Things to Look for in a Folding Cartons Manufacturer

Folding Cartons Manufacturer

When you have to transport your belongings to another destination or if you need to send a huge package overseas, ensuring the safety and security of the package can be quite a challenge. Apart from that, you, as the shipper, have to make sure that the package will reach the receiver unscathed and presentable.

It is therefore important to look for a carton manufacturer who can give you functionality, durability, and aesthetics. If you can find a folding cartons manufacturer who can give you all these three, then, consider yourself very lucky.

A provider who manufacturers customizable cartons

Customizable folding packaging cartons in North Vancouver are hard to find. There are numerous folding carton manufacturers but there are only few who can work on your specifications.

Why customize boxes and cartons?

In an article published by Forbes entitled “Having It Their Way: The Big Opportunity In Personalized Products,” it was emphasized customer engagement and loyalty can be elevated by product and packaging customization.

A survey was conducted among 1,000 online customers of Amazon and it was found out that a huge 30% of this respondent pool engaged more with the company when the product they bought was customized, along with its packaging.

So, if you’re looking for a folding cartons manufacturer, make sure that you choose one who can customize the same. You can incorporate your ideas on the designs your carton manufacturer can come up with since you know your target market best.

Look for a manufacturer who uses high-quality material

The two main functions of packaging a product or anything, for that matter, are to keep it safe and secure while in storage or in transit and to make it look presentable when it reaches its destination or receiver. If you choose manufacturers who use cheap and low-quality raw materials in producing their folding cartons, you defeat the purpose of packing your product. Why pack it when your products will get damaged while in transit?

A balance between functionality and aesthetics

According to a study conducted by UK Open University, it was pointed out that how a certain product or object is packaged plays a vital role both in point-of-purchase and after-purchase. The design, logo, and other aspects of the packaging will all determine whether or not the market will make the first purchase or will purchase again.

With such facts, it is therefore important that a business invests in both the functionality and aesthetics of their product packaging to ensure a surge in sales.

Printed Folding Cartons in Abbotsford B.C.

Printed Folding Cartons in Abbotsford B.C.

With the rigid competition amongst businesses nowadays, it’s easy to understand why some companies struggle to keep their businesses in the industry. While some manage to promote products and services with the best strategies to rank and stay on top, others get to experience the other way around. One best way to promote your products is to use printed folding cartons in Abbotsford B.C. With custom designs done and printed to meet your preference, quality-made folding cartons can attract customers by advertising your brand in a very enticing way.

On Manufacturing for Your Purpose

Printed folding cartons in Abbotsford B.C. are built either using Kraft chipboard or paperboard of high-grade to provide you prints of better quality. Designed either as product packaging or shipper displays, your items can be viewed in folding cartons. These folding cartons have window holes or windows with clear, transparent films for cleaner and safer viewing of your products. Prints are done with up to four coloring process. These are finished with coatings ranging from spot UV to UV’s which are high-glossed for acquiring matte finishing touches.

Having created what we have known today as packaging industry that started way back in the 19th century, folding cartons and folding boxes primarily are designed to give your products an elegant, stylish, and unique look, which can definitely raise awareness among your clients.

Help Save the Environment

Whatever business reasons you may have for using folding boxes, people will be patrons of your product because of its creative and unique packaging. Well-made folding boxes are a great way to boost your business by gaining positive feedback from your customers. Any negative comments regarding your packaging will surely affect your income. What you need are printed folding cartons in Abbotsford B.C., which definitely can showcase the optimum level of your product.

Supporting most people’s advocacy for saving the environment, these folding boxes are of huge aid in protecting our natural resources. By manufacturing these boxes in 100 percent fiber, recycled material, there will be a reduction in air pollution, vast use of water, cutting of trees, and enormous energy consumption. More importantly, the widespread wastes that pollute land, air, and water will also be reduced, if not be eradicated. Using these boxes is a good way to earn your customers’ loyalty and trust to your products.

Choosing these boxes will do good things for your business – in marketing and in reputation. Avoid customer loss, save capital loss.

Folding Cartons Manufacturer in the Global Market

Folding Cartons Manufacturer

The demand for folding cartons will continue to rise to up to $10.1 billion in the year 2020. Aside from the shipping and delivery services, other industries including food, manufacturing, cosmetics, and pharmaceutical industries will expect a high demand for folding cartons due to its durability, sturdiness, and versatility.

It was in the 1840s when the idea of tacked and folded cartons emerged. However, folding cartons were only used for high-end products such as jewelry at that time because of the meticulous and manual production of folding cartons by hand. Thanks to the accidental discovery that machine can mass produce folding cartons, almost any product of any type require a folding carton for packaging.

The printed folding cartons in Ontario, B.C. are rampant because companies and manufacturers from different industries require this type of packaging. Why? Here are the reasons why folding cartons manufacturer will more likely increase their sales for the next few years.

