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Shipping & Packing Materials

Instabox carries a wide variety of packaging materials for your shipping needs. From styrofoam peanuts to corrugated roll and everything in between.


Polyethylene Cap

220112″ x 250′1/2″1 roll
219812″ x 375′5/16″1 roll
219612″ x 750′3/16″1 roll
220224″ x 250′1/2″1 roll
220024″ x 375′5/16″1 roll
219724″ x 750′3/16″1 roll
304848″ x 250′1/2″1 roll
288348″ x 375′5/16″1 roll
305948″ x 750′3/16″1 roll

Ready to roll polyethylene cap

362712″ x 155′C2201
362824″ x 155′C2201
362912″ x 100′T2201
363024″ x 100′T2201


Corrugated Roll

509212″ x 250′127g1
509318″ x 250′127g1
509424″ x 250′127g1
509536″ x 250′127g1
509648″ x 250′127g1
503960″ x 250′127g1
504072″ x 250′127g1


Polyethylene Foam

4081/16″ x 72″ x 1250′1
4071/32″ x 72″ x 2000′1
4091/8″ x 72″ x 550′1
9693/32″ x 72″ x 750′1

Polyethylene foam price includes up to 10 cuts at a minimum of 6″ widths per roll, entire roll must be purchased. Custom length perforations may also be added to tear custom sheet lengths. Custom rolls may not be returned for refund.


Packaging Peanuts

5651White Peanuts20 cu ft.



3111M180 x 7000′1 box
3112M240 x 5250′1 box
3113M275 x 4500′1 box
3114M500 x 2750′1 box

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Get a Free Custom Box Quote!

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