes are distributed to their appropriate rooms in the new location, significantly reducing extra box moving and item searching.

Create a List

To simplify the process of finding needed objects, create a list of items that are in each box. Write a large number on the box with a black marker that corresponds to the listed items. For example, under box number one on your list, write juicer, blender, coffee maker and bread machine. Then write a large number 1 on the box. To simplify things further, write the number in the large color coded square you created so that box number and room number are instantly identifiable.

Divide and Protect

Another unpleasant fact about moving is that items get broken during the process. However, if you utilize cardboard box partitions as you pack, you not only better protect items from crashing into one another, but you also can better organize the contents. Using the example of kitchen items above, if you place box partitions in box number one, then you help prevent damage to those valuables. Cardboard box partitions are also extremely convenient for separating large numbers of small items such as contents from your sewing room or garage.

As you can see, a little preparation time can save you a great deal of stress as well as protect your valuable items from damage.


Types of Laser Printer Labels

There are many companies that also specialize in laser printer label printing. Laser printers are very common in business marketing and other resourceful aspects of the world of business. They can be used to print flyers, programs, brochures, labels, and so much more. The images that can be printed onto different types of paper keep their shine and real-like image after being transferred. For this reason and many others, companies benefit from using all types of laser printer labels. A laser printer can handle all types of labels, whether they are being printed on a full length, half length, or quarter length sheet of paper. Some printers can even be set up to print on smaller measurements or certain patterns.

One of the commonly used types of labels is the shipping label. This can be used for residential or commercial purposes. It normally holds information that is needed for the post office or delivery company. This information normally includes the senders name, company name, address, and phone number or website. It must have the receivers name and correct address in order for the item to be delivered to correct recipient.

Delivery companies also use labels to track packages that are being shipped. This label can be called a shipping label or an in-route label. These labels have a barcode or a QR code printed on them and can be scanned by devices to check the package number and destination. Other information such as GPS location can also be obtained through this code. When the package arrives at one or many of the stops along the route to the destination, it is checked into a system that can normally be accessed online by the receiver and sender. The numbers within the barcode or QR code are turned into a specific tracking code used to access this information.

Food and beverage labels are also commonly printed on laser printers. Custom printed labels are used for specific companies and applied to the products upon delivery of the labels. These labels can vary with the product. Some may be printed across a sheet of paper, whereas others may take up the whole sheet. Bottles are normally printed rectangular whereas logo labels may be custom designed without perfect images.

Another type of commonly used labels are address labels. They can be used for residential or commercial purposes. When certain professions send letters to their consumers, they use a pre-printed address label and attach it where the sender’s address belongs on the envelope.


Types of Custom Packaging

When it comes to distributing top quality products, having the best packaging available is a key ingredient to it being successfully shipped. Many products have set measurements that allow them to be placed inside of a box, with a divider, and shipped across the world without any damage. However, there are many products that do not meet set measurements and therefore require custom packaging.

Custom packaging can range from poster board to hexagonal shaped boxes, each designed specifically for the product in which is to be packaged, shipped, and delivered. One of the most commonly used custom packaging is Die-cut boxes. These can come in several finishing options which may include matte, glossy, or aqueous coating. Die-cut boxes can also be ordered specifically for the custom size that is needed.

Another type of custom cardboard packaging is stationary packing boxes. These boxes are designed to hold stationary type objects such as pens, pencils, paper, notepads, and other objects you would frequently find on a desk. Custom packing boxes that are designed for stationary require specific measurements. These specific types of boxes are used by colleges, schools, government offices, training institutes, and retail shops. They can also be customizable for other business needs.

When you walk into any store that avidly displays products, you encounter a special type of custom packaging, the display box. These boxes can range from small to extra-large and everything in between. They are normally seen near cash registers in retail and convenient stores displaying new products or products that are on sale. Some jewelry stores may use display boxes to show off their current name brand selection.

Special packaging boxes are used for fragile things too. The cosmetics companies use custom packaging boxes to help keep their fragrances, nail polish, eye shimmers, mascaras, creams, and other products from sliding around during shipping. These boxes also offer complete protection to every inch of the product whether it is fragile or not.

There are several other types of custom packages that are specifically used for certain products. One of the reasons why most companies choose custom packaging or boxes is because they can have their name branded across the container, in the design of their choice. The boxes can even display their company logo. It allows for companies to also advertise their products during shipment and delivery. Custom packaging compliments the products in which they are made for. They can help enhance the showcasing of new and upcoming products.