Folding Cartons are Attractive

Packaging plays a really important role in marketing various products. A simple cereal will always become more presentable to the target consumers if colorfully-printed folding cartons are used rather than a direct-to-the-product appearance. It is also easier to print and customize a cardboard, which is the main material in creating a folding carton. Folding cartons can effectively promote a certain product through the visual impact it creates at the specific point of sale to the end-user.

Folding Cartons are Easily Produced

One main reason why the demand for folding cartons is high is that prototypes are easily manufactured or produced. Different businesses can simply request for their own customized folding carton as packaging for their products with a peace of mind that their folding cartons will be produced efficiently and effectively in a small amount of time.

Folding Cartons are Eco-Friendly

Our world today is full of pollution in many ways, which requires people to implement the usage of eco-friendly items. This includes folding cartons. The food industry, especially restaurants and fast food chains, is now considering using folding cartons instead of plastic and styrofoam for the betterment of the environment.

Plastics and styrofoams have negative effects on our environment because these items consist of certain materials such as Polystyrene that has carcinogens and neurotoxins, which can be harmful to both the environment and the people. On the other hand, folding cartons are made from cardboard, which can be compressed and can undergo recycling and upcycle to form other fiber materials, such as papers.

Using Folding Corrugated Boxes in Coquitlam B.C.

Folding Corrugated Boxes in Coquitlam B.C.

If you are one business-minded person and all you care is for your business to succeed, two of the most important things that you must protect are your customers’ trust and loyalty to what you sell. Apart from wanting your business to either stay strong or stay on top of the retail industry, you should also make the effort to not gain any negative feedback from your customers. Remember that they stay because they know and appreciate that you care. But if they see that you don’t, it’s hard to say that your business will not fail.

Present Your Brand Better with Corrugated Folding Boxes

One thing that keeps your customers’ trust and loyalty are how you present to them your brand. Bear in mind that customers shop with their eyes, hence, the quality of your product is judged primarily by how they see its box from the outside. Nowadays, almost all retail businesses make use of strong and attractive corrugated folding boxes to speak for their products, because these boxes not only professionally showcase their brand, but they also provide the customers the luxury to not worry where and how to keep these boxes instead of having them tossed after use. Which are why, all retail – business owners, not only in Coquitlam B.C., should carefully distinguish folding boxes that are worthy from those that are unworthy of trust to carry the product’s brand.

That’s what folding corrugated boxes in Coquitlam B.C. are, made to gain your target customers’ trust and loyalty by their quality to deliver and showcase the brand of the product or whatever it is that they stand for in the retail industry.

Protect Your Product with High-Quality Boxes

Apart from what they are, folding corrugated boxes in Coquitlam B.C. also provide products with protection because of their corrugated style in varied thickness, that makes products kept nicely fit and secure while inside, which is why customers are enticed and are given the feeling that the products they present look expensive and are made with the finest quality.

Come to think of it, your business is so much important that you don’t want it to be ruined just by some customer’s negative feedback regarding your product’s boxes. Making use of the wrong boxes not only ruins your business but it also ruins your name as a businessman and as a person. Remember, using the right folding boxes defines how you treat your business and most of all; it defines how well you treat your customers. So choose the right box.

What to know about Slotted and Folding Packaging

Folding Packaging

Customized boxes are the thing to get if you’re searching for a particular container that has your print and design on it. They may be expensive, yet they’re worth it, particularly as you see the beauty and quality of the boxes

There are many kinds of boxes to select from, yet your choice will depend on your need. These boxes are designed of various materials, from corrugated fiberboard to corrugated metal, wood, and plastic. For customized boxes, you’ll get to pick the equipment you want and kind of packaging you need, and a manufacturer would make them according to your requests.

Slotted Boxes

Mainly, these cartons are utilized for storing and transporting large items or large quantities of items, such as books. Slotted boxes include the most typical kind of big, brown box you’ll see around, and they additionally have types, like:

Regular Slotted Boxes: The cartons are the most typical kind of box around, utilized in storage areas, homes, offices, etc. Regular slotted cartons contain four flaps at the bottom and at the top, the bottom flaps that may be taped up or glued after you’ve packed the carton.

Half Slotted Boxes: A close twin of regular slotted boxes, the only difference is the half slotted box contains no flaps at the top: it’s open-ended. The box is used mainly as a cover, or temporary storage.

Double Cover Box: As its name suggests, it contains two covers: one lid at the top and one lid on the bottom. Ideal for packing things such as ovens and fridges, the item is put on the lower cover, then the middle part is slid over it, to be shut by the top lid.

Folding Boxes

Folding packaging usually is designed of printed, paperboard prior to folding, and sent flat to a packager who folds them within their end shape as a container for an item.

