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Specialty Packaging

This is what Instabox is all about. When it comes to standing out from the crowd, nothing less will do. When your customer is demanding a unique look or has a difficult request, we can do it!

Whether you’re sponsoring an event, competing on the shelves or promoting a web site or your company, unique packaging will capture your target audience like nothing else. Instabox has an outstanding reputation for developing unique, creative packaging when challenged by our customers.

Types of Specialty Packaging

Folding Cartons

Great for promotional items, these boxes work well on retail shelves and can folded smaller for storage…

Learn more about Folding Cartons

Setup Boxes

Presentation boxes designed to add visual appeal, and lend a certain ‘class’ when packaging luxury and personal items such as jewelry, perfume, chocolates, postcards and holiday gifts…

Learn more about Setup Boxes

Software Packaging

Call attention to your software with customized box / packaging…

Learn more about Software Packaging

Telescoping Box

Made to size and ideal for anything from high tech electronics to gift items at trade shows or conventions…

Learn more about Telescoping Box

Mailing Tubes

Fiber Tubes can be used for many applications. Our Tubes come with a friction fit Plastic end plugs or a Metal end closures. Most shipping canisters can be reused. These are a great option for retail packaging and with a 4 color lithographic label these can look high end.

Learn more about Mailing Tubes