Paperboard Display Strategies That Increase Sales

Competition for customer dollars is fierce and the battle only intensifies as the struggling economy and climbing prices eat away at their cash. In order to boost sales, store owners and managers have to get creative in how they present both the layout of their store and the displays they use to attract customers to various items.

Here are some successful strategy ideas from Instabox for using corrugated displays to attract customers and increase sales.

Catch Them at the Entrance

In today’s helter-skelter world, people are pressed for time and constantly rushing through one activity just so they can rush to another. When shopping, people tend to go straight to listed items, pick them up and hurry through checkout.

However, that is bad news for store owners. In order to slow people down, you want to catch their attention with bright, attractive displays at the entrance point(s) of your store. Displays that work best include seasonal items like key Christmas electronics, or products that encourage customer interaction such as plants to touch and smell.

Create Destinations

A store that simply consists of aisles can make people feel like mice running through a complicated maze. This sensation causes people to move through quickly in order to find the exit, much like the mouse in the maze.

Again, getting shoppers to slow down is a key element in boosting sales. Therefore, give them destinations at the ends of aisles by utilizing displays of discounted items. People that know an appealing paperboard display awaits them at the end of each aisle will slow their movement through the aisles.

Break Up Monotony

Corrugated displays also make great mid-aisle arrangements that slow shoppers down. Customers tend to rush through store aisles and only scan for the products they need, particularly if the aisles are long.

However, by placing an attractive paperboard display here and there throughout your aisles, people tend to stop and look at those particular items being offered. Once they stop at the display, they also tend to more closely look over the shelved items in the display’s background.

Use Warm Shapes

Researchers have found that people are attracted certain shapes over others. Two of the shapes that both attract people and set them at ease are circles and U-shapes. Use this to your advantage by either choosing corrugated displays designed with these shapes or creating those shapes in the display’s background.


The Power of Product Display Boxes

Whether you are displaying your product in a store, an office building or a residential property, you want to be sure that the display is eye-catching, attractive, durable, easy to access and, most importantly, conveys your best image to potential customers. Display boxes come in a variety of shapes, sizes and designs and can be paperboard displays or cardboard displays, depending on your preference.

Display boxes can be designed for countertop displays, stand-up displays or as countertop shipper displays which are countertop displays that double as shipping boxes and can be delivered pre-constructed and ready for loading. All of our display boxes can be designed with the colors you request and printed to your specifications. These boxes are perfect for point of purchase products.

Sure, you can store your products in a box next to the counter, but it could get lost in all of the other clutter there, or diminished by some other product’s striking box. Imagine your product, sitting on the counter in a brilliantly colored box with your company’s logo stretched across it, holding your products in neatly stacked rows. That image sticks in a customer’s mind and leaves them with the impression of a company that cares about its product and its image. They will remember your brand.

Brochures, maps and other paper products can easily get mixed up or overlooked without the perfect display box to separate them so each can be easily viewed, picked up and taken for use. With the right countertop display box you can have a stadium level arrangement with multiple pockets that will allow customers to see all of your paper offerings at a glance without having to sift through them to see what you offer.

Stand-up displays are perfect for those busy locations that need a show stopping display to attract attention to your latest offering. But it also must be durable to withstand customers brushing by it or shopping carts nicking it. With corrugated cardboard stand-up displays, you will have both. These stand-up displays come in all shapes, sizes and designs.

You can have displays with a desk-like feature to display your product on a flat surface. They can be made with stacked cubbyholes for small toys, or can look like newspaper boxes, or you can get stand-up displays that will hold several different books. With a large variety of styles, there is no end to the creative ways you can display your product so that customers can spot it from a distance when roaming the store. Of course, all of these display boxes, whether shipping, stand-up or countertop, can be custom made in the colors you choose and with the design you decide will put your best foot forward to the retail community.


The Varied Uses of Cardboard Displays

When you have a lot of things to be displayed and making shelves are too expensive, then the obvious solution is to invest in cardboard displays. They are easy to make, can be ordered in bulk and yet, turn out to be inexpensive. You can use them to stack and display products like magazines, DVDs, books, toys and everything under the sun. It is the ideal way to display small items like key chains, novelty items and trinkets. Rather than piling them up, stack them neatly in a display stand where people can easily pick them up while shopping will increase sales of those products. They also do not have to be in boring colors but can be made in any color and with a design. They can be kept outside as an advertisement with images or models of products displayed.

Use them at home too

Use paperboard displays at home to clear up clutter, especially in the children’s room. You can get them done in attractive colors and sizes to make the children want to use them. They can be used in the living room to stack magazines and newspapers. As they are inexpensive, you can decorate your house with different kinds of displays and throw them out when you get bored with them. Cardboard displays can be ordered with any design, picture or logo. Children will love to get one made with their favorite cartoon character and you can dispose of them when the children grow up.

Easy to store and easy to use

When you no longer need to use them, just fold them and store them away. Paperboard displays are equally easy to set up as well and they can be kept anywhere. They are not heavy and can be maintained easily. They can be used as a center piece of display anything you like or they can help kept things safe and out of the way. Since they are so easy to manufacture, they can be shipped over to your destination in a relatively short period of time.

Going Green makes cardboard displays 100% eco-friendly so that it will never be a hazard to the environment. They can be re-used and when you no longer want or need them, they can be recycled. However, if you do not want to recycle them, they will naturally decompose and become a part of the soil with no harm to the environment. The decomposition time is also relatively less when compared to other materials. However, plastics and metal will never decompose and when you make display boards out of them, then they become an environmental hazard.


