More People Than Ever Before Need Shipping Supplies

There are more e-commerce businesses being established everyday. It is not difficult to set one of these businesses up and is e-commerce is a rapidly growing business. There are many things involved in opening up an e-commerce business. One of the most important aspects to consider is the shipping.

Shipping products to customers is often the way that the e-commerce business will make money. A person setting up the e-commerce business may take the time to find the right shipping company and they will market their ability to ship things to their customers. What they may forget about is the need for the right shipping supplies.

Shipping materials cover a very broad field. It is not just about the box that is needed to ship a package in. Instead, there are many different shipping supplies that will be needed. Some of the things that will be required include:

  • Boxes – Boxes come in different shapes and sizes. They use different materials and they can even be custom designed. There is not usually a one size fits all solution to the need for boxes by an e-commerce company.
  • Packing material – In order to protect the items being shipped, packing material is used. The packing material will not only prevent. Items in the box from shifting around, they can also prevent breaking during the shipping process.
  • Dividers – When multiple items are shipped in the same package, the dividers can make it possible to use fewer boxes. Dividers can also protect the items and keep them from moving around.
  • Tape – Packaging tape will make sure that the box is closed tightly and that it is not opened until the recipient gets it.
  • Shipping Labels – The labels do more than just let the shipping company know where the package is supposed to go. It can also be used to market the company that it is coming from. Clear, easy to read and well-designed shipping labels are an important tool for e-commerce companies.
  • Packaging tools – In order to do the job right, a person must have the proper tools. This is true in many different industries including the shipping done by e-commerce companies.

An e-commerce business needs to have a plan for getting the shipping materials that they need. It is important that they get what they need at the price they can afford. It is an area that will have a big impact on the success or failure of an e-commerce company.


Businesses Need to Learn About Custom Die Cut Boxes

There are many businesses that think there all boxes are created equal. They assume that they do not have much choice when it comes to the design and style of box. Businesses that think this way are missing out. They are not taking advantage of the opportunities they have if they learned about custom die cut boxes.

What is a custom die cut box?

Boxes that are custom cut can come in any size or shape that is needed. They can be designed to fit any product and protect the items in the box in the best possible way. Die cut machinery and technology allows the boxes to be made in the way that a business needs.

In addition to being able to make custom sized and shaped boxes, the boxes can also have custom designs on them. They can not only become a package that an item is sold in, they can become something that promotes the business or the products of the business. The boxes will stand out because of the unique size and shape and that will allow more people to notice the design elements that are incorporated in the custom die cut boxes.

Some of the more common forms of these boxes include:

Ballot boxes – these are great for contest entries and other promotions that a business can run.

Bin boxes – These boxes are open and can be used for storage of smaller items on shelves.

Die cut cross fold boxes – These boxes are great for shipping items such as books and filters.

Gift boxes – These decorative boxes are something that customers will pay a premium for.

Mailer boxes – the lids are attached to these boxes to make it easier to ship things in.

Suitcase boxes – These boxes are shaped like a br4iefcase and include a handle to help carry whatever is kept inside.

Match stick boxes – These boxes slide together to from a covered packaging without having removable lids.

It is easy to get a custom die cut box designed. Once it is designed it is easy to order the boxes that will be needed and reordering them will be easier because the design is already completed. The benefits that come from offering packaging that fits the products being sold and the ability to promote the business through the use of the custom boxes make the extra cost of the boxes less of a problem. In fact the boxes may end up being a cost effective packaging and marketing tool when they are used properly.


What Are the Best Boxes for Packaging

Whether you own a business or are just sending presents to someone you love, the packaging you choose matters. The packaging will affect the cost of the shipping. It will help protect the items that re being shipped from any damage along the way. It will also send a statement about how much you care about the things that you have shipped.

It is never a good idea to choose whatever box that you can find when you need to ship a package. Even reusing boxes that have been shipped to you may not be the ideal way to ship anything. Instead, it is a good idea to learn what the best packages are for shipping things.

Size matters

Contrary to popular belief, size does matter, especially when it comes to choosing the right boxes for packaging. A good box will fit the items that are being shipped. It will provide enough room to include material designed to protect the contents of the package, but it won’t be too large so that the items can shift around in the box. Size also matters when it comes to the cost of shipping packages. There are many shipping companies that base their rates on the size of the package instead of the weight.

Shape matters

Packaging boxes should be shaped for the contents of the package as well. Tall boxes, short boxes and mailing tubes can all be found. Choosing the right shape will help protect the contents and will also impact the cost of the shipping.

