Things to Look for in a Folding Cartons Manufacturer

Folding Cartons Manufacturer

When you have to transport your belongings to another destination or if you need to send a huge package overseas, ensuring the safety and security of the package can be quite a challenge. Apart from that, you, as the shipper, have to make sure that the package will reach the receiver unscathed and presentable.

It is therefore important to look for a carton manufacturer who can give you functionality, durability, and aesthetics. If you can find a folding cartons manufacturer who can give you all these three, then, consider yourself very lucky.

A provider who manufacturers customizable cartons

Customizable folding packaging cartons in North Vancouver are hard to find. There are numerous folding carton manufacturers but there are only few who can work on your specifications.

Why customize boxes and cartons?

In an article published by Forbes entitled “Having It Their Way: The Big Opportunity In Personalized Products,” it was emphasized customer engagement and loyalty can be elevated by product and packaging customization.

A survey was conducted among 1,000 online customers of Amazon and it was found out that a huge 30% of this respondent pool engaged more with the company when the product they bought was customized, along with its packaging.

So, if you’re looking for a folding cartons manufacturer, make sure that you choose one who can customize the same. You can incorporate your ideas on the designs your carton manufacturer can come up with since you know your target market best.

Look for a manufacturer who uses high-quality material

The two main functions of packaging a product or anything, for that matter, are to keep it safe and secure while in storage or in transit and to make it look presentable when it reaches its destination or receiver. If you choose manufacturers who use cheap and low-quality raw materials in producing their folding cartons, you defeat the purpose of packing your product. Why pack it when your products will get damaged while in transit?

A balance between functionality and aesthetics

According to a study conducted by UK Open University, it was pointed out that how a certain product or object is packaged plays a vital role both in point-of-purchase and after-purchase. The design, logo, and other aspects of the packaging will all determine whether or not the market will make the first purchase or will purchase again.

With such facts, it is therefore important that a business invests in both the functionality and aesthetics of their product packaging to ensure a surge in sales.

Folding Cartons Manufacturer in the Global Market

Folding Cartons Manufacturer

The demand for folding cartons will continue to rise to up to $10.1 billion in the year 2020. Aside from the shipping and delivery services, other industries including food, manufacturing, cosmetics, and pharmaceutical industries will expect a high demand for folding cartons due to its durability, sturdiness, and versatility.

It was in the 1840s when the idea of tacked and folded cartons emerged. However, folding cartons were only used for high-end products such as jewelry at that time because of the meticulous and manual production of folding cartons by hand. Thanks to the accidental discovery that machine can mass produce folding cartons, almost any product of any type require a folding carton for packaging.

The printed folding cartons in Ontario, B.C. are rampant because companies and manufacturers from different industries require this type of packaging. Why? Here are the reasons why folding cartons manufacturer will more likely increase their sales for the next few years.

Folding Cartons are Attractive

Packaging plays a really important role in marketing various products. A simple cereal will always become more presentable to the target consumers if colorfully-printed folding cartons are used rather than a direct-to-the-product appearance. It is also easier to print and customize a cardboard, which is the main material in creating a folding carton. Folding cartons can effectively promote a certain product through the visual impact it creates at the specific point of sale to the end-user.

Folding Cartons are Easily Produced

One main reason why the demand for folding cartons is high is that prototypes are easily manufactured or produced. Different businesses can simply request for their own customized folding carton as packaging for their products with a peace of mind that their folding cartons will be produced efficiently and effectively in a small amount of time.

Folding Cartons are Eco-Friendly

Our world today is full of pollution in many ways, which requires people to implement the usage of eco-friendly items. This includes folding cartons. The food industry, especially restaurants and fast food chains, is now considering using folding cartons instead of plastic and styrofoam for the betterment of the environment.

Plastics and styrofoams have negative effects on our environment because these items consist of certain materials such as Polystyrene that has carcinogens and neurotoxins, which can be harmful to both the environment and the people. On the other hand, folding cartons are made from cardboard, which can be compressed and can undergo recycling and upcycle to form other fiber materials, such as papers.

Tips for Shipping Business Gifts in Customized Boxes

Customized Boxes

Will you be shipping business gifts this holiday season? Holiday shipping can be a stressful time, as long lines at the post office, finding customized boxes that fit your item, and other issues can complicate the process. This holiday season, enjoy an easier experience by following some simple tips.

Use the Box within a Box Method

Having your custom box maker create a package that will fit your gift while marketing your business is a great idea, but you may not want to ship this box directly. Instead, choose a larger box to place it in, and cushion your package with Styrofoam peanuts. This method is especially useful for when you are sending fragile items, as you can better insulate your package.

Avoid Packing with Crumpled Newspaper

As previously noted, Styrofoam peanuts will be your best option when packing your item. You should avoid using crumpled newspaper to cushion your customized box within the larger shipping box, as the ink could become a major problem. Your company box and other packaging materials could become damaged if it contacts the newspaper, as the ink tends to bleed. Don’t ruin your beautiful customized boxes with ink smudges.

Provide an Inner Business Card or Label

Should the shipping information on the outer box become damaged during transit, providing an inner label can be a great way to ensure that your package is delivered despite this problem. This will prevent your package being lost or needing to be returned to you, which could severely delay how quickly your customer receives your gift.

Check on Shipping Schedules

Choosing two day shipping won’t mean the same thing, depending on where you’ll be sending your item. Remote parts of the country may take an extra day or two for package delivery, while getting your package to your customer might go even faster when sending to a large city. If you only have a short window of time to get an item to its final destination, be sure to plan ahead, especially around the holidays.

Use a Tracking Service

Most major shipping providers will offer free tracking, allowing you to get status updates about exactly where your package is within the shipping process. You’ll simply enter a tracking number, and depending on which service you are using, you can even get mobile text messages sent directly to your phone to update you on where your package is.

If you’re shipping out customized boxes with your business gifts this holiday season, be sure to plan ahead. By following a variety of steps and doing your research, your gifts will arrive to happy customers.