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Strapping Supplies & Tools

Instabox sells numerous types and styles of shipping tools for your corporation or small business.
Bag sealers, wrapping dispensers and many more!



2800NM Strap – White3/8″ x 12,900′
856NM Strap – Black (Porta-Ctn)1/2″ x 3300′
2740NM Strap – Black (Porta-Ctn)1/2″ x 1800′
109NM Strap – Yellow1/2″ x 9900′
Steel Strap pricing is per pound- aproximately 100 Lb/Coil
91Steel Strap – 6.7 ft/lb.1 1/4″ x .035 Ptd
93Stainless Steel Strap1/2″ x .020 Reg
85Steel Strap – 29.4 ft/lb.1/2″ x .020 Reg
855Steel Strap – 17.1 ft/lb.3/4″ x .023 Reg
84Steel Strap – 52.4 ft/lb.3/8″ x .015 Reg
87Steel Strap – 23.6 ft/lb.5/8″ x .020 Reg


Strapping Seals and Accessories

3050PB4 Buckles – PolyLock1/2″
3051PB4 Buckles – WireLock1/2″2000
118WCP7 Plastic Edge Protectors1 1/4″1000
117WCP6 Plastic Edge Protectors3/4″1000
106CP34 Steel Edge Protectors3/4″2000
107CP1145 Steel Edge Protectors1 1/4″500
114#4 Samuel Open Seals1/2″1000
113#4 Samuel Closed Seals1/2″1000
2175Closed N/M Seals1/2″1000
2174Open N/M Seals1/2″1000
2596Closed S.S. Seals1/2″1000
2595Open S.S. Seals1/2″1000
2597Open S.S. Seals3/4″1000
98Closed S.S. 12-P Seals1/2″1000
97Open S.S. 12-O Seals1/2″1000


Strapping Tools

2188RB4 Steel Strap Sealer1/2″
2189RB4 Steel Strap Sealer3/4″
129S-34-0 Steel Strap Sealer3/4″
1863Nylon Strap Sealer1/2″
1862RB340 Strap Tensionerlight
1958RB440 Strap Tensionerheavy
119T12P Push Type Tensioner
120T-34-F Feedwheel Tensioner
2187#3400 Feedwheel Tensioner
132CMDS Steel Strap Cuttermedium
133CMDS Steel Strap Cutterheavy
134100-4 Strap Dispenser w/tray
135100-5 Strap Dispenser w/tray
2293#48 Strap Dispenser
141NM6 Strap Dispenser

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Get a Free Custom Box Quote!

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