Get the right material

The type of material used for the packaging boxes is another consideration. Corrugated boxes can offer stronger boxes for packaging and can protect items that re more fragile. A plastic box may not only provide more strength it can also be waterproof to help protect the contents of the package even more.

Some packages can be sent in lightweight boxes that will help keep the shipping cost down. Boxes that can easily accept dividers will allow multiple items to be shipped safely.

Finding the right boxes when shipping packages is not as easy as it seems. The next time that you go to grab that old shoe box, you may want to have second thoughts. Does it really meet the needs that you have for the things that you are shipping? Will it offer the protection and the most economical packaging option that can be found? If it doesn’t, it will be better to find the right box.


There Are Many Types of Mailing Tubes

When a person has to ship a package for the holidays, they often grab the closest box they can find. No matter what the size and shape of the package that is being shipped is, they will try to make it fit into the box they find. The results of this are often disastrous. The contents of the package that is improperly packaged will arrive damaged or worse. Instead of trusting any old box to get your package where it is supposed to be, it may be better to take some lessons from companies that ship out packages on a regular basis.

E-commerce sites understand the importance of choosing the right packages. There are plenty of different types of shipping boxes to choose from. One of the boxes that is used often is mailing tubes. The only problem is that not all mailing tubes are created equal. Before you grab any old tube it is better to learn the different types that are offered.

Fiber mailing tubes

These are becoming very popular. The fiber shipping tubes have many great features that are designed to protect what is kept inside. Friction fit plastic or metal end plugs can keep what is put inside these tubes in place. The labels on these tubes can be made to look high end. There are also different varieties of these tubes to consider.

  • Telescoping tube – These tubes can be made larger or smaller to fit the size of the contents that need to be placed inside the tubes.
  • Heavy walled telescoping tubes – These tubes are more durable for material that needs the extra rigidity of the thicker walls.
  • Straight tubes – Nothing really fancy about these tubes. They come in one size and they are an economical choice for some shipping purposes.

The Effect of the Tubes

People that take the time to ship things in these shipping tubes will show that they know how to do things the right way. Whether the tubes are being used for a private party shipping gifts to friends or relatives or if they are being used by an e-commerce business to make money, the tubes are an effective and cost efficient choice for many of the different items that are being shipped. The tubes can often be reused and that makes them even more cost effective. They have been designed to last and will keep everything inside of them safe.


What Makes Fiber Dividers a Good Choice?

If you only ship a package once or twice a year, the type of packaging you use will not matter much. You can grab any box that will the stuff you want to ship will fit in, add something to protect the contents and take it to the local post office. It is easy and there are plenty of people that do it just this way.

The people that ship things more often do care about the packaging that is used. E-commerce sites are growing at a rapid rate. In order to make money off of these sites, it is necessary to ship the products that are sold, to a person’s home. If the products do not get there safely and undamaged, the customers will not be happy and the e-commerce site will lose money.

Getting packages to the customers safely is only half of the battle. It also needs to be shipped in a cost effective way. Many e-commerce sites attract business by offering free or discounted shipping. If they do not save money on the packaging, they will lose money making these offers.

One of the solutions that e-commerce companies are turning to is the use of fiber dividers. These fiber partitions allow the e-commerce companies to fit multiple items into the same package. The partitions can help protect the items.

Dividing up boxes to ship multiple items is not a new idea. The use of fiber partitions is. Fiber dividers offer a few advantages over the traditional paper or cardboard dividers that have been used in the past.

  • They can be contoured on the edges. This allows them to be placed into boxes easier and without damaging the dividers. This feature is referred to as corner cuts.
  • They have an adhesive coat on the vertical sides. This allows the dividers to remain in place better. Items in the package are less likely to move around when these fiber partitions are in place.
  • They require compression strength. This feature provides more protection for the items that are inside of the package.
  • They can be fitted easily to any size package, tall or short.

These dividers will be used more and more as the e-commerce companies continue to grow. Shipping companies expect this industry to grow and are trying to make sure they can get their piece of the action by offering lower costs. Anyone that is shipping the packages with these dividers will be able to take advantage of the changes and ship their packages safely while still cutting their costs for shipping.


Why Using Foam Inserts is a Good Packaging Idea

Shipping is a very necessary service that allows products and items to be conveniently delivered from one location to another. However, shipping can also be an extremely volatile process filled with inattentive workers and jostling transport vehicles that often damage the precious contents of the packages in tow. Damaged goods take a bite out of business profits as well as present an aggravating experience for those receiving them.

