Why Chipboard Partitions are the Way to Go

Chipboard Partitions

There has been a long-standing debate on the issue of whether or not chipboard is better than cardboard. On one hand, promoters of cardboards argue that it is the environment-friendly option. On another side, those who have witnessed the benefits of chipboards refute the argument by saying that the benefits outweigh the cost when you choose cardboards.

Today, we settle the argument by stating that chipboard partitions are the way to go.

Though in some cases using cardboard is an eco-friendly and better option in terms of strength, we cannot discount the fact that you can benefit more if you use chipboard. Chipboard uses less material in production but has the endurance and load capacity of cardboards.

Below are the factors we can use to highlight the winning features of chipboards.

Lesser space for storage

Compared to corrugated cardboards, chipboards are made of wood fibers and these fibers come in only one layer. Though chipboard thickness can vary, the most common pad (40” X48”) is only 22 pts.

Corrugated cardboard, on the other hand, is made by stacking two sheets of linerboards in between a flute. The most used type of corrugated cardboard is around 4 mm thick, thus, taking so much space in your storage.

Better Cut

Compared to corrugated cardboard, chipboards show a better cut quality. Also, cardboards will never remain to be used and stored for a long time. Consider the softness of the board, once used to store heavy objects, cardboards have the tendency to bend, fold, and even get ripped.

If you want your chipboard partitions to be well-cut, you can use cutting machines that are right for all chipboards, regardless of size, thickness, and grade.


Considering the space you can free up for another use and the cut quality of chipboards, it’s easy to think that it is a more expensive choice compared to cardboard. Well, think again.

Between a 32 ect corrugated cardboard and a .22 chipboard, the latter option is cheaper by $0.81/pad. Between a 1,000 lb triple wall corrugated cardboard and a .50 chipboard, the latter option is still cheaper by $7.80/pad.

With better storage, better cut, and being a less expensive option, we say that chipboard is a way better option compared to cardboard dividers in Burnaby, B.C.

For businesses looking for cheaper yet quality alternatives for their present packaging materials, knowing the benefits of one material over the other makes the whole decision and choosing process easier.

Things to Look for in a Folding Cartons Manufacturer

Folding Cartons Manufacturer

When you have to transport your belongings to another destination or if you need to send a huge package overseas, ensuring the safety and security of the package can be quite a challenge. Apart from that, you, as the shipper, have to make sure that the package will reach the receiver unscathed and presentable.

It is therefore important to look for a carton manufacturer who can give you functionality, durability, and aesthetics. If you can find a folding cartons manufacturer who can give you all these three, then, consider yourself very lucky.

A provider who manufacturers customizable cartons

Customizable folding packaging cartons in North Vancouver are hard to find. There are numerous folding carton manufacturers but there are only few who can work on your specifications.

Why customize boxes and cartons?

In an article published by Forbes entitled “Having It Their Way: The Big Opportunity In Personalized Products,” it was emphasized customer engagement and loyalty can be elevated by product and packaging customization.

A survey was conducted among 1,000 online customers of Amazon and it was found out that a huge 30% of this respondent pool engaged more with the company when the product they bought was customized, along with its packaging.

So, if you’re looking for a folding cartons manufacturer, make sure that you choose one who can customize the same. You can incorporate your ideas on the designs your carton manufacturer can come up with since you know your target market best.

Look for a manufacturer who uses high-quality material

The two main functions of packaging a product or anything, for that matter, are to keep it safe and secure while in storage or in transit and to make it look presentable when it reaches its destination or receiver. If you choose manufacturers who use cheap and low-quality raw materials in producing their folding cartons, you defeat the purpose of packing your product. Why pack it when your products will get damaged while in transit?

A balance between functionality and aesthetics

According to a study conducted by UK Open University, it was pointed out that how a certain product or object is packaged plays a vital role both in point-of-purchase and after-purchase. The design, logo, and other aspects of the packaging will all determine whether or not the market will make the first purchase or will purchase again.