3 Benefits to Using Custom Display Boxes

Using corrugated displays allows you to share your product in an easy to manage, attractive manner. You can have your display designed to your specifications allowing for your display boxes to be placed wherever they need to be and in an attractive manner. The dimensions, colors, and utility are up to you, allowing for versatility and flexibility. Here are three benefits to using custom corrugated display boxes for your business.

  1. You can increase awareness of your unique brand without using gimmicks.
    Your clients will recognize your brand right away by seeing the familiar packaging. If your corrugated displays proudly tote your logo and brand colors, you are inspiring brand loyalty. Your company name is already synonymous with quality, now you can ensure that your high quality products will be recognized anywhere that you place them.
  2. The installation of custom display boxes is quick and painless.
    When you are planning to place a new display box, whether you need 1 or 100 you can easily choose the specifications and dimensions. You can fit your display box between two others, or set up on a table by itself. You can choose to design a box that sits on the floor and stands three feet tall if you want. Corrugated display boxes allow for so much flexibility that the possibilities are nearly endless.
  3. Custom display boxes are an inexpensive solution to furthering your advertising dollars. As with any custom designed products, the more corrugated boxes that you order, the greater your savings are. As mentioned previously, your brand will be displayed proudly for potential clients to see. The more that your brand is shared on your display boxes, the more chance there is that you will run into a new potential customer. With lower cost options available, you will be able to spread your display boxes further allowing for a greater reach.

Some businesses wonder aloud if creating custom boxes are worth the extra expense and effort. The answer is; yes, if the reach of your brand is important to you. Word of mouth and brand recognition are two of the most important ways that people experience a new brand. When your potential clients see your brand in the places that they go, they will begin to feel excitement when your products come up in conversation. Your display boxes will be the beginning of that excitement.


Pop Displays and Their Many Benefits

Pop or corrugated displays are commonly found in shopping malls and retail locations, but many business owners also choose to use them at trade shows. These displays are used to attract customers and then draw them in to check out your products. There are a variety of benefits associated with these display solutions, and by better understanding their advantages, you can decide if they are right for your business.

Flexible Design of Pop Displays

One of the best benefits of pop displays is their flexible design. The graphics found within these displays can easily be used to promote a product at a trade show and can then be changed to promote a different type of product at your next event. These booths can be interchanged to take on a new look for each show that you plan to attend.

Pop Displays are Convenient for Travel

Your corrugated display can benefit your business by being easy to travel with. They are lightweight and are compact when packed into their shipping case. This can save you a significant amount of money on travel and shipping costs.

Pop Displays Take Up Less Space

The fact that pop displays occupy a minimal amount of space can make them especially helpful when you need to send your displays somewhere else. They are foldable and can be set up at their new destination easily. This allows you to best optimize your space when transporting them to your next trade show.

Visually Appealing Pop Displays

Pop displays often contain bright colors, brand messages, and attractive graphic designs. This helps them to attract potential customers when they are displayed in malls and shopping centers. These displays grab the attention of visitors by using the latest digital printing methods and technology in graphic design.

Pop Displays Allow for Better Organization

These displays can help to organize your product items, whether you are at a trade show or they are in your store. You can use them to present your items creatively, and the better your products look in these displays, the more customers that you will attract.

Sustainable Pop Displays

Corrugated pop displays are created from paperboard, which is a recyclable material. Many companies also offer display boxes made from this material at a discounted rate.

If you are looking for a creative way to market your products, consider pop displays and their many benefits. At Instabox, we can help you to determine if these marketing solutions are right for your business.


Cardboard Displays and a Successful Trade Show

As a small business owner, you may participate in a variety of trade shows as part of your promotional efforts, but preparing for these events can be both frustrating and scary. You may be wondering what to take for your trade show cardboard displays and what the best method for presenting your information might be. Fortunately, by following a few simple tips, you can experience a successful event.

Find Out the Event Details

Before the show begins, find out the specific details about it. Contact the organizers to determine the type of visitors who usually attend the show, and get an idea of the layout of the space. It is also important to determine the size of your display table and whether there are electrical outlets. You should also ask if there is extra space for your company sign and any display boxes that you might be bringing.

Plan Ahead for an Effective Use of Cardboard Displays

After you know the details of the event, you can begin to plan what items you will take and how you can best show off your business. Many business owners recommend bringing a tablecloth for your space, and it is important to choose one that will represent your color scheme and image while complementing your display. Consider some other helpful tips, as well:

  • Use levels to arrange your display table, and ensure that larger items are in the back.
  • If possible, use a standing presentation board that includes pictures of how potential clients might benefit from your service.
  • Ensure that your company logo and name are displayed prominently.

Offer Incentives

The more traffic you get to your display, the better it will be for your business. Therefore, it is important to make sure you have a variety of giveaways to hand out, such as pens, magnets, brochures, and business cards. Use display boxes efficiently to keep these items organized. Offering food is another great way to draw people over to your area, and while they are helping themselves to your snacks, you can tell them about your business and services.

Some businesses offer a prize or drawing to make their booth stand out from the crowd. Have guests fill out a ticket and drop it into a bowl and then draw for a prize that complements your business. In addition to bringing traffic to your display, you will also have access to this contact information so that you can follow up with prospective clients or customers at a later date.