In order to prevent the lost expense of replacing damaged products and keeping receiving customers happy, it is prudent to take the extra steps required to protect your valuables during shipment. One of the best ways to keep shipping items undamaged, is to use foam inserts such as can be acquired at Instabox.

The Benefits of Foam

The goal behind proper packaging is to secure and protect the contents throughout the shipping process. This should be accomplished by using limited supplies that do not add excessive weight, and therefore expense, to the package.

Foam is the perfect packaging material for meeting this goal for several reasons.

  • Versatility – Foam inserts are moldable so they can be shaped to snugly fit any item. They can also be reused time and again to protect that same item which it was designed to hold, or they can be broken into large pieces or chipped into smaller ones for other packaging needs.
  • Light Weight – Foam is extremely lightweight which means it adds little to the overall package weight.
  • Inexpensive – Box inserts made from foam are inexpensive compared to other packaging materials. It also reduces shipping expense due to its lightweight consistency.
  • Durable – Foam is extremely durable, having the strength to withstand applied pressure from hits, drops or other sources. In spite of its strength, foam is also giving enough that it absorbs shock that might otherwise damage unprotected products.
  • Insulation – Foam also acts as a thermal insulator. Throughout the shipping process, items are often exposed to extremes in heat and cold which can damage sensitive contents. By using foam box inserts, you not only protect your products from the damage of hits and bumps, but you also protect them from temperature extremes.

When it comes to protecting sensitive products during shipping from banging and fluctuating temperatures as well as keeping your customers happy, customized foam inserts are the smart choice.


Why Shipping and Packing Materials Are Important

Business has become a global experience made possible by the explosion of the internet. Even small Mom and Pop companies can easily make, fill and ship orders to customers across the nation or living in distant lands.

Shipping has become a major means for getting those far away customers their ordered products. The sheer size of the shipping industry means that the personal care and attention that used to come with sending packages years ago has morphed into a highly insensitive business that jostles millions of packages daily along extensive lines and via various vehicles. Product damage and loss are a very real experience nowadays.

Protect Your Goods

However, there are actions you can take to better protect your precious goods during transport. The best approach is the use of shipping and packing materials which help prevent damage by keeping items safely separated, wrapped tightly, and held securely together.

Materials for Separation – Many products are damaged because they rub or bump together during shipment. Damage of this nature can be significantly reduced by using Styrofoam peanuts, molded foam inserts, corrugated cardboard rolls and other similar shipping and packing materials.

Materials for Wrapping – Tightly wrapping packages together in plastic wrapping materials also prevents shifting, shaking and other damaging effects that occur during the shipping process. Applying a thick plastic covering around your shipment also adds a protective layer against bumps, thumps and gouges. Polyethylene tubing can be used to secure individual items while plastic pallet wrap can secure entire pallets of boxes or items.

Materials for Securing – There are other items you can use to help secure your shipments besides plastic wrapping materials. Twine and shipping tape are both used extensively to prevent the loss and damage of precious goods during shipment.

When these materials are used together, they significantly reduce the chances that your shipped products will be lost or damaged. Packing materials used to separate and cushion items within the boxes, twine and tape used to secure packages together and plastic wrap applied to the outside of the entire group will help to ensure your items get to their distant customers, keeping both you and them happy.

Turn to an Industry Leader

When you require shipping & packing materials for your business, it is worth turning to a leader in the industry for quality goods at competitive prices. Instabox is such a company and they carry a wide selection of shipping supplies and packaging materials that will protect your goods as well as make your business shine. If you want to reduce the expense of lost and damaged goods and maintain good customer satisfaction, turn to Instabox for your packaging and shipping needs.


Qualities of Custom Labels That Get Results

Each product that your company produces can have dozens if not hundreds, of competing products vying for customer dollars. Even if you know that your product outperforms the majority of your competitors’, if you can’t get people to choose your product over the others then they will never know.

One way to grab the attention of shoppers is through custom labels that announce your product. If the label is eye-catching then your product stands a better chance of being selected out of the hordes of other competing products lining the shelves.

Following are some of the qualities of successful custom labels that you can incorporate into your next product project.

Communicate without Words

Colors and images speak to a person’s psyche and grab their attention without them usually realizing it. Therefore, you can use both color and images to communicate positive messages to consumers contemplating what products to buy.

The colors and images you use should be connected to your brand as well as your product. For example, if your company sells bottled water, then you may want to use the colors blue and silver in a logo that contains the image of a wave. This way, customers will instantly recognize your brand regardless of what new item you produce. Think of Pepsi and its wavy blue and red circle as an example.