With such facts, it is therefore important that a business invests in both the functionality and aesthetics of their product packaging to ensure a surge in sales.

Reasons to Use a Cardboard Suggestion Box

Cardboard Suggestion Box

Functionality, durability, and visual appeal are the top three things that most consumers look when choosing the right boxes for their needs. They place too much value on these factors that they forget about other important factors such as stability, high-tech production process, and customizability.

Over its counterparts, these are the three main reasons why cardboard is the better option.

High-tech Construction

There are countless industries and brands that use corrugated cardboard for packing their products. The reason behind this reliance on cardboard is the fact that the same is a product of a high-tech production process that makes sure that the material can withstand any kinds of pressure and conditions like weight, moisture, and longevity. Also, cardboards are now being utilized for DIY projects because of its highly-customizable and flexible nature. Examples of these projects are eco-friendly notepad covers, cardboard suggestion box, corrugated ballot box in Surrey B.C., vanity kits, and many more.

This board is also very cost-efficient. It is made of arched papers popularly known as fluting and the same uses high-end computer designs and manufacturing processes. Indeed, cardboards are a better choice for packaging and other boxing needs.

Stability and Cushion

Another good reason for choosing corrugated cardboards is that its ability to provide a stable cushion for different kinds of items and products while in transit. Whether these products are transported to near or far destinations, and whether or not it is shipped, manually handled, or sent through air freight, you can be assured that the items you have are safe and secure.

Aside from keeping these items and products safe, corrugated cardboards also keeps moisture away so even if the package is subjected to cold, wet, or hot weather conditions, it will remain presentable and in good condition when it reaches the hands of the receiver.

Customizable and Flexible

The reason why cardboards can be made into notepad covers, cardboard suggestion box, corrugated ballot box in Surrey B.C., and vanity kits is that the material is highly customizable. You can fold it however you want. You can also paint it with different colors and even treat the same with compounds to make it resistant to flame. Also, you can print on it. There are way too many things you can do with cardboard.

The even better news is you don’t need to shell out money and pay for labor to customize the same. It’s very easy to fold it or bend it, then color it. Finally, when you’re done using the box or the raw cardboard, you can just fold it, store it, or recycle it.

Benefits of Using Customized Large Shipping Boxes

Large Shipping Boxes

Customized large shipping boxes are becoming a trend not only for its visuals and aesthetics but more importantly for the image you can convey to your receiver or to your market using these boxes. Personalized packages which serve both functionality and aesthetics will truly convey a message that you take your customers’ needs seriously and that you are a reliable brand.

According to Forbes, more than 95 percent of all the new products that enter the market are tagged as a flop. This failure is attributed to the company’s failure to give their product packaging a thought.

With such challenge, we’re sharing the top 3 benefits you can enjoy if you invest in customized cardboard shipping boxes in Port Coquitlam, B.C. for product packaging.

You Can Choose How to Design the Box

One of the best advantages of designing a product or a thing is you can decide how it will look and you can add features to maximize its functionality. For instance, you are into fruit production and you will be shipping your product to another country. You can actually customize your large shipping boxes base on the quantity of content per box, the thickness of the material to be used for packaging, the logo or design of the boxes, and other specifications mandated by the receiving the country. When these cargoes are put in transit, you have the peace of mind that your products are safe, secure, and aesthetically pleasing to the recipients.

Customized Boxes Help You Communicate Your Brand

According to a study conducted by the International Food Research Journal, “the moment an individual receives a package, the first thing that is judged is the look of the box containing the package. “

With that, it is beneficial for entrepreneurs and service providers impress their customers with their packaging. Durable boxes and carefully-packed packages speak a lot of the company’s reliability and trustworthiness. Stunning designs, on the other hand, communicates warmth, friendliness, and fun nature of the sender. There are many options you can choose from.