Folding boxes mostly are used within the packaging sector, and you’ll see them everywhere in offices or on store shelves. Instances of high volume of folding boxes include:

  • Office Supply Boxes – for brochures and annual reports.
  • Greeting Card Boxes
  • Gift Boxes
  • Cosmetic Boxes
  • Juice Cartons
  • Dairy Cartons
  • Candy Boxes – chocolate cartons.

And there you have it, folding and slotted cartons. They’re different from their usage and size; therefore, make certain of you want as you order a customized box.

Understanding the Cost of Corrugated Folding Boxes

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Online retail shopping is getting bigger every day. The growth of online shopping is said to be the reason that the malls in the United States are struggling so much. The great thing about online shopping is that just about anyone can set up an online retail store. If they have products to sell and a website to sell them on they are in business.

While starting an online retail business may be easy, making it successful is not. There are many things to consider and one of the forgotten costs by many entrepreneurs it the cost of corrugated folding boxes.

Consider the Costs

Many mistakes are made when looking at the cost of the boxes an online business will need. It is not just the price of each box. There are also costs associated with storing the boxes and with the packaging supplies needed for the boxes. If an online business wants custom boxes or custom graphics, the costs of boxes will go even higher.

The size of the box will also impact the costs. This is especially true when a business needs different sizes of the folding boxes. That can create more storage problems and the need for more packaging supplies.

Think about Large Quantities of Printed Folding Boxes

To lower the cost of anything, buying in large quantity may be the answer. Buying in bulk can lower the cost per unit. This is true even when custom printed boxes are ordered. For a small online retail business, finding ways to order large quantities of printed folding boxes may take a little bit of planning.

  • How much to buy – Determining what a large quantity is to get the best discounts is the first thing to determine. A business needs to consider the amount they have and how quickly they are going to go through it.
  • Can you use fewer different sizes – If a small business can get away with one size box, it will make it easier to go through the larger volume of boxes that are being ordered. Coming up with a plan of how to use the boxes and the best way to get the packaging supplies can help a business find a way to order the higher volume of boxes needed to get the discounts.
  • Storage – The biggest issue to consider is where the corrugated folding boxes will be stored when not in use. Because they are folded, the amount of space may be smaller, but taking this into consideration is an important step.

After looking at the different obstacles, a small online business may find that getting the higher volume of printed boxes is a great option that will help them achieve the success they want.

What is High Volume Product Packaging

High Volume Product Packaging

When people talk about high volume, their definition of what it is can vary. It depends on the type of high volume that is being talked about, and it depends on the people’s idea of what high volume is. It is like the definition of what a lot of money is. To someone that has a little, a hundred dollars may be high volume. To someone that is wealthy, it may take a million dollars to define high volume. That is why businesses need to learn what high volume product packaging means to them.

When it comes to product packaging, the most common form of packaging is corrugated folding packaging boxes. These are used by businesses big and small every day. Without these types of boxes, it would be difficult for businesses to operate.

What does high volume packaging mean for a business?

Most people assume that if they are able to utilize high volume packaging, they will be able to save money on the cost of their boxes. Buying in volume usually involves some type of discount. The problem that many businesses run into is the ability to use a large volume of boxes in a timely fashion. If they cannot use a lot of boxes, they will end up having money tied up in inventory and they will have to pay for the storage of the boxes until they are used. It is these problems that make some businesses think they are not going to be able to use high volume product packaging effectively.

Options for Businesses

While a business may not believe they can utilize high volume packaging, the opposite may be true. There are different things that a business can do that allows them to get a high volume of corrugated folding packaging boxes without running into the problems they may believe.

It is important to find out what the company that offers the cardboard boxes considers high volume to be. Many allow customers to get smaller amounts of boxes while still getting the discounts of high volume. It may also be possible for businesses to combine their buying power. If several businesses combine their orders, they can attain what is considered to be high volume.

Businesses need to realize that the term high volume is flexible. A business needs to ask the businesses they are buying their boxes from what they have to buy to get the high volume discount. It may not be as much as they think and a smart business will find a way to take advantage of it.

Wholesale Corrugated Boxes in Kelowna B.C.

Wholesale Corrugated Boxes in Kelowna, B.C.

When people talk about wholesale and retail, they often think that the biggest difference is in the price of what is being sold. Buying something at wholesale prices typically means paying a lower price per unit. It also often means buying larger amounts of a product. In the past, the only people that were able to take advantage of wholesale prices were big businesses. They were the ones that had the capital and the room to buy the larger quantities that were required.

Individuals used to be forced to pay retail prices for everything, but that has changed. The idea of wholesale club stores introduced the idea of wholesale prices to the individuals and to small businesses. The wholesaler would purchase larger quantities and then would pass those savings along to the consumers.