Select Text Wisely

Once you have a good foundation of color and image, you can add text. The words and fonts used on custom labels are extremely important. They must balance the overall look of the label, not be too distracting, and they need to compliment your brand.

When selecting text, take care when selecting fonts. The general rule of thumb is never use more than two varying fonts on your labels. You also want to select a font that best accentuates your brand, like the cursive font used to add more elegance to the brand name Coca-Cola.

You also want your label to be readable without customers having to squint. For example, if you produce wine, then you want shoppers to be able to read the important details from the aisle. If customers have to pick up your bottles to read the wine labels, then you have probably used more text than necessary.

Consider Label Size

The size of your labels is just as important as what’s printed on them. The label should be sized in direct proportion to your product. If the label is too small then people will pass by without noticing it. If it is too large, it can look tacky or be damaged during handling processes.

High-quality wine labels and other custom labels from specialized companies like Instabox can make your products stand out above your competitor’s.


Preprinted Labels Make Communication a Breeze

Throughout the journey of products from manufacturer to consumer, communication is required to provide instructions, give warnings, offer information and make sales. Customized labels are the best for offering product information and selling the product to consumers, but various common instructions and warnings can be conveyed using generic, less expensive preprinted labels.

Importance of Messages during Shipping

It is extremely important to provide key messages on your packages during the shipping process for numerous reasons. First of all, package destination directions are required for shipping personnel which can be resolved with ship-to or address labels. Package handlers will also need to know if the contents of that package are fragile or dangers which is conveyed using fragile or dangerous goods labels. Once the package reaches its destination, point of sale or deli labels communicate where those particular items go and this side up tells how it is to be unpacked while the packing slip enclosed ensures proper order filling. Customers also benefit from preprinted labels and their messages. Label instructions can tell them how to store the item via a keep refrigerated label and where it originated with a made in Canada label.

Other types of labels are also required for every single package shipped, such as barcode labels that provide identification of the product and the manufacturer throughout the process. Preprinted labels are also quite handy when shipping products through foreign hubs. International labels using easily identifiable pictures communicate your messages across language barriers.

Benefits of Preprinted Labels

Dangerous goods labels and other types of ready-to-go labels have a variety of advantages over customized labels. Such labels are cheaper because they require no special instructions or customization. They also save time because they can be taken directly out of the package and applied to packages without any special treatment.

Applying these labels to your packages is definitely worth the effort as they can save you a great deal of money and hassle in lost packages, damaged products, disappointed customers, lawsuits from injured handlers and more. Ready-to-apply labels come in an extensive assortment of messages and instructions that can be applied to various product shipments.

Instabox is a major supplier of labels of all types and for all occasions. Using such a reputable company as a label source ensures you receive labels that are easy to read, large enough to be noticed and bright to catch the attention of handlers.


Paperboard Display Strategies That Increase Sales

Competition for customer dollars is fierce and the battle only intensifies as the struggling economy and climbing prices eat away at their cash. In order to boost sales, store owners and managers have to get creative in how they present both the layout of their store and the displays they use to attract customers to various items.

Here are some successful strategy ideas from Instabox for using corrugated displays to attract customers and increase sales.

Catch Them at the Entrance

In today’s helter-skelter world, people are pressed for time and constantly rushing through one activity just so they can rush to another. When shopping, people tend to go straight to listed items, pick them up and hurry through checkout.

However, that is bad news for store owners. In order to slow people down, you want to catch their attention with bright, attractive displays at the entrance point(s) of your store. Displays that work best include seasonal items like key Christmas electronics, or products that encourage customer interaction such as plants to touch and smell.

Create Destinations

A store that simply consists of aisles can make people feel like mice running through a complicated maze. This sensation causes people to move through quickly in order to find the exit, much like the mouse in the maze.

Again, getting shoppers to slow down is a key element in boosting sales. Therefore, give them destinations at the ends of aisles by utilizing displays of discounted items. People that know an appealing paperboard display awaits them at the end of each aisle will slow their movement through the aisles.

Break Up Monotony

Corrugated displays also make great mid-aisle arrangements that slow shoppers down. Customers tend to rush through store aisles and only scan for the products they need, particularly if the aisles are long.

However, by placing an attractive paperboard display here and there throughout your aisles, people tend to stop and look at those particular items being offered. Once they stop at the display, they also tend to more closely look over the shelved items in the display’s background.

Use Warm Shapes

Researchers have found that people are attracted certain shapes over others. Two of the shapes that both attract people and set them at ease are circles and U-shapes. Use this to your advantage by either choosing corrugated displays designed with these shapes or creating those shapes in the display’s background.