Safe and Secured Packages

Aside from the look of the shipping boxes, the most important consideration is its durability to contain large items and its capacity to withstand long and harsh travel and transfers. If you can customize your boxes based on the freight and handling conditions you already know, you can be sure that your package will be received in one piece and in good condition.

If you’re looking for durable and aesthetically pleasant shipping boxes, cardboard shipping boxes in Port Coquitlam, B.C is the name you can trust. With their years of experience, you can be sure that the boxes you use for your packages and gifts are strong and safe to handle the pressure and rigors of long travel.

Tips for Shipping Posters in a Mailing Tube

Mailing Tube

When you are shipping posters, paper banners, and several other materials that cannot be folded, a mailing tube can be the best way to transport them. It ensures that your document reaches its destination without being unscathed or crumpled, something that is vital especially when you are marketing the product.

Tubes for mailing in Ottawa not only secures the integrity of your document but also makes it unique and interesting. For important documents and several other elongated materials that need to be transported, a mailing tube is an ideal way of making sure your precious document or material arrives in one piece.

Mailing tubes are not just for your precious posters

Packaged materials come in various shapes and sizes which means they need to fit comfortably right within their containers. A mailing tube is the ideal way of shipping items which are unnaturally elongated and has odd shapes. Items like a fishing pole, posters, and banners, telescopes, or golf clubs would fit perfectly within an elongated cylinder so they do not incur any damage during shipment.

Known as document tubes, these cylinders can be used to roll up important documents, architectural blueprints, and various other foldable paper materials that could easily be damaged when sent through regular mail. They are given importance because the casing itself indicates the attention needed for the enclosed content. However, they can be used for an array of long items that will not fit in a regular box.

Looking for tubes for mailing in Ottawa

The Ottawa Canadian Post Office greatly considers parcels that come in a different packaging. A mailing tube is a priority mail because it contains can contain an important piece of paper or a delicate material that should be delivered quickly and with delicacy.

One of the few good things, when mailing an oddly shaped and elongated item or shipping an important document, is that tubes for mailing in Ottawa are not hard to find. They are readily available and can be acquired from the postal service or shipping agencies around the city.

Use plastic caps for an extra layer of protection.

Plastic caps placed at the end of each end will secure the item inside. Using a tape at the perimeter of the cover also ensures the cap will not accidentally open during transportation. It holds the poster of any item inside firmly so it reaches its destination safe and sound.

Finding Wholesale Boxes in New Westminster B.C.

Wholesale Boxes in New Westminster B.C.

Before sending your product out in the market, you need to consider the packaging first before it affects the overall ability to sell your product. A good packaging is a crucial part of your product and something that directly puts your company into your customer’s face.

Looking for wholesale boxes in New Westminster, BC is not as hard as you might imagine. But the thing you need to consider first is the quality of packaging material a manufacturer creates and how rigid the material is to hold your product. It has to meet with your company standards otherwise, you come up with an awful material that easily damages the product inside.

Comparing price to the competition

Prices of die cut boxes wholesale vary per manufacturer and it is important to compare them before closing a deal with a distributor or manufacturer. Most of the time, the materials used are just the same and difference only lies with the price. Taking advantage of an economical yet quality made supply of custom boxes will save you from extra packaging outlay.

Check for business and product reviews any way you can

A good way to determine whether a packaging supplier has a credible name is with business and product reviews created by previous clients. It sets a strong gauge of whether you should seek the help of their services and acquire packaging supplies from their company. Micro-managing your own business down to the last detail will help you save on extra expenses and frustrations in the long run.

Turnaround delivery time ensures your company stays on track

One of the most important qualities you have to look for with a supplier is the ability to quickly manufacture the intended volume of wholesale boxes in New Westminster, BC. Being able to meet your demands is something crucial both for your company and your customers. A supplier or manufacturer which can quickly pick up your order volume can be one of the biggest assets of your company.