Who Needs It

When someone buys something from a wholesale club, they often wonder what are they going to do with this oversized product. The same can be said of people that are looking at wholesale corrugated boxes in Kelowna, B.C. Who would have a need for a large number of boxes. The answer lies in the large number of online retailers that need to ship their products to the customers that order them.

Online retailers are growing in number. Some are connected to traditional retail stores and others only operate online. The type of online retailer is not important. The common thread between them is the need to ship the products to the customers and to make sure that it is delivered undamaged.

Turning to corrugated cardboard in Kelowna, B.C. can provide the online retailer with the material that is needed to get the products to the consumer. While buying wholesale may require larger amounts to be purchased, the good thing about corrugated cardboard in Kelowna, B.C. is the ease with which it is stored. The boxes will lay flat and are easily stacked on each other until they are needed. As long as they are stored in a dry location, they will last a long time.

Business big and small can get the benefit of saving money with the help of corrugated folding boxes. It does not matter if the business is in Kelowna, B.C. or anywhere else, if they can get what they need for a lower price, it is a smart business decision.

Looking for Folding Cardboard Boxes in Vancouver

Folding Cardboard Boxes in Vancouver

Anyone that has started on online retail business has had to think about how they would get the products they sell to the people that bought them. The logistics of this can be a problem, but it is something that must be resolved. The biggest complaint that people have when they shop online is not receiving the things they order in a timely matter. One of the other complaints that people have is that the things they order arrive damaged. Overcoming these problems is important.

When it comes to delivering the order undamaged, packaging is the key and the most basic component of the packaging is the box. Folding cardboard boxes are the most commonly used boxes. Businesses that need to find folding cardboard boxes in Vancouver need to make sure they understand how to find the right ones. These are some of the things to consider.

  • Type of box – There are many types of boxes that can be found. For businesses that want stronger boxes, a search for corrugated cardboard boxes in Vancouver may make more sense. Think carefully about what will be put in the box and how sturdy the box will need to be.
  • Storage – The great thing about buying folding cardboard boxes in Vancouver is the ease of storage. They can be laid completely flat until they are needed. When they are needed, the bottom panels can be sealed and the box can be filled and shipped. Still, it is important to make sure that the proper storage space is available to keep the boxes dry and undamaged.
  • Quantities – The amount of boxes needed at any time depend on how strong the business is. A business needs to have enough boxes on hand to meet the demand, but not too many that money is wasted on unused inventory. One way to control the amount of boxes on hand is to investigate small quantity orders. There are many companies that offer corrugated cardboard boxes in Vancouver in whatever quantity is needed by the business.
  • Graphics – A plain cardboard box will be able to deliver the product to the consumer, but it is also a missed opportunity. Adding graphics to the boxes is a good way to make a business seem more professional. It is also a cheap and effective form of marketing.

Smart online retailers are taking the time to understand the importance of the boxes they use for shipping products to consumers. They are making sure they are making the best decisions when searching for them in Vancouver or anywhere else.

Businesses can Benefit from Custom Boxes in Kamloops, BC

Custom Boxes in Kamloops, BC

Starting a business can be difficult, but many people are taking on this challenge. Selling products to people on the internet is a business that many people are getting into. It is something that is fairly easy to set up and that can be very successful if done right. There are many different things that have to be done to run a successful business, but one of the basics is to get the boxes and other shipping supplies needed to get the product to the customer. For some businesses learning the benefits of custom boxes in Kamloops, BC can help lead them to success.

Why Custom Boxes?

Many people starting a business will wonder why they should invest the time and money needed for finding high quality custom boxes in Kamloops, British Columbia. They may worry about the extra cost that is involved, the need to buy large quantities to get a custom order and other factors that are involved. It may be easier and standard boxes may be less costly to purchase, but that does not make them the right choice. Custom boxes offer the business several advantages.

  • They fit the product – Custom boxes can be made so they fit the product that they hold. That means there will be less protective packaging materials needed. The products will also be protected better as a result. Although a custom box may cost a little more, the savings on packaging supplies and on the cost of damaged product can make them more cost effective.
  • Display Opportunities – Custom boxes can also be made so they can display the products that they hold. This can reduce other costs for a business trying to sell its products.
  • Graphics can be added – It is easy to add graphics to the custom boxes in Kamloops, BC. The graphics can be used to help market a business and can be used to provide information to the consumer.

Custom boxes do not always have to be ordered in large quantities. There are companies that will offer small quantities of custom boxes to those that need them. Smaller quantities allow a business to save money and space on storage and inventory and can still give a business all of the advantages that come with a custom box.

The biggest advantage of the custom boxes is the ability to make a business look more professional. That will help build the brand of the business and allow them to gain the trust of their customers. It is something that successful businesses have been doing for years.