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Strapping Tape

The Tesa NOPI™ 4090 strapping tape features a strong tensilized polypropylene backing with a rubber resin adhesive with a good initial tack and high shear resistance.

When properly applied, the tape shrinks around loads holding them firmly. Its strength allows for give-and-take without breaking. It is available in Black and White colors.

The Tesa NOPI™ 4090 strapping tape is mainly used for unitizing corrugated cardboard boxes and paper board boxes.

It is rated with 95 Lbs. per inch tensile strength and 35% elongation resistance.

Strapping Tape

Strapping Tape

2603 Tesa #4090 Strapping Tape 9mm x 55m 1
2352 Tesa #4090 Strapping Tape 12mm x 55m 1
2395 Tesa #4090 Strapping Tape 25mm x 55m 1

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