A reliable service level agreement and customer service support

Great companies not only assure their customers of the quality of products and services they have but also provide them with an additional support in case something bad happens. Die cut boxes wholesale suppliers with a reliable customer service is one of the very important considerations you should look for. A good supplier or manufacturer also and consistently meets the SLA agreement and maintains the quality of service.

Display Boxes in Prince George, BC a Viable Solutions

Display Boxes in Prince George, BC

There are various techniques employed by convenient stores and shopping malls to promote a new product or slacking products and increase sales. One effective technique is with the use of display cartons which is usually laid out in easy-to-spot spaces.

Among the many displays inside your store, one that truly stands out from a customer’s perspective is the countertop display that instantly hits the customer’s eye when paying for goods. This technique is one of the most effective ways of catching your customer’s attention for items that often have lethargic sales.

A counter top display is also a good way of promoting a new product because it attracts customers and arouses their interest. Almost all establishments use display boxes in Prince George, BC to market hard-to-sell products and enhance sale probability.

Using display boxes in Prince George, BC to boost sales

Prince George is one of the largest cities in northern Canada with people of different backgrounds and demographics. Taking advantage of sales through promotional advertisement can be highly profitable especially when engaging your customers in a unique way as counter top displays do.

The way in which your product is advertised when using custom display boxes helps increase brand awareness and creates a tangible effect on your business. Since Prince George residents always find new things enjoyable, presenting your product in a non-conventional way helps reinforce solid marketability in the region.

Get your voice heard with counter top display

Using display boxes in Prince George, BC is a versatile way of catering to the individual needs of your customers. As a highly effective marketing tool, customized display boxes give you an alternative option of presenting products to your customers in an alluring way. The materials used and the message it conveys create the most significant effect your product intends to deliver.

Display boxes are also convenient promotional tools because they do not occupy too much space in stores. Customized boxes come in a variety of dimensions and can be fitted almost anywhere. An innovative display box is more than out of the ordinary because they strongly enhance a potential sale, can be environmentally friendly, and can be tailored according to company targets and objectives.

The convenience and ease of using a counter top display is a better alternative to product promotions. It directly garners the attention of prospective customers, increasing sales and enhancing your product visibility.

Boost Brand Recognition with Custom Retail Packaging

Custom Retail Packaging

For your product to stand out in the market, it needs to be distinguishable. A custom retail packaging makes it ideal for your customers to easily recognize what your products are and how to spot them quickly in the grocery line. Customized boxes also give customers the assurance that they are getting authentic products from your company because they play an important role of providing information needed by buyers.

Product packaging in Vancouver is nothing new as every purchasable item tends to be conveniently wrapped or packed into a package. It is an effective marketing tool that allows your customers to get the familiar feeling when seeing your brand label. It is beneficial for your company as it boosts sales and revenue, and works wonders for your company’s brand recognition.

Custom packaging is not a one-size-fits-all strategy

Because products are extremely different from each other, personalizing your packaging to conform to what your company is selling can be beneficial in a lot of ways. Boxes can be perfectly tailored according to the shape of your product and according to the personality you want your brand to possess. They can be created with artistic taste to make your product individual and make it more enticing to your intended customers.

Personalizing your product packaging also has some inherent benefits that are often overlooked. One of the significant advantages of a customized packaging is extending the shelf life of the contained product. A good packaging also prevents damages especially if you have fragile product.

Boost your sales and revenue with an effectively designed custom packaging

The most significant aspect of having a product packaging in Vancouver is the way it boosts your sales and revenue. While most products tend to have the somewhat similar appearance, one that stands out from the store shelf is more likely to attract a following.

The need for custom retail packaging then becomes an ultimate need as every company vies for better sales. A different looking packaging can quickly turn eyes and people are more likely to respond to a new product rather than conventional ones which have been in existence for a long time.

This is also one of the reasons why most companies tend to change their packaging or even diversify their brand label every now and then. Using a custom product packaging certainly has an effect on consumers that make for a lasting impression.

