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Stapling Supplies

To ensure that your boxes are closed properly and securely, Instabox has a wide variety of stapling supplies. We sell the stapling tools and staple refills that you need to ensure your product gets there in one piece!


Stapling Tools

1565P3 Plier Stapler1/4″1
464P6-8 (Blunt) Plier1
485P6-8P (Chisel) Plier1
3084P7 Hog Ring Plier1
2324D60S Manuel Stapler3/4″1
3226D60AD-S Pneumatic Stapler3/4″1
471KihlBerg 561-15 Stapler5/8″1
473KihlBerg 561-18 Stapler3/4″1
1568F-84 Manuel Box Bottomer1
2835Rapid 311

Staple Refills

1571Refill for P3 SP191/4″1
472561-15 For KihlBerg5/8″1
475561-18 For KihlBerg3/4″1
476SW7437 For D603/4″1
478STH5019 For P6 Plier1/4″1
479STH5019 For P6 Plier3/8″1
857SW7437 For D605/8″1
2225SW9040 For F-847/8″1
283673 / 10 For Rapid 313/8″1
305772 / 10 For Rapid 311/2″1
3085SR8-062 For P7 Plier1

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Get a Free Custom Box Quote!

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