Special Features of Custom Fiber Dividers

When packaging a product to be shipped around the world, there are several important steps that must be made. There are several decisions that should be carefully made before the packaging and shipping process begins. Some of these decisions may include what type of boxes to use for shipping or the type of partitions or dividers used to ensure the safety of the products.

There are several types of boxes that are used to ship specific products. However, there are certain dividers that are used specifically for certain products. Some are even custom made to fit neatly around small or larger products when multiples are placed in a box to be shipped. Fiber dividers are used for short or tall packages that require compression strength to help contain the product and prevent damage.

With fiber dividers there are special features that go into the storage of products. Each partition or divider is set up specifically for product protection. Fiber dividers have a few other mentionable features as well. Corner cuts help to reduce problems that may come from inserting. Instead of having square edges, they are cut to prevent snagging. There is enough room at the top or bottom of the divider to provide a locking space while it is open. The locking feature restrict any movement of the strips within the divider.

Another great feature of a cardboard box divider is an adhesive coat that is applied to the vertical sides of the divider. This feature helps hold the divider in place. It also helps by allowing the package to be moved in any manner without losing, shifting, or damaging the divider. The orientation notch is found at the top right hand corners of fiber dividers. They are made specifically to ensure that the divider can be opened or closed properly. When closing, the two rectangular shaped cut outs should fold on top of one another flawlessly.

These are just some of the features that can be found when using a fiber or regular cardboard box divider. With each type of custom made divider there are certain specializations put in to help with specific products such as wine, perfume, or other glass bottles. Without the use of a divider during shipment the product may be at risk of severe damage. This damage can result in losing most or all of the shipment. Dividers are especially warranted when the packages include fragile products.


Requirements of Beverage Labels

Labels are used in many aspects of business marketing. They provide a complete identification for the product that is being sold. They normally include the makers of the product, where it was manufactured, the product name, ingredients, and nutritional value. All of this information is valuable to consumers.

Some companies are required to have their labels approved before they are allowed to place them on products and sale or ship them to be sold. This approval comes from several locations, including the FDCA, Federal Food, Drug, and Cosmetic Act, and the FDA, the Food and Drug Association.

With alcoholic beverage labels or liquor labels, there are other requirements that labels must meet before they are allowed to be sold in the open market. These labels must be preapproved by the TTB, or the Tax and Trade Bureau. The TBB is a part of the ATF, Alcohol, Tobacco, and Firearms Bureau, and is responsible for issuing certification for beverages that contain alcohol. Between the import and export laws with specific countries, it is very difficult to sell some alcoholic beverages globally without the label approval of the TBB. Included in the category of alcohol are wines, beers, malt liquors, and other beverages that you find in your local stores with an alcohol percentage.

Beverages that do not contain alcohol also have a set of regulations that they must adhere to before being able to have a label and sold to consumers. Beverage labels fall into the Food and Nutrition division of the FDA. They must supply the consumer with the list of ingredients in each product whether it is liquid or solid. The label must also have the content percentage of sugar, cholesterol, fat, total fat, and sodium. The consumer benefits from knowing this information because they are able to make accurate dietary decisions.

Beverage labels provide consumers with knowledge about what is in the bottle. Some labels even advertise other products that are sold by the same company. A new trend in the past decade has been adding websites to labels. Almost every label on the market, whether it is a beverage label, liquor label, or a food label, has a website for the manufacturer of that specific product. It is a marketing strategy used to inform consumers about the product in which they are consuming and to advertise other products that they have available that suits the consumers’ current product choices. Websites can be a very useful tool when labeling any type of product.


Marketing through Packaging Labels

A very important factor for success with any company is revenue. Revenue comes when the advertisements and other marketing strategies have proven to bring in new consumers and generate a new source of income. One way that companies can promote their current and upcoming products is to print the information on their product labels. Packaging labels, or product labels, can include websites, phone numbers, customer satisfaction surveys, nutritional facts, and so much more. What is added to a label depends on the company and their choice of label design.

Some labels, such as bottle, cosmetic, candle, and coffee labels, will have more printed on them than the average nutritional facts. They can also include dietary boosts for consumers. These boosts can inform potential consumers of how many calories, grams of fat, or sodium is in the product. Information pertaining to where the product was made will also be available on most product labels. This information can be very useful to consumers who wish to only purchase or use products made in certain locations.