Use Box Inserts in Maple Ridge, BC

Box Inserts in Maple Ridge, BC

Regardless if you’re presenting the latest line of cosmetics or releasing a new gadget in the market, the packaging is always something people tend to notice. A box insert or what is commonly known as a foam insert can help make your product look more extravagant. It adds to the overall appeal and makes your new line more expertly done.

Using box inserts in Maple Ridge, BC has always been a way of portraying high-class and elegance. It gives your merchandise a sophisticated look most people expect in an item. A foam insert can highlight what’s inside the package and make it shout of excellent craftsmanship.

Foam Inserts Speak of Special Quality and Uniqueness

One good example where using box inserts really helps a product is with cosmetics. Most people think that cosmetics packaged in a simple carton or hung on shelves are cheap and not of good quality. But put them in a special container with a foam insert, and people will think it has superb quality.

The reason behind this thinking is often because of the intricate way the manufacturer puts detail into the packaging. A luxurious and plush box insert can be likened to a big box with a small ring being held in the middle.

It creates the idea of opulence and people find the packaging attractive even when the product itself is not of exquisite quality. It provides people with the perception of superiority where the packaging and the foam insert becomes contributory to the product’s overall impression.

Using the Right Box Insert Boosts Customer Loyalty to Your Brand

Successful companies understand that satisfying your customers is the best way to increase loyalty to your brand. A foam insert may be an insignificant part of the packaging process, but it does a good job of making your customers feel special.

Box inserts in Maple Ridge, BC gives people the impression that your company cares, in the most subtle way that you pay attention to every detail of your packaging. The right packaging and being meticulous about your product presentation helps provide a reason for people to continuously patronize your products.

It delivers the right impact and response amongst your intended customers for them to build trust in your brand. A foam insert may be one of the most undervalued parts of a packaging, but it does have an effect on how people see your product and their overall impression of your brand. Product presentation is one big aspect of how a brand survives and a cutthroat industry, and something every successful entrepreneur understands.

Best Cardboard Shipping Boxes in Winnipeg, MB

Cardboard Shipping Boxes in Winnipeg, MB

There are a number of moving companies who offer substandard boxes for shipping that only become reprehensible once the damage has been done. Looking for the best moving company not only involves a fastidious background check, but a great deal of consideration also has to come with the materials they provide to safeguard your move.

Your search for the best cardboard shipping boxes in Winnipeg, MB should not be as stressful as the move itself. By knowing the appropriate box you need for your move and what makes a quality shipping box will eliminate any frustration that comes with a broken or damaged property.

Determine What Needs to Be Shipped to Determine the Appropriate Type of Box

Depending on the size and amount of material that needs to be transported, boxes for shipping are the most ideal when it comes to safety. So, the first thing you need to consider before purchasing one is how solid and resistant to damage the material is and whether it can provide enough protection for your items.

Also considering that boxes for shipping are manufactured in a variety of designs and construction, considering the type of cardboard and what needs to be enclosed will help you determine the appropriate one before buying.

A single-wall cardboard box can be ideal for items like clothing, marketable products, and non-breakable items. Double-walled cardboard boxes can be used when shipping glass and porcelain items, valuable materials such as computer parts, and a few numbers of furniture.

Adding an extra layer of protection by using bubble wraps or packing paper will ensure your property arrives safely to its destination.

The Many Uses of Cardboard Shipping Boxes in Winnipeg, MB

Cardboard boxes not only help transport goods to various locations, they can also be used for product packaging, and recycled as a storage box. Solid boxes for shipping provides more than just stability when it comes to transporting your goods, but they also contribute to a number of other benefits.

Able to resist heavy loads, a shipping cardboard box for shipping is ideal and handy because they can be folded, stored, and reused many times. Unlike various other goods transporting material, cardboard shipping boxes in Winnipeg, MB can also be used in many different ways.

This type of packing material can be stacked on top of each other to create space within a room, but can still serve its purpose when the needs arise. They can also be recycled for them to serve a different purpose.