Many companies have become accustomed to adding advertisements to their labels in order to promote other products. Normally the promoted products fall into the same category as the product doing the promoting. For example, with coffee labels, they may promote a new French Vanilla type of coffee or a new type of coffee bean that they are now manufacturing products with. This has been seen in the past with white and wheat bread, with wheat being the healthier choice.

Logos on packaging labels is another marketing strategy. Although business brands are always printed so consumers know who manufactured the product, logos are memorable. The Nike logo is known worldwide as the check mark and McDonalds is known worldwide by its golden arches. Whenever consumers see the logo, they do not have to have the brand written out, they know that it belongs to that brand. Marketing other objects might be difficult for McDonalds, but with Nike, putting a check mark on shoes, shirts, shorts, socks, glasses, and other retail merchandise has increased their profits substantially.

Packaging labels are not just used for shipping purposes. They are also used to identify products that are stocked on the shelves for consumer purchase. Using packaging labels to promote or market a business has been a successful maneuver for several businesses over the past few decades and will continue to help bring in revenue as long as the advertised product is preferred by consumers.


Invest in a Customized Box for Your Product

Sometimes a regular box will not do for the job at hand. Therefore, there are specific customizations that can be made to fit certain products to where they are displayed nicely for the consumer. A customized box may be needed around the office to hold ingoing and outgoing mail or to store paperwork and other important documents so that they are within arm’s reach.

One of the most commonly seen products shipped in customized boxes is computer software. Instead of opening like a regular box, this might have slides on both sides and a flap that folds down in the front. Even though software normally includes discs to be shipped without a scratch, some software can include manuals and may have an added customized space to include these materials. Boxes that are used with software can also include hidden pockets for this information.

Custom die cut boxes and inserts are manufactured to help promote the product, lower the risk of damages during shipping, and to fit the product precisely. With proper custom box printing, they can even advertise the company, help with displays, or prepare the product to be resold after arrival. A very important shipment can be destroyed when the proper type of packaging is not used prior to shipping. This can include the type of box used, partitions, and proper labeling.

Product presentation is everything when it comes to advertising and bringing in more consumers and revenue. In certain businesses, such as the wine and liquor industries, the types of boxes they are shipped in are also used to display the products. For these companies, inserts are also a must have. Customized inserts are used for bottles that are shaped differently than the normal bottles that are big bottomed and slender tops.

Special items such as lab equipment, computer electronics, and firearms may have their shipping boxes custom made due to the high risk of damage. These items are very expensive to replace and that is shared within the shipping community. Therefore, there are custom boxes and inserts that are made to hold this type of fragile equipment in place while it is being transported from one location to another. The inserts made for certain firearms are customized to that specific type of firearm. For larger, longer, firearms there may be a long box that is also slim. This can also apply for other items that are longer and require more protection during shipping.


Common Types of Cardboard Shipping Boxes

Choosing which type of boxes to use for specific product shipping can be difficult for some companies. However, if you have a set product list, then you will be able to choose the correct type of cardboard shipping boxes to fit your product needs.

Bulk cargo shipping boxes are able to withstand over two hundred pounds and can be used for shipments that may freely move throughout deliver. These boxes are made to ship a lot of small items or a few large items and normally require a pallet underneath them upon delivery. They are one of the most commonly chosen boxes for shipping.

Depending on the product that is being shipped, easy-fold mailers and side loaders are perfect for pictures, frames, and other flat items that are no thicker than a stack of paper. The easy-fold mailers and side loaders allow for easy insertion. Although side loaders have only one open side, easy-fold mailers can be folded over the product to better hold it in place. Both of these styles are used by art galleries, artists, and movers. For more than a few stacked papers or files, storage file boxes are used.

Some products may be lighter in weight than others. Products like these, such as empty sports containers, use light weight cardboard shipping boxes. These boxes cannot withstand much weight, but they can ship multiple products upon demand. If a box that can hold a lot of weight is needed to ship product, the bulk cargo boxes are more ideal. Moving boxes can be used in place of bulky cargo boxes, but they are not commonly used by companies unless they are in retail. Moving boxes are normally used during residential moving.

Many products that are found in a chemical lab or company will require a Haz Mat cardboard box upon shipping. Most of the Haz Mat boxes and other items will clearly state that it is hazardous material container and may cause damage if opened improperly or shaken. Labs and companies that deal with vaccines and other important vials, the insulated shipper might be ideal. This type of box has insulation on all four inside sides and on the very bottom. However, insulated shippers are not insulated on the top of the product when the box is fully closed. Some products must have a customized box when shipping. This can vary with the product’s weight, size, height, and overall contents.